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Today’s Wall St. Journal brings us news of two very popular slack-at-work sites: IShouldBeWorking.com and BoredAtWork.com. Kris Maher’s story tells us that if we are only concerned with keeping a job, we should reconsider what we’re doing. Yoo-hoo, Kris: join the real world!

Mike Kelly, the creator of IShouldBeWorking.com, says that several people have emailed him to say that visiting his site contributed to their getting fired. The site now features a disclaimer that “it is just here for lunchtime fun,” says Kelly.

Ha! I guess Kelly was worried that the fired employees would sue him for damages, saying he cost them their jobs. In today’s America, this is a very real possibility. I’m surprised no attorney’s started a Website called Lawyers-R-Us.com, but I’m sure that’ll be remedied any minute.

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