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Is Sonic 3’s Music By Michael Jackson?

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When you play a video game, the last thing on your mind is the music. But for video gamers, the music is a key part of the experience. That’s why I was all the more stunned that The King Of Pop might have had a hand in scoring Sonic The Hedgehog 3. The connection, however, is spread across Jackson’s 90’s albums.

YouTube is hosting a documentary on this subject. In it, the narrator merges together music from several scenes of Sonic 3 with songs from the Dangerous album and the History album. Some of the selections have dead-on likeness to songs from those albums, while others have lightly-sprinkled touches of Jackson’s style.

Here’s where it gets confusing. Sonic 3 was released in 1994, which was a couple of years before the History album. Also, Dangerous was made right around the time of Sonic 2. How could songs from both of these albums sound so familiar in Sonic 3?

The rumor has it that Sonic 3 was assigned to Jackson. He accepted and possibly brought his team into the fold to help with the style of the music. Around this time, Jackson was being charged with child molestation and the scandal got too hot for Sega (who was producing the series under their own company at the time). Sega was apparently supposed to delete the music completely, but the documentary proves otherwise.

It is possible that Sonic 3’s musical score ended up being the inspiration for the future History album, and was also the groundwork for the Dangerous album? I guess that Jackson’s production team felt that if they couldn’t do the game justice, they’d put their ideas to use elsewhere. It’s also possible to be the other way around: some of Jackson’s musical notes could have slipped into the Sonic 3 score from released or unreleased songs.

I have spoken to the author of the documentary, and he will have part two of this documentary completed sometime this week. This should prove interesting for fans of the pop singer and the blue hedgehog.

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  • Dyanmo of Eternia

    That’s pretty funny and interesting.

    Sonic 3 was an awesome game. What was even cooler was the huge mega Sonic epic that you could play when hooking Sonic 3 up with Sonic & Knuckles. The combo of those two created what was probably the best Sonic game ever in my opinion.

  • Pete

    Wow you didn’t post a dig about Michael Jackson. I actually applaud you!

    Sonic was the most fun platformer of it’s kind in my opinion. Jackson was also the most entertaining performer I have ever witnessed, so this intrigues me greatly.

  • Ben

    lol cool