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Is Television Becoming Darker and More Refined?

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There was once a time when sitcoms and shallow soap-operas ruled television. But times have changed. There’s been a shift in what consumers demand.

America in particular has a legacy of favoring positive messages and straightforward, easy to understand shallow plots with wide commercial appeal and without any deeper meaning attached to them.

But shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead have proven that the main character no longer has to change for the better, and that even pop television doesn’t have to abide by the old Aristotelian rules of storytelling.

I think this is a very, very positive change. And I predict that in the future we’ll see an increasing number of shows that not only entertain us but also make us ask ourselves deep question about our lives.

Even children’s shows are starting to become, for a lack of a better world deeper. Cartoon series like Adventure have characters that are not only multi-dimensional but our attitude towards them changes while the story progresses. The Ice King is the perfect example of that. In the beginning he was just a stereotypical villain, but then we learn about his tragic past and start sympathizing with him.

I personally think that in the future, creativity and originality will be more and more valued in television and in media in general. This is truly a positive development television and I look forward to the time when deep writing and complex plot will completely dominate television.

Creating independent films will become easier and easier, as platforms like Kickstarter provide the means for creative people to raise money for and then, subsequently, financially profit from their creative work. I think that we’re really getting closer to a true change in society as creativity and originality become more valued, which will not only lead to self-actualization but also to approval and livelihood.

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  • Laura Slawny

    The FCC has always had a heavy hand on what passes as acceptable on broadcast television. Luckily, the feds have little influence on what can be shown on cable and satellite channels – giving viewers a greater variety of programming, and proving that there is an audience for darker shows. I believe that has inspired the traditional networks to push the envelope a little

  • Dr Joseph S Maresca

    TV should force us to think critically about the most pressing issues of the day.