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From One


Ra might just be the saviour of pop metal, managing to actually make music that is interesting to hear. Instead of the boring clones released by the majors this lot show some originality. Ra proffer catchy pop-metal that only takes a few listens to stick in your head. Tracks like ‘Do you Call My Name”, ‘Only” and “On My Side’ have that hook that good music needs. It helps that the band’s vocalist, Salaj, can actually sing both melodically and straight-out. His vocs sound very similar to those of John Bush (Anthrax/Armored Saint). There are times when this disc sounds quite a bit like Anthrax’s under-appreciated Sound of White Noise CD, and that is no bad thing. In fact, Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano, shows up on ‘Parole’. This CD just gets better with each listen, rising well about the morass of clones that clock the airwaves. This band should be huge. “Groove” metal at its best.

Rating: 4.5

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  • Sound of White Noise is indeed an under-rated album. If Ra sounds like that, I may enjoy them very much. I’ll be checking them out . . .