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ISO – International Organization for Standardization – is competing for the space in the blogosphere with a popular optical disc image format that bears its name, and ISO the format is winning.

Optical disc image format ISO is actually short for ISO 9660 file system that is typically used by CD-ROM and DVD-ROM media. The disc image in ISO format usually has file extension .iso and contains all data from the archived disk media, including the file system metadata, boot code and the files' attributes. All that information is packed in a single file which makes it a convenient format for storing and copying the optical media.

Most of the CD and DVD burning software these days can create copies of the archived optical discs from their valid ISO files. Most archival and compressing application can also extract files from an ISO image file and copy them into the local file system as if they were copied from a physical CD or DVD disk.

You can find optical disk image format ISO talked about at sites like Talk Computer and  Ubuntu Blog.

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