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Is This The End For A Palestinian State?

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BBC NEWS | Middle East | Ariel Sharon’s emergency op ends

Doctors have finished an emergency operation on Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, but results are not yet clear, a hospital spokeswoman has said.

I am unhappy to hear about the downward spiral that Ariel Sharon’s health has taken recently. In fact, I would say it’s more like a nosedive. My main concern lies with the future of the Palestinians and their ability to regain their land.

In recent months, Sharon has made drastic changes in policy towards the Palestinians. Israel has withdrawn from Gaza and four West Bank settlements, territories they have been occupying since the Six-Day War in 1967. This is, in my opinion, a major step toward the two peoples being able to live together. It will not be the solution to all problems but I think it would be difficult to find someone (not a zealot) who thinks that the Israeli withdrawal was a bad idea.

Now that Sharon is ill, and certainly wont be returning to his position as Prime Minister, the process of Israeli withdrawal and the creation of a Palestinian state is hanging in the balance. Sharon left the hard-line Likud party (which he formed in the 1970s) recently and formed the centrist Kadima (forward) party. Sharon was favored to win the elections that will take place this March. When he became ill, his deputy Ehud Olmert took over as interim prime minister and I became concerned that the general instability would not bode well for Kadima. However, today the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot ran a poll stating that the Kadia party is still expected to win 39 of the Knesset’s 120 seats in the March election (with Likud winning 16 and Labor getting 20). The Kadima party has publicly committed itself to continuing the peace process Sharon has started, but that is not necessarily the case with the Likud party now led by former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The current Likud party is patently against all of the progress Sharon has made with the Palestinians and Netanyahu himself has gone so far as to say that Sharon has been “secretly planning” a unilateral withdrawal from 90% of the West Bank. Likud is so much against this withdrawal that Netanyahu equates it to a foreign policy that supports terrorism saying “The real election is between our policies and policies… that encourage terror.” I suppose that Netanyahu believes the only path to peace is atop a bulldozer rolling over the bodies of Palestinians. This view is shared by other Israelis as well. They go so far as to claim that “not only is God against the peace process, he wont allow it.” Essentially, many Israelis are too childish and radical to understand the concept of sharing. What ever happened to love thy neighbor? Perhaps all these zealots fighting the Palestinians in the name of God should do a bit of reviewing in their Bible (and likewise for the Palestinians, the Koran says much of the same things).

I am concerned for the Palestinians, as I have always been. I viewed the withdrawals from some of the occupied territories with a healthy dose of skepticism but in the end believed that it was a genuine olive branch offered in the name of peace. I fear that with the prospect of new Israeli leadership, the Palestinians will not be so fortunate.

Originally posted on Political Apathy.

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  • sr

    Adam, Do you believe the Palestinians will regain what never has been their land. The land belongs to the Jews. Always will be. YAHWEH BARAK ISRAEL.sr

  • sr:

    I believe that a mentality such as yours is what keeps peace from thriving in that region. Both peoples are there and short of large-scale genocide…they will continue to be.

    The land does not belong to the Jews, they stole it. The bottom line is that both peoples must be given land they can call their own so that they can live in peace. If that doesn’t happen, it simply becomes a war of attrition. Unfortunately there are many on both sides who prefer that option.

  • gonzo marx

    sr sez…
    *The land belongs to the Jews*

    and Adam sez…
    *The land does not belong to the Jews, they stole it.*

    and that sums up just how fucked up this all is

    nuff said


  • Gonzo:

    You are correct but the difference is in our arguments. sr is using the argument that Jews have a divine right to the land, and I am arguing that based on the way history played out that it was stolen from the Palestinians.

    I don’t think either side will be able to successfully employ the religious claim the the land, and since they are both there I think it’s important that they realize they’re going to have to live together, unless they just plan on killing each other until one side is eliminated.

    There is a large difference in this conflict between the religious arguments and the logical arguments.

    /yawn…I hope that made sense…I’m still waking up

  • Adam, you’ve been knd enough to quote me once – I recommend you to my piece in Blog Critics “I am a Jerusalmite”, and particarly to the letter referenced in it – “A Letter to the World from Jerusalem”.

    If what I say there bothers you, too bad. It isn’t my job to persuade you or to be diplomatic to you. I live here, and there will be NO “Palestinian” state.

    There will be an attempt to make one arise – and it will fail.

  • Shark

    Ruvy: “If what I say there bothers you, too bad. It isn’t my job to persuade you or to be diplomatic to you. I live here, and there will be NO “Palestinian” state.”

    Ruvy, yer gettin’ kinda cocky with close relatives of this guy Uncle Sam — you remember him?

    The guy whose allowance keeps your little Zionist lemonade stand from becoming a scorched desert wasteland?

    Show some respect to your Rich Uncle…

  • Shark, learn some history before you comment. You will discover, if you are paying attention, that Secretary of State George Marshall told Truman that creating a Jewish State was a historic mistake. He resigned when Truman insisted on backing a division of the British mandate here.

    Your government has consistently sandbaged the survival of this country, including transmitting information to the Egyptians while we were fighting them. THAT is why the USS Liberty was attacked. It was a spy ship that deserved to be destroyed.

    The policy of the American State Department has always been expresed in the words of George Marshall, and it is attempting to force the Israeli government to commit suicide in order to correct the “historic mistake”. Because YOUR politicians like Jewish money, this has never been stated openly.

    The truth is that we DON’T need your country at all. We never have and never will. Our corrupted politicians need the money your government supplies them personally. They fear the assassins your government might send to kill them if they do not do as your government wishes.

    OUR threat to use nuclear weapons got the attention of your government when we were in trouble in 1973. Your government would have been content to let us die in an Arab masssacre and wring its hands, like it does with the Sudanese now or the Cambodians in the late ’70’s.

    If your government pulls its troops out asnd takes its money away, the corrupt politicians that Stan Fisher is supposed to keep in line will cry until we throw the bastards out and jail them.

    This Zionist lemonade stand will do just fine without you and your government’s moralizing bullshit and bullying.

    The biggest blessing that you could bestow upon us is to walk out in a snit and stay out.


  • Ruvy:

    What you say does bother me but only because of the intolerance you harbor.

    I never stated that it was your job to “persuade or be diplomatic to me” and I would not expect that kind of respectful treatment from a radical such as yourself.

    The bottom line is that Israel is a state created because of post-WWII politics. Israel invaded, occupied, and continues to occupy much land that does not belong to them, much like the United States has done in Iraq. Neither nation is correct in their arrogant behavior.

    I still foster the hope that one day the majority of Israelis will wake up and realize that simply killing off all the Palestinians is a poor solution (and vice versa for Palestinians killing Iraelis). If both sides weren’t so arrogant and rigid, I’m sure this issue would have been resolved by now.

    The first step is for Israel to get back within its borders. Until then every Palestinian attack is simply a citizen defending their land against foreign invaders.

  • Adam, you are of course entitled to your opinions. Your government has not yet taken away your freedom of expression. That appears to be on the cards eventually, if other events do not intervene.

    But I digress.

    You, in your words, reflect the true opinions of your country’s State Department, which opposed this country’s existence altogether. It would be more honest if you would come right out and just say that we do not have a right to exist at all. Then at least assimilated Jews in your country would comprehend a little what they are dealing with.

  • Are we still expecting the announcement of the passing of Mr Sharon tomorrow, Ruvy?

  • gonzo marx

    Christopher, on another Thread Ruvy has already stated his belief that Sharon is dead…i must state for the Record that as of 40 minutes ago, Reuters still disagrees

    i will let my most recent commentary on the other Thread stand for my Thoughts surrounding Ruvy and what he writes about


  • Or perhaps the resurrection

  • Hey gonzo: yeah, I’ve been following that, I thought he’d said earlier that the announcement would be tomorrow, after the Jewish sabbath, and was just checking. He sure has been in overdrive recently though…

  • Shark

    Ruvy, you sound insane; I think you should get a blog with “Mary reborn literally” and just dole out threats and advice in God’s name.

  • stay strong ruvy