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Is Senator Obama About to Implode or Has He Already Done So?

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ABC News quotes Senator Obama during a recent public appearance:

"You know, you can put lipstick on a pig," Obama said, "but it's still a pig."

The crowd rose and applauded, some of them no doubt thinking that he was alluding to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's ad lib during her vice presidential nomination acceptance speech last week, "What's the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? Lipstick."

"You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called 'change,'" Obama continued, "it's still gonna stink after eight years.

"We’ve had enough of the same old thing! It’s time to bring about real change to Washington. And that’s the choice you’ve got in this election."

A partial video clip of the comment is also available for those who might wish to watch; the full thing may be out there somewhere, but I haven't found it; nor have I looked very hard, because the words which caught the public eye are in the text quoted above and in the short video. Those are the words which matter. True, Senator Obama may not have had reference to Governor Palin's lipstick comment during her speech at the Republican Convention, and has claimed that he had no such reference in mind. Only he knows for sure. The crowd who attended his speech seemed to think the pig reference was to Governor Palin. So did I when I read it. According to an article in The Boston Herald:

Democrats shot the lipstick line at Gov. Palin on their official Web site last week with a posting entitled "McCain’s Selection of Palin is Lipstick on a Pig" – accompanied by what I’m sure was intended to be a flattering photo of the Alaska outdoorswoman.

And – coincidence or something more? – the same day Obama made his crack, a Democratic congressman introducing Joe Biden said of Sarah Palin, "There’s no way you can dress up her record, even with a lot of lipstick."

Unless Senator Obama missed Governor Palin's convention speech, or had a substantial memory lapse, his explanation seems dubious. Besides, not all pigs are bad and ugly — remember the movie Babe, about a very cute, sweet pig? It is possible that some pigs can even fly; it seems equally likely that some comments can "fly" and Senator Obama's pig reference may be one of them.

Senator Obama and Senator Biden have slipped rather dramatically in the polls recently, so some exasperation is to be expected. Key Democratic operatives appear to be quite worried. According to Politico, the polls are 

stirring angst and second-guessing among some of the Democratic Party’s most experienced operatives, who worry that Obama squandered opportunities over the summer and may still be underestimating his challenges this fall.

"It’s more than an increased anxiety," said Doug Schoen, who worked as one of Bill Clinton’s lead pollsters during his 1996 reelection and has worked for both Democrats and independents in recent years. "It’s a palpable frustration. Deep-seated unease in the sense that the message has gotten away from them."

Senator Biden, in an uncharacteristic show of modesty, has suggested that Senator Clinton may have been a better Vice Presidential choice. Perhaps he is concerned that Senator Clinton has declined to be Senator Obama's "attack dog" in going after Governor Palin. Perhaps he, like Senator Obama, has concluded that the McCain/Palin ticket bounce is a bit more dramatic than a normal post convention bounce. Last Saturday, a Fox News Channel special on Governor Palin, An American Woman, was the highest-rated prime-time documentary in the network's history, with 2.7 million viewers. ABC News is putting together a big prime time special on Governor Palin, to air on 20/20, with segments included in other ABC programming. The McCain/Palin ticket now has a respectable lead among independents.

The surge in political independents who favor McCain for president marks the first time since Gallup began tracking voters' general-election preferences in March that a majority of independents have sided with either of the two major-party candidates. Prior to now, McCain had received no better than 48% of the independent vote and Obama no better than 46%, making the race for the political middle highly competitive.

Now, the McCain/Palin ticket leads 52 percent to 37 percent. Among White women, the McCain/Palin ticket has also shown a remarkable change and is on top.

In the Washington Post-ABC News survey released Monday, McCain enjoyed a 20-percentage-point turnaround against Obama among white women, going from an 8-point deficit before the Republican National Convention to a 12-point advantage after it.

The McCain campaign is pulling in lots of money, and the Obama campaign is faltering*. The war in Iraq seems, at least for now, to have been eclipsed and crude oil is on the way back down, to about $100 per barrel.

Despite these setbacks, the most recent evidence of Senator Obama's exasperation seems to be more than a little over the top; I do agree with Senator Obama's last sentence quoted above about the need for real change, but have begun to question seriously whether the sort of "change" envisioned by Senator Obama is to my liking. My questions arise for the simple reason that I still do not know what "changes" he envisions; I doubt that he has more than a warm and fuzzy idea himself.

Change can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Senator Obama's change rhetoric still seems rather amorphous and the real agent of "change" seems to be, not particularly Senator McCain, Senator Obama, or Senator Biden but Governor Palin. Her impetus for change seems to be palpable and real and I (along with quite a few others, it now appears) like it. Peggy Noonan, one of the saner politial pundits, seems to think so as well.

Her flaws accentuated her virtues. Now and then this happens in politics, but it's rare. An example: The very averageness of her voice, the not-wonderfulness of it, highlighted her normality: most people don't have great voices. That normality in turn highlighted the courage she showed in being there, on that stage for the first time in her life and under trying circumstances. Her averageness accentuated her specialness. Her commonality highlighted her uniqueness.

She seemed wholly different from, and in fact seemed a refutation to, all the men of Washington at their great desks who make rules others have to live by but they don't have to live by themselves, who mandate work rules from which they exempt Congress, for instance. They don't live by the rules they espouse. She has lived her expressed values. She said yes to a Down Syndrome child. This too is powerful.

What she did in terms of the campaign itself was important. No one has ever really laid a glove on Obama before, not in this campaign and maybe not in his life. But Palin really damaged him. She took him square on, fearlessly, by which I mean in part that she showed no awkwardness connected to race, or racial history. A small town mayor is kind of like a community organizer only you have actual responsibilities. He wrote two memoirs but never authored a major bill. They've hauled the Styrofoam pillars back to the Hollywood lot.

Senator McCain is basking in the reflected glory of Governor Palin, and is attracting unusually large crowds and support. He seems to be relishing it, and has asked her to appear with him for longer than he had earlier. Senator Obama is said to have arranged a meeting with former President Clinton to try to figure out what to do. What advice will former President Clinton give? I haven't the foggiest idea. Perhaps his advice on electrifying his campaign will be to stand barefoot in a puddle of water and grab hold of a live wire.

Whatever former President Clinton's advice may be, I would suggest that he be very, very cautious in considering it. The general perception is that they don't like each other very much and that former President Clinton may, just may, have a not very well hidden addenda which does not include the election of Senator Obama as President Obama. On the other hand, perhaps former President Clinton will have some helpful advice, because if the McCain ticket actually wins this year, and Governor Palin becomes the incumbent President for the 2012 election, Senator Clinton may not have even a ghost of a chance of ever becoming President.

We live in interesting times.

"What, me worry?" That does not seem to be Senator Obama's position, and it shows. Should he worry? Of course he should. But to be perceived (regardless of what his intentions may have been) as calling Governor Palin — who is rather more popular at this point than he seems to be — a pig with lipstick is not very presidential and damages him, rather badly. Indeed, to go on the attack against a mere candidate for the Vice President ill becomes him, as a candidate for the Presidency. If Senator Obama is unwilling or unable to control himself, he may well be in big trouble. He can't credibly blame his staff, or anyone else. The Buck Stops with him, since he wants to be the President.

*Worthy at most of a footnote, Senator Obama has a lead in Russia, where Obama would receive 27 percent support and McCain 6 percent, VTsIOM found, in the September 6-7 poll. Putin got 33 percent backing against 14 percent for Medvedev.

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  • jamminsue

    Dan, beautiful prose as usual…You say:
    That normality in turn highlighted the courage she showed in being there, on that stage for the first time in her life and under trying circumstances.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but she has competed in a state-level beauty queen competion, which is exactly what she looks like and is acting like – a beauty queen candidate. In the 1980’s my husband and I provided sound support for the Washington State beauty queen competition, and let me tell you; that competition is a proving ground you can’t understand until you’ve done it.

  • jamminsue

    Dan, here is where you really, really fall down: Is this supposed to be some kind of old style cold war fear mongering?

    *Worthy at most of a footnote, Senator Obama has a lead in Russia, where Obama would receive 27 percent support and McCain 6 percent, VTsIOM found, in the September 6-7 poll. Putin got 33 percent backing against 14 percent for Medvedev.”

  • Good article, Dan.

    Best line:

    “Senator Obama is said to have arranged a meeting with former President Clinton to try to figure out what to do. What advice will former President Clinton give? I haven’t the foggiest idea. Perhaps his advice on electrifying his campaign will be to stand barefoot in a puddle of water and grab hold of a live wire.”

    I lol’d.

  • dee

    This is a crappy piece of writing i’m pissed I wasted 10 minutes of my life reading it… you went to Yale? you must have attended the same classes as GWB… how can you make the claim that you know what the people in the audience were thinking? that is absolutely insane! every politician and their mother has used that phrase, mccain has used it on more than one occasion and heck there is also a former McCain adviser with a book out titled lipstick on a pig… i see in your little profile there you spend some time trying to write… trying is right because this piece is nonsense nonsense… the polls are leveling off, and the polls reflect popular vote that you and I both know does not decide the president.. thanks to our electoral system… Palin is a joke, she is redneck from Alaska who is way over her head… makes me think of the current president… she is clueless on so many things and mccain is way too old and out of touch… they will be defeated come November… I can’t wait until the debates when the McCain / crazy Palin ticket will actually have to discuss issues (and not lipstick)… we have some serious shit that needs to be addressed in this country, but the republicans do not see a problem and the American citizens will ultimately see a problem with that…

  • Zedd


    You’ve gone potty.

    What’s this all about?

  • Fun with polls:

    Gallup Tracking – McCain 48 – Obama 44


    These results, based on Sept. 8-10 polling, show McCain continuing to ride his post-convention bounce. He has held a statistically significant lead over Obama in each of the last four three-day rolling averages.

    In addition, since Sept. 5 — the first night after the Republican National Convention — he has outpolled Obama in each of the last six individual night’s polling. That consistent pattern in the night-to-night data suggests that McCain has a stable lead for now.

  • Zedd


    If RJ is complementing your logic, you are in deep kaka.

    The truth is that you didn’t like Obama and have been looking for a reason to rally against him.

    Have you no price man! Palin??? Okay, she’s cute but goodness gracious….. Pull yourself together.

    The Reps suck and have messed up. Own it and move on. Don’t loose your rep over this foolishness.

  • Clavos


    Dan, beautiful prose as usual…You say:
    That normality in turn highlighted the courage she showed in being there, on that stage for the first time in her life and under trying circumstances.

    Not to take anything away from Dan’s always fine writing, but the quote you cite above was actually by Peggy Noonan, as Dan indicates in his story.

    Further, by saying “on that stage,” Ms. Noonan is specifically referring to the national political stage, so the reference in fact, is true; the acceptance speech was Palin’s first time ever “on that stage.”

  • More fun with polls:

    Hotline Tracking – McCain/Palin 46 – Obama/Biden 44


    Today’s Poll finds that McCain continues to perform better than Obama on his perceived ability to handle national security, with a 25-point margin between the two candidates. And, among Independents, the vast majority (66%) say that McCain would do the best job on national security.

    More info:

    McCain 57-37 Favorable/Unfavorable +20
    Palin 50-30 Favorable/Unfavorable +20
    Obama 53-39 Favorable/Unfavorable +14
    Biden 45-31 Favorable/Unfavorable +14

  • Clavos

    Did i not predict howls, Amigo?

  • From comment #7:

    “If RJ is complementing [sic] your logic, you are in deep kaka.”

    Actually, I wasn’t complimenting his “logic,” but his wit. Please fail some more.

    “Don’t loose [sic] your rep over this foolishness.”

    I do believe Zedd is in meltdown mode. This should be entertaining. 😉

  • Jasminsue:

    Republicans are offered two choices this year.

    Reform from within their own party which will get rid of the bad of Bush and keep the good. Or socialism and more bureaucracy from Obama and the left.

    Why would you expect Republicans to be desperate enough to support Obama when they can solve the Bush problem and still stay on a more positive track?


  • Could the McCain-Palin ticket stunt Democrat gains in the Congress?


    Democracy Corps – 07/24/2008 – Dems 50, GOP 42
    Democracy Corps – 09/10/2008 – Dems 50, GOP 45

    USA Today/Gallup – 08/23/2008 – Dems 51, GOP 42
    USA Today/Gallup – 09/07/2008 – GOP 50, Dems 45

    CNN/Opinion Research – 09/07/2008 – Dems 49, GOP 46

    The Dems are gonna pick up a couple Senate seats, at least. And probably a few House seats, at minimum. But that’s a helluva lot better than what was expected just a couple months ago: The Dems picking up half a dozen or more seats in the Senate, and a dozen or more seats in the House.

    No wonder The Left has gone batshit insane over the Palin pick. I’d be concerned, too!

  • Aha! We seem to be approaching the real “issue” in this “campaign” – the polls.

    The polls will change and go up and down over the next 50 days or so. Pollsters and political advisers who make their living following these ephemera always worry themselves sick – usually for nothing.

    I wonder if any of the candidates has ever read “The Passion of Molly T” a novel about a “woman’s lib” type who makes the sex war a conflict of real bullets. It makes interesting reading – particularly the very last two pages.

    G-d gives vision to authors that they usually do not realize they have. There is a scary prescience to the book’s end.

    Dan, I found your piece entertaining as usual, but in all truth, I think you place too much attention on ephemeral polls. There is a far more reliable poll. I think it is called the “popcorn” poll, or something of that sort, that seems to call elections with an unerring accuracy that well-paid and overfed pollsters just cannot match. Folks buy popcorn in the shape of an elephant or donkey and you tote up the number of each sold.

  • All of you probably know my take on this election. I support Obama – not because I think he is good, but because he will enrage reservists so much here with anti-Israel behavior that they will throw out the American puppets in Jerusalem.

    But on an e-mail list I participate in, the question was asked by a foreigner “what would you look for in a president?”

    Looking at this through my “American” lenses, this is what I wrote:

    If I were voting in Minnesota for a president, something I did when you first became acquainted with me, I would be torn between who to vote for. First of all, I’d be voting for an American president, not the president of Israel. It wouldn’t take me long to see that neither candidate has a realistic or workable program to pull the United States out of the mess it is in world-wide. Ideologically, I would be in favor of the Democratic candidate. While I don’t like them much, their philosophies are closer to the syndicalist socialism I believe in. But frankly, both of them are as strong as weak dishwater, and worth even less.

    Unfortunately, the solutions to pulling the United States out of the mess it is in lie in going to war. Because the States are broke, this war would have to be fast and cheap.

    Fast – nuking Riyadh and destroying the stranglehold it has on oil.

    Fast – moving American troops from Iraq to Arabia to control all the oil fields on the western side of the Persian Gulf.

    Cheap – exploding three thermonuclear bombs high over Russia, China and Iran (EMP’s over all of Eastern Europe and Asia) to destroy the command and control systems there to prevent a nuclear attack from any of them.

    Fast – destroying the Iranian nuclear centers with bombers, destroying them in about 1,000 concerted sorties, using blockbuster bombs and whatever else it took.

    Cheap – let the damned Israelis handle the Arabs. Give them a free reign to annex what they wanted so long as they put the bastards down and kept them down.

    Cheap – pull out of the UN and kick them out of the United States.

    Cheap – make the Europeans arm for war against Russia if they expected American help – the hell with their social welfare states – boycott them if they refused and seize European properties in the United States.

    Cheap – Pull out of Afghanistan and let them rot on their own drugs – but execute any drug smugglers on our soil, and put a $20,000 bounty on every dead drug smuggler hauled into the DEA with drugs on him. Double the bounty for members of organized crime.

    None of this would be done with any warning, except to tell the Israelis that the chokehold was off and they could take any Arab land they wanted.

    That kind of policy, carried out over two or three months, would assure that there was only one world power, the United State, and that world power would be able to cancel the Chinese and Arab notes of debt and bully most others to cancel notes of debt they had against America. America would again be a creditor nation, even if it were accomplished at the point of a bayonet. Arabs would piss in their pants before daring to mess with America.


    Name me the American politician with the balls to pull that off, and you have the president I would follow through hell and high water.

  • Oh yes. I forgot one thought.

    Ship B. Hussein Obama off to Kenya, make him president there and let him initiate change all he wants. All of his skills as a community organizer will be called upon to keep the non-Luo from murdering off the Luo, and he could appeal to blacks from America to “Come home to Africa” and rebuilt the continent with the American know-how and capital they could bring with them.

    He could start with providing decent housing for his half-brother.

  • Dave Nalle

    But Ruvy. Almost all of that nuking and invading and securing could be avoided if we just nuked Israel…


  • But Ruvy. Almost all of that nuking and invading and securing could be avoided if we just nuked Israel…

    You think so, Dave? The Saudis would still be chewing a hole in everybody’s wallet with their “cheap” oil, they would still be financing madrassas to kill the likes of you, you filthy infidel, your country would still be threatened by Russia and China, especially China, holding all that American mortgage debt.

    Killing us (throw in all the American Jews just to get rid of socialist liberal nuisances like Mark Schannon and Lisa Warren) would reduce the burden on the planet’s population a bit – but who could your fundies convert to drag Jesus out of his hidy-hole in heaven? Who could the Arabs blame for all of their troubles? That would be you Americans, old boy. They’d be after your asses in a New York minute – and you’d still have to bomb the SOB’s.

    Nah – be reasonable. Do it my way.

  • Dave Nalle

    The fundies would still have european and ethiopian and american jews to convert. There’s really no shortage.

    And once we nuke Israel the whole world will love us again, or so the left keeps telling me.


  • Clavos

    And once we nuke Israel the whole world will love us again, or so the left keeps telling me.

    That’s it! Let’s just nuke the left and be done with it.

  • That’s it! Let’s just nuke the left and be done with it.

    But you gotta round ’em up first – that costs money, even to pay for the goons and give them intelligent directions. So it ain’t cheap anymore. But on the other hand, you got all those empty prisons and camps that pricks with black uniforms are guarding. Also, that’s what Guantanamo and Abu Ghreib are for. Maybe you could stick them in an island near Venezuela and get rid of a whole bunch of Russkies at the same time?

    Whattya think, eh?

  • Ruvy, thanks for providing definitive proof that you really are absolutely hopeless at politics, understand nothing about human nature and that you are just a tiny bit absolutely fucking bonkers!

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Very odd logic, Dan Miller. You might try reading today’s times…. McCain’s bump is a bump, and his lies are so easily disproved… plus his ugly ads shall slip into oblivion.

    It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

    They counted out McCain months ago.

    We shall see.

    And Ruvy, you truly are a one-note wonder. Enough.

  • Here is a link to Peggy Noonan’s commentary today, in which she says, among other things,

    There is no denying that Mr. Obama is in a bad place, that he must now be considered the underdog, that he’s wearing Loser-Glo. The slide started with the Rick Warren interviews in August, just as America was starting to pay attention. Verdict? McCain: normal. Obama: odd.

    Then Mrs. Palin, and the catastrophe of the Democratic and media response to her. Books will be written about this, but because it’s so recent, and so known, we’re almost not absorbing how huge it was, and is. Here was the central liberal mistake: They used the atom bomb just a few days in. They used it so brutally, and yet so ineptly, in a way so oblivious to the true contours of the field, that the radiation blew back over their own lines. They used it without preliminary diplomatic talks, multilateral meetings or Security Council debate. They just went boom. And it boomeranged.

    The atom bomb was personal and sexual perfidy, backwoods knuckle-draggin’ ma and pa saying, Tell the neighbors the baby’s ours. Then the ritual abuse of the 17-year-old girl. Then the rest of it—bad mother, religious weirdo. (On this latter it must be noted that Mrs. Palin never told a church that the Iraq war was God’s will; she asked them to pray that it was God’s will. It wasn’t the sound of Republican hubris, it was the sound of Christian humility: We can’t know the mind of God, we can only pray we are in accord with it.)

    Just after Governor Palin was nominated, Ms. Noonan expressed the view that the nomination was a mistake.

    On an appearance on MSNBC with Mike Murphy on September 3rd, 2008, Noonan was caught questioning the choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate after her mic was accidentally left on. In the conversation she said that “it’s over,” and “the most qualified? No! I think they [the Republicans] went for this — excuse me– political bullshit about narratives –“. This came after an article published earlier that morning in the Wall Street Journal in which she called Palin a “a real and present danger to the American left, and to the Obama candidacy.” Later that day, she explained in an addendum to the online version of the column that “It’s over” did not refer to the McCain campaign and apologized for use of the profanity, adding that her skepticism at the McCain campaign’s reason for selecting Palin did not mean that Noonan herself opposed Palin.

    Now, she seems to feel that the Democratic Party and media attacks on Governor Palin have backfired, big time.


  • Clavos

    #23 is redolent of Mrs. Warren whistlin’ past the graveyard…

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Well, Clav, we shall just have to see who is whistling where. I was encouraged by Charles Gibson finally acting like a journalist and exposing Palin for the puppet in the headlights she actually is….

    Of course, the downside is that the American public, at large, pays no attention to any real news any more and gets their attention from soundbites and advertisements (in particular McCain’s horrifying and noxious ones last week) so we may be in for another bizarre four years.

  • so we may be in for another bizarre four years.

    Let’s hope so, because I have the feeling that what YOU consider bizarre wouldn’t be the same defintion as the one in my dictionary.

  • Now, she seems to feel that the Democratic Party and media attacks on Governor Palin have backfired, big time.

    I think she’s dead on here. All these attacks on Palin just make her a more sympathetic figure, even more so as the attacks get exposed as so incredibly bogus in most cases.


  • Arch Conservative

    Despite the hard feelings many have toward Bush and the GOP, including many of their own McCain should win this election because he and Palin are going to be seen, for lack of a better word as more “normal.” than Obama.

    Obama’s got a history of hanging out with people like Ayers and Wright. His record is much further to the left than McCain is to the right.

    The majority of Americans are neither to the far left or or far right. We are a slightly right of center nation and that’s why when the Dems run a leftist like Obama, they lose. Bill Clinton won not because he was perceived as a moderate but because he actually was on most things. Obam’s trying to prtray himself as a moderate now and it’s not going to work as he goes up against John McCain the POW war hero.

    Image trumps all it would seem these days and if Obama were’nt so far to the left he might be able to succeed in pulling it off. But despite what his supporters may choose to belive he is no miracle worker.

    My prediction…….

    Obama wins:
    Rhode Island
    New York
    New Jersey
    New Mexico

    Eclectoral College Votes – 260

    McCain wins

    New Hampshire
    West Virginia
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    South Dakota
    North Dakota

    Electoral College Votes 278

  • Arch Conservative

    The only way I can see Obama winning coems down to MI, OH and VA. He has to somehow win 2 out of these 3 and i don’t see that happening.

  • Arch Conservative

    If McCain wins OH and somehow pulls off Michigan it’s outs lights out for the Obamessiah.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Dave, once again, if you read something credible, you might see the “attacks” on Palin are completely justified. She came from nowhere, she is making an ass of herself, and she has lied through her teeth. Finally, whew, the msm is picking up on the fact that she is all Repub talking points, knows nothing about anything, and can’t think for herself on anything of importance. She is a mental lightweight, and just because we have had one in the white house before doesn’t mean we have to have one in it again.

    Experience be damned! McCain has changed his tune and is now going for celebrity value. He’s a you know what and has sold his soul for the Palin lovefest which has temporarily regenerated his campaign. He is lost without her and had no answer for her billing Alaska for living in her own house! (fabulouse interview; he looked like a lost old man) He fumbles, he mumbles, he equivocates, and he is at sea without his beauty queen by his side.

    She is an just a veryn average pretty woman who happened to get to be governor of a state with a large area and a small population, who exercised some muscle in areas she shouldn’t have, enjoyed some power in places she shouldn’t have, tried a few things she got away with, and has now been pushed into a spotlight she is nowhere near ready to handle. In a righteous world she will be, in a couple of months, a flash in the pan, soon forgotten.

    She is a dissembler, an outright liar, and a manipulator. She knows a very little and repeats is over and over, ad nauseum. Is that really what a man wants in a woman? Is that what Americans want in their politicans? Yikes.

    She is being called out for her record, her knowledge, her statements–all of which are suspect and all of which it is perfectly reasonable to check out, considering the office to which she aspires. She has been involved in too many questionable deals to go un-vetted. She has made too many ill-informed comments to let her get away with it.

    The interview with Gibson was embarrassing for her.

  • Funny, all the talking head I saw on TV last night and today, with the exception of MSNBC said that Joe better get ready…but Lisa must only spew the Olbermann talking points.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Hmm, the liberal media bias must have taken the night off.

  • Actually, a lot of channels were running 9/11 tributes. But like I said, Olbermann and the bimbo that comes on after him didn’t take the night off.

    About the only thing I’ve heard negative about her interview with Charlie Gibson last night was that she didn’t know what the bush doctrine was….fuck, neither do I!!! And listening to the media for the last eight years I don’t think they do either! You know, he’s to fucking stupid to have a doctrine!

  • Lisa, re Comment #26– You say, I was encouraged by Charles Gibson finally acting like a journalist and exposing Palin for the puppet in the headlights she actually is…. That’s your view, and there are clearly others out there who hold the same view. I don’t. One might wonder, as does Ms. Noonan in the commentary cited above, why Mr. Gibson found it appropriate to misquote some of Governor Palin’s earlier statements, and then to claim that he had got them exactly right. She challenged him. Had Mr. Gibson been “finally acting like a journalist,” he might have proceeded a bit differently.

    Based on the comments I have read elsewhere, and there are many of them, those who dislike Governor Palin agree with your perceptions, and those who like her disagree. There is also a perception, which I share, that Mr. Gibson was arrogant and condescending and shouldn’t have been. I am sure that you can find the various comments posted to the many articles, and so need not cite them here. The attitude of arrogance and condescension seems, to me, to have carried over even to the facially trivial point of the physical surroundings for the interview. General MacArthur (known rather less than affectionately as “The Emperor of Japan,” in his HQ in Japan following WWII, had a very large chair for himself. Visitors were directed to a very small chair, in which feeling insignificant was common. Not many visitors challenged him. Governor Palin was seated in a chair which suggested a small physical stature, and Mr. Gibson in a chair which made him seem even larger. She challenged him, albeit gently.

    I won’t apologize for Governor Palin’s performance; I think she did bloody well. She will probably do even better in subsequent interviews.


  • Lisa Solod Warren

    just for fun!.

  • Here is a link to a new Obama for President ad about Senator McCain. It shows some antique (more than twenty years old) telephones and accuses Senator McCain of, among other things, being computer illiterate. Wow. That’s terrible. Even I do OK sending e-mails, have been able to “touch type” for more than fifty-five years, and even have a (very) modest ability with HTML. How could Senator McCain possibly serve as president without these critical skills? Oh. Well, perhaps he can find someone to deal with the computer stuff for him.

    The actual thrust, as I see it, is that Senator McCain is just too old. Sometimes, I find myself in agreement with that point, which has been made repeatedly, even though he is only five years older than I am. That’s one of the (many) reasons I find Governor Palin so appealing. She is fresh and youthful, and there seems to be palpable fear that she will bring some much needed change to Washington. Much of it may be as unpopular with the Republican Establishment as with the Democratic Establishment. I like “change” I can believe in, provided it seems to be for the better.

    Somehow, I am reminded of a joke I heard from a Venezuelan while there a several years ago (If Ruvy can tell vampire jokes on this board, I can tell jokes too). It seems that a Venezuelan and a German team were competing in a row boat race. The Germans had a dozen or so people on the oars, and one guy in charge. The Venezuelans had one oarsman, and a dozen or so people in charge. The Germans, unexpectedly, won the race. The Venezuelans huddled after the race and tried to figure out how they had gone wrong. The answer was that they needed more people in charge. Is that where the campaign for Senator Obama is going? More of the same “old” stuff and not enough change?


  • troll

    Even I do OK sending e-mails, have been able to “touch type” for more than fifty-five years, and even have a (very) modest ability with HTML.

    …….Dan(Miller) for President

  • Lisa,

    I read it, as you say, “just for fun.” So? If Senator McCain was talking about Governor Palin, and I don’t think he was, Senator McCain was wrong. I can live with that; he wasn’t speaking ex cathedra and in any event is not the Pope; even if he were, it wouldn’t make any difference to me, a “born again” Agnostic/Atheist. Senator Clinton certainly questioned Senator Obama’s qualifications during the primary campaign, and she was directing her comments at him. Although Senator Obama was rather less brutal than Senator Clinton in going after her, he did so on occasion and decided that he didn’t want or need her as his running mate. I seem also to recall some remarks by Senator Biden about Senator Obama being an articulate, clean young man. Umbrage was taken at those “racist” comments (I don’t think they were racist, but that’s not important), which he has thus far neither repeated nor retracted.

    Governor Palin is the Republican VP candidate, and as you may have noticed, I think she is doing a far better than pretty good job. I would be willing to bet you a dollar that, during the debate, she will confirm Senator Biden’s perception that Senator Clinton would have made a better VP candidate. Ain’t much of a bet, since you would have to come to Panama to collect if you won and I would have to go to the U.S. to collect if I won. Although I think I would win, I have no interest in making the trip. I guess the best I could do would be to write “You told me so.”


  • Troll,

    Many thanks. However, even I have more sense than that.


  • Clavos

    Why is it, Dan(Miller), that, having been raised, as you told us at least once (I’m throwing in lots of commas, just for troll), you know all that Catholic lingo?


  • troll

    but Dan – you touch type…you gotta run (perhaps with Clavos as your second)

    how about if we could arrange to move the Capital to Panama – ?

  • Clav(os),

    It ain’t too diffikult to memorize a few words and frases. Hell, I can even remember some of them things that the beloved Senator Clinton said about Senator Obama, the misogynist guy what rejected her.

    Do keep in mind the old saw about them elephants never forgetting nothin.


  • Troll,

    HELL NO. I know damn well that Clav has more sense as well, and having any more Gringos in Panama would be a disaster; Clav is only part Gringo, so he is more than welcome. Nevertheless, the baggage infesting us were the U.S. SOG to be in Panama would be a nightmare. Great Zeus. Go wash you mouth out with soap. Good old fashioned lye soap would be best.


  • bliffle

    Palin is a bubblehead. All the excitement will blow over in a week.

  • troll

    well…I tried

    here we had this one chance to save our beloved country with new truly qualified leadership…all is lost

  • Bliffle,

    I offer you the same wager, on the same terms, as offered to Lisa in my comment #40. Ever been to Panama?


  • I’ve been Dan, but I’m not taking your bet. I think it’s easy money….for you.

  • Andy,

    I have nothing against easy money. I would like some. It would be a useful supplement to our monthly Social Security checks. Gotta feed the horses, don’t ya know, and with nine of them the grain (formerly $11.25 per 100 pounds, now $20.00) costs about $300 per month. Oh well, I can understand your position.


  • Zedd

    Complaining about the media was a Republican strategy that was designed to cause the voting public to distrust any criticism that is pointed at Republicans. It worked. People like Dan Miller (let’s say) actually believed that the media is attacking the Right. They were played and used during the Reagan years and they still haven’t caught on that it was just a clever political strategy by guys who simply wanted power over them (who never delivered the goods).

    Unfortunately the media has become crippled and are afraid to ask tough questions of Republicans. They don’t want to be thought of as having bias, hence IRAQ. They sat by while we watched the most ridiculous explanation for starting a war unfold before us, and said nothing.

  • Zedd


    “Palin is a bubblehead. All the excitement will blow over in a week.”

    Not if the voters are bubbleheads too.

  • Zedd,

    Unfortunately the media has become crippled and are afraid to ask tough questions of Republicans. Any chance that they might ask a few tough questions of the Democrats? It would be refreshing were they to do so.


  • Baronius

    Dan – Hold out for the Supreme Court. As much as I’d like to see Roe v. Wade overturned, I’d be content to see what one more Justice who believes in the rule of law could do. I hear it’s a pretty easy job, too.

  • Zedd

    the (Miller),

    I don’t think you listen (or watch). The Dems get hit hard BUT they answer with real answers (for the most part) so the questions don’t seem so difficult. If you answer with “stay the course” or “flip flop” or “big government”, you will and SHOULD get pummeled (they don’t, though they should) because you have not said ANYTHING. You are simply BSing and cheating your way into power. You are ill equipped and quite frankly don’t give a hoot about this land or you would discuss real issues and offer solutions.

    The think about McCain is that he has tried through his career to be smart. His party hates him because of it. He has tried to be solutions oriented. What disappoints me right now is that he went and picked this woman who is complete fluff and everything that he doesn’t like about his own party. Because of his ambition, he is willing to trash this nation just so he can say, “I became President”.

    And you Mr. Miller are willing to trash your brain just to avoid facing that you have been wrong. I would challenge you above everyone that I have come across to seriously evaluate why you are voting for McCain. I would challenge you to admit that perhaps the fact that Obama is a young snot may irk you some BUT that at the core he thinks much like you do and if you were in his position, you would make the same proposals and engage yourself in the same way. Tell me I’m wrong. Then tell me why.

  • Zedd,

    You are right. I don’t listen or watch much, and even if we had an operational television set and a satellite connection, probably wouldn’t. I much prefer to read. Perhaps that’s just the way I am. If I don’t think I understand something, I can go back and read it until I do. That’s difficult to do with TV, and I don’t miss the hand gestures or facial expressions. Perhaps I should, but I don’t place much importance on them. If I really feel a need see them, I can watch a video on the internet. Bit of a nuisance, but I sometimes do it. I did watch Governor Palin’s convention address via the internet — the one where her teleprompter failed — and was impressed, mainly with her ability to wing it and with her “guts.”

    There are many things I like about Senator Obama, and I have written about them. You, as I recall, have read and commented on some of them. As between Senator Obama and Senator Clinton, I very much preferred Senator Obama. He seemed to bring something new to the Democratic Party, particularly in the area of race relations. Senator Clinton brought the same old stuff. I didn’t agree with all of Senator Obama’s points, but on balance I liked him.

    Then, he chose Senator Biden as his running mate. Senator Biden is about as old establishment as they get — far better from my perspective than Senator Clinton, but that’s not saying much. Need I also mention that I find some of Senator Obama’s personal associations during his early political career off-putting? I do.

    I felt that Senator McCain was not a very good candidate, because I felt that he had been sucked in by the Republican establishment. The Republican establishment has not been good for the country in recent years, which I fully recognize. As to Senator McCain, you say,

    The think about McCain is that he has tried through his career to be smart. His party hates him because of it. He has tried to be solutions oriented.

    I agree that Senator McCain’s party does not like him, and that he has tried to distance himself from it to some extent; he did so even before it became politically expedient to do so. Still, he is an old guy who hasn’t learned to use a computer. He needed a potential successor, and he decided that Governor Palin was the best choice.

    You and I disagree absolutely on Governor Palin. To me, she is a desperately needed breath of fresh air. She feels no need to suck up to the “feminist” groupies, or to the Republican establishment, and has made that extremely clear. She does not agree with Senator McCain’s stated position on the Religion of Global Warming, and supports drilling for oil not only in the approximately 2,000 acres in Alaska now off limits but elsewhere. She is a Christian, but all of the candidates claim to be Christians; even Senator Biden, who professes to be a reliable Roman Catholic but supports liberal abortion laws (as do I) while still taking communion and claiming to be a devout Roman Catholic. I think that Governor Palin is at least sincere in her religious beliefs, disagree with most of them though I do. As I have written elsewhere, her views or those of any President or Vice President on these subjects are of very little importance. Some of those beliefs have been distorted beyond recognition, not by her but by others. That bothers me.

    Does Governor Palin know who is the assistant Secretary of Agriculture in Bulawomups, or even the President of that place? No, but I don’t either. Should Bulawompus become a potential problem or opportunity, she can find out. Has she gone on a campaign trip to Iraq, Germany and made speeches? Not yet, although she did visit some of those places in the not too distant past. In an earlier article, I suggested that Senator Obama should go to Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots to learn a bit more than he did making speeches about what’s happening there. Unfortunately, the sense that I get is that he went, talked a lot, and didn’t learn a great deal. I wish that Governor Palin would go, shut up, and listen. Will she? I haven’t the foggiest idea but hope that she does.

    I am sure that I have not responded to all your questions, but this is about the best I can do tonight. I’m an old fart and it is time for me to go to bed. If you would care to discuss the matter further, I will be around tomorrow.


  • Baronius,

    Thanks for the kind words. However, I (a) am not qualified, (b) am not interested, (c) am too damn old and (d) could not abide living in the D.C. area; I did for most of my life until 1996, and can’t stand the place. Even were I the least interested, I would not like to read about how I was becoming senile and likely to die soon and when a successor would have to be appointed. Is it an easy job? Not if you do it right.


  • Zedd


    “and was impressed, mainly with her ability to wing it and with her “guts.””

    So does George Bush. It’s easy to have guts if you are dense. She is ideal because she doesn’t know to be embarrassed right now. This is not the time for GUTS. It’s time for wisdom.

    You cant seriously say that she is ready to be the leader of the free world. Also, it is perfectly fine for you not to know what or where a tiny country is, we don’t care and your not knowing it doesn’t affect anything. You are not going to run this country.

    Dan, you have basically supported my premise. You are supporting Palin because you are Republican. Full stop. You are excited about the hype and FEEL good. I just hope that you will sober up soon and vote your with brain. Currently all of the proposals that Obama was being chided for regarding how to deal with the current wars are now being applied. He gave us good solutions. He was wise. Not sure if our stay at home governor would even know where to start in evaluating such matters. I’m guessing “stay the course” would factor in somewhere in there.

    Here’s a smack on the head. Wake up! Its George Bush all over again.

  • I just read comment #15 (Ruvy) and was appalled. I sincerely hope he’s joking.

    Then I read comment #16 (also Ruvy) and had a good chuckle.

    Ruvy, you may be barking mad, but you seem to have a good sense of humor. It’s still a bit frightening, though, that you actually have a vote in American elections. I think you’re “Exhibit A” in the case for why dual citizenship should be eliminated.

  • “The think [sic] about McCain is that he has tried through his career to be smart.”


  • Here on the off chance that anyone cares to read it, is a link to an op-ed piece by Charles Krauthammer on Charles Gibson’s question concerning the Bush Doctrine and Governor Palin’s response. Here is a short quote

    There is no single meaning of the Bush doctrine. In fact, there have been four distinct meanings, each one succeeding another over the eight years of this administration — and the one Charlie Gibson cited is not the one in common usage today. It is utterly different.

    He asked Palin, “Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?”

    She responded, quite sensibly to a question that is ambiguous, “In what respect, Charlie?”

    Sensing his “gotcha” moment, Gibson refused to tell her. After making her fish for the answer, Gibson grudgingly explained to the moose-hunting rube that the Bush doctrine “is that we have the right of anticipatory self-defense.”


    Krauthammer goes on to exlain why Mr. Gibson was wrong.


  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Ok, I read his column. Which ever of Bush’s “doctrine’s” he was talking about, they are all wrong and Palin knew none of them. She had no idea which of them got us into Iraq, either. If she wanted to and knew anything about anything, she could have challenged Gibson…. That is what someone with real knowledge would have done.

    You are beating a dead horse, Dan.

    This mother of five who wishes to play on a national stage (or whatever condescending thing Krauthammer said, and he is one of the fine masters of condescension) is not ready for prime time–no matter who asks the questions. She just does not have it. Not the background, nor the experience, nor the knowledge. She even floundered the talking points.

    If, God forbid, McCain does make it into the White House, let’s hope he does not die or become incapacitated, and let’s hope he finally comes to whatever senses he has left and gives Palin largely ceremonial duties and nothing too serious. But, let’s really hope the McCain/Palin ticket is the one which implodes under its nasty, lying bullshit advertising.

    Wait, wait, I can see Russia from here…….

  • Lisa,

    If I thought I were “beating a dead horse,” I would stop. Actually, it is equally as ineffective as beating a live horse; the dead horse doesn’t move, and the live horse just gets nasty and has to be retrained if it happens very often. That is a heck of a lot of hard work, and is frequently unsuccessful. Bad idea in both cases.

    I shall, however, continue to try to point out some of the ways in which erroneous perceptions are perpetuated. An article illuminating some of the significant stuff deleted from the televised version of the Palin-Gibson interview is available here. It interesting to read the edited-out portions of the interview in context, and doing so demonstrates what we all know, that the editing process, if abused, can easily result in the distortion of viewer perceptions. Had I any interest in doing so, I could easily edit one of your (any anyone’s) articles and have a bit of malicious fun. Remember, it says in the Good Book, “Cain slew Abel . . . . Go thou and do likewise.” Unfortunately, the edited Palin-Gibson interview as televised did not contain ellipsis points.


  • Ruvy

    I just read comment #15 (Ruvy) and was appalled. I sincerely hope he’s joking. Then I read comment #16 (also Ruvy) and had a good chuckle. Ruvy, you may be barking mad, but you seem to have a good sense of humor.

    RJ, none of you wants to understand just how much trouble you are all in. None of you wants to admit to just how much trouble you are all in.

    Your debts will kill off whatever prosperity you may have, and foreign power are beginning to smell a corpse and gang up. The Russian wolf waits at the door. Maybe you don’t understand how someone like Putin thinks. I have a good idea. I have spoken to Russian soldiers who live here now and I understand the orientation Putin brings to office.

    There will be no new cold war.

    There will be war. Period.

    Given that, America should strike first and hard, and try to make herself master of the planet, following the program I laid out. If she fails to, others will strike, and a very different reality will emerge. And America, the land you love will not ever be the same.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Given that, America should strike first and hard, and try to make herself master of the planet, following the program I laid out.

    Ruvy, have you laid out your program to anyone else beyond a Blogcritics audience?

  • The thing about the so-called “Bush Doctrine” is that it’s largely a fabrication of the media and the punditry put up as a label to slap on Bush’s foreign policy to avoid having to deal with it in any detailed or specific way. Like Lisa who just declares anything Bush to be evil so she doesn’t have to actually think, a lot of people on the left find it easier to deal in catch phrases or gross caricatures rather than actually think about things which challenge their assumptions.


  • Dave,

    To quote, “you are beating a dead horse.” Those who like to play Brockian Ultra Cricket* will continue to do so, and won’t let a few obstacles such as what was actually said and what was deleted from the edited version get in their way; nor anything else, for that matter.

    I am reminded of the scene in Hichiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in which Lunkwill and Fook were about to turn on the computer Deep Thought which, it was hoped, could provide the answer to the eternal questions of Life, the Universe and Everything. Before Deep Thought could respond, there was an interruption by Majikthise and Vroomfondel, representatives of the Amalgamated Union of Philosophers, Sages, Luminaries and Other Thinking Persons; they demanded that Deep Thought be turned off, because the Quest for Ultimate Truth was the sole province of the members of their union.

    “I am Majikthise!” announced the older one.

    “And I demand that I am Vroomfondel!” shouted the younger one.

    Majikthise turned on Vroomfondel, “It’s all right,” he explained angrily, “you don’t need to demand that.”

    “All right!” bawled Vroomfondel, banging on a nearby desk. “I am Vroomfondel, and that is not a demand, that is a solid fact. What we demand is solid facts

    “No, we don’t!” exclaimed Majikthise in irritation. “That is precisely what we don’t demand!”

    Scarcely pausing for breath, Vroomfondel shouted. “We don’t demand solid facts. What we demand is a total absence of solid facts. I demand that I may or may not be Vroomfondel!”

    Sad to say, Deep Thought was turned on and the process started. It took seven and one half million years. In the end, the much awaited answer, “Forty-Two,” came as rather a disappointment.


    *”A curious game which involved suddenly hitting people for no readily apparent reason and then running away,” according to Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  • Ruvy


    have you laid out your program to anyone else beyond a Blogcritics audience?

    If you were reading comment #15 carefully, you would have noticed that my original comment was an answer to an e-mail.

    But in addition to that, I’ve explained these ideas to an number of Americans who used to be in the Armed Forces. At the time, I hadn’t figured out the HEMP’s over Russia and China, and Russia was not yet the reborn power it is now.

    But the basic thrust of these ideas was then and is now to get America out of debt – fast. It is the debtor status that is really killing the American economy.


    I understand that this series of proposals would look ugly to a Canadian, and I can easily understand why. But the truth of the matter is that if the States were once again a creditor nation, the pressure would no longer be on for a “North American Union”. That’s just another device to pump cash into America’s broken economy.

  • pleasexcusetheinterruption

    The only way I can see Obama winning coems down to MI, OH and VA. He has to somehow win 2 out of these 3 and i don’t see that happening.

    Wrong. You’re forgetting NV, NH, CO.

    Let’s start it this way, I see Obama definitely winning the 260 EV you highlighted.

    That leaves CO, NV, NH, VA, OH as toss ups. If he wins VA, or OH, or CO he wins (CO is a tie and he would win in the house). He also wins if he wins NH and NV (and I think he will probably win NH which is trending Democratic and he leads in polls and was Kerry in 04).

    That gives Obama 4 possible combinations to win. McCain’s only combinations are to win VA, OH, CO and either NH or NV. Obama has 4 possible combinations, McCain has 2 and both of them require him to win 4 toss ups states. Obama’s 4 combinations only require him to win 1 or 2 toss ups.

    Polls for these 5 states (VA, OH, NH, NV, CO)

    VA: McCain 2.6%

    OH: McCain 2.2% (it was a tie before GOP convention bounce)

    CO: Obama 2.3%

    NH: Obama 2.6%

    NV: McCain 1.0%

    If these polls are correct, Obama wins the election with 273. I don’t think these polls are correct, because I think the polls we are seeing right now will be the highest polls we see for the McCain-Palin ticket.

    I think this surge for Palin is temporary for several reasons. This part of my post refutes Miller’s premise that Obama is imploding.

    1) VP picks rarely matter in the long run (historically) – they tend to be forgotten as voters usually vote for the top of the ticket

    2) The media and the McCain campaign have built up high expectations for Sarah Palin. One of the central tenets of modern politics is to control expectations. It’s an expectations game. You want low expectations and then to supersede them. Right now Sarah has high expectations and I do not believe she is capable of fulfilling them. See her ABC interview.

    3) People will re-focus on the issues instead of Sarah Palin’s celebrity status. She will lose this debate.

    4) A surge after the convention and her pick is to be expected. When it subsides, Obama will resume the lead.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Dan, I read the edited parts, too…. she doesn’t sound any smarter to me in those, either.

    Dave, you are awfully insulting and I am getting tired of it. You continually insist that no one thinks but you. You are starting to sound an awful lot like Arch….. which is pretty creepy considering you’re an “editor” at BC. I wonder why you can’t post a comment without making a personal attack, in spite of BC policy, which you, of all people should adhere to.

    With Bush’s approval rating at less than 30 percent I am certainly not the only one who does not think he is doing a good job. His doctrines are well documented as are his policies and his actions. You’re so-called media fabrications make you sound like you need to get a new tin foil hat. You really can be a boor at times.

  • Cannonshop

    Hmmm…But Lisa, did you go into it with your opinions pre-set? After all, Palin’s a Republican, and you’ve likely watched the televised interview first.

    I find it the pinnacle of unlikely that a good democrat such as yourself, satisfied with your party’s platform and dedicated to defending its choices, could come to any other conclusion than the one you have put forth-namely, that the Republican is slow-witted, stupid, or evil.

    Because that is how Democrats are taught to percieve their opponents, and for all the witty quick thinking you do, you’re definitely of that school. It wouldn’t matter if Palin was an agnostic, registered genius on the level of a combination of Einstein, Newton, and Keynes, the fact that she’s a Republican is quite good enough to view her as stupid, ineffectual, and possibly hitler-in-a-skirt.

    I believe this is especially true since you’re comparing this “Rethuglican” to the guy your party hopes is the second coming of JFK.

    Your loyalty does you credit, but it serves you ill in this one, Lisa.

  • Clavos

    We’ll see, PETI, we’ll see…

  • Here is a link to Senator Obama’s most recent(?) political advertisement; the voice over at the end proclaims “I am Barack Obama and I approve this message.” Senator Obama’s campaign manager, David Plouffe, commented that

    “Our economy wouldn’t survive without the Internet, and cyber-security continues to represent one our most serious national security threats,” Pfeiffer said. “It’s extraordinary that someone who wants to be our president and our commander in chief doesn’t know how to send an e-mail.”

    Senator McCain, due to his injuries sustained as a POW (link to come in my following comment, since only three links are allowed in comments), does not have the manual dexterity to type and hence his wife or someone else types and sends e-mail messages for him.

    Meanwhile, the Obama for President campaign manager, Bill Burton, stated that the McCain campaign is

    “cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern presidential campaign history. His discredited ads with disgusting lies are running all over the country today. He runs a campaign not worthy of the office his is seeking.”

    It had been my understanding that “as the going gets tough, the tough get tougher.” I had expected, and hoped for this. However, it seems that insofar as the campaign of Senator Obama is concerned, “when the going gets tough the weak get nastier.” Since I now favor the McCain/Palin ticket, I rather hope that this relentless sewage continues.

    Sorry, Lisa, no attempt at humor in this comment.


  • In re my comment #73, here is a link to the information about Senator McCain’s limited manual dexterity. According to the linked article, in a year 2000 article, it was written

    From the Boston Globe (March 4, 2000):

    McCain gets emotional at the mention of military families needing food stamps or veterans lacking health care. The outrage comes from inside: McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes. Friends marvel at McCain’s encyclopedic knowledge of sports. He’s an avid fan – Ted Williams is his hero – but he can’t raise his arm above his shoulder to throw a baseball.

    One must wonder when Senator McCain’s inability to tie his own shoes or comb his own hair will surface in an Obama Campaign ad. Whether Senator McCain is a “war hero” is beside the point. There is nothing about his injuries as a POW which could make him a bad president, nor is his inability to type a fatal flaw. The only conceivable relevance might be that he will be unable to throw out the first ball at the opening of the baseball season. Perhaps the next Obama for President ad will make that point. The cited article continues,

    In a similar vein I guess it’s an outrage that the blind governor of New York David Paterson doesn’t know how to drive a car. After all, transportation issues are pretty important. How dare he serve as governor while being ignorant of what it’s like to navigate New York’s highways.

    I must admit that I become rather irritated at this sort of thing.

    “We are not amused.” Not at all.


  • Cannonshop

    Wow…desperate much?

  • Cannonshop

    Maybe the Democrats need to hire someone from outside the fold to find their material for them-this was about the weakest political ad I’ve seen in years. It’s like they aren’t even TRYING anymore.

  • Cannonshop,

    I personally find them very “trying,” to the point that I may have lost my cool in the two recent comments. That sort of thing gets to me. It really (and quite obviously) does. Where did the alleged Democratic Party sensitivity to persons suffering from disability go? Off with “hope we can believe in?” Oh. I forgot. The new slogan used by Senator Clinton is “change that we need.” The reference to “Change that we can believe in”

    Re comment #77: Obviously, I meant in the sixth sentence to write “Change” (not hope) we can believe in. Sorry about that.


  • Cannonshop

    Well, Dan, I think it’s a bit like this:

    Democrats are sensitive to handicapped people who have the correct political letter appended to their name (D), just as they’re for ending gender discrimination-but only for women that agree with them, sensitive to race only so long as the minority in question marches in lockstep, and for free speech only so long as it’s their speech or speech they agree with.

    In short, they are only tolerant of diversity so long as it’s cosmetic, rather than intellectual.

  • Cannonshop,

    Yeah, I am very afraid that you are correct. I had very much hoped for, and actually expected, something better this time, and am seriously concerned that I was very wrong.

    Now, of course, the question is whether the “great unwashed masses,” of whom Senator Obama claims to be so fond, will understand. We shall see.

    In the meantime, I continue not to be amused. Great Zeus! It’s horrible to lose one’s sense of humor over something like this. Perhaps I shall seek disability compensation. Opps. I Don’t think that would work here in Panama.


  • Cannonshop

    Well, Dan, remember that the generalization mostly applies ONLY to the leadership of the Party, those lionized folks who hold the elite status within it. There are a few intellectually honest Liberals out there, but they’re getting harder and harder to find, and even the ones that show promise of grasping the values and ideals that made the Democratic Party great champions of equality in the early sixties seem to have been abandoned in favour of a recited dogma that, when challenged, turns ugly in protecting its illusions.

    I’ve had ONE democrat on all the sites I’ve visited virtually, who can articulate reasons to vote her candidate that aren’t centred on crazy-train obsessive partisan hatred, and even SHE is vulnerable to talking-points spin generated to validate her feelings without questioning the source.







    The prison experts have reported that there are 100,000 innocent Americans currently being falsely imprisoned along with the 2,300,000 total US prison population nationwide.
    Since our US Congress has never afforded poor prison inmates federal appeal legal counsel for their federal retrials,they have effectively closed the doors on these tens of thousands of innocent citizens ever being capable of possibly exonerating themselves to regain their freedom through being granted new retrials.

    This same exact unjust situation was happening in our Southern States when poor and mostly uneducated Black Americans were being falsely imprisoned for endless decades without the needed educational skills to properly submit their own written federal trial appeals.

    This devious and deceptive judicial process of making our poor and innocent prison inmates formulate and write their own federal appeal legal cases for possible retrials on their state criminal cases,is still in effect today even though everyone in our US judicial system knows that without proper legal representation, these tens of thousands of innocent prison inmates will be denied their rightful opportunities of ever being granted new trials from our federal appeal judges!!

    Sadly, the true US *legal* Federal Appeal situation that occurs when any of our uneducated American prison inmates are forced to attempt to submit their own written Federal Appeals (from our prisons nationwide) without the assistance of proper legal counsel, is that they all are in reality being denied their legitimate rights for Habeas Corpus and will win any future Supreme Court Case concerning this injustice!

    For our judicial system and our US Congressional Leaders Of The Free World to continue to pretend that this is a real and fair opportunity for our American Middle Class and Working Poor Citizens, only delays the very needed future change of Federal Financing of all these Federal appeals becoming a normal formula of Our American judicial system.

    It was not so very long ago that Public Defenders became a Reality in this country.Prior that legal reality taking place, their were also some who thought giving anyone charged with a crime a free lawyer was a waste of taxpayers $$.

    This FACADE and HORROR of our Federal Appeal proce$$ is not worthy of the Greatest Country In The World!




  • pleasexcusetheinterruption

    We’ll see, PETI, we’ll see…

    That we shall Clavos ;). I really think people are overreacting to the shifting poll numbers. When one campaign is behind we hear them going off about how inaccurate polls are, but when they regain the lead they’ll cite just about every poll in their favor. Short term memory. Sure polls mean something. But they don’t mean everything.

  • Ruvy

    Great Zeus! Try using “Great Caesar’s ghost!” instead, Dan. Then you could put in for a “super-reporter” with glasses and a sidekick with a camera to do the legwork for you…..

  • Buck

    Obama’s going to lose, lose, lose. November 5th I’m going to be laughing my ass off all day long.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Cannon, I actually think some Republicans are quite intelligent. You will never convince me that Sarah Palin is one of them, however. I wouldn’t even have her over for coffee. And John McCain, whatever he once was, he no longer is (Frank Rich spells it out beautifully in today’s times).

    Dan, I don’t know why you persist in believing that the Dems are running a sleazy campaign? Look at the ads? McCain’s tactics are abominable. Truly reprehensible. He levels more blows at Obama than he talks about anything he will do….. And you accuse me of making a bad choice?
    Obama began this campaign with an earnest and heartfelt desire to do something good. Even at my age, I believe that. McCain began this began with a desire to make one more go at the white house after other failed attempts. He was surprised as the rest of the country to get as far as he has. He has nothing to offer. He differs with both his party and his running mate on key issues, he has lost his way on things he used to believe in, he is floundering on even what he wants to do for this country. Recently Greenspan came out and said that McCain’s economi plan would further bankrupt America, and yet….. intelligent people like you act like I’m the wacko.
    It all confounds me. You, too, Cannon. You seem like you read and think and ponder. I just don’t get it. Obama is, at the very very least, thoughtful, intelligent, sincere. He will surround himself with other people of that ilk. He WILL reach out across the aisle. He WILL bring new ideas to bear. He IS sincere. Let’s give the new guy a chance and see what he can do. Enough of all the Old White Men Who Have Been Around Forever And Have Done Nothing.
    A good number of the people have risen up and asked Obama to do something new. Now, from the top down, let’s see if he can.

    (PS that Boston Globe article is a shanda, Yiddish for a shame beyond shame…. I used to write for the Globe and that article is unbelievale….almost like a spoof. Sounds like something that should be checked with snopes… But you certainly cannot blame that on the Democratic Party, Dan. How bizarre!!!)

  • Lisa Solod Warren
  • You’re right, Lisa. That’s some pretty weak propaganda for the Obama campaign.

    Here’s some much better PAC advertising.


  • Cannonshop

    Nice Agitprop, Dave, how much of it’s true? (I mean, I could believe it-he IS a Chicago politician and all, but I have this dreadful feeling there’s something left out that can be used to dx the whole thing…)

  • weak propaganda. sure, go to factcheck.org and much of that is there…coming from both sides.

    of course, we’re liberals so we’re too stupid to know the difference.

    truly astounding.

  • Lisa, the point of my recent comments was that to attempt to make a campaign issue out of Senator McCain’s physical inability to type and send e-mails was pretty sleazy. It disturbed me, as the emotion with which I wrote the comments makes clear.

    You say that Senator McCain has nothing to offer. He differs with both his party and his running mate on key issues . . . I agree. He does. And that is among the strong points of both Senator McCain and Governor Palin, in my view. It is a refreshing change. I don’t like the way the country has been heading in recent years, and disagreement in the Republican Party is a good thing.

    I don’t recall having said that you made a bad choice in deciding to vote for Senator Obama. Indeed, there are things about him which I like and admire. In the end, I suspect that those of us who vote will decide for whom to vote based on our comfort levels with the candidates. I recently wrote an article suggesting just that. I shall, quite probably, vote for Senator McCain and Governor Palin, because I feel more comfortable with them than I do with Senators Obama and Biden. That does not mean that I agree with Senator McCain and Governor Palin on every issue. Abortion is one of the issues on which I strongly disagree. Since I am an Agnostic/Atheist, I obviously disagree with their religious views. If I thought that they would or could further limit or outlaw abortion, or somehow impose their Christian views on the rest of us,I might have a different view of them. As I have suggested in several articles, I think abortion is a hot button but pragmatically meaningless issue in the campaign, and so (for me) is religion.


  • Cannonshop

    “You seem like you read and think and ponder. I just don’t get it. Obama is, at the very very least, thoughtful, intelligent, sincere. He will surround himself with other people of that ilk. He WILL reach out across the aisle. He WILL bring new ideas to bear. He IS sincere. Let’s give the new guy a chance and see what he can do. Enough of all the Old White Men Who Have Been Around Forever And Have Done Nothing.

    Lisa, Lisa, Lisa…

    No, he’s NOT. Vanity and self-importance are NOT thoughtfulness NOR is oversensitivity a substitute for sincerity. Obama talks “change” but associates with slumlord Tony Rezko, he talks “Change” but hangs on to the Machine in Chicago. Talk is cheap, looking digified doesn’t mean there’s any dignity, and taking credit for other people’s work doesn’t make for accomplishment.

    As for bringing in thoughtful people… let’s see…

    Vice President Joe Biden. In the senate for as long as I’ve been alive, not much to brag about in terms of accomplishments, but a good “Party Man”. This guy is like the essence of the people you disparage at the end of your comment.

    William Ayers: I’m sorry, but I’m not going to forgive a man who won’t admit he’s done wrong. Bomb-throwing radical, pardoned by Carter or he’d be in prison, this guy put people’s lives at risk to make a radical statement. He didn’t care then, and he’s not ashamed now. Domestic Terrorist, and morally on the same level as Tim McVey-just had better tactics and more money.

    Tony Rezko. Google him, consider how guys just like him have helped bring about the mess we’re in today, ask yourself if you REALLY think this bozo needs a presidential pardon.

    Jerry Wright: Liberation Theology leaves me ill. Obama liked it well enough for twenty years until it endangered his coronation. Either he’s covering up that he only attended church for political reasons, or he’s covering up his beliefs, either way he’s less “sincere” than self-important.

    Then, there’s Obama’s freaking out over the comment on his ears- if a man can’t take something that mild, he’s probably not tough enough to do the job that needs doing-the job you HOPE he will do, in the white house.

    It’s simple enough, Lisa-real change pisses people off and upsets applecarts. Obama doesn’t have that record. He’s got a record of business-as-usual with pretty rhetoric, hell, even his community organizing was a failure all in all, nothing got better in the South Ward of chicago while he was there-at least, nothing that can be attributed to HIM.

    Lisa, our big difference, is that I ask “What has the candidate done?” because what they’ve done tells more than all the words in all their speeches for all of a campaign. I’ve looked into the list of Obama’s accomplishments you passed me on that other thread, and they’re business-as-usual for a pol looking to run for the next step up in office without pissing off the Party machinery. There’s a term for that, it’s “Going along to get along”, and in large part, doing so is just exactly what’s wrong with D.C. Right Now, Obama’s more-of-the-same in a different paint-job, and that’s just not ‘different’ enough to make a difference in my eyes.

    The real key, is that Obama has nobody in his own party that really wants him to fail. Not even Hillary. If he were the real thing, he’d have plenty of enemies inside his own party who’re terrified he might succeed, because they’d be in danger of being driven away.

    Palin, on the other hand, and McCain-both have PLENTY of enemies inside the Republican Party who’re afraid of what will happen to their cushy deals, backhanders, and influence. McCain’s primary win was no foregone conclusion, it was driven by the weakness of his opponents and the dissatisfaction with the status quo INSIDE the Republican party. McCain’s been slathered a “RINO” for the last twelve years. He’s learned enough to play just enough of the game to not be gutted in the primaries, and it helped that the Democrats had Hillary and the cult of Obama to keep the GOP from turning on itself like it did in 2000.

    Palin’s put corrupt republicans in jail, and driven them out of office. She talks a religious game, but she governs the brutal pragmatic, which would be a nice change from the smarmy piety of GW’s administration. She’s been smart enough (so far) to separate her religious and social views from doing her job. Even when she toyed with the temptation to ban books, she didn’t do it, she knew better-and that’s kind of the point-a politician who may want to do a thing, but has the sense to know that doing that thing is wrong.

    I don’t sincerely think Obama can separate the things he desires, from what is right for the country. Further, I don’t think he can separate the cosmetic from the actual, and to get REAL change that is POSITIVE, you have to be able to DO that. He talks a soft-moderate line, but he’s hard-radical in his actions, and that’s as bad coming from the left, as it is from the right-but with the added danger that hard-radical on the left means stripping defenses against people for whom reason and diplomacy are only a means to buy time for the next attack.

  • Cannonshop

    Oh, and Lisa, one more bit…

    didja see the SNL “Palin” sketch last night? I laughed my ass off. It was funny, good zingers there, though I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t get past the easy stuff into the things that “I” would have used, but I guess I can forgive ’em for being shallow-and wait for the drilling through polar-bears for oil thing later…

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Cannonshop, If McCain DOES get in, and I hope to God, he doesn’t, and he does ONE real, important thing, and pisses off ONE Republican power broker, then I promise to eat my words…..But it just won’t happen. He’s a washed up, has been. He won’t go against his own party or anyone else. He can’t. He’s used up, tired, and worn out. He tried the maverick thing and it didn’t work. Now he’s just a whore for anyone who will help him win. Sorry….. but I don’t believe a thing he says.

    As for Obama being friends with a couple of “shady” characters…. yeh, he was. But he didn’t pardon them. Look into McCain’s “friends” for me and see who you find. Phil Gramm? He’s a good one….. for a start. Talk about being responsible for the housing crisis. And he was IN our government. Let’s compare.

    And Dave, if you can’t see that he’s running a sleazy and horrible campaign then you need to up your meds. That video is so clear even a blind man could see it. Propaganda, my ass. Give me a break.

  • bliffle

    Dave and Cannonshop [bliffle, that’s at least the second time you’ve done that. A third time will change my generally positive opinion of you… Blogcritics Comments Editor] resort to “guilt by association”, which those of us who are old enough remember from the 1950s when Joe McCarthy was riding high.

    We used to call it “McCarthyism”.

    It’s quite futile, of course, since opponents of McCain can easily up the ante by mentioning Keating, Gramm, etc.

    But even so that will serve their purpose by distracting attention from issues to personalities.

  • Cannonshop


    Dick Cheney
    Karl Rove
    Oliver North
    Charles Keating (later disproven)

    Shall we continue, Bliffle? I’ll bet I can find more cases of your side doing it than mine, and more stridently at that.

  • Cannonshop

    “Cannonshop, If McCain DOES get in, and I hope to God, he doesn’t, and he does ONE real, important thing, and pisses off ONE Republican power broker, then I promise to eat my words…..But it just won’t happen. He’s a washed up, has been. He won’t go against his own party or anyone else. He can’t. He’s used up, tired, and worn out. He tried the maverick thing and it didn’t work. Now he’s just a whore for anyone who will help him win. Sorry….. but I don’t believe a thing he says.

    If he wins, and doesn’t, I’ll vote Democrat in 2012, because I don’t think he’s that weak. If he were, he’d have picked Tommy Thompson or Romney to placate the base, and here’s why:

    Palin’s only similarity to McCain, is a “maverick” history of going against the party bosses. Picking her didn’t just go against the conventional wisdom of the DNC, it also went against the conventional wisdom of the GOP. He picked someone who could upstage him, which Republicans generally don’t do. (Bush Sr. picked Quayle, a guy who bumbles on camera, Nixon picked Adlai Stevenson, and accepted Ford, Reagan picked Bush Sr. and GW picked a has-been in Cheney). I rather suspect there were some screaming fights in the RNC tent before the announcement of Palin, and I do NOT think she was a compromise, and I don’t think McCain just lay down to the will of his party leaders. They would probably have preferred Giuliani or Thompson or Romney, or Dick Lugar- someone pliable or ideological enough to control, someone who’s history is going-along-to-get-along.

    But, I’m always open to disappointment, so if McCain Doesn’t turn out to be playing possum, then you’ve got me. If he IS, then I’ll take your bet, but name the price as thus: you must go after the corrupt within your own party, in articles, and blogs, and any other way you can consider or attempt. Without mercy, Lisa. Reform must be bi-partisan or it just leaves the corruption in power.

  • PETI @ #69, responding to Arch’s earlier predictions:

    If these polls are correct, Obama wins the election with 273. I don’t think these polls are correct, because I think the polls we are seeing right now will be the highest polls we see for the McCain-Palin ticket.

    Archie does not, to say the least, have a good track record at predicting elections 😉 , but I have to say he’s almost on the money here.

    If you look at the electoral college map right now, the colors you see most states shaded are probably the ones they’ll be in November. NV is slightly blue right now, I think, but there’s no way Obama wins it. Same goes for NH in the other direction. NM is being bizarre at the moment – it was solid Obama a week ago, but is now suddenly in the McCain camp by a whisker. A state to be watched closely…

    MI is up in the air right now but Obama should take it. If McCain pulls off an upset there, all bets are off.

    CO should turn blue, due to Amendment 38 which is on the ballot, apparently isn’t thought to be a very good idea by most inhabitants of the state, and should energize the liberal vote there.

    So it comes down to OH and VA. McCain needs both. If Obama wins one of them, everything depends on which way NM goes.

    Things should become muddier clearer (ahem) over the next few weeks.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    happily, cannon. i hate corruption in any shape or form. i support obama, not all dems.

  • Clavos

    Doc, #98 et al,

    Latest results from fivethirtyeight:

    Electoral votes (based on synthesis of actual polls): McCain 289.8. Obama 248.2.

    Win %:
    McCain 57.0% Obama 43.0%

    Popular Vote:
    McCain 50.7% Obama 48.3%

  • Lisa, I’m sure it will offend Bliffle as guilt by association, but in addition to accepting support from the Daley machine in Chicago (Daley’s stooge Axelrod is his campaign manager), when he was a community organizer he worked side by side with people from ACORN. I find it hard to believe that he wasn’t witness to all manner of vote fraud, and since he’s still a functioning member of the democratic party he obviously didn’t turn the ACORN operatives in to the FEC or the police. So he accepted and turned a blind eye to corruption even if he didn’t practice it himself.

    Given that, I guess you’re voting for someone other than Obama, Lisa.


  • Cannonshop


    I HOPE I’m wrong about Obama, Lisa. I really do, but the signs are, from what I’ve found, not supportive of that hope. His record doesn’t support any sort of change I can believe in, it supports, in my opinion, a status quo that has gone on for forty years and has endangered the nation. To me, he embodies the coastal/chicago axis of corruption, and I’m concerned that some of the goofier radicals who hate americans like Obama, such as the Iranian president, or the leadership of Hamas, or that nice fellow from North Korea, or that Chavez fellow from Venezuela.

    If forced to choose between corrupt bastards, I’ll take the one that scares the dickens out of my enemies over the one that they think they can steamroll.

    The one lesson from the Cold war that applies, is that all diplomacy is backed by force-and if the other guy thinks you’ll use it (as Kennedy demonstrated during the Cuban Crisis, compare that to the Paris “Peace” accords some twenty years later.), he’s a hell of a lot more likely to bargain in good faith, than he is if he thinks he can get away with breaking his word.

  • bliffle

    As far as I know, ACORN (which seems to be a drum that Nalle always likes to beat) has never been convicted of voter fraud. Does anyone know different?

    Maybe some characters who worked for ACORN did something bad, but to implicate Obama is a two cushion bankshot, and I don’t think Nalle can make it. It’s beyond his skills.



  • “Enough of all the Old White Men Who Have Been Around Forever And Have Done Nothing.”

    So you’re voting for him because he’s black? Okay. Sounds reasonable.

  • #98:

    DD – Polling in individual states usually lags a week or so behind the national polling. So, we should see McCain gaining even more ground in the swing-state polls this week.

    But, still. The polls today, tomorrow, and next week won’t matter much if there is some sort of horrible gaffe committed by one of the candidates in the upcoming debates. Things are trending in McCain-Palin’s favor right now, but we’re still a long way away from Election Day.

  • #103:

    bliffle – A simple Google search would provide the answer. (And that answer is “yes” … )

  • Cite 1

    Cite 2

    Cite 3

    Remember, if you don’t like the source, follow the links. 😉

  • More:

    Cite 4

    Cite 5

    Cite 6

    The Truth Is Out There! 😉

  • DD,

    Here are some recent state polls:


    The race for Pennsylvania’s 21 Electoral College votes is tied.

    The latest Fox News/Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state finds Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 47% of the vote. Eighty-three percent (83%) of Obama voters are certain they will vote for him and not change their mind before Election Day. An identical percentage of McCain voters say the same thing.

    A week ago, Obama was up by two points after holding five percentage-point leads in August and July.

    The latest poll finds the Republican candidate is viewed more a bit more favorably among voters than his opponent. McCain is viewed favorably by 60%, up three points from a week ago. Obama’s ratings are at 52% favorable, down three points.

    Also, by a 51% to 42% margin, voters in the Keystone State trust McCain more than Obama.

    Forty-three percent (43%) of Pennsylvania voters would be very or extremely comfortable with McCain as President. Forty-one percent (41%) say the same about Obama.

    As for the running mates, 44% would be that comfortable if Biden had to assume the duties of President while 40% say the same about Palin in the Oval Office. Nationally, 63% say that McCain is prepared to be President while 44% say the same about Obama.


    John McCain has taken a modest lead over Barack Obama in Colorado this week. The latest Fox News/Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds the Republican on top 48% to 46%.

    A week ago, it was Obama who had a modest 49% to 46% edge in the Centennial State. The race in Colorado has been close since tracking began back in February, with the biggest advantage for either candidate being Obama’s 49% to 42% edge in July. This week’s numbers mark just the second time the Democrat has trailed in the race.

    McCain is viewed favorably by 55% and unfavorably by 42%. Obama’s ratings are 52% favorable, 46% unfavorable.

    As I said, polls right now are meaningless if one is attempting to determine who will be the eventual winner in November, but they are useful in determining who has the momentum and the current advantage.

  • cuervodeluna

    This is all moot.

    Given that the US is the most racist country on the planet, Obama doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of being elected president.

    I have already seen the N word in internet.

    Fortunately, I don’t live in Gringolandia.

  • Here is a link to a new ad from the Senator Obama for President campaign which even ABC news has reported as wrong, untruthful and over the top. It still seems as though the good Senator is about to implode or has already done so.


  • Really? In a political ad? Thanks for the news bulletin.

  • During the general election campaign, McCain has carefully avoided the immigration issue, for which so many right-wingers, including those on this web site, excoriated him. Republican voters might still desert him in droves if he reminded them what he really thinks.

    Nonetheless, the Obama ad is not particularly fair. But imploding? Thanks possibly to the attention being paid to economic news, he has erased the GOP post-convention bounce today.

  • McCain claiming his statement about “the fundamentals of the economy are strong” referred to the American worker was also “wrong, untruthful and over the top,” but I don’t see where you point that out. Is Senator McCain about to implode? I know Carly Fiorina did when she spoke the truth about McCain and Palin.

  • Zedd


    This is probably the most important election in decades. We will remember this time in our history for some time.

    We will remember that there is something happening in America; that we are not as divided as our politics suggests; that we are one people; we are one nation; and together, we will begin the next great chapter in the American story with three words that will ring from coast to coast; from sea to shining sea. Yes We Can

    Join the movement for America.

  • troll

    Zedd – “Yes WE Can” is canned emotional branding courtesy of Schrum (Greenberg Carvelle and Schrum) who used it to get Goni elected and therefore were directly responsible for a number of Bolivians getting shot

    yet another reason that I will have nothing to do with Obama

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    Perhaps it is John McCain who has already imploded…. Just one example.

    That ad you mentioned, Dan, is indeed questionable, but not close to the dozen that McCain has made and been called upon by the media thus far…. McCain’s have been execrable. Provide links to his?

  • Zedd


    What do those words mean Troll? That is the important thing.

    We are at a critical place. We have become a country of drones. We are bleeding from a number of places and are infecting the planet. We are drowning and half of the nation doesn’t seem to be concerned. That phrase says we can pull ourselves from whence we rest and become who we need to be, right now. We don’t have a better alternative Troll. We need to wake up from our slumber and our wasteful anger at nothing and get at it. We need to know the issues, acknowledge smart and dismiss the games of the power hungry. We can. It has to be a new day.

    Do complain about the slogan but get at it. Learn about the issues and vote for the smartest guy. We cant afford to be grumpy and whinny any more. We’ve got to get smart. Will you leave your bridge for one day and go to the polls to vote for the best man for the nation?

  • troll

    Zedd – my issues concerning the US Federal Government are:

    anarchy – as in the devolution of power to the people

    and pacifism – as in “The doctrine or belief that it is desirable and possible to settle international disputes by peaceful means.” (which btw is the sole definition of ‘pacifism’ in the 1933 OED)

    which candidate do you suggest I vote for – ?

    neither will act to reduce the power of the administrative branch of the government and both have called for more killing

    my vote will be local

  • “We cant afford to be grumpy and whinny [sic] any more. We’ve got to get smart.”

    We can’t afford to neigh in a gentle tone any more?

    Well, shit. Obama’s got my vote!