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Is the Bushites’ Day of Reckoning at Hand?

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Today may not be a good one for Dubya. It seems George Bush just can’t catch a break right about now — and, for him, it appears the situation may be about to get worse.

His nominee to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the enigmatic White House Counsel Harriet Miers, is finding opposition on the left and the right as calls for withdrawing her nomination intensify.

Meanwhile, as American support for his invasion and occupation of Iraq drops significantly, more bad news has emerged: The US military death toll in Iraq has hit the 2000 mark.

And then, there is Plamegate: Over the weekend, Bush reportedly was warned that the federal grand jury investigation of the alleged leaking of the identity of a covert CIA operative may bring bad news for the administration sooner rather than later. Rumors say as many as five indictments may come down — perhaps later today; CBS News corroborates the scuttlebutt. That news must be a wee bit scary, to say the least, for those implicated in the scandal: White House senior adviser Karl Rove; Lewis “Scooter” Libby, chief of staff for the vice-president; and perhaps even Libby’s boss, Dick Cheney. Others may be involved in alleged shenanigans as well, and the possible nefarious activity may include an illegal coverup.
Might Bush’s own day of reckoning be on its way? While reveling in schadenfreude is abhorrent, he must be held accountable for what he has wrought, and it can not come too soon.

Think about it: Determined to reverse settled law he doesn’t like, he nominated a crony — a political and judicial question mark– for a lifetime appointment on the highest court in the land. Behind closed doors, at least one right-wing religious leader was told not to worry, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more. Meanwhile, as the administration refused to allow access to position papers Miers wrote as White House counsel, rank-and-file Americans and their senators learned precious little about her. And yet, the Resident expected them to confirm her. “Trust me,” Shrubbie said, as if that would settle the matter.

So far, it hasn’t. And his nomination eventually may go down in flames.

Trust George Bush? Please. Two-thousand American soldiers are dead on his watch. His hands are stained with their blood, along with that of an estimated more than 25,000 Iraqi civilians who died in Shrub’s so-called war. Why were their tragic deaths so necessary?

Georgie’s initial justification: Iraqi weapons of mass destruction — an imminent threat to the Western world — needed to be located and destroyed. It was only after we realized the truth in what some experts had said all along, that the WMDs were nonexistent, that the subject of Iraqi “liberation” came to the fore as a selling point for state-sanctioned killing. Tells me that Bush and his cronies didn’t care about why they wanted to bomb Iraq — they just wanted to bomb it.

And how about Bush Administration moves to squash dissent? Peace activists found themselves on terrorist-watch and no-fly lists for daring to express disagreement with Bush’s invasion. Former ambassador Joseph Wilson traveled to Niger and found that the administration’s claim that the Iraq government procured WMDs there was a load of tripe. Wilson’s reward? Someone leaked the news that Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was working undercover for the CIA.

When word of a possibly illegal leak of classified information emerged, the Bush Gang offered little more than evasions, alleged obstructions of justice, and reported lies.

So it appears that for George Bush and his henchpersons, what goes around may be coming around. Finally, those who warned against electing this man and cautioned against his “war” may see a little justice. It is only right: If lies were told, those who told them — including Dubya — must be punished. If crimes were committed, the perpetrators must pay. And the Commander in Thief must be held accountable for his misdeeds, including leading more than 27,000 humans to their deaths in his pursuit of greed, power, and revenge.

As Bush learned too late in the wake of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, the buck is supposed to stop with him. That would be only fair: He wanted to be president. He and his cohorts were determined to rain violence upon Iraq. And whatever it took to achieve that — convincing a gullible public and Congress to go along with the plan, alienating much of the world, punishing dissenters for exercising their First Amendment rights — he was willing to do. Well, now it is long past time for him to get his just desserts.

If the Miers nomination goes down to defeat and if those involved in the Plame affair ultimately are indicted, it could signal the start. If the White House ends up dodging these bullets, the piper’s payment will have to be deferred. But eventually, Bush must be held accountable for his reckless, costly actions, for his insufferable hubris, and for the hell he has caused. The American people deserve nothing less.

The announcement of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s findings, which may come as soon as Thursday, could start the ball rolling. Let’s hope justice is served.

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  • Cunning Linguist


    So when are the Clintons going to be punished for all the bad things they have done Natalie?

  • Liberal

    If you mean balancing the budget, reducing the size of the Federal government and reducing the welfare rolls, I think you’re right.

    We should ignore the possible criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people into supporting an unjustified war that has killed nearly 30,000 people and investigate…no wait…that doesn’t make any sense.

    Hmm, as much as I try to agree with Republicans, I can’t. They just don’t never make any sense.

  • I just have to point out that Reagan had people indicted by the bucketful and it didn’t slow him down one bit, or make him any less loved or popular as a leader.


  • Liberal

    I just have to point out that Reagan thought that trees cause air pollution.

  • They do, because they attract loggers and the loggers chainsaws burn gas. See, it’s just a logical chain of events. Just like roads cause pollution because they attract cars.


  • Liberal

    “Suicidal Trees!” Film at eleven!

  • Nancy

    Bloody Bush! Finally someone else saying what I have been since the inception of this maggot’s administration: he has American blood on his hands, and their deaths on his head. 2,000 Americans are dead for the noble cause of Smirk’s ego: he wanted to be a War President, just like Poppy. And Cheney, Rumsfield, Rove, Libby, & the rest of the neocons were only too happy to help him do it.

    God damn them all to the deepest levels of Hell for eternity – as Dante had it, the traitors’ level.

  • Mr./Ms. Linguist, I hope it is soon. Being accountable for misdeeds is something that is inevitable for everyone, not just the Bush junta.

  • Oh — and to defuse any erroneous suppositions right up front — I supported the impeachment of Clinton.

  • Mr. Nalle, you make a good point. Indictments do not equal convictions. The difference here is that Shrubbie isn’t quite so popular, and as more people internalize the depths of his sins, he could become less so.

  • Maurice

    ‘You may be a Cunning Linguist but I’m a Master Debater’

    I think it is interesting that people on the sidelines are so anxious to declare public figures guilty before being sentenced and in this case guilty before being indicted.

    Think of the people that were convinced Reagan was guilty in IranContra. Think of the people that were convinced Clinton was going to jail for Whitewater.

    How about if we wait before we convict?

  • It’s all just bread and circuses

  • phil

    Nancy, those who side with the terrorists, are terrorists!

  • Nancy

    Bullshit! Another lame attempt to demonize those that disagree w/Bloody Bush. Some of us at least are already aware of that tactic & have read Goering. Nice try, fool.

  • Maurice

    Don’t respond to Nancy. She is a self proclaimed racist and hate monger.

  • Nancy

    Maurice, I explained my error & apologized. I didn’t understand the term. I also asked you to please explain, and you haven’t bothered, nor have you bothered to respond to my apology. You just keep repeating personal lies. That’s your problem, not mine. I’m not grovelling to you.

  • Maurice


    this is my LAST response to you.

    I asked you if you were a ‘racist and hated religious people’.

    You replied ‘Goddam right!’

    If another post to me you claimed ‘everyone is a racist in their own way’.

    None of those comments are acceptable.

    That is why I say you are a ‘self proclaimed racist’.

  • Mr. Phil, arguably Bloody Bush is the terrorist. Those committed to peace don’t side with terrorists on either side of your war.

    Mr. Maurice, I wrote that “indicted” does not equal “guilty.” Do I believe someone is guilty? Absolutely, but I don’t know who.

    And guilty people are sometimes acquitted. Can you say OJ?

  • Nancy

    You are intent on continuing to misunderstand & misinterpret comments I have made, along w/further explanations. I made one apology, and you’ve made it clear you can’t/won’t accept it. As I said, I won’t grovel to YOUR deliberate distortions or misinterpretations any more. I suspect you are severely neurotic & will continue to adversely react to any comment. Nuff said – to you, that is.

  • steve

    maurice, they should oust her from blogcritics! shes a leftist and a racist? thats a bad mix!

  • Maurice


    the tone of your post suggests you are ready to throw out presumption of innocence.

    Your reply to me is tame compared to the rhetoric in the original post.

    ‘He must be accountable for what he has wrought’


  • steve

    Mo, just let it go. there will always be less intelligent, less tolerable people in the world. its just another feminazi. Ive read some of her posts…I agree with you

  • There is no doubt that the blood of thousands is on his hand. Who instigated the invasion and occupation? Bush. That is the idea to which that statement refers. Plamegate and the grand jury investigation are offshoots from that. We don’t know who is guilty of the leak. We don’t know if the act was necessarily criminal. But we do know who started the so-called war. And for that, Bush must be held accountable. If Fitzgerald deems there is a case, then those involved with Plamegate — if proven guilty — will get theirs.

  • Oh, Mr. Maurice: If BC purged itself of “racists” and “hatemongers,” a lot of people would be gone. You aren’t going to like everyone you encounter here. To participate, you have to figure out how to deal with it. If someone really bothers you, the simplest thing to do is to ignore them.

  • Maurice

    Thanks, Steve and Natalie.

    I’ve wished for an ‘ignore poster button’ because I have been sucked into a discussion too many times when it would have been better for me to not respond.

    One last thought. The majority of posters and commenters here make for an enjoyable experience. Don’t forget dietdoc.

  • Mr. Maurice wrote: “The majority of posters and commenters here make for an enjoyable experience.”

    That statement can be disputed. But yes, sometimes it is better to just say no. Staying away from those individuals I find most horrid and unpleasant has improved my experience greatly, though. It goes get difficult if the list becomes too long, though, I would imagine, so it seems prudent to use that tactic sparingly.

    By the way, I should make it clear that I would not consider placing Ms. Nancy on such a list. She and I disagree from time to time, but she strikes me as a well-meaning person. And she’s passionate about her views, which I can appreciate. Every now and then all of us can go a bit over the top and say regrettable things. She has apologized, which the truly terrible would never do.

  • Nancy

    Thank you, Ms. Davis, for the benefit of the doubt.

  • ss

    steve says:
    ‘Mo, just let it go. there will always be less intelligent, less tolerable people in the world. its just another feminazi.’

    I guess that’s who Bush is down to, people who call any woman with an opinion different from their own a ‘feminazi’

    The only thing more disturbing than the fact that people like this exist in large enough numbers to highjack a major political party, is the fact that the American middle keeps falling for the idea of a tax break that will never have to be repaid, which let’s the ‘feminazi’ crowd run D.C.

  • Seriously. But look at it this way: A person’s use of that F word gives us clear signals about him or her.

  • tommybass

    Hey, schmuks, leave Nancy alone and don’t nitpick her statements either. If you don’t like free speech then YOU don’t belong here.

  • >>And guilty people are sometimes acquitted.<< Even more than this, the hard to accept truth is that sometimes there are people who are guilty who SHOULD be acquitted. Not saying that's the case here, but sometimes guilt is outweighed by other considerations. As for the Plame business, the real concern here should be that the indictments which come down will end up not having anything to do with the actual outing of Plame, but with peoples actions after the fact. That seems like a very real possibility, and it doesn't address the problem if there is one. Dave

  • Nancy

    Well, it does, tho, in that while it was bad enough someone conspired to “out” Plame (possibly for retaliatory purposes), that anyone being questioned would then lie about it would be even worse. This sort of thing would indeed subvert the entire investigation/grand jury/legal system. So if that’s what they end up being indicted for, that’s good enough. You don’t lie to a grand jury. That some of them obviously did just illustrates the arrogance & contempt for the law rife among neocons.

  • Maurice


    Nancy has never apologized or retracted her claim. Here once again is the conversation I had with her:

    Maurice: .. you are a racist and hate religious people?

    Nancy: Goddam right!

    You will notice that even in this thread she never denies saying this.

    The apology she offered was for saying “mighty white of you”. I have a hard time believing she had no idea what that comment implied. She only back pedaled once she realized there were 2 black people on the thread.

    I make it a point to not play the race card but I don’t think it is necessary to be silent when a racist or bigoted comment is made.

  • Nancy

    Maurice, regardless of race, you have amply demonstrated you are a fool & a jerk. IF I were a racist, as Ms. Natalie pointed out, I wouldn’t have felt I had to apologize or explain regardless of HOW many blacks were on this thread. And I would have been delighted to have offended & upset you. Take or leave it, your choice, your problem. You don’t like what I say, that’s just too damned bad. Life is tough, ain’t it? I’m not kissing your ass any further, you puerile, whining jackass of whatever color you are.

  • Georgio

    Nancy is one of my favorites and she says it like it is..keep up the good work Nancy..someone has to stand up to these right wing fanatics..

  • phil

    People are fools, jerks, and idiots if they don’t agree with Nancy. So what form of fascism do you espose..damn I am glad you are not in charge

  • Nancy

    Well, I guess that puts me in good company with lots of others on this blogsite who can’t/won’t handle anyone who disagrees with them, now doesn’t it?

  • Even more than this, the hard to accept truth is that sometimes there are people who are guilty who SHOULD be acquitted.

    Right on, Dave. That is the truth. And those who aren’t acquitted should be given a Presidential pardon. I would fully support a conditional Presidential pardon for Libby, Rove and any other White House official provided they come clean and tell us the whole undeniable truth. The spirit of meaness and territorialism has to stop and that may be a good place to start.

  • Natalie,

    This post was chosen by the section editor as a BC pick of the week. Go HERE (link) to find out why.

    And thank you
    – Temple