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Is Racism Against White People Possible?

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There’s a growing fad among Japanese novelty shops and variety television shows. This is dressing up like a “gaijin” (foreigner) and acting like one by donning a large fake nose, bushy wigs (and sometimes beards) then speaking in loud, broken and poor English. A few examples of the types of items can be seen here and here.

The gaijin community that takes notice of such things is uncertain whether or not this is offensive to foreigners or simply amusing.

The fact that white people, who are typified as big-nosed and hairy by the Japanese, even question whether or not this is offensive raises the question of whether or not anything which portrays white folks in a negative light by non-caucasians can ever be considered racist.

After all, if you change the costume to one which would allow a white person to dress up as a stereotypical Japanese person – geeky glasses, buck teeth, yellowish skin, and “slanted eyes” – it can be recognized immediately as an offensive negative stereotype.

Since black comedians can say nearly anything they want about white people as part of their comedy routines while white comedians are forbidden from using any stereotypes about minorities of any stripe in their routines for fear of being seen as racist, one has to ponder whether or not racism against white folks is considered impossible.

On more than one occasion, the argument has been made that it’s not racist to make wholesale negative remarks about white people because they are in the majority and therefore “in power”. The idea is that you can only be a racist if you are in a position to oppress someone.

This argument confuses “discrimination” with “racism”. For behavior to be racist, it is only required to be based on stereotypical (and usually negative) thinking. Most racist commentary is meant to belittle those who are different in appearance from oneself as a means of elevating oneself.

There is little risk that white people will eventually find themselves oppressed or in a situation where they are discriminated against wholesale as a result of spreading racist sentiment. However, that is not the point. Racism of any kind serves to separate people and breeds resentment and hostility based on superficial differences. Even if white adults can laugh at themselves as they are stereotyped by others, this type of humor subtly teaches children who grow up exposed to such humor that it’s okay to make fun of others because they are different. It also increases the likelihood that they will apply such humor to their contemporaries with potentially disastrous results.

While it may sound far-fetched and alarmist, a comment on one of the many blogs about Japan regarding the “gaijin” costumes illustrates just how potentially dangerous racial humor can be when children are exposed to it. According to this comment, a Japanese child grabbed at his teacher’s crotch because he had heard jokes about “big gaijin” penis sizes.

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  • Rufus Brown

    When white people are made into slaves for hundreds of years, then still face persecution a couple hundred years later, then can it be considered racism.

  • Rufus, you’ve picked one out of many expressions of racism and held it up as the standard, but it’s by no mean the most common. Many of the targets of racial epithets in America were never slaves, and yet racial expressions about them are still taboo.

    Besides, we were talking about Japan here. Japanese people never enslaved Africans — their beefs where with Asian mainlanders.

  • zingzing

    of course it is possible. it’s a reality. but does something like this really offend you? i’m white, and i think we are silly. if anyone needs to be taken down a notch or two, it’s me and my kind. big-noses.

  • Adamd.

    I think this is an extremely valid argument, Its most visible in the recent attack that Michael richards was involved in, its sad that the victims demand reperations of money. Like that will heal the wounds. It all overlooked, society has become to sensitive towards one race.

  • Ollie

    I think it is possible because it seems to be used to get monetary reparations like scholarships that are never meant to be for just the poor anymore; a person has to be anything but white and possibly poor too to get the scholarship.

  • original

    I think white people are feaful cunts who need the Lord. who started this issue of racism? white man whne he fearfully invaded africa? why is he known as being a racist? because he is a fearful cunt! get rid of fear there is no hate where there is no fear there is complete love.. because perfect love expels all fear.

  • james

    For 50 years minorities have been allowed to vote. People don’t realize that races don’t mix together and survive. That’s why they have latino, black, asian and white neighborhoods. They don’t have non-discrimintory neighborhoods anywhere in America. Races of people survive by being racist and huddling together as a group. Look at the prison system, that is a perfect example of what is going on in society in general. The pathetic thing is to see all these employment forms that seem to be neutral but when you apply you don’t get hired because you’re a white male. Neutrality is always a cover to decieve people of the real agenda. If America gets nuked by terrorist and law and order break down you can bet mexicans will be killing white men like nazis did to jews. When people say “don’t be racist” maybe they should be reminded they survived because of racism. It’s not like being a white person born in California happened because all the Indians and white people got along. Just shows how ignorant and stupid you all are. You think all the sudden people are going to stop being racist for no reason at all. Only thing that stops racism is a religion that says all men are created equal. Otherwise there’s no incentive to not be racist. If you were an evolutionist you could assume all dark skinned people are devolved monkeys and are taking up resources, so do away with them.

  • Spanish Moss

    Rufus. Had a great uncle named Rufus. Old Rufus had an artificial eye. He would pop that puppy out of the eye socket and drop it in my hand. Scare me to run face first into the willow tree. Old Rufus died many years ago. Old Rufus was a white man. Always liked the name Rufus. Merry Christmas sir.

  • STM

    Rufus said: “When white people are made into slaves.”

    I come from a country where many thousands of white people WERE the slaves – sent for crimes like stealing a loaf of bread to feed their families, or expressing political opinions considered treasonous, in crowded ships, against their will, in chains, on journeys in which many died, literally to the other end of the Earth.

    Once there, most they lived out the rest of their wretched lives in misery, in a hostile environment working on road gangs and what have you under constant threat of floggings and execution. Most never got the chance to go back to the country of their birth.

    And for that, we, their successors, are mighty glad: we enjoy the sun and the surf and the freedom a big country offers while the poor bastards who sent us there now live seemingly constantly on the edge of misery. Especially this week, after they were smashed in the cricket.

  • G. Chell

    “And for that, we, their successors, are mighty glad: we enjoy the sun and the surf and the freedom a big country offers while the poor bastards who sent us there now live seemingly constantly on the edge of misery. Especially this week, after they were smashed in the cricket.”

    Comment: And they may have to rely on the services of men of non-white origins if they ever hope to regain the ashes again!! Loved it when they were begging to include Monty Panesar.

  • STM

    Panesar replaced Ashley Giles and played in the last Test in Perth and did really well, taking eight wickets I think, and in England’s first innings did well to keep the tail alive when the others had crumbled in their run chase of Australia’s pretty paltry figure. Alas, to no avail.

    Although I’m an Aussie, I’d have preferred England to breathe a bit of life into the series by not capitulating.

    Australia are now 3-0 up, have won The Ashes series and so who really cares about the results of the next two Tests. What could have been excitement plus in Melbourne and Sydney will now mean two teams just going through the motions with nothing at stake except dented English pride. I hate dead-rubber sport.

  • It seems that racism certainly exist on ‘both sides of the ball’.There are white people who hate blacks just because their skin color,and there are black people who hate white people just because their skin color!Of course,neither side is right 🙂
    For example:modern white people are not to blame for centuries gone by racism,because this was not under our control!It would be like someone saying to you ‘hey,I’m gonna kill you cause you are the great-grandson of a man who killed my great-grandfather!’Just doesn’t make sense!
    On the other hand,it’s not fair of white people to ‘stereotype’ black people in certain ways(such as the way they dress,the way they act or talk or whatever-such as a white person accusing a black person of being a ‘thug’ just because he looks a certain way or dresses a certain way!
    But in the inner-city I live in(Dayton)there exist a culture of (in some corners)black toward white racism!It’s as if some black people here have the attitude that ‘hey,I’m black,the white man owes me,and he better get out of my way’.Whether one agrees with me or not,I state the truth!
    As The Great Doctor King once wrote ‘A man should be judged by the content of his character,not the color of his skin'(or something like that 🙂
    My question is,don’t that work both ways?Wasn’t Dr.King’s intention to state that that applies whether you’re white ,black or anything else?
    If people only knew how small a space we’re in on this tiny planet in this massive universe,then they would ‘get it'(As Dr. King ‘got it’)
    Or,in the words of Coolio ‘if your mind ain’t prepared,I’ll see ya when ya get there,if ya ever get there’.

  • angela

    are you serious??? to the person who says make whites be slaves for years!! Did I choose that?? im white. Did my family?? NO! dont be blamein all white people for that. And ur exactly why people are racist to this day. fall the fuck back!

  • angela

    and that was too rufus brown..the one tryna b RUFF lol

  • Aku

    zingzing “if anyone needs to be taken down a notch or two, it’s me and my kind. big-noses.”

    Yeh because white people are inherently arrogant, right?

    James – “People don’t realize that races don’t mix together and survive.”

    Explain Hawaii.

  • John carr

    I went to a school with a mostley black population.
    Was I racialy bullied by gangs? yes.
    Called white boy and white trash? yes.
    Beaten to a pulp almost every day for 2 years just because of my skin colour, yes.

    Its funny when a white boy gets beaten to a pulp though RIGHT!?
    Just like its funny when a black boy gets beaten to a pulp!?

    The biggest racists is our GOVERMENT.
    My friend who is black got sent down for 6 months for defnending himself against some white skinheads. He had no wepons. He took the worst injuries. The white skin head attackers got comunity service.

    Racism does work both ways, I think its more about minoritys though, as I was the minority in my school and I got targeted. However after all this, most of my friends are black.

    To end racism WE MUST stop segregation, we must forgive and forget. WE MUST be heard, we must be open to race conversations.

    With most people when talking to another person from another race, you know all whats going on in there mind is “omg that person is: black / white / brown / yellow / green / blue / terquise / ultraviolet. These voices wont go away by locking it in, let it out, soon enough the voices will be extinguished.

  • John carr

    and when i say “These voices wont go away by locking it in, let it out, soon enough the voices will be extinguished.”
    I dont mean say any racist statement that comes into you’re mind. I mean talk about being white/black.

  • STM

    “Races don’t mix and survive …Explain Hawaii.”

    Or New Zealand, the classic example in the developed world. Not perfect, but pretty damn good.

  • Derrick Deese

    My question is, what is “white?” It is clearly not a race nor ethnicity, but a system put in place most likely by someone of European descent to group together all people of European into one category to make themselves seem the same. Key word SEEM. If you were to say someone from Germany is the same as someone from Spain, Italy, Ireland, they would be pissed. Same as if someone from Kenya vs. Nigeria. Two totally different ethnic backgrounds, and 3 or 4 in the case of Europe, but people group them together. Why?

    I don’t know. Most ‘blacks’ dont know where their family is from in Africa, so we get offended a lot easier, as opposed to ‘whites’ who know where they are from. Notice why ‘whites’ dont get offended by jokes like this? THEY AREN’T WHITE. White is not real. It’s a sociological system that’s so far ingrained in our heads its damn near too late to even correct it. Jews and Native Americans had it just as bad as African-Americans, but Jews are grouped as ‘white,’ so people tend to forget.

    People, regardless of ethnic origin, should open their eyes and see that white and black are social constructs, not races.

  • dsd108

    The white race (devils) have deceived the darker people of the earth by implying that they came from the God of Righteousness and that they are equal with the righteous, by having been created by the God of Righteousness.

    The white race is not equal with darker people because the white race was not created by the God of Righteousness. The white race is not a created people; they are a made people. They were made by Yakub, an original Black Man — who is from the Creator.

    Yakub, the father of the devil, made the white race, a race of devils — enemies of the darker people of the earth. The white race is not made by nature to accept righteousness. They know righteousness, but they cannot be righteous. Jesus made this clear when he was trying to reform the white race (devils) two thousand (2,000) years ago (Bible, Jn. 8:44).

    If you and I believe that the devils are from the God of Righteousness, we are making the God of Righteousness an evil god, who created an evil god, and made the evil god to become the best guide for the people of righteousness. The God of Righteousness Would Not Make an enemy of righteousness as the best guide for keeping the righteous people on the right path.

    All praises be to God to teach us the right way and to point out to us the great arch deceiver (white race, devils). That the white race is a race of devils is the most hated truth that they are opposing in the last days.

    Remember these words, (Bible, Is. 65:15)… “The Lord God shall slay thee (the enemies) and call you (who submit to His Will) by another Name.” Glory not in the name of satan, but Glory in the Name of the Lord God of Truth Whose Name abideth forever, and His Names have the Most Beautiful Meaning.

  • zingzing

    hey, hey, yer a fuckin nut!

    -white devil! boo hiss.

  • Chris

    Guilty of Being White
    by Minor Threat

    I’m sorry
    For something I didn’t do
    Lynched somebody
    But I don’t know who
    You blame me for slavery
    A hundred years before I was born

    Guilty of being white

    I’m a convict
    Of a racist crime
    I’ve only served
    19 years of my time

    Guilty of being white

  • Jas

    I wouldnt dare hate someone i didnt know just because of their race or skin color. It offends me, (being of ‘African’ descent, becuase I couldn’t tell you where my ancestors are from) that for those few that are racist because their color of skin differs from someone elses are being catorigized with me because they too are of ‘dark’ color or black. As for the races surviving by being racist that doesn’t justify them to be able to down other races. Im just asking for acceptance, not that all the races should mix and create one race, which would probably be for the better anyways. I just dont want to be hated and stereotyped becuase of the color of my skin or my race,I don’t think anyone does. For some reason the lighter you are the better you are?, this way of thinking needs to be changed. And the acknowledgment of the differences amongst the races should be embraced, not neutralized.

  • Jas

    oh and i dont blame todays generation for what happened years ago, but i do blame those that keep the hatred escalating.

  • Redneck

    Momma’s little baby love shortnin shortnin, momma’s little baby love shortnin bread. Bring on the watermelon, fried chicken and collard greens.

  • STM

    DSD 108 wrote: “The white race (devils) have deceived the darker people of the earth by implying that they came from the God of Righteousness and that they are equal with the righteous, by having been created by the God of Righteousness.”

    I’m struggling with this, but I assume the devil is in the detail?

  • William cornell

    as near as i can figure out, black skin came about because of exposure to the sun, a protective pigmentation. brown skin less pigmentation ,for less sun, white must be from colder regions where sun exposure was less. nature figured it all out. we are the ones who separate races to make ourselves feel more important…i see people on an individual basis. some good black, some bad, some good mexicans, some bad, some good whites , some bad, so on and so forth.

  • dian

    i deal with it everyday and refuse to aknowledge those who feel empowered by the fact that someone who looked like them came over on a ship and someone who looked like me bought them to work on their farm. i have to deal daily with those looking for a handout and some how have it in their head that it is easier being white. let me tell the world that economic status sees no color their are black doctors and crackhead white people so why can’t i have my own tv station dedicated to white people and white heritage or would that offend the sesibilities of some welfare mom in the “inner city” who’s looking to blame someone for her poor choices. and another thing its not that george w. doesn’t like black people, he could care less about the interests of anyone who didn’t support his campaign.

  • dian

    comedic racism or racial jokes is just a fad white people have done it for years its nice to see the world get a sense of humor a joke at my cultures expense makes no difference to me because you never know the stereo type may actually be true and that is what makes it truely funny

  • zack

    Let me tell you some reality. There is a section of the black polulation that is racist and volient. In my life i have seen mobs or gangs of black people beat up whites, hispanics, and other blacks about 5 times. I have had black friends all my life and they will tell you the same thing and they won’t go to the ghetto. lol I have seen black people sucker punch 3 different people in the back of the head. I have never seen any white people beat up black people, not that this doesnt happen but I have never seen it with my own eyes except the Rodney King beaten on tv. I have been to an all african club and they made me feel at home, I went to an african american hip-hop club and felt aggression the whole time. This doesnt mean all white people are good and all black are bad. Im just saying there is a culture of violence with some african americans. If you dont believe me hang out in any bad section of town and let me know what happens.

  • Harv

    Hey Rufus Brown who posted the 1st comment….you were never a slave so who are you to complain about slavery….

  • dsd108

    I would like to say Racism can only come from White Race (devils) towards the Non – Whites.

    We Non – Whites should be given more rights to put all the White Devils of whom 99.99% are racist into jail.


  • lala1985

    It is pitiful and embarrassing to witness the way in which the next generation and the ones before can agree to everything in the world that is negative help generate their judgments. I pray that the ignorance will stop and that I wont end up knocking the shit out of some one, because he/she decided to disrespect my daughter because of her color. It needs to end. This is not healthy and it is demeaning. It has gotten to the point where Id rather associate with some one that is of another country rather than waste my time with people who have no backbone when it comes to accepting a person for who they are. If you can have that much hate against one race of people I would hate to see what you feel about your self. The reality is this is only the beginning and then RUN WHITE MAN RUN.

    SOON there wont be anywhere to run. Then what?

  • Martini

    I hate racism of any kind. I hate it with a passion. I do get very offended when minorities are discriminated against, it makes me sick to my stomach. I do see a lot of racism against white people in the media and that greatly offends me as well. We live in an era where people are constantly held responsible for making sure everyone around them feels as accepted as possible. The media makes it clear that it is unacceptable in our society to offend people, except white people. I am offended on a daily basis by white jokes but my voice doesn’t count. White racism isn’t real?! How is it not real if it offends me? As far as slavery, my family along with millions upon millions of white American families were not in America until 30+ years after slavery was abolished. Also, when it did there were still more Americans than not that wanted it abolished. So today, there are maybe 10 million white people whose great, great, great grandfathers were in favor of slavery when it existed 140 years ago. Should all white Americans be held responsible for thoughts and actions (that they oppose) of people they have absolutely nothing to do with? No way. Minorities don’t want to be put under one category, so I expect them to return the favor. I’m terrified that slavery ever existed, but it doesn’t have anything to do with this conversation. There is white racism. I see it everyday, and I hate it. Racism is the problem here, not white, black, asian, or mexican people. Racism is a broad spectrum that covers all races in hate. I’m not mad at minorities for any reason and minorities shouldn’t be mad at white people. We should all be mad at racism. That’s the bottom line here.

  • Martini

    dsd108. Apparently you don’t treat people the way you’d like to be treated. We are disputing whether racism against whites exist, and you prove us right. You are a racist. I don’t know you, but I’m very offended by your posts. I’m sure you hate racism against you, but apparently you don’t care about anyone but yourself. I feel sorry for you sir.

  • N

    In 100 years, people won’t even care about the color of skin. There was a time when it would have been taboo for a polish american and an italien american to marry, now noone cares. In the future, skin color will be like hair or eye color

    On the slavery issue, GET OVER IT you were never a slave, no one in America alive today has ever owned a slave, in fact even in pre-civil war America, only a small minority could afford slaves.

    Everybody has ancesters who were slaves. My ancesters (germanic tribes) were terrorized by the Romans for hundreds of years, and many were taken prisoner as slaves. I don’t blame random italien people for all my troubles. It is ignorant to do so because they never terrorized anybody, and I was never terrorized.

  • I’m just curious, how many people who have been sharing their bits of comments are white?

    People are people with whatever skin, and yes, even in today’s time we have racism going on with the wars such as Iraq. It’s all part of power and survival.

    And even if white people are in power or at least seen as powerful, one doesn’t need to make fun of them just as one shouldn’t make fun of the black people. It’s all about respect and acceptong one’s differences. At least that’s what I thought the 21st centuray was all about. I understand that racism is still an issue and might never fully be gone with, unless we get rid of war and try to erase peoples’ hatred towards another.

    If you all have red Lord of the Flies, then you will understand how society works, and it’s inevitable that there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with how things are run.

  • Camille

    Am White. Experience racism from Blacks on a regular (daily) basis. Can only speak of it to family and friends in hushed tones, behind closed doors and curtains. Had another bad experience today. Needed to research it and connect with others who go through this. So far, I have found nothing on the internet that can help me.
    Black racism against Whites is very real and devastating.
    Please…do not respond and lecture me about the centuries of White oppression. I am “Shanty Irish” and have my own heritage of victimization.
    I do hold one thought near to my heart – I have never been racist. How many urban Black people in America can say that today?

  • daryl d

    there is racism against white people. It’s called affirmative action.

  • Seosamh

    “Spic!” “Wop!” “Mayonaise!” “Porch-monkey!” “Casper!” “Chink!” “Cracker!” “Jungle-bunny!”
    All of these words will offend someone, all of these words are racist in nature. None of these words should be used. And to our credit we have removed several of them from our “free speech”, except those that insult the whites.
    We as human beings need to realize that nothing will change if we aren’t willing to change it. When I hear a racist comment even in jest, I try to let the person making the comment know they have done wrong. This has led to many fights, and yes I mean fights. (These took place while I was incarcerated) But, a funny thing happened along the way as well, I was seen as a man of honor by all the “groups” in prison and given respect that most others had to claim through fear.
    Part of me wants to rant and rave against the the fact that society seems to think its acceptable to call a white person something derogatory, but anger only breeds hatred and hatred is mother of racism. So I’d rather take the “high-road”. *grin*
    Thank you for your time.

  • anonym

    Martini, let me tell you something, you talk about white people who were against slavery, and you talk about them as if they were anti-slavery because they were so good people, that’s wrong, that’s right, they wanted to abolish slavery, but not because they were thinking about the slaves rights, but because they wanted to send them back to africa, they were against a slave system, they promoted a free labor system, which would provide job to every white man, they also argued that slaves were taking their jobs, and all whites either pro-slavery or antislavery used or still use to think that they were or are superior to blacks.

    so they weren’t antislavery because they were so nice people.

  • anonym

    Forgot to mention, abolitionists were also against slavery because they didn’t want to lose power in the senate.

  • Crisko

    Please excuse the length of this but I felt compelled to write. I think I have a good perspective (thats not meant to sound arrogant; read on):

    Being Irish, Catholic and living in Northern Ireland, I know of discrimination. Catholics have been discriminated in their own country for 100s of years and in Northern Ireland up until the early 80s. Hell, when they arrived in America before slavery they were discriminated against there too. They weren’t even classed as “white”! They were sold as slaves and made to fight on the front-line of WWI and to a lesser extent WWII. I don’t demand money because my grandfather and his father suffered discrimination. Here we can talk and even joke equally about each side of the community, Catholic or Protestant, without fear of media assault. Perhaps Protestant comedians/personalities would be slightly less willing to enter into a bit of banter but I wouldn’t expect decent Protestants living in Northern Ireland today to carry around with them the equivalent of “white guilt” found in America. They were no part of discrimination against me or my ancestors personally.

    White people of America and other European nations need to stop feeling disproportionately guilty about their shameful pasts. It happened, but its inherently evil and hypocritical for our societies to put racist attacks against white people on page 40 of the papers and racist attacks against minorities on the front page with in-depth analysis. It’s insulting to other races/communities in our society. What message does it convey deep down? “You need the help of white people to better yourself or be successful so we’re giving you special treatment because you can’t do it on your own”.

    Before extreme leftist, hippy liberal self destructing criticize me I’d like to tell you this: In Northern Ireland our police force colluded with loyalist (calling themselves Protestant; not a Christian bone in their body) terrorist groups to murder Catholics. To instill confidence amongst the nationalist (Catholic) community it was totally revamped and re-branded. One method was 50:50 recruitment which was behind the smoke and screens, positive discrimination! They would turn down Protestant applicants in favour of Catholic recruits so as to sway the balance of the police force 50:50. Long story short: I think this is discrimination and thankfully there is talk of getting it scrapped.

    I can’t help but feel that many other ethnic minorities would be praising this, asking for more and biting the hand that feeds them without fear of it not coming back.

  • opus

    Why are minorities always whining….You get preferences for jobs, welfare , raises ….grow up and wipe your tears

  • JimmyJohn

    The thing that really ticks me off recently is the fact that they have fired Imus over the statement “Nappy headed hoe’s” that he has said recently over his airwaves. Being in the radio industry, I have personally heard Urban and Latino shows make equal if not worse comments about white people with no repercussions. Maybe because white people do not have an Al Sharpton who makes a living on people being racist towards black people.

    I can guarantee that if I being a white person was to record and make public the racism towards white people in the urban and Latino shows i would be seen as a Racist myself and be hated.

  • The Haze

    We have seen the enemy……and it is…….us. need I say more?

  • Crisko

    DSD108: You are a racist hypocrite, your eyes open to only what you want to see. You can seemingly justify calling white people devils but any criticism to you or your race is an act of racism and your cherry-picking of obscure religious quotations to justify yourself is much akin to the jihadists who brutally beheaded those people in Iraq because they interpreted what they wanted from the Qu’ran, their way.

    If I were to tell you I am white you will call me racist. I am Irish, living in Northern Ireland and my country is only now diversifying after the violent history we had and nobody wanting to move here. It was virtually 100% white up until the 60s/70s and even today our population is only 2.5% made up of different races/cultures/religions other than white Christian. But, I am sure somehow you can brand every single person here a racist when there is a very good chance that lots have probably never met a foreigner! Probably wouldn’t do you much good to tell you I have friends who aren’t white too.

    You are very sure that the white race are devils. If you are going purely on skin colour would that include Persian and Japanese people too as they are fair-skinned too.

    I have never met you DSD108 but to close, I’m going to assume you are a pedophile and a rapist. How do I know this? I don’t. I’m just going to take a leaf out of your book and assume the worst about you.

    Now, for the blog’s entertainment, please twist my words and make me look a racist. Thats the sort of stuff you like doing, isn’t it? ….. I’ll get you started, “You called me pedophile and rapist and I am black, therefore you were insinuating that all black people are pedophiles and rapists. Racist! Racist! Wolf! Wolf! Where the the white leftist liberals to back me up!?”

  • gf

    I am disgusted with the racial attacks that I have been exposed to. I am white, and it seems as though it happens to me more and more on a daily basis. I could list many times, but instead I will just explain what happend today. I was in Washington DC for a convention with my co-workers. On our way home we used the metro, there was a child who came on the train. He came back to where we were sitting and started yelling and beating on the emergency door. Disrupting all conversation my co-workers and I were trying to have. When we asked the child to have a seat and settle down he became uncontrollable. This child was in my face telling me to stay out of his business, and no matter how I tried to explain to him he was being rude and disruptive it only made his ignorance increase. OK, I can say he was just a child with a problem and be done with it. But he went over to about 20 other black teenagers who were also on the train, and one of them yelled out that I had called him a “nigger”. I never called him any name what so ever. Why do all situations, regardless of the cause turn into a racial issue against the whites? All this did was increase the tension on the train, as everyone who was unable to hear the actual confrontation with this kid, thought I was a racist by name calling, when in fact no names were called. I have to admit though, with all of the daily dealings I have been having and my family has been dealing with, I do find myself fighting off the urge to dislike that race because it seems to always be the same thing. They are always pulling the race card when they feel they are in a corner and instead of using knowledge and common sense to figure out a solution, it appears to be easier for them to use the race card to get what they want. Racism is never going to stop, because the minority wont allow it to die.

  • well.. in Asia, especially Korea.. they have racism to White ,,I mean Caucasian too. Not as much as to black people but also to white people, too

  • JB

    I read a survey a few months ago which found that assault is vastly more likely to be a racial crime when the victim is white than when he or she is black.

    No doubt about it, anti-white racism is not only one of the most rampant and socially acceptable forms of discrimination in the United States today, it’s also the only one which is government-sanctioned.

  • Racism is retarded

    Dude, in case noone noticed this, black people in Africa sold us the slaves in the frist place, so they should hate their own ancestors. but really, noone is completely balck or completely white, just differnt shades of brown. except the albino people.

  • kiefer

    wow. you know what really bothers me? why do black people always claim racism when a white guy beats him out of a job when the white guy is a more experienced worker? im sorry the reason why black people are called niggers, mexicans are called spicks, latinos called beaners, is by the actions they commit. blacks, mexicans, and all other foreigners in the United States of America need to stop relying on our government so they can get money. FUCK THAT. if they want money they have got o earn like a honest American should instead of always claiming “racism” because they didnt get what they want. WELL BOO FUCKING HOO!! If you want something you got to earn. the blacks need stop complaining on what they dont have and start giving thanks on what they do have. and to the black people, I dont care what you say or think because this is the TRUTH! I dont care if any black people find this offensive, because its the truth. BIG DEAL if someone calls you a nigger, coon, porch monkey, spear chucker. Face facts and jus deal with it instead crying about ever little damn thing that doesnt go your way. If you dont like it then stop taking up space and the fuck out of MY COUNTRY. this goes out to all spicks, and beaners out there. this is an order, kill yourselves before the KKK does.

  • gggggg

    the black people sick me , all the races in the world hate the white man because is evil for your ( and fuck you all if you contest my english i am not english ) if you see the history perhaps its true but i am proud of my evil ancestors . the white people are evil yes i am white and i am proud but in the end you should complain about racism , but is the white man have conquered a good part of the world and the white nation are more stronger in the history and the sytronger have win and i not talk of race . but if the white man are evil , the white man have exterminate in the hystori all the other asians africans indians arabs with not much problem complain cmplain but if the right person if have the power in the hystori only withe dudes walk in this world , but the other cultures sick me , and watch the difference of culture . for me end with a war and the white people should not accomodated much ,the withe people have growing the other nations and it end with a rebellion for me against the white . but thwe white hve can conquered the world if person of the parts not have interenided .

  • gggggg

    and black dudes cry cry but the stronger win ? and the weak have lost see the reality the white have win and the black have lost .

  • gggggg

    but face the reality is PAST the white have stronger nations weapons is and have win is not for my mistake if the black have a spear with weapon . the white is evil ok think in this way is your business .

  • gggggg

    my all friends are black and they dont mind because IS PASTTTTTTTT .

  • lexa Reger

    I think that when people say that the blacks have gone through a lot it is different. The blacks were enslaved a long time ago and that is history now. The whites that think that only whites can be racist are wrong and must have a lot of guilt. I think in public schools they teach that if you are a black or anyother color or race except white then be proud of your herittage. But whites never have a history month to see what the first white did in this certain subject and are taught to see what their ancestors did to the other groups and how wrong that was. Whites are not the only racist ones. It has nothing to do with power.

  • Arwen

    Yes… I believe that some people are racist to whites. But it comes out of retaliation. If u listen 2 most “white jokes” they’re made fun of becuz of their “lack of rhythm”, “nosiness/curiosity” (CrocHunter), “thrill seeking craziness” (Jackass), “Corporate thief/take ideas” or about them being racist. And when done, the comedian insults his race aswell. “White jokes” are usually more petty, while jokes for other races are VERY destructive. “Blks are ugly/dumb/apes/monsterized/nappy/black/lazy/ghetto”, “Asians are smart/nerds/bad english/small/funny eyes/small penis/femenine (no body hair), etc. Latinos (drkr-skinned ones, mexican) are drunks/lazy/fat/short/no ingles/ghetto/bootlegged/dumb/”breeders” (babies), etc. “Models” are thin (no curves), straight hair, light skin, small nose, smaller lips, blonde, tall, 0% fat. If another race is considered beautiful, it becuz they’re mixed w/ a lighter/whiter race. Other languages/accents sound weird/”primitive”. I could go on…. While u may argue that there’s racism 2 whites, there’s still A LOT more to non-whites (it’s in our society, it’s even institutionalized). Yeah, slavery is over, but “the world” has still gained from it. Did they return the money/building/profits back 2 the slaves? Racism still existed. I agree whites can be discriminated, but u can’t compare it to other races.

  • Ike

    I think that “race” itself is racist. The fact that u are dividing humans according to skin tone. But undoubtedly, the people that receive the worst end of it are those of dark skin. The world looks down at dark skin (since ancient times). Despite the fact that almost all “blks” are of mixed ancestry (wht/indian/arab/native indian/etc), they’re darker skin is what defines their race (aka the “one drop rule”). I remember when I first heard of Obama. I knew he was Blk/Wht as well as other did. But it was only when he started to run for presidency that “non-blacks” started callin him biracial. I remember hearing people (whites) say “why are the blks claiming him as blk, he’s half white”. But if u look at the prisons/jails all the “biracials” (drk or light-skin) are considered as blk. People refer to slavery in the past and how others were enslaved too (jews, etc). But people 4get that jews aren’t only “white”, they don’t consider the jews in africa and other nations. Also most other slaves were not enslaved by a “drk/blk race”, but by their own people (just like blks were enslaved by other blks). Blk scholars/artists/leaders, etc. were not credited or if they were, their race wasn’t mentioned (like Aesop and many others). I think the world has been racist for sooo long, we don’t realize we are being racist. We only compare the change from American “slave days” to now and forget about before.

  • Mr honkey

    Hey im white and i truly hate the white folks because i lost my job and lost every opportunity and all my honkey friends drop me because i had black friends so to all the white trash honky jungle bunny fuck heads take it because don imus and bush had screwed shit up burn in hell you fuckin losers fuck your emo grunge and your worthless metal hip hop r b rap rule hope to see all you filthy white get tortured

  • Sam

    I’m glad I’m only mortal and that I can die. I don’t think I could stand to live forever and watch the same crap happen every generation over and over.

  • Pierce

    i am white, but that doesnt mean i hate “people of color”. i dont want to hear the whole enslavement thing, i mean that was 150 years ago, and it didnt happen to anyone now, it happened to their family a long time ago and it wasnt me who enslaved them it was some white guy who i might be related to, but ive never even met him, and you act like im responsible for it.
    im not responsible for it and they really need to get over it.

  • Benny

    Oh give me a break.

    How many comedy/skit shows have depicted Asians using stereotypical plots and acting in the last 10 years? Lots. And its not racism, its just a culture depicted within a comedy show based on stereotypes.

    Every time a certain race is depicted poorly, are we going to charge head first holding our race flag hoping to win the sympathy vote? No! Just learn to deal with the pointless comedic portrayal of other races/cultures, which is generally tiresome anyway and poorly produced, because Asians eat rice and drive Hondas, Blacks eat fried chicken, Ruskies drink vodka and wear dead animals on their head for warmth, Germans drink beer and worship efficiency, English love a good cuppa and biscuits and crumpets and soccer..

  • dsd108

    Nice comments. The title of the topic says: Is Racism Against White People Possible? Well, yes it is to some extent.
    But please note: Why is it that racism always come’s from the Whites first and then back fires.
    Why do Whites always bring up their history of slavery of the black/coloured people, to diss them.
    America was built on White man racism, that’s why it’s over racist.
    As for the British/French they still think they have this huge empire they once had.
    And as for the Irish watch the Leprechaun films.
    And why are so many proud bigoted Whites converting to Islam.

  • dsd108

    ahahahaha joke

    What’s the difference between a White person and a snake?
    The first is a cold blooded, vicious, cunning, slimy, snakey creature from hell. The other’s just a snake.

    (speaking from self experience – no offence)

  • sr


  • truthfully speaking

    first and fore most..not all black people walk around thinking that white people owe us shit..and dnt say colored that goes way back to the 50’s to 70’s basically either use black or african american…and yeah slavery is over but its something we can never foreget maybe forgive but never foreget..just like the jewish people cant foreget what happened to them or any other historical painful event in the past but we can learn from it and move on and me being black i’m not on welfare nor do i have food stamps or live in the ghetto and what not so all the sterotypes need to go in life..and hispanics and asians and any other race thats not white or whatever shouldn’t be talked about like that either..EVERY RACE AS RACISM AND RACIST TERMS/WORDS..ITS A PART OF LIFE..LIFE THAT OUR FAMILY GREW UP IN AND PASS THE WORDS DOWN TO US THATS WHY WE USE THEM WHEN WE ARE MAD AT EACH OTHER..BUT SOME OF US AGREE THAT IT’S NOT RIGHT AND OTHERS JUST THINK NOTHING OF IT AND THEY STILL USE THEM BASICALLY EVERYDAY i dont know what else to sat only that we need to watch what we say to others and look at things the way they do..alest try to understand like that famous line that people use to say *~*WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES THEN YOU WILL FINALLY SEE AND UNDERSTAND..UNTIL THEN YOU CANT JUDGE ANYONE*~* you can either love or hate what i’m saying doesn’t matter to me but you should treat others like you would like to be treated like you know

  • Crisko

    I see you’re back DSD108.

    Brilliant comments might I add. Just re-affirms my suspicions that you indeed are an extremely stupid individual.

    Seems you took a few keywords from comments in between your last and newest comment and typed whatever came in to your head first. You haven’t a fucking clue! You haven’t contributed anything worthwhile at all and to top it all off you threw in a racist joke. Oh! Hang on, its not racist because its not against YOUR race. I do send my apologies.

    Thank fuck you don’t speak for your race! May you wake up one day and smell the (fairtrade) coffee.

    Truthfully Speaking, thanks for your contribution. Racism is deplorable wherever and whenever it happens. We should never forget the treatment of black people in America and we should never forget the Holocaust. But, I do not believe that this generation of white people should have to carry around guilt and give minorities or other religions special treatment. It insults minorities, making out they need the white man to better themselves and its self-destructing the white race. I especially don’t think I should feel guilty when I can say without hesitation that myself or any of my family as far back as can be traced has ever oppressed another person/race/religion. In fact we have been discriminated against ourselves as have many other Catholics in Ireland.

    People like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King did not want preferential treatment but equal treatment. There were and still are other groups out there who want the white race obliterated off the face of the earth. They ignore the irony that they can freely preach their hatred through “white guilt” and many rappers jump on the band-wagon quoting them. The hypocrisy of them wearing a kilo worth of diamonds and gold driving in their souped up navigators to their multi million dollar 12 bedroom mansions will never be challenged and neither will anti-white sentiments thus the dream of racists like dsd108 will come true. Low birth-rates, illegal immigration , Middle-Eastern Islamo-facism. Its all stacked against the white race but the biggest problem is the guilt that the white race has built in and the fact that it is fueled by high-position extreme left-wing white people in high positions (politicians, university lecturers etc) so that it will always be present right until the bitter end.

  • dsd108

    CRISKO read this it will explain alot about you keep saying FUCK to me 🙂 thanks

    Evil is the word LIVE spelled backwards. Evil is that which is anti-life. History bears witness that the white man has been continuing history of mass genocide against people of color on all continents, whites have collectively established themselves as the arch-enemy of all people they classify as nonwhite. That’s at least 90% of the world! The White Supremacist, secret world government plans to murder 3/4 of the world’s population of nonwhite people by the year 2000. They are making progress towards this goal through AIDS, a virus they created for this purpose. They have demonstrated they themselves are a deadly virus to the world of “hue-mans” and the Earth herself, even exploding nuclear weapons within the earth. No creature has demonstrated more anti-natural behavior then the White Man/Woman. All through his history he has done everything to ruin the balance in nature and has always been destructive to all civilization of people of color on all continents. Whether or not whites were created to BE devils, they have done and are doing a spectacular job of it!

    Top record for”evil” & atrocities. whites have a history of committing horrible, murderous atrocities to their own kind especially during the Inquisition) so how dare we expect them to treat us humanely! Scalping was invented by White Men aggressing against Indians. Football originated from White Men kicking around the decapitated heads of Indians for sport. Columbus’ men hunted Indians for sport and used Indian Bodies (ESPECIALLY BABIES) as food for their hunting dogs! Romans fed the early Black Christians to the lions. Atrocities upon new African Slaves by the heartless slave makers were so horrible that the Slave Maker is never mentioned in history books. The Thousands of Black lynching were “executed with a bestiality unknown even in the most remote and uncivilized parts of the world” Black Men were tied down and castrated with knives or axes. In some cases, families of the intended victims were seized and delivered to the site to witness the atrocities in order for Whites to derive sadistic satisfaction. In the 1920s, lynching became popular cultural events like circuses. Hundreds of White Women and Children took part in the festivities. Finger, Ears and other Body Parts Of Black Victims were eagerly seized for Souvenirs. True, not all Whites are devils, just as not all Devils are White but WHITES HAVE OUT DONE ALL OTHER SPECIES!

    “Ellijah Muhammad did not improperly refer to the White Man/Woman as the devil; he accurately and truthfully identified him for all to see” writes Dr. Dorothy Fardan (who is White) in her profound Message to the White Man and Woman in America: Yacub & the Origins of White Supremacy. ” if we follow the teaching of Elijah Muhammad o the making of the White Man we understand that the nature of the White Man has been ‘Grafted ” out of the original. It is, therefore , an aberrant genetic construct and thus lies at the base of the errant and malicious way of White rule… Therefore, on this most fundamental level, the ’salvation’ of white people … lie in grafting back to originality (the righteous nature).. of Original Black People”

    Can whites’ “evil” nature can be scientifically & spiritually explained? White skin is a form of Albinism a genetic aberration. As a result, most whites are unable to produce Melanin normally. Your body can’t operate without melanin the absorber of all wavelengths of energy. The biological basis for “evil” begins with deficiency in Melanin and Melatonin, the humanizing hormone produced by the Pineal Gland. Because 60-80% of white adults have Calcified Pineal Glands impairing their Melatonin production, they have a greater propensity for “evil”. A” White ” body does not make Glands Imparing their Melatonin production, they have a greater propensity for “Evil” A ” White body does not make Whites Evil. Rather, Inherently Evil Souls find their Ideal and most natural, comfortable expression in White bodies. Thus, the aberration of skin Whiteness appears to be an outer manifestation of a collective inner spiritual disease. Your body

  • Hi,I came across this article and had to comment, sorry it’s so late. Yes racism against White people is possible this dsd108 guy proves it, writes a racist joke and then wimps out at the last second by writing its only from personal experience at the bottom. Oh yeah that genetics lecture makes no sense. White skin is the result of centuries adaption to cold climate, not an evil scientist.

  • Crisko

    OK DSD108, not one specific scientific claim to back any of that horse shit you just typed. I don’t disagree the white race has fucked up this world and other nations/peoples but I was attacking YOUR numerous previous claims (which you have backed down from now) that ALL white people are the devils. If that were the case with white people having most of the money, weapons, best armies etc…. wouldn’t that mean you would be dead as well as every non-white on this planet? The capacity is certainly there, but the will isn’t. If we’re as fucked up as you say we are this world would be pure white.

    I also hate your hypocrisy that you claim black people are the superior race. Why, when the KKK say the white race is they are branded racists, which they should be, but when you say black people are its not. You can’t have it both ways.

    White people are white and produce low levels of melanin because those humans that branched off from where Israel/Egypt is north-westwards into Europe had to adapt to the still ice-aged Europe with blizzards etc… Asian people had to set off into even harsher conditions hence the claim their ear wax is grey and solid to prevent ear infections from blizzards. The same reasons some remote African tribesmen in Africa are tall, slight-boned and skinny: to dissipate heat away from their torso in hot conditions. Then when land bridges and continents started to seperate we all went our separate ways and evolved onwards into the different races we see today.

    So, what of Asian people? Are they grafted out of the original too? As are native americans, arabs, abroginee peoples of australia, eskimos?

  • whites are racist,blacks are racist,yellows are racist etc etc!!! what can we do??/ nothing….BUT for once in your life sit back and picture Your self being an opposite colour??will that change racism?? noooo no matter who where or what you do you can not escape tyhe cruel minds of opposition?? why cant we all get along?? becoz deep down on the inside of every human being theres JEALOUSY!! in fact….every human being on this planet black or white has something against SOME kind of ethnicity or religion…but something that fucks me off is that…a white man can go onto a web page and write all this shit about….’fuck blacks and rednecks rahhh rahhh rahhh….when if they have sucha big fuckin problem about it….why do they only seek the weakest looking person of their most hated race to critisize and be racist too…….why not EVERY black???I KNOW becoz for a fact whites will NEVER rule…they know it too.. hitler didnt succeed…so why would anyone else…hes a HUMAN BEING just like us….becoz of greater people such as hitler(who succedded PARTIALLY with racial beliefs) people of their same race think they WILL REMAIN one of those superior races…nope!! think again…rant and rave all you want about other races…no one or nothing will change the fact that there will always be a black and a white human….you get absolutely nowhere with being racist!! i probibly wont with thiis but heyy……do i care no?? becoz NEITHER WILL YOU….no race is better…no race is insuperior…were all equal in a way…its just the beliefs and stereotyping thats getting us all worked up!! and once again what do u get out of it??? the only thing i could PROBLY think….is GETTING A BAD NAME FOR YOUR own RACE!!! be greatful coz the world wouldnt be called the WORLD if there were only one country or one race…..you need different culture and ethnicity to replace those things that mean to you MOST not to critisize and bitch over…..think before you speak and think before you act…as speaking and thinking are 2 things EVERY HUMAN RACE IS GOOD AT! vyoull never win the argument over race!! just stop provoking it…

  • dsd108

    If you read American history you will discover how brutual these CRUSADERS really are. Not just American history but Australian history as well. Christanity was forced onto America. Natives killed without mercy. Then black slaves sent to work on sugar plantations. In the same way criminals deported to Australia brutually murdered Abrogonies. It took centuries in America for slavery to end. And in Australia only recently non – whites have been allowed to enter. As for Europe, Whites now long for Nazism to come back. Even though their forefathers opposed Hitler. The only reason why they let in immigrants is to play half good. Their job is to make sure the 3rd world stays the third world. These whites blow up countries with nuclear weapons. Then come up to the rescue with aid. What hypocrites. I personally don’t think the crusader attitude has changed much. Did you know Japan had surrendered and still they threw 2 atomic bombs on Japan just to teach them a lesson.They claim to have invented everything but still don’t know how to wash their asses as yet. Take Britian for example they totally robbed India. Have you noticed how Whites are always idolised in HOLLYWOOD movies. And have you ever wondered why the White house is called the “White” House. THEY ARE DECIEVERS. The whole world has enslaved themselves to their evil culture. They claim to follow Jesus, whilst he was actually black.

  • Norwood

    A guy buy the name of Harv said: since a guy named Rufus wasnt a slave he has no right to complain. HARV do you really want to start that debate??…Result: You will lose.

  • Crisko

    DSD108, will you READ before you TYPE instead of scanning over a few keywords then typing a big unrelated rant. For the 4th/5th time now I am not refuting that the white race are innocent like you think I am. They, by far more than any other race since they invented the boat and the gun have ravaged and destroyed many countries and peoples. Even people with the same skin colour as them. The Irish weren’t even classed as white by the WASPs in the US until they realized they needed their vote to stay in power where minorities had rule. Slavic/Eastern European people are still looked down upon because of their swarthy skin. Mexicans too.

    What I am disagreeing with you is this notion that the white race are the anti-Christ. Like I said before, if every white person thought and acted the way you say we do you wouldn’t be on this planet. Pure and simple. Surely if every single one of us subscribe to the white supremacist notion and are acting like this because we’re sub-par beings grafted from the original black man as you have so eagerly swallowed up from fanatical racists from your own race, then you would not be here.

    If anything the white race has come full circle and is self-destructing. Low birthrates, rampant immigration and hyper liberalism are making sure white dominance will be a thing of the past by 2100 so you’ll get your wish, don’t worry.

    Not every single problem in this world is the white man’s fault. It’s an ingrained mindset amongst minorities that they are faultless and the white man is to blame for their poor situation. Many black leaders and celebrities have attacked this mindset. Chris Rock for one but I supposed he is “enslaved to the White House” too. The best example of this though is in the Middle East where Islamist regimes whip up anti-Western attitudes 24/7 in rallies, TV programmes etc… How many times have you seen the American flag burning on streets in the Mid East? Much akin to Nazi Germany, Muslims in the Middle East think they are poor because of America (like you do) when in fact their own governments withold money from them. Even rich Muslims are made to feel oppressed by the West for no good reason. Its like Nazi Germany except it will be much worse.

  • Nancy

    The irony is, we ALL ultimately come from Africa, ‘waaaay back, according to the most recent DNA research involving both mitrochondrial & paternal trace factors. Therefore, until or unless proven otherwise, that in fact humans did evolve in different, seperate groups, anybody who sees fit to look down on anybody else for skin color, etc. is in effect looking down on themselves as well, since we’re all the same family, so to speak.

    IMO the greatest divide is not race so much as it is culture and/or economic class. I find people of all races get along fine if they are all from the same socioeconomic background, sharing the same general cultural values. Our neighborhood is extremely mixed racially, but pretty homogenous economically & culturally. We all value kempt lawns, well-behaved kids, we frown on people who put car carcasses up on blocks in the yard, etc. Therefore we all get along extremely well. And we’re far more likely to eat watermelon & collards at my house than we are my neighbors’, even tho they’re black & from Georgia. They prefer Italian, actually.

    The only thing I’ve ever found any kind of racial profiling useful for is forensic identification of remains. There are some parameters that serve as general guidelines (for example, ‘shovel-shaped’ incisors generally indicate a First Nations person, just as large mastoid processes generally – but not always – indicate a male), but even these are subject to variations in the norm, so that occasionally a victim is typed as white when they’re actually asian or black, & vice versa, or male when they’re actually just a robust female, or female when they’re just a gracile male.

    In any event, it’s an artificial, man-made distinction. That we can all interbreed gives the definitive verdict that we’re all the same.

  • ghandi

    we will never get rid of racists when no one will ever forgive for what happened in the past
    in my opinion white people are the least racist of all and too political correct for their own goods
    all their views are gagged for the fear of being branded a racist

  • Anonimo

    dsd108 you are racist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • daryl d

    If you lived in Southern California you would see that there is hatred towards white people. The illegal criminal aliens hate white people and would gladly have us dead if they had their way.

  • Let’s turn that around, Daryl. Aren’t you really showing your own racism here? You’re projecting–nothing more.

  • Tuesdei

    Dear Rufus,

    At what point in your life were you a slave? Umm, I hate to burst your bubble but slavery has been illegal since the end of the Civil War in the US. Of course, when the slaves were “freed” nothing much changed, and most, if not all slaves, were still subjugated for many years after the Civil War. However, this still changes nothing about the fact that you were never a slave. If you have a bad life, or you are not as successful as the next person, it’s has nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with the choice’s that you made in your life. “We are the sum of our choices.” Your argument is ridiculous as it is irrelevant to the discussion at hand. It’s never appropriate to make fun of another person because everyone has feelings and it hurts when those feelings are disregarded, or trampled underfoot. If it’s not appropriate for the individual to be made fun of then logic dicatates that making fun of an entire group is equally inappropriate. Hate breeds hate. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Wake up, Rufus, before it’s too late. Excusing the bad choices of one’s life by something in history is just silly.

  • Angela

    Hm, I’d like to think that people of color can be prejudiced against white people but not racist. Race was coined by racist white people who used the idea of race to hold down, or exterminate people of color. So far it has worked. They have killed off the natives of america to where few are left, black people still feel unwelcomed in America, and those who are immigrants are subject to racism from whites. White people on the otherhand view any kind of negative behavior from people of color as racism. They want to turn the table now. Now WHITES want to cry victim as if any ethnic group in america has any power to discriminate against or mass murder them.

    The dumbest thing a white person told me was that I could not show pride in my people, because that is racist. He also went on to say that I could never wear shirts saying I love black people, because that is racist towards white people. How the hell is being proud of myself and my people being racist? Am I stopping white people from showing pride in their own as they have done and continue to do so for decades? No. These are the the type of white people I have to deal with. The ones who feel that if they are not loved and liked by all people of color, those same people of color are then racist. No one ever said any person of color had to like nor love whites, but we can be respectful.

    The only thing I ask as a black person is that I be allowed the same opportunities to achieve my dreams. Do not tell me after finishing college that I cannot work at your company because my skin is brown and my hair is nappy. Do not tell me I cannot live in your neighborhoods, because the melanin in my skin will bring the property value down. Do not tell me I cannot shop in your store after you have followed me for over two hours, without asking if I needed assistance. Do not tell me I cannot show pride in my people, or be glad that I am black. Do not tell me that I should be color-blind, because I like to face reality not fantasy. Do not tell me that I am supposed to be accepting of you when you will probably never be accepting of me. These are the things that piss me off to no end, and those are the types of problems that go on everyday all over america. America was never meant to be equal for anyone when you had racists looking to take already occupied land in the first place.

  • jobtrakes

    How are the white people not devils?! they’ve killed already most than half a million people in Iraq and for what? Nothing. White people will always be devils in my eyes. And It’s not that i’m being racist, i’m just speaking the truth. I just hope to God that i get to live my life before these sons of bitches destroy the world. They’re building Nuclear bombs or God knows what else to destroy us. Also, just to add a little something more. I recently been visiting a forum where it is just white people that are active in there and you know what they were talking about? That they should Nuclear Iran and Iraq to get rid of these muslim people. See…White people are devils that hate all non-whites. They’re sons of satans.

  • nameless

    These racist whites will always be racist. Directly or indirectly. It’s part of their natural nature. They have been described as The Serpent and The Beast and The Deciever. We should save our selves by NEVER befriending them because we will regret that. However there are some good whites out there but then yet again . . . .

  • Dr Dreadful

    Angela #82: Well said.

  • Victoria

    Why’s it matter? We all bleed red. We all get our feelings hurt by racist remarks. i am 25% black,and the rest is jewish and white.(i don’t know the exact number half of 75%). Most of my anestors were killed in the hallocost.(my great grandmother was the only one to survive)And everyday i have to hear my step cousint call somen a jew for not giving them a dollor. everywere that i go i hear jew. i’ve had black people say racist things to me treat me like crap talk about my people bringing them down. when i havn’t done or said anything. they talk about how white people made them slaves and when i saw shows depiting it when i was little i would get sick. i whent to a mostly black school and i felt so bad for what i felt i had done. i had black in me but not enought to coun’t for them and i was called cracker left out of game taht kind of stuff. For 18 years i have had so keep my mouth shut beause i look and talk like a white person. The most tragic part for me was my uncle who when he was a teenager loved the black culture listen to there mucis talked like them wore there type of clothes and then he got robbed they followed his car waited until he stopped pionted a gun at this head and robbed him. after that moment he didn’t love them anymore he’s racist really bad and i feel as if i’m betwreaying myself when i see the logic in his words. Do i being white have no say in waht happend. Do i have no right to say black people are like…… beasdaue i am white. Even though iwould be considered the majority i still have no right. The white race is the scarpe goat for everyone else problems. This knwoleged has turned me sour and i say lots of racist things all the time. i don’t care if anybody hurts me i need it out. i’m sick of being reminded and force to say sorry for somthing i didn’t do. not even my ancetors had any part of salvery.XD but the one way i get away with saying the things i say is that i say i’m part black. and taht makes it okay. I feel so much when it comes to rasicism, sorrow, hatered, numbness i could competed with a emo kid. i understand what’s going on in japena the white people are the minorty there, so of course here going to make fun of them they make fun of black people there too. Humans don’t understand things taht aren’t like them. Plus i’m usre teh japense are a little sore at us for bomming there asses.

  • TED

    hey victoria, i got news for ya. the hallucaust was not real, it was a hoax. so stop watching those hollywood movies made and owned by the jews! we are even at war because of them fucking jews. they are useing bush as a puppet and our military as a machine to destroy iraq and soon iran. jews are evil and liars. we must gain back our country and fight the jews to their death. white power

  • lol

    THE SERPENT (Part 1)
    Scientific Observation’s of White race (devils)

    1) Those with blue eyes – very very poisonous

    2) Green eyes – poisonous

    3) Brown eyes – inbred

    (he he he)

  • Linda

    I was called a racist today because I could not understand what an employee was saying at an Arco AM PM gas station. She only knew a few words in English and could not understand it. All of the customers were having a hard time communicating with her & the gas pumps were backing up. I suggested to the Mgr that she should be more fluent in English & he called me a racist. Needless to say, I will never go back to that station.

  • You call me “Cracker”, “Honkey”, “Whitey”, “Gringo” and you think it’s OK. …But when I call you BLEEP, sand n*****, rag head , BLEEP, WOP, Camel Jockey, BLEEP, n*****, BLEEP or BLEEP you call me a racist. -You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you, so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live? -You have the United Negro College Fund. -You have Martin Luther King Day. -You have Black History Month. -You have Cesar Chavez Day. -You have Yom Hashoah -You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi -You have the NAACP. -You have BET. -If we had WET(white entertainment television) …we’d be racist. -If we had a White Pride Day… you would call us racist. -If we had white history month… we’d be racist. -If we had an organization for only whites to “advance” our lives… we’d be racist. -If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships…you know we’d be racist.


    If we had a White Pride Day
    … You would call us racists.
    If we had White History Month
    … We’d be racists.
    If we had any organization for only whites
    to “advance” OUR lives
    … We’d be racists.
    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,
    a Black Chamber of Commerce,
    and then we just have the plain
    Chamber of Commerce.
    Wonder who pays for that?
    If we had a college fund that only gave
    white students scholarships
    … You know we’d be racists.
    There are over 60 openly-proclaimed
    Black-only Colleges in the US ,
    yet if there were “White-only Colleges”
    … THAT would be a racist college.
    In the Million Man March,
    you believed that you were
    marching for your race and rights.
    If we marched for our race and rights,
    … You would call us racists.
    You are proud to be black,
    brown, yellow and orange,
    and you’re not afraid to announce it.
    But when we announce our white pride
    … You call us racists.
    You rob us,
    carjack us,
    and shoot at us.
    But, when a white police officer
    shoots a black gang member
    or beats up a black drug-dealer
    who is running from the LAW and
    posing a threat to ALL of society
    … You call him a racist.
    I am proud.
    … But, you call me a racist.
    Why is it that only
    can be racists?

  • ME


  • Andrew

    At least as whites we have more genetic variation. We dont look like each other. Unlike the blacks and Asians. Make fun of our noses Japanese. I dont care lol.

  • Andrew

    Amen to that bloodymary. White people should have white scholoarship funds. Not all whites are wealthy. WET. White people entertainment. Hmm how about White Histroy month? Why not, its spans for hundreds of more years than black history month. The White Race is responsible for basically all of the major breakthroughs in history. The white race is resonsible for the liberties, fashion, language, science, culture, the minorities of this country and the citizens of other countries. Blacks wear pants, suits, and speak english. Asians and Europeans listen to Western music. English is a germanic, french hybrid language with Anglo Scandinavian influences. What the hell,and they call us rascist in European tongue.

  • lol

    How about some White Jokes for a change

    1) Why are Whites like laxamites? Because they irritate the SHIT out of you. AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA he he he

    2) What do you call a White person who isn’t racist, a psycho serial killer or gay? A LIAR!!!!!!

    3) How many White men does it take to screw a light bulb? One will screw ANYTHING!

  • what i don’t understand is that there is black pride,and mexican pride, and even gay pride…..
    but think of a bumper sticker that said “white pride”…. you would instantly be labled as a racist…..

  • Andrew

    exactly dude. It is messed up i know. White History month. Or rather Caucasian, or and members of the Caucasoid and Indo-European groups + plus the European Central Asians. To be politically correct. Because some assholes say “white” doesnt exist. yes J ignorant people equate saying “white pride” with I know im better than you. God forbid white people from being proud.

    White men will screw anything?? huh? The last time i checked it was the black man hunting our women by the way lol.

  • I suffered almost all of my education the racisum against the colour of my skin, nd no aint black! i’m just a little brown naturally because i’m Portuguese, i was born in the island of Jersey in the U.K like all my class mates but they still wished to segregate me. Because in Jersey (U.K) there is racisum against Portuguese. Like black people are called niggers, Portuguese people are called Porko’s and where considered poor and dirty because many Portuguese people worked by picking potatoes and being house keepers and like butler type people. Thats the racisum i’ve suffered, evan up to now, people look at me different. And i’ve even had people say that they are scared of my type raping them! I’m like, what the hell, i ain’t no animal or noten. Nd now because of situations in Africa, people move out to go to my home town Jersey and alot in Portugal, we have felt a bit uneasy because of the way they talk to us. This isn’t such the case in Jersey because it’s not so big, but in Portugal like lisbon, there is a big neighboor hood problem. My family work at a factory and now latley received Angolans, and thing is that they have tried to talk to them. But the feeling just remains that they wish not to mingle with us “white” comunity there no mater how much the try. Which leads to the feeling that it seems there is a racisum against us white people. But on the other hand i relate this on how the native islanders of Jersey felt about us Portuguese. I’ve also felt sometimes that i was good enough to do certain things, such as trying to pull girls ages ago when i was young, when i fanced a girl and my friend who is black fanced her as well, all ma other friends knew dat she would go for him cuz theres that thing that girls know dat “black guys ave bigger dicks!” nd ma girl friend now sed yeh, its true nd stuff. But in the end i was like, stuff it!, i neva was racisist to no one by colour, jus by them calling me a Porko, because that hurt loads. But because of my background nd stuff, i’ve simpathize for people of other colours and dont rele say noten when ma friend and family say, “I dont like those black hangen around the streets at nite, its scary” I dont say noten cuz i jus think, there jus hanging about jus like any person would like chavs in England. Its not the race its the type of person.

  • Andrew

    sorry dude. I feel you. Most people think im italian until i tell them Im puerto rican. I am white though, I can get sunburned etc. Middle school was torture. They kept calling me spic and mexican. Spic because I am of partial Spanish well mostly spanish i guess. Highschool and now my freshman year in college are pretty good though. O and That whole black dick thing is retarted lol. Rascism sucks I agree. If she’s worth getting she wont place “black penis” as a characteristic of such high esteem in a boyfriend. O and screw those english kids. Portuguese people are cool, they make good olive oil. There’s this woman in my town she imports really good olive oil from her family’s farm in portugal. Hey and i think that black cock stuff is a urban legend.

  • Bill Cosby

    Stop speaking like a rapper.
    Get an education.
    Wear polo shirts.
    Shop at the Gap.
    Listen to Dave Mathews records.
    Watch Seinfeld.
    Go to hockey games.
    ….and say, harumph a lot and you’ll do okay.

    Good luck, bro.

  • Andrew

    white people with brown eyes arent inbred.

  • thanks for the support Andrew man 😉

    Nd u Italians make good butter as well 😉 Bertolli it is, i eat it all da time. Well at least i think it from Italy, the adverts imply that lol I need to come to Italy one of these days to see the pope 😉
    Gona see him next year in Sydney if i get enough money.

    Thanks for the advice on da black dick thing, i was rele unsure on dat lol

    Haha i’ve got brown eyes.

  • Andrew

    i dont like dave matthew’s band and i detest rap lol. I love the red hot chili peppers. Your welcome dude. I guess hispanics and portuguese get hated on in other countries as well lol. O yea by some twist of fate blacks do have larger penises. There are MANY men that are endowed,
    that do NOT know how to be intimate or have good sex. So it doesnt matter in the end dude. I’ve never been to Australia lol, mexico and some other places in the Carib.

  • dsd108

    You chat crap Andrew or whatever. Have you noticed that racism is in countries where Whites are a MAJORITY. Like USA (not for long) Canada Europe Australia New Zealand etc. So that makes them more igronant. And these evil whites have blacks under their thumbs (music) and asians (shops etc) chinese (dating) Italians (pizza huts). With blacks and Asians facing insults, discrimination and intimidation by whites. The White beast has only known how to take (not give). By white i mean Caucasion (Aryan). Here’s my rap:

    I was walking down a street.
    I came across what seemed like a pig.
    It was making racist grunting gestures towards me.
    It had what seemed like leprosy.
    It was a white person!

    Some White extremist groups working towards kicking out non – whites (also non-christian) or even wiping them off the planet:

    Nazi, Ku Klux Klan, Combat-18, White Aryan Race Resistance, National Front, Skin head, British National Party, White house, Storm Force

  • Andrew

    I dont talk crap. “imperialism” “colonialism” I acknowledge white people have commited sins on other groups. Throughout history whites have been discovering places where people already live. Not to mention the numerous wars and the holocaust. Blacks arent angels either. If they had half the power whites had Im sure they would have made equal mistakes in the past.Oh wait they have..The Rwandan genocide, Darfur. Ask any Chinese or Korean what they think about Japan. Ask any Hutu murderer what they think of the innocent Tutsis. Racism is not just a white thing.

    If the white man is soo evil why does everyone immigrate to Europe or the U.S. I’ve seen quite a few Africans at my college, from Tanzania and Kenya. Africans and Jamaicans flee there countries to start better lives in the UK and US.

    Im sick of people that say white people are evil, while they enjoy absolutly everything we’ve contributed to modern life and society. Why is it that black men love white women? hmmm? I guess they like the taste of evil.Europeans invented everything. If your soo pissed at Whites show your support by boycotting everything modern. Whites get blamed for everything! I lost my job cuz the white man puts me down. That is a load of crap. Whites cant afford to discriminate in the workplace. Look at the anuka brown case. The boss was black too and she got millions.

    Whites get blamed and never thanked. Gee why are there soo many African Americans in my country, rather our country “all Americans of different races”. Could it be because this country was made soo great by white people, they didnt want to leave???? White people have done soo much good for the betterment of the human race. You cant deny that as much as I cant deny “some whites” are racist and hate blacks.

    White extremist groups, the KKK has done some terrible things. What about all the crimes committed by blacks?? Inner city violence agaisnt jews, whites, and other blacks. Gang violence?

    If im not mistaken the stuff you write about whites is racist. White people are vicious and inbred wtf. I guess racism against whites is possible.

  • dsd108

    🙂 Good response try telling that to the rest 99.99% Whites. I thought the US would have learnt their lessons after 9/11 but even that wasn’t enough to humble the bigoted egostical white race. Instead they are jerking and laughing at throwing atomic and nuclear bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also their women are utter sluts. Define modern. Looks you have enslaved you’re self to these whites (inspite of getting bullied by them). So you see them as being modern. These very whites who have no morals and values (i.e hollywood) and spent centuries in witch craft
    ,crusades and as gypsies. Looks like they have left a scar on the world as a whole, which will never be healed.
    …..I rest my case. Peace

  • SouthFLSteve

    You know, I’m really glad I found this site. There are more people of the same train of thought that I have. I’m so sick of being considered “the evil opressor” because I’m a young white male (26 of scottish/irish descent). I come from a middle-class family who were NEVER rich or even seriously well off. I can’t even count the number of times a person (or groups of people) have gotten in my face and said that white people are s**t (in oh so many words). There are times when things like that run through my mind about others, but I disregard them because everyone gets the initial benefit of the doubt where I’m concerned. I am not an uber-rich little prat who had everything handed to him from birth. I have to bust my ass daily to better myself. Hell, I had to take time away from college because I couldn’t pay for it due to lack of aid for white people. All these other groups have tons of money set aside for them that never gets used, due to whatever reason, while most people like me are struggling to get by. What gives? Slavery is over people, and has been for nearly/over 200 years – my american history is a little hazy, forgive me – and NONE of us, not even great-grandparents still alive today, were a part of it, so stop acting like anyone owes you anything. It’s just so irritating that everyone points the finger at white people when they’ve got to blame the worlds/society’s/local ills on someone. I’d love to see UNBIASED figures on black on black/white/brown/asian, etc violence and crime versus white on black/white/brown/asian etc and everything in between…I’m not holding my breath. It’s time to just let people be people and not separate them, ffs!

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    This comment thread is truly amusing. It is evident that virtually nobody in the last 70 commenters or more never read the article.

    The article deals with Japanese racism against white people. To be fair, Japanese can be racist against blacks too.

    The Vietnamese and Chinese have a habit of making life miserable for mixed breed types in their own countries. All you blacks who whine about white devils, and you whites who whine about how minorities should grow up, etc., better look across the Pacific and smell the tea brewing. A third of the world’s population lives in China and Southeast Asia. They don’t like white folk – they don’t like black folk. That’s two billion people who have no use for either of you and would be ore than happy to say good riddance to bad garbage….

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Correction: That’s two billion people who have no use for either of you and would be more than happy to say good riddance to bad garbage….

  • rakpoh

    I don’t know I am Indian and I have dark skin I experienced racism from both white and black and even Indian. I really think yeah white people are strange but that doesn’t make all of them evil. I think evil is attainable by anyone no matter what race or whatever. I have thought about these things for years. I think that it is strange that white people felt the urge to create weapons of mass destruction! I always wonder why would any Human want to be able to hurt any human or even the earth for any reason. I think all people have a chance for redemption and to attain goodness. Lets face it none of us are perfect. If in fact the white race is guilty of mass genocides and slavery which is part of history, we need to give this generation of whites a chance to go beyond their predecessors or ancestors. You learning from the past and moving to a better future. If not we are all doomed and thats not cool. Well I don’t know its all speculation really.

  • alessandro

    The answer is yes.

  • s

    There’s good and bad in all races. Let’s not use Whites as scapegoats to blame everything on.

    What does the human race have in common with the jelly babies? Everyone hates the black ones.

    After centuries of slavery these blacks are now trying to get even with whites. And i think whites have had their turn now it’s the chinese. Also it’s a miracle to see whites finally integrating with non – whites.

  • Andrew

    dsd i am truly sorry that some white assholes gave you a hard time in life. But i simply wont be allowed to believe that a whole race or even 99.9 percent is evil or ignorant. I aggree with rakpoh. I dont know rakpoh why wmds were created. Seems like whenever someone disovers something powerful like atomic energy. Other people want to use it to kill people. It would be nice if more people thought like you.

    SouthFl steve i know what u mean i barely got any financial aid for college even though im puerto rican. It’s because im not dirt poor lol, the middle class doesnt get any help for college.

  • s

    It is said Whites have more to be proud because of their physical appearance.

    Clear signs of the White devil.

    1) They are very short tempered. They lose their temper fairly quickly.

    2) Excessive lines above the forehead.

    3) They go boasting around about having larger penises.

    4) Once they become you’re enemy or start to hate you they show no mercy.

    4) They believe in divide and conquer.

    5) They also have very low accepting ability. And they love to tease, bully (physically and verbally) people.

    6) They only like and want their own kind. And when you chat with them they have a slight agenda on their minds.

  • Andrew

    wow, another dsd. yea, exactly black people dont do anything you listed, they are angels. “sarcasm” well accept for number 6). Black people love white women and hate white men lol.

    dude, if you’re so unhappy just leave and go to africa. This white devil shit is getting old.

  • dsd108

    It is dsd108 i just change the name. AND HOW TYPICAL to hear from this vicious evil white serpent say to me go back to africa. How do you know i am even from Africa? Why don’t you Andrew piss off back to Europe and the North pole. And i don’t like blacks either, they are slaves of you White people and do you’re dirty jobs. What i have stated are FACTS so you can shut up. I know the truth hurts.

  • dsd108

    That’s a good one the white devil shit is getting old. Ha! Aren’t you the very whites who invented words like “nigger”, “chink” and “brown shit” etc. The whites who have a evil habit of bullying minorities. And it was this very race that invented “racism” and after all their evil and cruel deeds they pretend to suddenly have reformed to angels and all-accepting. All i can say their tactics have changed. And why they hell did they let in non-whites into their countries in the first place when they racially profile them and disregard them? And when we refuse to accept them because of some differences they literally bully us (into christianity and speaking their horrible english). This are truly acts of the DEVIL.

  • rebekah jensen

    2 wrongs does NOT make a civil right!

  • figure out how to get along with people and not color,you can not deal with people on a color basis…dsd108 you are either that ignorant or just saying meaningless crap to get attention,either way you are an idiot.

  • Andrew

    I assumed you were black because you spoke of a black god previously. You hate blacks?? wow, then why are you useing your words to fight me in their name? What is your nationality then, sir?

    Im far from evil dsd. Im just upset that someone could have soo much hate against innocent people. Believe it or not some of us dont bully blacks or wave KKK flags. Some of our ancestors havent even owned slaves. Even if so, should the children suffer for the father’s sins? No i dont this so.

    One question what happened to you personally? you seem very angry at whites. I honestly want to know.

  • daryl d

    Racism against anyone is possible. If one thinks racism=power, they are wrong in their definition.

  • dsd108

    Sorry i got carried away. I was in different states of mind when i wrote those comments. You know when you get flashbacks of whites being racist to you. All i can say it’s hard to come to a conclusion when their mind is already made up.

  • dsd108

    Andrew here’s what happened:

    A very very long time ago, Satan, in the far north thought of a cunning plan to decieve people away from God. Out of the blazing torment fire he brought forth or created a White man. And commanded him “Go and carry out my mission. You will only decieve and mislead people. This is you’re assigned mission. And you will bring them to my abode (place). Do not worry people just by looking at you they will follow you. But do not pay heed to them even in the least! And you will demoralise them in every way. Here i create a equally decieveing white (female) partner for you. You will only merely mock them. So after this, from the far north these whites spread in grand numbers and conquered much of the earth. They will only lead us to fire and destruction. They have a number of guiles in which they decieve. This is suffice for now.

  • Andrew

    Your comments are nauseating by the way.
    You never actually told us your nationality. If you’re not black. What are you? You dont like blacks??

    Why is interacial marriage on the rise if whites are soo unexcepting? Your anger doesnt let you see the truth.

    Why do you make up such nonsense?

  • CaptainReality

    Of course racism against whites is possible.

    The main form of course, is calling all whites racist.

    In the West, this is now having an effect. Having been called racists for so long, a lot of whites no longer care if they’re labelled as racists.

    I certainly don’t. I am a racist. I seek out the company of other white people in general. I have no black or asian friends. So what? Many blacks and asians do the same.

    There’s nothing wrong with individual racism so long as it doesn’t seep into government or corporate policy.

  • dsd108

    I say throw 30 Atomic bombs on USA, Canada, Europe and Australia and New Zealand. This will finish of “racism” once and for all.

    Darwin White Man theory is Whites are fully developed (since they come from apes) and blacks/asians are still evolving. And Hitler wanted only one “master race” whom he linked closely to the Aryans.

    The answer is simple send all non – whites out of white countries because they are corrupting us and we do want to integrate with the whites.

  • dsd108

    mistake – we do not want to intergrate with the arch deciever whites. It is good to keep their evil in their countries and not reaching us. Vicious racist attacks against non – whites are rising more and more. This is their langauge. They do not understand love. So why the hell do they keep us in their countries when they treat us like shit! And guess what i was celebrating 9/11 attacks. No surprise for all the crap they have done. And hey blacks wake up and get revenge! And Japanese they threw 2 atomic bombs to teach you lot a lesson. What is needed Africa to unite and Asia. And then wreak vengeance against their evil works and desires.

  • dsd108

    Here’s a fine example:

    Oakland, Oregon: A Sikh’s turban was torn from his head in a vicious hate assault at a truck stop in Oakland, Oregon. The Sikh Coalition has communicated with both the county Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney’s office, and has confirmed that the three assailants were arrested and are being charged with hate crimes.

    The Hate Assault

    On August 5, 2007, Ranjit Singh was leaving a convenience store at a truck stop in Oakland, Oregon. As he was leaving the store, three men approached him and tore off his turban. The assailants immediately drove away in two separate cars.

    Ranjit Singh called the police right away. The police arrived and were able to view the store’s surveillance video. The footage showed the men stalking Ranjit Singh in the store and planning the assault. An employee of the store recognized one of the assailants as a former store employee, and related that he had assaulted another Sikh in the same manner at the truck stop a week prior. However, the first victim does not appear to have reported the incident to the police.

  • dsd108

    What the hell is going more hate stories :

    BURTONSVILLE, Md. (AP) – Montgomery County police are investigating a hate crime against two elderly Sikh men.

    The men were assaulted by a group of teenagers on Sept. 15 in Burtonsville.

    The victims are a 75-year-old from Springfield, Va., and a 77-year-old from Burtonsville.

    Police say the two elderly men were walking in the woods when they came across the group of 6 or seven boys, believed to be about 14 or 15. They say 2 of the teenagers punched the men in the face, causing them to fall to the ground.

    Police said they must investigate the incident as a hate crime. The Sikh community condemns this act of hatred and will be seeking prompt action from Montgomery County police regarding this grave situation.

  • Dan

    dsd108, the suspects in the savage beating of the two elderly Sikh men are described as “six or seven African American males believed to be 14 or 15 years of age.” Must be embarrassing for you.

  • Cool Kitty

    It is sad to hear all of these racist remarks, and we living in 2007. I thought people were going to evolve and accept each others differences because we are basically all human. Racism is wrong from any ethnic group Blacks, Whites, Spanish, Oriental, etc. People are so ignorant and this proves humans have not fully evolved,only our technology. Call me crazy, but i think the only way we can stop racism is if there were an alien invasion! Then we would not care what color are because we have something else to fight instead of each other.
    Love. Peace. And chicken grease.
    Stop racism it is extremely retarded.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    “Stop racism it is extremely retarded.”

    Yea, and using words like retarded is okay. Who cares about the mentally handicapped, right!?

  • Andrew

    Dsd you never answered my question. “someone doesnt want to admit their race” regardless it is sad how full of hate you are dsd. You hate me for things i have never done and will never do.

    Rascism is a resuly of ethnocentrism, fear, observations, superiority complexes. It all boils down to some people thinking they’re better than other people for any particular reason.

    Some whites think they are better than other races because their countries are the most developed, mostly responsible for the advancement of humanity through language,technology and culture, basically live in places where people from third world countries want to live and go to school.

    The concept if being better is relative, in that respect the white race is better. The white race has won the prize of impacting humanity the most..That is my opinion. However I believe no race is truly enlighntened, Rather humanity as a whole isnt..yet. We should continue to punish those who choose to hurt and never condemn the innocent.

    Dsd you keep putting us down and ill keep bringing us up in this discussion, but i wont put you down : )…parce que je ne suis pas un serpent.

    I would say most people, of any race live life day to day working hard, why should anyone be condemned by a few even a lot if idiots that decide to take it upon themselves to be racist pricks?

  • Andrew

    Cool Kitty is def. right. Ah well things would of probably been better off if we were seperate from each other. No rascism because of no interaction.

    Just a thought.

  • Very Big MAn

    Well at least the young Japanese boy learned that White people have bigger penises. If somebody had really sat me down and told me about black penises, I woudln;t have been so shocked, hurt, and confused later. Lets just hope the Japanese don’t hear about black penises, that coudl really ruin their children.

  • katie

    i agree with angela im black and i think that blacks need to lay off with assuming that all whites wanted slavery b/c when you do that you make peoplehate you even more And i think blacks need to get it together with their community and their schools b/c alot of blacks are so ghetto and it is very frustrating to go into a neiborhood and see all of this crap laying on the ground,hearing about shootouts and howgangs are still hear. Honestly, if blacks were to get their minds off of gangs and in books we wouldnt have to complain about all this racism. I actually feel more comfortable being around more whites than blacks b/c you never know what will happen with all the black men starring at you weirdly when you just go to the store. And with all the abusiveness. Whites guys are sometimes bad too but you have a better chance of getting beat with a black man which is exactly why i am more interested in white men than black men.Thats what i have t say about how blacks need to get their butts up and change some things.

  • 12345

    It is really shocking to see some of these comments!
    Where i’m from most people are white and hardly anyone is racist. I can’t even remember the time i last heard something racist. I’m sure there are racist people around where i live but in my college if someone says something racist then people would think they were weird and dislike them. To most of us there are no difference between races, we judge people on if we like their personality or not. But i seem to be living a very sheltered life after these comments…and i’m glad to be honest.

    AND what a stupid question “is racism against white people possible?” I think this website shows the answer quite clearly.

  • Kari

    I am writting my senior paper on this subject and i need to interview some people who DO agree with this. Please let me know if you want to help me out

    Thanks, Kari

  • Minorities cannot create a double-standard where they are free to make fun of other races, particularly white, without consequence while “white” people cannot do the same. Anyone of ANY race or ethnic origin that stereotypes someone of another or even of their own ethnicity that gets offended when the same is done to them in return, is an outright hypocrite and deserves no respect. More importantly, by degrading one’s own race or another, a person just shows his/her own ignorance, and makes a giant step backward for humans accepted each other.

  • Not white thank goodness

    Wow I’m glad I’m not white that’s for sure! They all look like they’ve been cummed on, yuck.

    That’s worst than trash!

  • dsd108


  • Jojo

    Not an attack, but, an honest question: TED, what’s your rationale for Jews being behind the war, Bush, etc? You have made a lot of accusations but I see no evidence.

  • John

    i Dont usauly post on these but after being a victim of racism today … being called a white piggy fuck and even more abuse by 2 pakistani guys while walking from work !!!! i did nothing wrong …. The past 3 months ive had 3 racist incidents against me from asians for no reason ….. WTF is going on ? have the people who complained suddenly turned and now think it is ok to abuse people ?

  • holly

    i think its pathetic im 13 and i dont believe in racism the white people of today were never enslaved black people they werent even around! england is the only country in the world that even cares about racism you should be proud of your race and not care what people say. this year i went to babrbados and there is no such thing as racism one guys nickname was gollywog! because he is proud of his couloue all of the racism thing was hundreds of years ag, let it go its pathetic its like arguing over different couloured pieces of paper!!!!!!!!!

  • holly

    anyway if blacks dont like whites why are they living in england a white country why dontthey go back where they came from?

  • Aldo

    amen holly. its because africa is a crappy place to live and they would rather complain and whine and stay in europe. They would rather mooch off the white man instead of fix there own country. Which i might add is rich in natural resources such as metal, uranium, diamonds etc

    sadly we are all probably gonna be black in the future.

  • err

    “This argument confuses “discrimination” with “racism”.”

    And you confuse racism with stereotyping, like most people so you’re not in a position to talk. There is no racism against White people, like there is no racism against Black, or Asian, Red, Green people etc. Racism is an ideology which posits that humanity is divided in several races. Anyone who believes in this pseudo-scientific BS is racist, even if they’re xenophiles.

    A White/Black/Latino/Asian can be racist and still like people who are of the ‘races’ he considers inferior, or be married with one of them. There was a Nazi who married a Jewish woman, he fell in love with her, but he was still racist, he didn’t want to have kids with her because of her ‘inferior blood’.

    If a Black person worships White people and think that, because he’s Black he’s worthless, he’s just as racist as the White guy next door who think Black people are dumb because of their genes. Japanese people who think Japanese children look like monkeys, and think Gaijin kids look much cuter are racist too (yes, there are Japanese people who think that way).

    The word racism has a precise meaning.

  • No


    You obviously know JACK about genetics, because if you did, you’d know the most genetically diverse continent is AFRICA. Blacks and Asians look the same to you because you are prejudiced to think they do, not because they are less genetically diverse than Whites. There are prejudiced Blacks and Asians who think all Whites look the same too.

    Here’s what a quick search turned up.

    Extract: Gene-diversity levels for each continental population are given in table 1. The most notable pattern is that Africans have the highest level of diversity for all types of systems except the nuclear RSPs, for which Europeans have the highest level of diversity. The latter finding is explained by a pronounced ascertainment bias because RSPs were originally identified as a result of heterozygosity in European subjects (Mountain and Cavalli-Sforza 1994). STRPs, because of higher levels of polymorphism, are less subject to this bias (Rogers and Jorde 1996) and thus reveal higher levels of African diversity. This trend is more evident when allele-size-variance ratios are examined. In this case, the autosomal STRPs exhibit variance that is ∼20% higher in African populations than in non-African populations. A slightly smaller difference (10%) is seen when variance ratios are estimated for the Y STRPs. Another trend seen in table 1 is that African mtDNA diversity is two to three times higher than that of non-African populations, whereas, for the nuclear Alu and STR polymorphisms, African diversity is only 5%-30% higher than non-African diversity.

  • about racism

    Disclaimer, I am not a native speaker of English, so excuse my sometimes weird expressions.

    I’ll repeat it again, there is no such thing as being racist against xxx people.
    Being racist is believing in the existence of human races, like being communist is following the communist, being nazi the nazi ideology etc.
    but you don’t say communists are communists against capitalists for example.

    So being racist doesn’t mean one hates or dislikes other ‘races’, a racist can be best friends, or married with someone but still consider them to be inferior. Many people own dogs, and love them, but most of dog owners still think of themselves as being superior to dogs, because they’re humans. This is the same mindset the racists possess.

    Now, that’s not because racism doesn’t equal hate that it’s all right, it’s still sick and disturbing, not to mention unscientific. For the 19th century, the lassification of people into different races was actually an improvement over the past centuries, where inferior races (espzecially Blacks) where thought not to be part of the human species, at least the racist ideology reinstated them in the human family tree. But it is just that, silly 19th century pseudoscience which haphazardly plastered a concept which originally was restricted to breeded animals, to humans.

    In zoology, a race is an ARTIFICAL breed which is obtained by having individuals which look the most like each other mate. So basically, it is low tech cloning. Without human interventions, all these cat and dogs races would quickly vanish into oblivion, so it is really stupid to use this word race to talk about humans, unless you believe there is someone (ET’s?) who selectively breed humans…

    When talking about wild species, the term race is not used, but subspecies.
    So when one knows the history of this term race, it is immediately obvious how its stupid to use it to talk about humans, first the concept is stupid.

    Also it is naive to think there is for example, on one side the White race, on another, the Black race, and another the Asian race etc. As if all these so called ‘races’ were homogeneous. The truth is that humans are much more diverse than 3 or 4 races, so diverse you can’t classify. If you travel throughout the world, there is not one geographic point where suddenly the ‘white’ stops and the ‘black’ or ‘asian’ starts.

    Humanity is a gradation, changing subtly, little by little, not 3 or 4 well defined groups. The people in southern China are closer genetically to the people in Northern India than to the people in North China. People most resemble their neighbor, and their neighbor resembles their neighbor, etc.
    And this continues all over the earth.
    If you travel from Europe towards East Asia, passing though central Asia, you will see how gradually people begin to have ‘slanted eyes’, but there is no breaking point, where the ‘white’ stops and the ‘asian’ starts.

  • Andrew

    No, im only 18, ok? i only have a HS diploma and AP bio under my belt. So yes i dont know too much. w/e

  • Andrew

    O and sorry i dont have to time, knowledge, or means to sample African dna.

  • blue eyed devil

    Yacub, eh? Someone here mentioned him. Anyway, The Yacub story and perhaps the very real but very remote possibility (quite far-fetched)of an actual “Yacub Experiment” is at least a fascinating piece of sci-fi. I believe if weren’t an “African American folk tale”, it would be more widely known, even perhaps mentioned in genetics text books as sometime Greek gods are mentioned in reference to a real topic that they relate to.

    The Yacub story (in my words) goes like this: (I’m a blue-eyed, Germanic looking white guy now, so be easy if I make a mistake. I’m paraphrasing but want to keep it atleast technically accurate. The original story (Elijah Muhammed)and variations of are of course elseware on the web)

    -Yacab is essentailly an “Anchient scientist” who lived to be about 150yrs old (double an av. modern American life-time). He had a very big head and was known as the “big headed scientist” as the story says.

    -Yacub, when a small child, playing with two pieces of steal with diffent “magnetic charges” on them(although may be iron, steal is a relativly a new creation, well in modern civ. anyway). Yacub was said to have learned that “likes” repel and “opposites” attract.

    -Yacub was siad to have, in effect, “invented the White man”.

    -Yacub, not simply a nerdy scientist, was able to round up many many follower. His follower became his subjects. On the remote island of Patmos in a 600 year project, he bred his followers lighter and lighter. With each new,hurried-up generation every 16 or 17yrs, it took him only 37 or so generations to go from being “chocolate black” to “snow white” and every color race inbetween.

    -Yacub somehow effectivly was “breeding out” dark skin color, until evenentually he had a “white man”. (I wounder if Yacub kept going would he have had a “clear-skinned man” lol, with only a clear membrane for skin, that is one could litterally see all his mucles and tendons, etc.) Anyway…

    -Yacub lived only until the “mid brown-phase” of his project – assuming the lightening process was “linear with time” (my words, oh when Yacub started the entire human population was siad to be either black or really dark brown) of his project/experiment. Thus he did not live to see his end results,the (said to be evil in nature) White man.

    -Along with breeding these new white people. Yacub, like Hitler, had suposedly kept a good record book, primerily kept by doctors, nurses and CREAMATORS – for all darker brother and sisters of every new generation were killed pretty much at birth, only the lighter siblings of each generation were kept.

    -The new Whites were siad to be weaker and so sick and ill tempered that they atleast acted like a devil.

    -After the white man returned to main-land Africa, from being on the Island. The people of the “original black nation” couldn’t tolerate these new whites. Being ill and reaking havoc on the “Afrikaan” society. The Kings of Africa felt they had no choice but to round up all the whites and “lock”(my words) them in the caves of the Caucus mountians. Leter on, they were let out when Moses went and prayed for them. The whites where siad to had a very hard time living in “Anchient Europe”. Learing, from living a very hard life in cold rocky Europe; Invention was the mother of nessesity. The white man evenually leanred to build all kinds of tools and machinery to make his struggle easier, which ofcourse later led to Europe conquring the whole world. It was said that after only the first twenty years in Europe, Africa had cut “whitey” off from all Afrikaan supplies and resources (or may be it was the twenty years on Patmos or both, sorry I forget now). So, these people, our ancestors (white) had to fend for themselves. Many white people died when driven out of Africa and into Europe. The white man’s struggle gave him that “creative genious” they we find self evident in so many modern products today. (The fundamental ideas that Asian people today seem to make even better.)

    So, in a nut-shell that’s the story. This story was published in the early 1900’s by Elijah Muhammed, one of the founders of the “African American sect of Islam” my words.

    Jokingly, one could almost say that 10 years after the publishing. Hitler read the story and was one of the most fascinated with “Sir Von Yacub”, That he wanted to become Yacub. (perhaps Hitler was standing on Yacub’s big head during his speeches, no, lol). Anyway, more later on this story. Elijah Mumammed may have warned us (in some wierd way) of the up-comming Adolf Hitler and of his “Yacubianism”. It’s almost as if Hitler wanted to pick up where Yacub left off… Also, E. M. puts to light that the scary possibility of artificially breeding people may be very real…. PEACE, and I’m out for now.

  • Andrew

    thanks for the story. it is very interesting

  • blue eyed devil

    You’re very welcome! Sorry for the spelling and typos.

    -Oh, the reason I included the “likes repel” and “opposites attract” part of the story in the post is because this phenomenon was the primany principal that Yacub thought his “master race”, yes! “Yacub’s master race, hot Hitler’s at that point”, (way way before Hitler, of course) might use as a weapon agaist the darker skinned peoples of the world.

    The thought of “Yacub’s principal” goes something like this: The said Yacub teaching of “devide a conquer”. Meant that the “white race” would be able to put a groups of a darker skinned people against each other. Then the white man would come in and “work things out” betwen these two feuding groups. These groups would suposedly listen to the white men instead the men in thier own local culture because of the pricipsl of opposites attract. In other words, the white man was seeming more believable and parhaps more acceptible because he was “different”. Again, very similar to the way Hitler would get two groups a bar room to fight while being able to stay out of the actual fight himself. (althought everyone was white usually in the bars where Hitler started the brawls. This was before Hitler’s rise to power. I will have to cite this later)

    Many “African American Muslims” and perhaps other peoples around the world (I don’t know) believe that the white people are, inface, themselve devils, or the devil collectivly. At least at the time of Elijah Mohammed. WHY?

    Well, there are many good white people right??? (I’d like to think so) So why are vertually ALL white people devils in AAM beliefs? THE ANSWER (AND WEATHER YOU’RE BLACK OR WHITE, IT MAKES VERY GOOD SENSE IF ONE TAKES THE YACUB STORY FOR FACT):


    I’m not sure what the yield would be, I havn’t worked it out. Probobly 50% or higher. Remember, the darker siblings were killed, not simply removed from the culture (ie. taken off the Island of Patmos, to be put in a bording school somewhere in main-land Africa). Yacub was on his own in this project (and probobly on a budget, plus the mothers had to be told that thier darker skinned childred were sick and died in order to exaust thier hopes of having them back from the nurses). The African Kings did not at all like his experiment, just as many people today would actually NOT want to clone a human. Or only crazzy people would kill thier brown eyed chilren to try for more blue eyed ones – sound familier?).

    So there you have it. From what I’ve read is about AAM is that the black man is God, the white man is Devil (each 100%). Asians can be god , but more likly devil. Generally the darker a population is, the more gods it’s likely to have; the lighter a population is, the less gods and more devils it’s like to have. AND BLUE-EYED WHITE GUYS LIKE YOURS TRUELY:: *** 100% DEVIL *** :: YES!!! (DAMN!!) — EVERY LAST ONE OF US (unlike are brown-eyed siblings where oh say 2% of them may actually be gods in the eyes of Elijah and the “African American Nation of Islam”).

    LATER (perhaps) Who was Yacub, an evil over lord, or just a big brained, high IQed freak that could scare kings and athorities of the Afrikaan empire in to giving him what ever he wanted??

    -Did Yacub have to have a “working knowedge” or molecular genetics (a very modern science in our civ. today) Or did he just know what Gregor Mendel learned in addtion to having Hitler’s charm and able to organize politically? Perhaps just have many followers , a good peice of land, and be a Mendel and a Hitler in one? (w/o looking at DNA code itself)

    -The following would never happen and would burn up a lot of resources if it did. — To prove it could be done (proving Yacub true!!) Suppose ONE MILLION black people announced that they are going re-perform the “Yacubian Experiment”. And yes, they would be getting funding. Afterall, wouldn’t it be for the benefit of Uncle Sam’s blue eyes? COULD THIS BE DONE IN THEORY? I WOUNDER? WHAT DOES MELDEL AND MODERN GENETICISTS SAY ABOUT YACUB’S BREEDING PROCESS?

  • blue eyed devil

    Sorry Andrew and dsd108 (and anyone else). May be I should be on a different thead? Didn’t mean to turn a “racial thread” into “genetics” one.

  • Andrew

    kk so im not 100 percent devil? im average skin tone but not milk, brown eyes though lol.

    im not sure if you can breed white out of a black population. i think these traits arose out of natural selection in europe. maybe youd have to bring an isolated group of blacks to europe, expose em to the cold and keep breeding them. o yea and keep em from breeding with whites. “we know theyd like that lol.” hopefully the most cold hardy blacks would survive and youd get lighter skin/eyes.

    this would probably take a long time

  • dsd108

    White skin is a form of leprosy. Thus they require sun tan lotions etc whilst in the sun. Meaning they have very weak skin protection. They have very poisnous eyes indeed (especially blue eyes ones). When i observe one i see a vicious serpent coming at me. I mean i can’t even stare or look at their poisonous eyes (which very often jump around alot). Have you ever seen a calm white person. They spend their whole day just hissing around like snakes. When i go into their territory they give these funny, odd looks. And the same if they come into our territory. Truly they are arch – decievers and cold – hearted race of satanic creatures. They love to gloat alot and laugh. Because as soon as they wake up they start masterbating (because their whites) which then leads to anger and hatred from them. It would help if they prayed to God when waking up. They love and admire sexual desires and feelings to an extent beyond all boundaries. Thus they have a very strange way of befriending people. They are very stuck up and proud people and thus making them intolerable. Shameful to see non – whites trying to copy them. Those who fit into their trend they like and those who don’t they dislike!

  • dsd108: Thanks for answering the author’s question so eloquently.

  • john mckinlowa

    When white people defends themselves,I ask myself, “DUH! IT’S ONLY NOW THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IT FEELS LIKE!?”.

  • blue eyed devil

    Leprosy? So no actuall genetic difference? Or is this programmed in to “white mans'” gene code? Is this section of the human genome that “Doctor Yacub” worked with? Can a skin desease be recorded in a man’s gene code? (well, I guess it can if it a “genetic disease”). Damn dsd108!! More *&^% homework! hehe.

    Poor dsd108, I think he’s lost?! The blue eyed devil here, on the other hand, is not lost. I was only trying to take an “African American Islamist theology” and put it into more contemporary and “main stream” terms w/o changing it’s it’s doctrin and “technical content”.

    Elijah explained Yacub’s breeding process. It’s fundamentals didn’t seem to require any “super natural” powers, not even modern molecular genetics. More of a Mendelian education (classical genetics), and lots of marshal law, a marriage law, and a lot of killing. Yacub, yes! An “anchient Hitler”, I can’t see any fundamental difference.

    Yacub is still extraordinary, becuase even Yacub’s “skills” I’ve mentioned above certianly makes him extraorderinary. However, taking it from Elijah Mohammed’s writing, the actual breeding process may have in fact been “elementary”!? What was extraordinary was Yacub’s will! And the “scope of the Yacub project”, the vastness! Breeding humans, in the same way that chicken farmer might breed chickens. The “extraordinary” comes from the subjects being bred: humans. Having a long generation life: 1 to 1 with the conducting scientist lifetime, 2 to 1 or perhaps 4 to 1 in Yacub’s case. Most modern scientists do not want to go there, Yacub went there!! Was Yacub extraordinary? YES! Was Hitler extraordinary? Well, to some lesser degree perhaps… yes…

    You see, painting your porch is one thing. Applying that technique to every porch in the world. One couldn’t do it! Nothing fundamental changes, only the scope, the vastness.

    I’m sure modern genetics (if it hasn’t done so already) will catch up with any big headed Yacub. Who know’s perhaps Yacub’s work will someday be verified?! If the genome truely records all history of man kind. The Yacub Experiment would come up as a “coerced evolution: extreme maximun change over the shortest amount of time (600yrs I believe Elijah was talking Earth Years)”. Walking back in time the whiteman’s DNA would look SLIGHTLY different from the blackman’s DNA. Then, a sudden transistional change would be observed, then the whiteman’s DNA would be identical to the blackman’s DNA for that time period (controlling out for individual traits etc. Get the observation equipment to focus on only the small part of the genome that “talks about skin color”). I would think that an “unnatual coerced eveolution” would be much “louder” than any natural evolution, therefore would “peg” any futuristic detection device. But who knows?….

  • blue eyed devil

    No, the blue eyed devil is not lost. It just takes some “thinking outside of the box” to translate a great Elijah writing into a more main stream context.

    Well, I will say one thing though. Opposites DO attract!!

    Hey, are people artificially bred today??

    – The stryking answer is more yes than no!!

    For example (if your are white) didn’t your parents say “no niggers” or something to that effect?

    If your are black didn’t your parents discourage you dating anyone who is white?

    Didn’t your parents prefer you date someone of “your own nationality”?

    If you listened to them, then you’ve listened to a (partial perhaps) selective breeding process….

    May be I’m crazzy, but sex with black women is awesome!! My blue eyes can’t be poison afterall. Most of my date who were black liked them!!!

    Assuming I’m not crazzy (let just entertian the idea of me not crazzy for a minute, lol). THEN WHAT CAUSES OPPOSITES TO ATTRACT?! Assumming you went there (hence did not listen to your parents hehe…)

  • blue eyed devil

    No, no, Andrew! According to the theology, an individual is either “all God” or all “all Devil”. So the likely hood of you being “a God” is much better than mine (zero –> blue eyes). However, still relatively small!! Now if you had very, very black skin, and really dark eyes (the kind you can’t destigiush the pupil from the corneal unless under good light) than your chances of “being God” are 99.99 to 0.01 (that MAY be the the same in reverse for white skin-blue eyes ZERO FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES). Oh, and you can’t be Yacub (though very sub-Sahahan looking – I’m not sure I think some black muslins say Yacub –> God, others Yacub –> Devil)! Diffinatly couldn’t be Hitler and be “God”. Though Hitler had brown eyes, so yes even his chances at being “God” are better then mine! Such unfiarness of things hehe)Let’s see. Oh yea, a “true black Muslim” is said to be able to tell if a person is God or Devil right away (no matter what color(s) they are). I guess blue eyed persons were never “obsered to be Gods”. Of course according to the theology, a blue person being “God” wouldn’t be expected anyway…. We’re at the “demonic end of the ‘color spectrum'”. Most sub-Saharans are at the “Devine end of the spectrum”. Although there is a catch there too, although I won’t touch on this now. I believe if “your face shines” then you are a God, if it doesn’t shine (less likely with white skin I guess)then you are a devil, regardless of actual skin color. That’s the theology, (doesn’t make too much sense to me, but that’s the theology).

    Let’s see. Oh yea dsd108:

    The white guy (you know, the one with blue eyes you were talking about). He wasn’t a serpent!! NO, no far from it. What he was is AFFRIAD OF YOU!! The moving around and “hissing”(your words) was to make you (and the other black guys there)afriad of him!!!!.. And it worked!! You see, because you though he was a serpent (or mentally ill) –> you left him alone!! — Proboly way too many black guys around him — exceeded the “scare quata” that his parents programmed into him. Sorry, NOT YOUR FAULT, though he wasn’t a serpent…. Good call though!! hehe.

  • Andrew


  • Andrew


  • dsd108

    Blah blah blah. You chat utter crap. Since you admit you’re an blue eyed white devil i rest my case. And stick to the authors asked question not your White man propaganda.

  • Andrew

    this is an odd thread. there are no devils or gods here, just people.

  • Brian

    Amusing and sad…that’s what this site is…A thought came to me when hikng up a hill today…”Be at peace with yourself so you don’t make war against others”…take that to heart dsd as you seem to lack peace to spew so much bile at others…I’m glad I don’t walk daily looking for ways to disrepect others to cover my self-loathing, since I have none…and if anyone is curious, I never think of myself as white but as a descendant of the Celtic people, who were probabaly the whitest people on the Earth, it isn’t something I beat someone (who is different than me) over the head with nor is it something I’m ashamed of..it is my part of humanity and I’m happy and content with it…too bad so many others can’t have the same peace. Life is too short for this childish, ignorant bickering. I have a rich life to learn, live and gain wisdom from…I suggest you shove your rage aside and discover your own humanity!

  • Brian

    ..one more comment..I have never insulted anyone on the street about their ‘race’..and until recently have never recieved any from others..one teenage black gave me a snicker and a ‘insulting look’ with his eyes as I passed near him a month ago(he probably didn’t like my milk-white complexion)..I turned and without saying anything looked directly at him with my gray-blue ‘devil’ eyez…that and my paleskinned face must have made him uncomfortable as he finally looked away and I walked on…I don’t hurl racial offenses at others nor will I take them from anyone!

  • Andrew

    brian dont describe your eyes as “blue devil”. lol your gonna feed dsd and hes gonna make another rant about whites being deviles etc. Dont let it phase you dude. Who knows maybe that black kid was retarted or high. A lot of people smoke weed or are retarted…idk in nyc their are a lot of weird people.

  • Brian

    thanx..but he doesnt phaze me…he’s good comic relief…lol!…his playbook is straight from the glorious NOI.

  • Andrew

    yea we were created in a lab. pfft

  • dsd108

    Brian WOW! But at the same time the neo-nazis have just beaten up a jew or spat at a black person. You Americans were the saying the same thing and laughing at Hitler and Europe until you lot go attacked by Japan! Lolz.

    Now if you look at the statics, if you combine all the mass murderers in history they are still no where near Hitler or Stalin!

    Funny thing is where did their WHITE POWER go on 9/11 with all those help whites jumping out of the twin towers (New York) and crying for help. But since racism runs in their blood these White (American cowboys) are now bombing Irag and Afghanistan.

  • Brian

    then go deal with the neo-nazis….I’m not a member nor support them..do you support blacks who wage violence againstother blacks, Asians or whites?..well..do ..you?..Both Hitler and Stalin have to face the same God as you and I…I’m not afraid to face him, should I die today..are you??
    If we have to each clean our own house then so be it…the black community is not one to judge..they have plenty to do with their despicable treatment of their own women(bitches and hoes they are called)..endless hordes of fatherless children, rampant broken families, etc..yeah..we both have lots to to clean up…I have a simple rule to live by…don’t be a part of today’s problems of society..thus my conscience is clear and my ‘ghost-white’ soul at peace..AMEN.

  • Brian

    ..one more thing, no one was laughing at Hitler(except mockingly..ie..Spike Jones)..they just waited to long to get in the fight…

  • Brian

    Now, why don’t we stop acting like schoolyard boys and be men about this…neither of us wants to apologize for his skin color…

  • dsd108

    Brian you can shut your mouth. And stop pretending to be an angel when your not. You are but an arch – deceiver!
    Racism is real and Whites are intolerable and do not mix in with non-whites. Here are some examples:

    1) They laugh at our accent.

    2) They either make a person cry or laugh.

    3) They force Christanity on to us.

    4) They have a very evil way of laughing.

    5) They think the world revolves around them.

    6) They do not look straight at you but only when you aren’t looking at them.

    7) Once they start looking at us they don’t stop looking to convey a message across (for us to go home).

    8) They love 3 things: sex, money and fashion.

    9) They feel very insecure when they have lots of non-white people around them. Especially those who wear turbans.

    10) Since they know only hatred when a non-white looks at them they feel attacked.

    11) Also i have noticed they have this habit of coughing towards you to convey an message across.

    12) They make no sense they flip in a second.

    13) When you first talk to them they seem nice and okay but after a while! they aren’t very welcoming people and just push you away from them.


  • Brian

    I won’t shut my mouth so long as truth needs to be spoken… there isn’t a single trait on your list that describes me… [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] debate ended…

  • Brian

    one more thing added…I don’t have nor put on pretenses..I am just what I choose to be…if you don’t like it…SO WHAT..I care nothing if you neither like nor respect me..you’re only one human in a sea of humanity…

  • dsd108

    There you go just proven my point. Just another selfish white pig. If you care nothing then why bring up the debate? So shut up and put up or get off the thread.

  • dsd108

    And compare you to the universe you aren’t even a worm.

  • Brian

    the only point I made is that I have no use for people who act ignorant of the truth..take a look at our past threads…YOU are the one who throws insults…YOU are the one who calls names…everything you accuse me of YOU are guilty of..thats simple hypocrisy..it probably frustrates you to death that there might be some humans who are different than you who strive to live an honorable life…it would be much easier for you to hate if you only saw different people acting inferior and evil…YOUR WORDS CONDEMN YOU AT EVERY TURN…

  • Brian

    …so you have appointed yourself as God to judge the value of other human beings?..is that what you think of yourself…YOU ARE SO LOST YOU MIGHT NEVER FIND YOUR WAY OUT…Thank God and Heaven I’m not following the path you’re on…

  • Brian

    ..you condemn the ‘Nazis’ as they preached the superiority of one race and the inferiority of another…you preach the superiority of one race and the inferority of another, what does that make YOU????…HUH?

  • dsd108

    I will no longer post on here. When ever i post these (Whites) just shut me up. What happened to respecting every ones point of view????? You can tell that by the authors comments about the Japanese people.

    And now i have a Jehovah Witness lashing at me as though my God is not equal to his God. Good grace God.

  • Andrew

    dsd what do u want us to say.? yes we respect your opinion that we are devils.

    : ( not happening

  • Brian

    if you’re speaking of me..I am not a Jehovah’s Witness…can’t you get ANYTHING right?!

  • Brian

    …you’re not wanting to come back because you’ve been shown what you truly are…nobody can shut you up on a website…unless you triped over your own words so much it’s getting too hard for you to get up again…You know, not everyone is going to sit back and let lies be told as truth without saying anything…

  • Brian

    since dsd108 chickened out..I am through here..too…Best O’ Luck

  • blue eyed devil

    dsd108, who are you? What are you? Tell us are you a “true black Muslim”? Where do you get this “arch deceivers” from? Is that coined from someware? Is it from the story or myth of Yacub that I was explaining earlier? We like to hear you, however could you ramp up on your intellect a little bit? For example, why would you drop a bomb like white people are “arch deceivers” with out refferencing it somehow? Where is that written? If it is simply your opinion than say so. And, And if that’s the case than give some REAL expamples of how you formed that opinion. Not just one case whare you see a white guy moving about like a serpent. Hell (hehe) go to any Corribean night club and you will see attractive black women moving in serpentine motion. It the way they dance (and “wind up” on a guy). By mentioning this, what I am trying to get across is that behavior is more of individual thing than a racial thing. UNLESS, you can profile many white guys to act very very similiar. That’s what the acricle deals with. Traits that are “race related”. Now me, I had the unfurtunate (or fortunate) experience of growing up in a “black community”. So I don’t have alot of that manerisms that are perhaps common in “white people”. I would say that most of the white guys at work have a diffentent outlook on the world than I do. That is, different from me yet quite common among eachother. I actually make jokes with my boss by telling him “wow! I learned at about the white man since I started here”! hehe. He didn’t understand until I explained. So I access that I didn’t miss much by growing up in a “black community” except for maybe 10 to 20 grand more a year. hehe.

    So we like to her from you dsd108, but try to be a bit more expanitory and less emotional. You anger, all by itself doesn’t help us. And it sure doesn’t help us help you! (Nor does enable you to help!)

  • blue eyed devil

    dsd108 do you interact with many white people? I’m sorry but those 13 line items you listed I could just as easily ssy about African Americans, and people outside of the United States all well. Yes, I’m from the USA. Whare are you from??

  • Master Jim

    Fucking cry baby minorities! The white man, a minority in the world’s population, has given so much technology and advancement to the trembling minorities and they ungratefully bite the hand that feeds them! If it weren’t for Whitey how many would’ve died from disease starvation and a lack of free welfare money? What would the technology would the Asians steal and copy? What would blacks car-jack? Whining fucking bitches. Ya’ll been free for damn near 200 years and you’re still crying. No slaves around today except slaves to the victim industry–they provide the excuse and you live down to it. Besides who wants to hire some motherfucker who never comes to work n time, steals you blind, gives merchandise to his homey’s and tries to hit on all the white women?

  • One thing you might want to bear in mind, Jim– those who refer to themselves as “Master” are anything but. Another thing you might want to consider are remedial English courses. A basic grounding in history wouldn’t hurt, either.

  • Master Jim

    Hey Ray, you might want to take a “Stop Sucking Up to Minorities That Hate White People” course in Reality 101. Your pandering is disgusting, your grovelling revolting, you limp-wristed, hand-wringing Momma’s Boy. You wanna see race hatred? Google up the Knoxville rape/torture/murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.

    There are others, and yet, they call us racist.

  • dsd108


  • dsd108


    In the Nation of Islam, both God and the devil are human beings. Elijah Muhammad identified the devil as the white man, the Caucasian race. According to Elijah, though the black race is many trillions of years old, the white race began a mere six thousand years ago with Yakub, one of the Black Gods of this time cycle.[15]

    Elijah explained, “The white race is not equal with darker people because the white race was not created by the God of Righteousness. . . . They were made by Yakub, an original Black Man—who is from the Creator. Yakub, the father of the devil, made the white race, a race of devils—enemies of the darker people of the earth. The white race is not made by nature to accept righteousness.”[16]

    According to Elijah Muhammad, Yakub was born 20 miles from the Holy City of Mecca about 6,600 years ago. From the age of six he knew he was “born to make trouble, break peace, kill and destroy his own people with a made enemy to the black nation.” He had a very large head and grew up to be called “the big head scientist.” He decided to conquer and subdue the black race, and through lies he gathered 59,999 followers, whom the King of Mecca exiled to the island of Patmos. There Yakub worked to create the white race by allowing marriage only between brown or lighter-skinned Negroes and by killing all newborn black babies. His followers obeyed him; the penalty for disobedience was decapitation.[17]

    Yakub died after 150 years, but his project to make a race of lawless criminals lived on (Elijah’s term for this misguided eugenics project was “grafting”). After two hundred years, only brown people were left alive. After another 200 years, Patmos was home to only yellow and red people. At the end of “the six hundredth year, Mr. Yakub had an all-pale white race of people on this Isle,” said Elijah Muhammad.[18]

    The white race left the island and returned to Paradise (Mecca). But in less than six months they had caused warfare and controversy among the people, so the King of Mecca had them escorted to Europe by “a caravan, armed with rifles, to keep the devils going westward.” Here begins the white man’s history, for he was granted six thousand years to rule the earth.

    The first two thousand years were squandered while the whites lived as naked savages in the caves of Europe, eating their meat raw and without even a knowledge of fire. They tried to “graft” themselves back to black by reverse breeding, but succeeded only in making gorillas (this is the origin of the monkey and gorilla family).[19] Then Moses came to them. He taught them how to wear clothes, use fire, cook their food, and to believe in Allah. The whites rejected Moses, who set a trap and blew up three hundred of them with dynamite,[20] but it was through Moses’ efforts that the teaching of civilization gradually seeped into the mind of the white man. Over the centuries, the white man used this knowledge, combined with his innate craftiness and “tricknology,” to dominate the world.

    The twenty-four God-Scientists who wrote the history of this world foreordained that the period of white rule should be limited to six thousand years. To accomplish this, “the Black Man or Gods were put to sleep in order that the Wisdom of the Black Man did not interfere with what the white man is made for (to rule us under wickedness, enslavement, deceit, murder, and death for six thousand years).”[21]

  • Brian

    Death to All Those Who Speak LIES as Truth..!!!

  • Brian

    The Un-Honorable Elijah Muhammad wouldn’t know the light from the darkness…neither would you if you believe such utter bile spewed from his FILTHY mouth…your escalated and loud-spoken lies are easily refuted to anyone who has not dimmed his mind with ignorance and hatred of others…but such as you and all others who place themselves in a self-deceiving ‘superior’ position above different races and ethnicities are numbered in their days..the God of this earth is coming to cleanse it from all uncleaniness…just continue on the path you are on…your destiny and judgement is being made sure…and it won’t be pleasant..

  • dsd108

    Oh i see an Evangelist! Well Christanity is really an White man’s ego. They believe in quantity and not quality and their Bible (New Testament) was written 400 years after Jesus. Brian follows these fairy tales. But still Whites are devils either way.

    This might interest you.

  • Master Jim

    mohamedanism is a fake religion fabricated by an eptileptic hallucinating caravaan-jacking pedophile. mohammedan stole parts of his phony religion from Christianity, Judiaism and Rosecrucians and other pagan religons of the day. mohammed married an older woman for her money and married a 9 year old baby. most of the people who believe in mohammedanism are Third World dirtbags, who are illiterate, impoverished and easily manipulated because they are ignorant. mohammedanism has no place in the 21st Century, the War God allah belongs in antiguity with Zeus and Ra and Ares/Mars and all the other pagan idols. mohammedaism is incompatible with modern life because it is intolerant of other religions, and incompatible with freedom of speech. Check out the facts.

  • dsd108

    Apparently Jesus came back to life had sex with some White persons and thus compiled the Bible. And since 2,000,000,000 people beleive in this common fairy tale. And they spend their precious time barking like dogs at us (as though we are deaf) and saying you can lie, steal and murder but all you need is “Jesus”.

  • Master Jim

    The Bible mentions Jesus (the Messiah) but it doesn’t mention anything about a siezure-having hallucianting, criminal pedophile named mohammed. Maybe mohammed just hallucinated all that bullshit after he stole religion from the Jews and Christians. mohammed even stole the story about ascending into Heaven. Ignorant Third World goat-fuckers would believe anything they tell you, including when to blow yourself up. The Dog bin ladin is hiding in a cave with his cronies laughing at the dupes kill themselves. If martyrdumb is the way to paradise, then why arn’t they the first in line?

  • Oh, look – double dimwits!

  • You have to slog through all this shit, Chris. That is what they pay you the big bucks for at the Comments Editor’s desk. And these comments above ARE shit. Neither of these idiots seems to know his elbow from his asshole.

    And you’re complaining about MY views being fevered and deluded? Gimme a break, dude!

  • dsd108


    Elijah Muhammad taught that two thousand years after the coming of Moses, Jesus came to the Caucasian race to reform them, but they rejected His rule. Jesus was not miraculously born of a virgin, as the Bible and the Qur’an teach. Rather, said Elijah, “The real truth that the Christians hate to confess is that Joseph had gotten the child, Jesus, by Mary while he was married to another woman and at that time had six children by the first marriage. So Master Fard Muhammad (God in Person) has taught me.”[22]

    Elijah also stated that the angelic prophecy, “He shall save His people from their sins” (Matt. 1:21), does not refer to Jesus of Nazareth saving His people (in Muhammad’s mind, the white people) from sin. Rather, it refers to “a modern-day Jesus,” Fard Muhammad, who comes to save the black man.[23] Much of the New Testament was not just reinterpreted by Elijah Muhammad, but totally rewritten.

    He claimed that Jesus died, not by being crucified on a cross, but by being stabbed in the heart by a police officer in Jerusalem with a large hunting knife or small sword. Elijah claimed that Jesus was standing in a spread-eagle position, with His back to the wooden wall of a storefront. The Jewish authorities offered twenty-five hundred dollars in gold to anyone who brought Jesus to them dead and fifteen hundred dollars if He were brought in alive. The officer told Jesus, “They are going to kill you anyway, so why not let me kill you and make the twenty-five hundred dollars as I am a poor man and have a wife and family to care for?” Jesus agreed. He “knew that he would be killed but did not care.”[24]

    The sword blow through the heart literally pinned Jesus to the wall. The blood stopped circulating so quickly that Jesus’ arms were frozen in the stretched-out position. Thus, Elijah corrects a popular misconception: Jesus “died in the form of a cross and not on the cross!”[25] Afterwards, His father Joseph (not Joseph of Arimathea) “mortgaged all of his little land and embalmed Jesus in a liquid in a glass tube. As long as the air does not get to him, he will be there just as he was the day he was killed two thousand years ago. He is buried in Jerusalem.”[26] Any talk about Jesus’ resurrection is dismissed by Elijah Muhammad as ignorant foolishness.

    The six thousand years of white rule was said to have ended in the year 1914 (a year which is also important to Jehovah’s Witnesses). However, no visible changes occurred that year. Elijah explained, “A few years of grace have been given to complete the resurrection of the Black man,” because “they (so-called Negroes) have been made so completely mentally dead by the enemy (white race) that the extra time is allowed.”[27] He did not say how much extra time is permitted, but his books (written in the 1960s and early 1970s) state several times that America should be destroyed by the 1970s or 1980s.

    Elijah’s books read much like those of Jehovah’s Witnesses, warning that the total destruction of America and the literal removal of the wicked (for the NOI, the white race) will come any time now. The devils who have overrun America will be utterly destroyed, swiftly and irretrievably. “The black nation and our God, Who is the Originator of the universe, have decided to remove the troublemakers from our planet Earth, as there is no way of the black nations getting along in peace with this wicked, grafted race known as the white race.”[28]

    Elijah stated that after the white race has been decimated, the black race will resume its former position as world rulers: “The Black man is the true owner of the earth. Now the God of Justice Has Risen up to Deliver the rule back to the Black Man and give him a place in the sun that justifies his ownership.”[29]

  • dsd108

    By the way i am neither negroe or caucasion or a Christian or Muslim, but just debating and trying to reform the White race of devils by using Nation of Islam literature (very interesting indeed).

  • So you’re trying to combat a pile of mysticism and fables with a pile of mysticism and fables?

    And you believe that being stabbed in the heart makes people’s bodies freeze and that the Jewish economy thousands of years ago used dollars?


  • Brian

    ..this white person needs no reformation..I’m am fine just the way I am…Hitler used the vanity of the so-called Aryan race to propigate lies placing one race above others…you and your dishonorable muhammad do exactly the same thing so you are in the same league as the Hitlers of the world…lets see you get out of that one..I really don’t know why I am wasting time debating with such a simpleton who would belive utter laughable nonsense…by their fruits you shall know them…and your fruit is very, very bitter tasting…

  • Brian

    all you have to do is scroll up and see that at no time have I placed any race below another..I have only refuted you repeatedly at your nonsensical beliefs…you must truly be ashamed of who and what you are to hate so many others…I have no shame and therefore have no malice towards any people different than myself..pity you can’t seem to find that inner peace and acceptance…pitiful!!

  • dsd108

    About the promised “Messiah”:

    1) He was supposed to appear on a horse and not riding a donkey.

    2) He was supposed to be holding a sword and not a “fish”.

    3) He was meant to be a warrior and not a fish eating carpentar.

    4) Christanity is the sister religion of Islam. Like Muslims refer to non-Muslims as “Kaffirs” (infidels) Christians call non-Christians as “heathens” and “judas” etc.

    5) Abraham thought he heard the voice of God but was really the Devil calling him and since then almost all the planet has gone astray.

    6) Jews and Muslims circumcise, don’t eat pork, Halal/Kosher but Jews are envied my both Christians and Muslims because they stick to the original thing.

    Thus are the Abrahamic western faiths. Judaism, Christanity and Islam.

  • Master Jim

    America needs to rid itself of Third World dirtbags, parasitc foreigners who drain the system, cock-sucking fags, mohammedans of all kind, enemy sympathizers, liberal hand-wringing douchbags, pseudo-intellectuals who went to school paid for by mommy and daddy and sniff their little uninformed opinions like thye mean something and empty the prisons of repeat offender blacks, browns and illegal immigrants–there’s the door, motherfuckers.

  • Brian

    ..whats your point dsd108????…

  • dsd108

    Master Jim America wasn’t your country to start of with. Why don’t you fuck off back to Europe and the North pole and return this land to the Natives (real owners).

  • dsd108

    I THINK IT’S ABOUT TIME THIS THREAD WAS CLOSED! These White serpent venomious cunning vicious satanic devils have slipped off original topic.

  • dsd108

    13 Characteristics of the White Devil:

    1) The Beast
    2) The Serpent
    3) The Devil
    4) The Deceiver
    5) Vicious
    6) Cunning
    7) Slimy
    8) Snakey
    9) Poisonous
    10) Back-stabber
    11) Infidel
    12) Un-forgiving
    13) Un-merciful

  • I’ve had to delete a couple of dsd108’s comments as they resorted to making highly offensive insulting remarks…

  • dsd108

    All you Whites are the same, look the same and speak the same langauge and are one in this. That Jim needs to have his throat slit. I will speak the truth about these racist evil Whites and their evil designs, THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED A BIT no matter what.
    I am leaving but all i can say is:




    It isn’t a surprise how you allow his insulting comments about us but not mines. GO AND BURN IN HELL!

    As for those who don’t repent for their sins chop of their hands + feet so they will be disgraced here and in the here after!

  • You’re as bad and mad as each other. I’ve no time for hateful people.

  • Master Jim

    [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    Why don’t you educate yourself instead of believeing all the PC crap they teach you in public school? The whole history of mankind has been about invasion, occupation and conquest. The “native Americans” also came from Asia, asswipe. The Europeans who conquered them are a mixture of different peoples who conquered one another, the Angles, Saxons and Danes conquered the original Britons.

    The beloved mohammedans, [Gratuitous vulgarity deleted by Comments Editor], are aggressive and have spread their blood/war cult paganism by the sword from the Saudi peninsula to Spain to the Far East, ever since the epileptic pedophile hallucinated it. There would have been no Crusades if the mohammedans hadn’t conquored the Holy Land and then robbed European pilgrims. Everything who have been taught and believe in is wrong.

    History is about the survival of the fittest, smartest and most technologically advanced, and since most of the planets population is backwards, illiterate and unsophisticated, they can thank the White Man for all their advances in science, industry, medicine and technology. Oh just check out the UN’s Human Development Index report and see if the darker the skin the more backward the people. You can’t blame everything on Whitey, [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

  • Armenian Pride

    Racism against anybody is possible. We are all racist to a certain degree.

  • Brian

    dsd..you’ll be back again..you can’t resist the temptation…

  • Brian

    ..dsd…you’re good for laughs…that’s the truth!

  • dsd108

    Master Jim [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] And indeed their punishment will be severe in the here after. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]
    I have observed this White Pig for many years, and these are my scientific observations:

    Blue eyes: Very Very poisonous.

    Green eyes: Poisonous

    Brown eyes: Inbred

    Blonde hair: Corn (they are also very slow)

    Black hair: Confused

    Brown hair: Half way there

  • Master Jim

    dsd, what part of the Human Development Index did you not understand? And you call somebody else slow? Ha Ha! Listen, the blacks, browns and yellow’s have had thousands of years head start in the civilization game. So why arn’t even the Chinese about three thousnad years ahead of everybody else in the world? The answer: because nobody could advance technologically until the White Man advanced and gave them the technology. Sorry its a bitter thing to swallow, the truth. And of all the worlds peoples the blacks are the most backwards. I would point out two recent events to illustrate: South Africa and Zimbabwe. When the blacks took over from the “evil White aparthied,” both countires have spiraled down and Zimbabawe is the worst, going from a food exporter to subsistence farming and the great famine and die-off sure to follow. The good intentioned Whites like Bono and Bill and Melinda Gates are fighting a losing cause.
    When Commodore Perry went to Japan in the 1850’s they were still in the feudal ages, for Christ sakes! Only after the White Man showed them modern technology did they advance, and once again after WWII until they became the technology-stealing power they are today. History is full of examples like these but you won’t hear about it in school because there is a phony self-censoring Political Correctness movement and bullshit multi-cultral crapfest in schools and universities today. A residual effect from the dope-smoking me-first (and always) hippies of the Sixties. People of color through history advanced technologically only to a certain point and no more. It was thanks to Christianity through the Western monastic system and scholasticism does the world owe its thanks to all the advances. What good has mohammedism done? War, spread its bloody war/suicide cult by the sword? The Truth is a tough thing to swallow but I’d advise you to research some serious academic text and lay off the bullshit hate industry clowns like Farrakan and osama bin dogshit.

  • Brian

    ..dsd…those aren’t scientific observations..those are hallucinating daydreams…you’re a member of the black klu klux klan aren’t you???

  • Master Jim

    You wish, Brian. Check it out. I defy you to post one solid fact that proves me wrong. But you’ve probabley been spoon-fed PC crap your whole life to socially engineer your brain to think otherwise. Observe, look and critically think for yourself. Disregard what you’ve been taught. Here’s a simple test. Look at Camden, NJ, the Capital of Haiti and Zimbabwe. Look how the people live. Who are you gonna blame that all on? The Americans weren’t in Haiti or Zimbabwe. The French weren’t in Camden, NJ or Bed-Sty. You get it? When’s the last time a Nobel prize was awarded to a black, even though the White Man is a minority in the world’s population? Look at things with your own eyes and don’t belive the PC bullshit.

  • Master Jim, your theory would be a tad more credible if you actually recognised that progress is a very fluid concept.

    Sure, in the past, other cultures were more dominant, but it wasn’t based on race then and it isn’t now.

    Your argument may have been true for a short while but it was no more a fundamental of nature than any other moment in time.

    People and their products are constantly changing and nothing is set in stone, except attitudes like yours…

  • dsd108

    Can you ever win these Whites? Nope.

    Can you ever reform these Whites? No

    Can you ever humble these Whites? No, those who have tried it end up with a heart attack.

    How about blow them up? Yup.

  • dsd108

    Where is this White man “tricknology” leading mankind to. “Global warming” and “destruction”. Morals and values going fast. These crusaders making excuses to spread their “CHRISTANITY”. Also away from nature. But i have observed that they have made all other races their servants. They spread their English. Make people wear ties and suits etc. So i don’t know why that infidel is moaning for. Bush is an irish leprechaun. If you look at these Americans they have an very crazy mixture. Their half american, german, english, dutch, spanish, italian etc. No wonder they have this downs syndrome like accent. But indeed they are trying to be the POLICEMAN of the world. They bully other countries (i.e Iran) not to have nuclear weapons, whilst they themselves have them. What hypocrites. They are under their own curse for killing all those innocent natives and stealing their land. Originally 13 colonies they have now about 50 or something. Sheikh Usama Bin Laden and Honourable Elijah Muhammad saw some what of the truth about them (White crusaders). But that’s just the beginning about them. They have yet more to discover. Why are americans, europeans and white australians so fat and over weight whilst africans and asians skinny. Easy the worlds food and money is not equally distributed.
    And they throw bombs on countries and then pretend to be nice and kind and distribute aid/food. They steal our abundant natural resources (such as oil). And they let in immigrants to play half nice. And then they paint “GO HOME” on our houses. So not only do they physically bully but also mentally.
    So there is still White imperalism.

  • Master Jim

    Christopher Rose, your attempt at being “PC” and polite is really an attempt to make the truth less embarrassing and painful to any minority or “protected class” of individuals who may read your postings here. I see the fraud of multi-culltralism and PC. Its an attempt to make the individuals from inferior cultures to feel important while diminishing the White Man. Does any White really appreciate Kwanza or el eid? Hell, no! The liberal/left biaised media in America attempts to placate and pander to minorities and downplay the White Man(see Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome links listed above). PC and Multi-culturalism is really just Balkanizing our great Republic and slowly turning it into a Third World sumphole like India or Mexico or Indonesia. The White Man doesn’t want to hear about some Third World nonsense or look at/pay for some Third World dirtbag on the street with their hand out looking for freebies while not paying their fair share. The White Man wants to live in nice clean peaceful neighborhoods with no crime, criminals, drug-dealers, gang-bangers, drunk driving illegal immigrants, murderous/thieving blacks, homo’s and other undesirables of society.
    Finally, your attempt at PC and MC does no good for the lesser cultures. It gives them a false sense of worth and when the truth is finally revealed to them you end up with hateful rhetoric like the crap dsd issues forth.

  • dsd108, you are blinded by dogma and can’t see the truth about anything.

    Master Jim, you have the same problem as dsd108, which goes a long way towards debunking your laughable theory. I find it highly amusing that two people who appear to have directly opposing views actually have so much in common.

  • dsd108

    Actually there are already several active White groups working towards kicking out all non-Whites. And i say it’s an good idea. I don’t like this racist White country and want to leave. Their job is to make sure the 3rd world stays the 3rd world, then so be it. I was born here but not my parents. And it’s good idea for us to leave so these Whites can live in their “UTOPIA” and we don’t have to face everyday itimidation and insults and their evil racist looks. As i said before they bully those who don’t accept their ways. Then so be it. At least i am saving myself from the Devil. And by sending us back their evil can’t reach us. It is good to keep the filth in one place rather than spreading it everywhere, and making everything filthy. As one White person here rightly said (here in the UK) multi-cultralism will never work out and their will be more hatred and resentment and division.

  • Brian

    first..Jim..scroll back to #223, I was responding to dsd108, I don’t know what tangent you were on…so I’ll ignore your last comments at me…dsd108, have you the gutz to say any of this crap to anyone in public?are you just comfortable saying it on a website being anomynous?..lets see you say that stuff to a group of whities on the street or telling a bunch of white children to their faces that they are snakes, devils and should die..you’d never have the courage to state publicy what you do privately here..because you are a coward at heart…

  • a white guy

    I am so sick of people making fun of my skin color. I’m white and freckled and my skin is reddish tinted and people always call me “cracker” or “whitey” or “tomatoface”. It’s not my fault that i’m white! holy shit! blacks and mexicans and other races say they want equality, but if that’s true why are they treating me badly because of my skin color.

  • a white guy

    Oh and also

    reffering to post #52 by angela,

    the thing is, if i wore a t-shirt that says “I love white people” thus showing pride of my race, i would be called a racist, even though i wouldnt be discriminating a ace directly. you say youre not stopping white people from showing pride for their race, but in reality, the general public is.

  • Brian

    …I often wear t-shirts that express my Celtic or Irish pride and I never fear being called ‘racist’…I have as much right to express my pleasure of my heritage as any other ethnic group of humanity…and I always will..to hell with those who think I don’t have such a right!

  • The Truth

    Master Jim – [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor].

    Regurgitating World History out of a KKK pamphlet he got in Alabama. This is a classic example of an ignorant, arrogant whitey attempting to appropriate the achievements of persons from vastly different ethnicities than he belongs to. You gave as an example of the black man’s backwardness, the failure of South Africans to progress after liberating themselves from the oppressive manacles of apartheid. Well, wtf did you expect? You hold anyone down like that for that long, its gonna take them a while to get out of it. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

    You point to Commodore Perry’s gunboat diplomacy in East Asia as a victory of sorts for your kind? Whats so great about sailing into another country’s waters and forcing a then peaceful nation to sign unfair treaties? Unable to explain the Japanese overtaking of the Americans in the arena of technological advances, you ignorantly dismiss it to the Japanese stealing technology. You want to talk about stealing? How about white people stealing the entire continent of the Americas from the indigenous peoples? Or what about the slave trade? Then, you close your pitiful argument by pointing to the education system and its censorship? Are you fucking kidding me? How more western-oriented can our textbooks get? In a perfect world, we would learn about how the Mongols (yes, the Mongols) laid the foundations for the modern world as we know it. They, having been the first ones to espouse the ideology of meritocracy. Something white Americans didn’t catch onto until the mid 1900s by finally abolishing slavery (decades after the European countries finally realized their follies), and allowing woman suffrage. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Master Jim

    The Truth!?? The Truth reguritated right out of some liberal/left socialist pamphlet. Ha Ha. Com’on South Africa–a lame ass excuse–what about Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa?? What’s your excuse for the rest of Africa and the rest of the black world? There hasn’t been colonialism or Jim Crow laws since the Sixties–and still you can’t find a successful black nation or area. Check out the UN’s Human Development Index.

    Peaceful Japan?!? Feudal warlords and constant warfare Japan??!

    Abolishing slavery was thanks to the Christian Friends movement in England William Wilberforce led the way in Parliment–a White Man’s idea to end slavery–which existed in Cuba abd South America until the 1890’s. It still exist in Africa and the middle east. Slavery has been around since the dawn of man, its even mentioned in the Bible. White Men have been slaves but do you hear them crying and whining about it and using it as an excuse for their shortcomings?
    Face it, everything you know and have been taught is an embarraassing lie. The Real Truth is what you see when you look around the world and see it with your own eyes and critically think for yourself and not reguritate what some liberal left professor with an agenda spews forth. Wisen up.

  • The Truth

    Master Jim – You are a truly ignorant. You want to talk about the Crusades? Any intelligent person who didn’t get their info from wikipedia would know of the numerous atrocities, blunders, betrayals, and propaganda instigated by the Church in the name of God. I am Christian. The Crusades are a dark chapter of Christianity’s often times overzealous attitude. I will concede that the Muslims behaved with much greater nobility throughout the Crusades. The white crusader, coming from all different lands of Western Europe ravaged and pillaged Jews, cannibalized Turks, desecrated holy sites that they were fighting for, violated treaties with no sense of honour, and in their greatest display of sheer stupidity, attacked and fell the greatest Christian city at the time, Constantinople. Stop reading wikipedia and learn before you try to talk about a subject you clearly haven’t the faintest knowledge about. You are simply ignorant. Truly, utterly, irredeemably, ignorant. I am done attempting to enlighten you. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks as the saying goes.

  • The Truth

    Yes, peaceful Japan. Peaceful as in, not going into other people’s waters with battleships and forcing them to sign unfair treaties. Yes, they were warring within their own country. Who doesn’t? What about the Civil War? Americans couldn’t even decide if slavery was right or wrong so they killed their own brothers to find out who wins. Damn, your ignorant! Its amusing how you point to the Englishman’s role in the abolition of slavery as some sort of heroic deed worthy of mention. Your logic is flawed and reflects your ignorance and lack of general intelligence. I’ll use as an analogy, someone who commits rape then decides it was wrong so attempts to make amends for it. That is the predicament of this William Wilberforce you refer to. Now, if only he didn’t commit rape to begin with….I’m so smart and you’re so stupid. I’m done now.

  • Brian

    ..the problem is Master, that you and dsd are 2 peas in a pod..just different hues…and don’t get started on PC crap…PC is for the weaklings that follow trends…it’s one thing to celebrate one’s roots..quite another to use it to beat someone else down with it…dsd’s comments are just laughable so I don’t want to waste time arguing with that fool…dsd can’t get at me becuase I don’t suffer from any guilt-complex..I don’t have a white man’s burden unless it is one I created from my own deeds…what you have done is giving dsd more fodder to argue his fairy tales…

  • Brian

    Truth…don’t try to put one group more noble or superior over another..you’ll find that all cultures are guilty of both virtue and vice…all…without exception…all have been wronged and all have committed wrongs during their history…Japan is plenty guilty of it’s own ill-treatment of other peoples such as China or Korea from it’s past…so Japan has plenty of blood on it’s own hands..the same with the middle east peoples…you’ll search in vain for a pure, guiltless nation or tribe on this earth…every person of every kind of ethnicity could raise their head with pride or hang it with shame equally…

  • dsd108

    An interesting article by an White person:

    The Dark Side of Tolerance
    Reflctions of a recent black-on-White Hate Crime

    You’ve probably heard about it by now. Or, if you only consume the mass media McNews channels for info on current events and happenings in the world, you probably haven’t heard about it yet, so you’ll read about it here first.

    Recap: A White man – Joseph Scarpino – is standing patiently in line at an all-night pizza shop in Akron, Ohio at 2:30am when fat negress Prestina Sims waddles in the door and cuts to the front of the line. The soon-to-be White male victim, who happened to be chatting on his cell phone at the time, remarks to the person on the other end of the phone conversation something along the lines of, “This might take a bit longer than I thought, someone cut to the front of the line.”

    The dark heroine, doubtless burning with the rage of “oppression” and “400 years of slavery,” righteously tells Whitey off, calling him every name in the book. After all, who the hell is this White male oppressor who thinks he’s actually allowed to remark about some poor downtrodden black, or otherwise imply that the social normalities that apply to others actually should also apply to former “victims of slavery”?

    The manager of the establishment, yet another Evil White Male™, bravely weathers the storm and orders negress Sims to promptly vacate the premises. Sims, apparently feeling this to be a violation of her civil rights, valiantly responds by spitting in his face. Said manager resumes his position behind the counter and bravely huddles behind it once things start to get interesting.

    At this moment, Sim’s boyfriend – hulking 6’4”, 300+lb. negro Mark Jones – enters into the fray. Sims, apparently feeling threatened by Scarpino, meekly begs Jones to “Take care of this White motherfucker!” After some conciliatory words are expressed on his part, Mark apparently came to fear for his life and felt so threatened by the smaller, pink-hued Scarpino that he was left without any other choice other than to sucker punch him on the face to defend himself against the smaller, lighter man. Six more blows quickly followed, chipping Scarpino’s tooth, giving him a concussion, and knocking him to the floor.

    Black justice having been dealt out, with Joseph Scarpino taught a firm lesson he won’t forget about the necessity of embracing diversity, Jones was polite enough to move the fallen Scarpino and retrieve the cellular telephone which he had thrown down before the incident started.

    While there was the typical PC media blackout, the local press did run a commentary on the subject.1 A milktoast dork local reporter opens up by hitting you in the face (pun intended) with these tepid, mind-numbing lines:

    “You’re waiting for the justification.

    You watch this videotape of the guy getting the snot beaten out of him in a pizza shop, and you’re looking for some sign that maybe he deserved it, or at least did something — anything — that would suggest the beating made sense.

    Strangely, you realize, you want there to be a reason the 6-foot-4, 320-pound man walked into the pizza shop at his girlfriend’s behest and started wailing on a stranger.

    That’s a very strange thing, you realize — to want a reason for this brutal act.

    But the alternative is worse — no reason at all.”

    See? Powerful stuff. With the same tiresome, highly moralistic tone throughout the entire strip, one wonders why the author isn’t a civil rights “reverend” in his spare time. So well-reasoned and so well thought out is this opening clincher that it hits you almost as hard as Mark Jones would if he were in front of you and defending his honor from the likes of you.

    That, of course, was the official version (more or less). Let’s come back to reality for a moment.

    The reality of this issue is this is prototypical of incidents that happen all across America: black perpetrators and White victims. There is a racial angle to this story and this phenomenon; the former because Sims herself called Scarpiro a “White motherfucker” while the defense argued Scarpino said some impolite words (he didn’t, but it might have somehow been “justified” if he did). The latter is an issue because when these events do occur, the media coverage is significantly less than it would be if the races were reversed. This, of course, is a topic which media hacks are too simple or cowardly to expose and thus must be swept under the rug with high-sounding and genericly moralistic condemnations of “violence.”

    Going a step further, this really isn’t an issue of the poor behavior of blacks and/or other non-Whites on a mass scale. Such states of being are to be taken for granted; non-Whites are expected to behave like animals broken out of a zoo, and in a smaller sense we aren’t disappointed when they do because it makes us right. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    In the past, such behavior was punished quickly, harshly and permanently, and the impression was made to the entire black community that such behavior was completely out of line and would not be tolerated at all. Blacks and Whites were held to different standards because they are different people, with different histories, different standards, different mores and morals, different world-outlook’s, etc. They still are,2 and all that’s changed in the intervening years is the propaganda and window dressing coupled with the illogical dogma of “tolerance” and “equality.”

    The real trouble regarding this issue is one of tolerance. To clarify: the problem is not one of a lack of tolerance as various types of professional non-White whiners allege; instead the problem is of simply one of too much tolerance. The behavior of Jones and his broodmare are to be put up with. Animalistic non-White behavior is to be “tolerated” and if it breaks out into criminality, then it’s nothing more than a justified expression of people who have been wronged in the past. Well-meaning Whites, with their naive sense of fair play, bought into this hook, line and sinker, and the evidence shows in the vacant stares of the other White patrons while this event unfolds.

    Consider the other patrons in the shop watching this event. One wonders what was going through the minds of the people standing around while a kinsman is getting beaten down. Assuming they weren’t brain-dulled TV addicts imagining they were watching a live version of Bum Fights, they might have been thinking “Damn! I’m glad that didn’t happen to me!” The mass of them, or even two or there could have taken this negro down easily and restrained him until authorities arrived. But they didn’t, most likely because any kind of action on their part would have resulted in a plethora of criminal charges filed against them with the very real result of a lengthy jail sentence compounded by “hate crime” enhancements, plus the possibility of an opportunistic “civil rights” violation leveled against any intervening good Samaritans, all coupled with the predictable demonization in the media. For the record, that’s the same media which poignantly noticed that the other patrons stood by and did nothing.

    In this regard, perhaps these lemmings should not be judged too harshly. They are intelligent enough to realize how the game is truly being played, and thus they show more self-restraint than our good buddy Mark Jones did, not like it would do them much good if they were getting pounded. Scarpino has filed a $25,000 civil lawsuit as a result of this assault,3 but this ex post facto reaction will do very little good for him since the defendant is poor and is going to prison for the next few years.

    The fundamental issue here is the backwards thinking of Whites in general, as coupled with the petty, stupid propaganda of “tolerance.” The alien, the foreign, the depraved, the mentally sick, the culture-distorters and culture-destroyers, etc., all are to be tolerated because being polite is more important in the field of impression management than living in a society which actively maintains cultural solidarity and stability. Nobody can stand up and say, “Hey, this is unhealthy! These are not our people!” because such utterances are “mean” or “hateful,” however truthful they may be. Herein lies the crux of the problem.

    Now, that being said, what’s the solution?

    In point-blank words, we need more of this kind of event to happen before any solid, effective and lasting change will be affected. We need more Scarpino’s as victims and more dark-hued Jones’ as perpetrators. Much, much more, and luckily for us, it looks like we can reasonably expect it. So much more that the man on the street will lose his rose-colored glasses and come to understand first-hand what the reality of racial relations are, even if the media and the ZOG will not even peep about it. Eventually, it will reach a threshold where the problems will no longer be able to be ignored, the media will no longer be relevant enough to talk about it, and the abject costs of “tolerance” and “diversity” will supersede the nebulous “benefits” of the entire charade.

    This is a group problem and it can only be solved with a group solution. The sooner the lemmings, and even better, the diverso-philes themselves, end up crumpled and bloody like Joseph Scarpino, the sooner the road will paved for the rise of a truly Nationalist Idea which will put a stop to the nonsense once and for all. Personal freedom can be renewed, individual liberties expanded, rights solidified, etc., but the failed multi-cult experiment must be finally closed down once and for all. One things get rough – really rough – we will step forward with the concept of what will be the Next Reality.

    Of course, some “dyed-in-the-wool egalitarians” will never be able to shake their old secular religion, and they will take on a Christ-complex in their pathetic efforts to save the world. So be it. The best solution for them is to let them go out Amy Bhiel-style, with a long, cold metal shank of diversity buried deep in their bleeding hearts. If they cannot bring themselves to see reality, then this world is not long for them, and we are better off without such individuals of stunted instinct.

    We aren’t quite there yet, Brothers and Sisters, but have faith and demonstrate perseverance and solidarity in the face of the forthcoming adversity. As things get worse for everyone, the get better for us, and the world will eventually beat the proverbial path to our doors begging for a genuine solution. Hope and pray for diversity-spawned chaos, for out of it will be borne a new Racial Socialist order.

    Brought to you by Solar General

  • Master Jim

    The Truth, personal attacks and childish-name calling is no replacement for facts. You obviously know nothing about history at all. “Peaceful” Japan as in the attrocities they committed in Manchuria and Korea? Peaceful as in kidnapping thousands of Korean women to be sex slaves? Peaceful as in torturing Allied prisoners? The Japs might be peaceful now, but they have a long history of militaristic adventurism and ruthless aggressiveness.

    The American Civil War about slavery? Try again. It was only a ploy to stop Great Britian and France from turning our Civil War into the First World War that Lincoln elevated the cause to emancipation.
    The English effort to end slavery was not noble?
    Slavery has been around since the dawn of man. What they didn’t tell you is that there were black slave owners in America, there were black slaves who earned manumission and then became slaveowners themselves.There were even black confederate soldiers. You won’t hear that on Oprah.
    If it weren’t for the thinkers and philosophers of the English Enlightenment there would be no America.
    You really should attempt to attain a greater depth of understanding history rather then rely on your public education superficial white-washed PC-safe version of it. Or better yet stop getting your history from the back of a breakfast cereal box.

  • dsd108

    Before they kick us out eventually. Segregation is an MUST. So we won’t leave with our heads low. They should make our areas no go zones for white people so we won’t be influenced by them in the least, and that our next generation won’t be speaking their English and have names like John and Anne. The greatest threat from them is their evil culture. They don’t produce saints but scientists. I can understand why the Taliban banned their evil TV and VCR sets. Yes some Whites become Muslims but then they even overtake the extreme. LoL they are extreme either that way or the other way. They can never be neutral. They pretend to be an atheist or an agnostic but they still hold onto Christanity.
    The future is bright but only without any White influence on us. How to avoid their influence:

    1) Never befriend them, they put evil things into your mind.

    2) Avoid watching their films and their casinos, bars, slut houses etc

    3) You can say Hello back but keep it there, don’t get carried away. In the end you will be sad and regretful.

    4) Never date them. They will (and already are) stealing our women and gloating at us as though we are inferiors. So hell no don’t put your self in that poisition, very shameful to see this.

    5) Do not trust black christians they are doing their dirty work. Black muslims are good.

    I think i have made my point clear.

  • Brian

    dsd108..you are truly hopeless…it is impossible to reason with someone who has no reason..and you are without it…we’ll see who is the victor in the end…we shall see…THE END.

  • Master Jim

    here’s one more:

    6) Get the fuck out because there are no chains on you now, nobody is holding you here and, in fact, if the truth be told it would be a relief and a blessing for America if they started loading up planes and boats on a one-way trip back. Our cities would be clean and safe like EU cities.

  • Personally, I agree with you, there are still white slaves today, the word slave came from Slavakia when 100’s of whites becae slaves and they are still ridiculed for it today and racisiam is between two diffrent races. That means whites against blacks, blacks against whits and even the french against the Indians.

  • The Truth

    Brian, I was not attempting to elevate one group of people over another. I am fully aware of the Japanese atrocities committed throughout Asia and am sickened by their blase denial of said atrocities. Rape of Nanjing, Korean comfort women, biological weapons tested on POWs, Filipino massacres, modern day textbook revisionism to whitewash WWII, etc. If Master Jim knew how to read then he would have seen that I wrote “a THEN peaceful Japan”. Prior to that, who can say that Japan wronged America? Perry sailed into Japanese waters with his battleships and forced Japan to sign unequal treaties, effectively opening up Japan to the rest of the world. Up until this point, for hundreds of years, Japan was a feudal society fighting amongst themselves within their borders. Now, if Japanese ships sailed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California and forced America to sign unequal treaties then Master Jim and his kind would be all over it. This is the truth. I only speak the truth. Anyone who disagrees with me, loves falsehood, like Master Jim, a truly irredeemable idiot who refuses to acknowledge FACT.

  • dsd108

    America will soon be more non – white than white. Same for europe. These whites will soon be our slaves. No need to regret over their history. They need to be totally wiped off the planet and exterminated once and for all. I mean who likes them? no one does. I don’t like their poisonous babies either.

  • daryl d

    Is racism against White people possible? Just look at Hispanic organizations such as La Raza and Mecha that preach hatred towards anybody that isn’t of the “chose brown” race.

  • Matt

    Rufus Brown- When white people are made into slaves for hundreds of years, then still face persecution a couple hundred years later, then can it be considered racism.

    I am Sicilian- American and my people in fact were enslaved for a few hundred years by the even more oppressive Arabs. Do I hold a grudge and demand perks from all people who have a middle eastern heritage? No.

  • Nate

    All I can say is the more control we white devils give to the super civilized (sarcasm) negroids ,the more like dark Afrika America becomes. Soon we will be letting the fields go bare while we mutilate our daughters genitalia and suppress our women. Face it negroids are devoid of normal human traits like family and trust.It’s not about white or non-white it’s about humans(Italians,Irish,Spaniards,Asians whatever) or mud people(sub-saharan africans)negroids destroy everything they touch just look at their own country it is a disease infested hell hole, and they are proud of it. Wake up people blacks are parasites.

  • Nate

    ds 108 If blacks take over this country it will be just a matter of time ’till you trash it up like Afrika and spread your HIV like cocao butter all over these united states. ds 108 just wait about ten years for all of the aids cases in the black community start to die off and get skinny like ethiopians. How much breeding you little hip-hoppers going to do when you look like a six foot tall dog turd with sores. Blacks are to animalistic to not get aids silly. All negroids think about is how to dress snazzy and get their moms to put a nice car in their name so they can go out party and catch aids. Silly negroid souls are for humans. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BLACK FATHER AND A LARGE PIZZA? A LARGE PIZZA CAN FEED A FAMILY OF FOUR!!LITTLE NEGROIDS ARE STARVING ALL OVER THE WORLD BUT IT IS NOT THE BLACK FATHERS FAULT…….

  • What we actually need to have a decent future is the wisdom to understand that both dsd108 and Nate are talking absolute nonsense and the courage to ignore the stupidity of both of them.

  • Nate

    Chris rose you are just ignoring the fact that blacks are more prone to civil disobedience and less evolved. Negroids are simply human 1.0 we have been through many changes since then. Sub saharan Afrikans didn’t even begin cooking their meat or using the axeled wheel when the rest of the world had stepped past those things into the complex world of civil morality which blacks still don’t understand and resent.Negroids are useless animals. Pure physical prowesss and nothing else. They were bred on the same farms as race horses in KY and believe me they didn’t breed them for inteligence. As a matter of fact they inbred them to decrease intelligence. American negroids are a product of a breeding program that turned them into even stronger and less intelligent animals. Animal being the operative word. They were bred by the same people who made the american pit bull and both breeds are useless animals. Go ahead and ignore these statistics and in a couple of years when the aids deaths start to go through the roof try and convince yourself that those statistics are false as well.LOL NEGROIDS WERE THE TARGET OF WHOEVER CREATED AIDS AND IT IS WORKING BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO STUPID TO USE THE RESTRAINT IT TAKES TO KEEP FROM GETTING IT.LOL ;>

  • soldierdaddy78

    for rufus brown…white people where ensalved!!!
    every race has faced enslavement. black peoples ancestors did pay a high price. it divided our nation during the civil war! and many white people died to end slavery.

    for original…. you talk about love as if you are on a higher plane than others..yet you call white people fearful cunts, i don’t see any “love” there, only more racism

  • soldierdaddy78

    for dsd108….
    with all that whitey is poison and death to america…you seeem to be part of the problem not the solution… do you think by writting this way to inspire white and other people to rally to your side…?
    and i hope you don’t live in america…not with that death to america mumbo jumbo…
    we aren’t perfevt in america and we have had and will continue to have our problems just like the rest of the world…but america represents hope and democracy for the world… why is it everyone in the world wants to come to this great land, with so many freedoms..
    saying “death to …choose you country” in many places will get you killed… maybe just a severe ass beating in the u.s. … 🙂 j/k…
    but in america the government allows you to freely express you opinions.
    you really need help, and i pray that one day you will see the light and save yourself before it’s too late.
    peace be with you.

  • Nate, I’m not however ignoring the fact that you are both a fool and a racist, so, as I said before, you and dsd108 are racist fools.

  • dsd108

    Editor could you delete all my comments on this thread.


  • dsd108 – afraid not, but you’re welcome to post a comment clarifying or retracting your earlier remarks, as the case may be.

  • Nate

    Mr. Rose you are presenting opinions I however am presenting fact. Blacks are more prone to crime and disease than …say the asians no matter what country they are in. Blacks are simply not civilized. You can take the monkey out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the monkey.

  • REMF

    “You can take the monkey out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the monkey.”
    – Nate

    So where are horse’s asses from, Nate?

  • Nate, you really are tragic. You dress up your stupidity as fact when it is nothing but blatant ignorance and hatred. I can only assume that means you can take the Nate out of the asshole but not the contrary.

  • Chris,

    Telling a stupid person that they’re stupid is stupid, because they’re too stupid to understand that they’re stupid.

    You’re welcome.


  • Wow,this conversation has devolved into name-calling. I think there is racism against Caucasians in Japan, however, there exists a certain amount of privilege there as well that doesn’t exist in the US for African Americans in the US.

    I think this state of privilege–preferential treatment–and prejudice (being refused certain services or otherwise discriminated against) experienced by Caucasians in Japan is a double-edged sword. They want to occupy that superior position and yet complain about other aspects. As for the big penis thing, I’ve known Caucasian men in Japan and the US who encouraged this belief, feeling they were and are better able to satisfy an Asian or Japanese ethnic woman for that reason and build up their ego while putting down Asian men. Yet these same men would complain about other aspects of the stereotype they do not find flattering.

    I think many Caucasians in Japan do not know how to act like a minority and one should consider not all gaikokujins are black African or Caucasian.

  • STM

    I’d say any notion there is racism against white people in America is a nonsense.

    What might seem like racism probably has more to do with long-standing resentment and anger at past treatment based solely on skin-colour and the fact that in some states of the US, despite a Bill of Rights written 200 years ago and amendments to the Constitution, until the 1960s, a black person couldn’t sit in any seat they wanted to on a bus, or use the same toilets as white people, or eat in the same restaurants.

    Why wouldn’t there be some residual anger. Fortunately, America is today in a position to embrace ALL its diverse cultures, and black Americans have been there right the way through and have as much right to be treated as ordinary Americans as any other ordinary American.

    But you could hardly blame black folks sometimes for being pissed off. True, it’s not really a way to change anything, but there’s your reason.

    Same in Australia, where I live. Aborigines were treated as non-citizens in some states until the 1960s, and even now there is widespread poverty and social problems. Black folks in Australia talking about genocide are not far off the mark, although today it’s more a lack of forced acceptance of another culture that annoys white fellas. So all the same reasoning applies here.

  • purple aki

    I THINK IT’S ABOUT TIME THIS THREAD WAS CLOSED! These White serpent venomious cunning vicious satanic devils have slipped off original topic.”

    HAHAHHHAA I love this guy i feel sorry for his next door neighbour lololololroflroflrofl

    omg what you got to love about america is that it produces individuals like him lol
    But yeah there is racism against white people or course there is how can’t there be, and if you say there cannot that must make you blieve that white people dont have human rights and saying that must make you racist lol

    But yeah america is really screwed up with race dont get me wrong england is too but not like america its in a lesser extent, must mean there is better race relations over here, but yeah peace


  • thewhitedevil

    DSD108 speaks the truth for i am a white devil for many years we have been in the background of all politics in the world since lord Yakub. He is right all along we are minions of satan and im one of supreme masters !

    DSD108 sometime soon i will unleash my beast and rape your mum, daughter, sisters and even your pets i will make sure you will suffer and die so you can’t speak the truth to your negro brothers
    for i am the white devil

  • Your beast? Is that what you mean by Purple Aki, o man of two names?

  • dsd108

    These whites will either abort themselves out of existence, with their nuclear weapons or their women will refuse to give birth to the white devils. LOL they shoot about 12 people then shoot themselves. As for America they have the highest divorce rate and rape (mainly by the whites). As for Europe very high suicide rate. And ahaha Australian white people skin is turning quite horrible in the heat, they will be black in another 200 years time. England is an very perverted country (i’m from there). The Christians and Muslims will clash in the next world war 3. Only we will survive.

    …….Good riddance.

  • purple aki

    Your beast? Is that what you mean by Purple Aki, o man of two names”

    hahah omg wtf im not with white devil
    seriously you are all mad you must be having a joke or something please say you are im dying here with lulz
    or their women will refuse to give birth to the white devils.”

    lolz dsd108 man i love you, you seriously must be like the funniest guy on the internet or something hahahahaha
    now don’t get me wrong i hate all people really lol but you have proper made my day ah i was depressed before coming across you LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    anyway where you from in england

  • yehhhh white people are superior so it should be bad to be racist and im smart so yehh listen to me

    im not racist but its annoying when people come to a predominantly white coutnry then start throwing abuse around, comitting crimes and stealing our women

    you come to our country and expect us to welcome you

    sure we do, but that doesnt mean you fucking foreigners can take liberties

  • im not racist but

    You could have left out the ‘not’ and the ‘but’. We know what you mean.

  • Dan

    I think what mr right is on to is that the myth of white racism being such a debilitating factor in non-white dysfunction might seem a little less absurd if non-whites weren’t scrambling to infilterate white majority societies while simultaneously spouting grievance nonsense and compensational remedies.

  • dsd108

    The American Dream
    What is the american dream? nothing. Just a dream, which never comes real. The White european settlers found this new land to create an “base” for their activities. The common myth is that an revolt happened, that they refused to pay the taxes. The fact is the British couldn’t be bothered about them any more. Shipping across money etc across the atlantic, wasn’t easy back then. So they felt very isolated, bored and regretful (same story for the Australians) so they became mischevious in their character. They started to bully the black slaves (orginally sent by the British) who worked on the sugar plantations, mostly in the south. The wanted to create this “Jesus land” but ended up making the “disney land”.
    Then this gold rush happened, and like hungry animals they went running to California. Then God punished them with some earthquakes, but still they payed no heed.
    Then they went crazy in their film industry (i.e Hollywood) and tried out all evil brainwashing tactics in them. But by this time their appearance had changed from the white europeans. This is what shot them to stardom.
    But problems came their plan never got complete, to create an complete white land, by first killing of all natives. The KKK tried in vain to eliminate all blacks. But black culture soon took over their white children. So they thought of another plan to keep blacks under their thumbs by “music”. But the bullying of blacks still went on (inspite of them being christians as well), even after slavery officially ended. This is were groups like NOI emerge from.
    Nowadays their bullying is more verbal such as we whites built this country etc without us this america would be nothing. blah blah blah
    But their base is still the “WHITE HOUSE”. They let in immigrants, who are mostly fascinated by these american whites and their dollars and buildings. But read their history and find out the FACTS. They are liars. They have now even resorted to verbally bullying their fore – father Europe. This is what happen when you get to much false pride.

  • purple aki

    Where are you from DSD108 please tell me don’t worry im not a evil white snake that wants to eat you or rape you or some shit

  • dsd108

    Add your comment, speak your mind
    Personal attacks are not allowed. Please read our comment policy.

  • daryl d

    I can’t stand it when all light skinned people are linked together as “white.” It’s such a generalization. Trust me, Italians are as different from the Irish as Blacks are from Asians.

    It’s easy to forget that people of Caucasian descent where discriminated too when they came to this country. Do some research and you’ll find out about the “Irish Need Not Apply” signs all over the place. Jews faced terrible discrimination in the United States, even though they ended up being better treated here than anywhere else.

  • dsd108

    Some FACTS about the Whites:

    1) They are very snobbish and full of sarcasm.
    2) They only want and like their own kind.
    3) Their back gardens are larger than the front.
    4) They know alot of criticism about others but not themselves.
    5) Their finger is always pointing towards the other person.
    6) They tell about 50 more people about one’s vice/mistake.
    7) Those people who follow western culture are infact ghosts.
    8) Their women are very slutty, hence their men very seldomly keep beards or a moustache.
    9) They like to call themselves as God.
    10) They are very irritating people.
    11) They are not very open hearted.
    12) When you try to explain to them, they come out with “you reckon” or “i know already” or even resort to making fun of you.
    13) When i observe them i see fire.

  • Of course, most of those points also apply to you, dsd… Er, you’re not white are you? Eew!

  • dsd108

    Christopher Rose i apolgise for all my comments about the Whites. So could you delete all of them. I also apolgise for any offence etc.

  • dsd108

    I hate these whites (due to some reasons) but resorting to the internet isn’t helping. I seek refuge from the accursed devil. So i will be leaving this white country very soon.

  • dsd108

    “dsd… Er, you’re not white are you? Eew!”

    What kind of dementing comment is that. You are not that wise as you seem to be.
    Go suck your dead mother in her grave!

  • That would be a 1), a 2), a 4), a 5), a 10) and an 11). That makes you at least half white for sure! lol

    By the way, my Mum’s still alive. How about yours? Would she approve of the things you post here?

  • dsd108

    Stop talking riddles and get to the point. You are fed up with my comments on this thread and want me to stop posting on here. So why don’t you just tell me to leave.
    I am just using the whites as metaphors to get my message across.

  • No, that’s just you leaping to false conclusions again.

    My point is that your point is ridiculous and just as racist as the things that upset you in the first place.

    Why don’t you stop making ignorant remarks and tell us something true, like what is that some stupid moron did to make you angry to start with.

    Just ‘cos one person acts like a fool is no reason to copy them.

  • dsd108

    …..it’s an long story. But i asked you twice to delete all my comments on here?


    I was the victim of profiling yesterday by a black, female. How do I know this? The cop referred to me being white upon approaching me. After 15 minutes of harrassing and taunting me, she laughed at me as I drove away. I had to take it because she had the power of the badge. My black friends laughinly tell me that they’ve known they can get by with harrassing whites for quite some time. Discrimination is wrong no matter who is the perpetrator and especially by someone whose job is to protect and serve. Whites have a duty to stand up against racism pointed at them, too. It is injurious to call us “crackers” and “honkies” – DON’T STAND FOR IT!!!

  • dsd108

    stereotypical Japanese person – geeky glasses, buck teeth, yellowish skin, and “slanted eyes” –

    ….. and yet the article is complaining about racism from them. It works both ways, but for some reason it hurts more when it comes from the Whites. I guess thats due to 400 years of slavery from them.

  • Phil

    can anyone tell me who was enslaved for labour on the Thailand-Burma railway ? It was Australian’s and New Zealander’s.

    but wait, no white man has ever been a slave right? it’s impossible for you non-white people to put yourself in the others shoes.

  • Not to belittle the suffering of 60,000 Allied soldiers, but actually, O Phil of the Random Apostrophe, three times that number of Asians were also used as forced labor on the construction of the railway.

    Besides Australians and New Zealanders, POWs from many other Allied nations were used, including British, Americans, Dutch and Canadians.

    In Melbourne, Australia, there is a monument to the ANZAC troops who worked on the railway. It consists simply of a series of wooden ties or sleepers from the railway, set into concrete. Purely because of its simplicity, it’s one of the two most moving and powerful war memorials I have ever visited.

    (The other is the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey, London.)

  • Is it REALLY fair to discriminate ALL white people when referring to black slavery? What about those countries who were not involved?

    Is it REALLY fair for ALL black people to lean back on the slave trade when a white person says anything remotely discriminating?

    Why hate a whole race?

    Are Israeli Jews racist against Germans because of the holocaust? Should they be?

    Can you disagree that it is most pleasant living around white people? If you live in ‘the ghetto’ in USA why is it that you’re black? Why is there gang violence? Is there some sort of relationship between the land of opportunities and your color?

    People seem to forget that white people made the world what it is now. If it wasn’t for the whites we would be living in ancient times. White people are here helping poor countries with starving people, white people are tolerating laws, It’s because of white people that black people in our countries are not dieing of hunger, appreciate it. No? Go live in Africa.

    In my opinion all races should stick to their own. We will never be able to live in harmony, we will always be grouped.

  • dsd108

    These whites have done some good and bad.
    Don’t know what to say.
    By the way have you heard their racist jokes?

  • Nate

    The whole jungle fever thing was cooked to speed up the melting pot. This generation will see more bastard multiracial children feeding off the system than the baby boomers who built it. Black men are not raised to be good fathers not to mention the fact that they are the LARGEST carriers of A.I.D.S. in this country. They are thirty four times more likely to have H.I. V. than their white counterparts. They also commit crimes at eight times the rate of whites(eighteen times the rate of asians) Having cute interracial bas***d children will lose it’s appeal when their are millions of them starving in the cities and their fathers start showing A.I.D.S. symptoms at alarming rates. If the current trends continue in eight years one black men in four will be in advanced stages of AIDS and one of the other four will have the disease but not realize it. More black men carry the disease and don’t know it than the opposite. I know all of you think I am a bigot for saying all this ,BUT hey these are all facts that can easily be researched and don’t the negroids like to “keep it real”? Face it the more control we give to blacks the more this country becomes like darkest Afrika. Just look at south afrika since they gave it back to the blacks. Face it sub-saharan negroids are human 1.0 and despite all the talk about breeding into power you forget that their children will ,most likely, be raised without fathers in squalor and taught to blame it on whites not their lazy drug ridden fathers. MILLIONS OF BLACK CHILDREN WILL STARVE THIS YEAR BUT YOU CAN’T BLAME THE FATHERS!!!LOL POOR LITTLE HUNGRY MONKEYS!

  • dsd108

    Nate what are you trying to prove?
    You are repeating yourself
    Face it whites are the race of devils
    I know that facts given by Elijah Muhammad hurt because they are the TRUTH!
    And lol mr christopher rose you deleted those comments but not the ones i requested you to.

  • dsd108

    loooool at monkeys.
    Don’t you whites have more hairs that blacks do?
    You whites are the same as asians but lighter complex.
    Don’t know what you whites are trying to become.

  • glaxev

    you have to realise on the bottom line people are people. Saying that black and white people don’t get along is absurd it happens and does happen all the time you just have to open your eyes to it. The guys on here who has been going on about how the whites are devils etc etc is just ignorant and racist he likes to convince himself otherwise that he is on the ball but he is just spreading around the bad racist vibes that plague our society.

  • anothernate

    Seems to me that a much bigger majority of whites seem to be more politically correct in the things they say in public about people of different skin color than those others do. I don’t think it says anything about real racism. It has just become socially acceptable among other races to apply a different set of rules for themselves about inter-racial language.

    Now more on the level of the rest of the comments…I’m with poster #39.

  • Good fucking grief, is this stupid thread STILL going?

    Endless streams of futile, nonsensical back-and-forth racist drivel.

    We are the same species. No subspecies. No superior or inferior types of human. We are the same. All this nonsense is as pointless as bitching that Siamese cats have 45 times the rate of cat ‘flu than ginger ones do, or that golden retrievers have thicker fur than black labradors.

    Grow the fuck up, the lot of you.

  • Nate

    I am just sick of living as a provider in a sea of parasites who have more rights than I do. I am gainfully employed so I get drug tested,but the negroid welfare hordes do NOT get the same drug testing. I have to get tested to earn it ,BUT negroids get to live off my productivity all the while doing the drugs I get tested for? This country is going to Afrika in a hand basket. Soon we will be mutilating our daughters genitalia and kissing dirt praying to a negroid god. This country has more starving black babies than any other. If it weren’t for working white and Latin men black children would be nearly extinct. BLACK FATHERS DO NOT FEED THEIR CHLDREN!!! In Amerika today blacks have no civil code other than feed off the system all the while trying to defeat the SAME system that feeds their children. Negroids are the same all over the world,….. breed and run!

  • Nate

    Dr. Dreadful the question is about racism towards whites silly. If you look at social statistics put together by many sources you come up with one conclusion. Whites and increasingly more Latins provide this country with more tax dollars and useful labor than blacks. Yet, while providing more we are also held to more rules and moral codes regarding how we live and now even how we speak. We aren’t able to avoid drug testing or say ni**er but the men whose children we support are allowed to do both. That in itself is racism set up by the very system we support and they live off of.

  • That may have been what the original article was about, Nate, but the subsequent thread has consisted largely of vile meaningless spewings such as the contributions of dsd108 and your last two worm-ridden turds.

    If you really must whine about how awful your life is because of the behavior of others as recreated inside your putrid imagination, then go ahead, but it’s intellectual laziness of the first degree and will get you absolutely nowhere.

  • Boy,

    Except for the regulars who comment at BC, all I read here is racist drivel. Grow up, idiots! There are over 1.5 bilion Chinese who do not give a damn whether you live or die. To them, blacks and whites are the same, ignorant foreigners who have no clue about the more elemental things in life – like philosophy. That is the real competition. They have the potential to throw down the American economy into the dirt because you fools allow the oil and banking establishments to rob you all of your patrimony, and all you do is bitch about each other, calling each other “nigger” and “white devil”. There is real competition out there, and none of you are ready to deal with it.

    All you idiots do is condemn each other – like you really know what the fuck you’re talking about.

    What a waste.

  • laura

    free speech should be allowed in all situations, we must not opress someones opinion (however racisit it may be).
    it is these opinions that entitle us to argue our contrary opinion in a rational manner. if you oppress the people who hold this view then you are acting against their human rights.
    if you dont like it then dont listen, dont read about it or learnt to argue from a rational point of view and beat them down.

  • Abdul

    “free speech should be allowed in all situations, we must not opress someones opinion (however racisit it may be).”

    Free speech comes to an end when you lose the respect for people. Thats no more free speech, thats insulting.

    Just like the Japanese do in these shows mentioned in the article. Just like Blacks do with Whites today, and the worst is that they think they have the right to do it. Im asshamed.

    Never confuse offense with free speech, its not the same and should not be tolerated.

  • Manda

    What’s keeping the racism alive is all the people here who are hating Blacks or Whites or Asians or ANYONE because of they’re color! You assholes are rubbing salt in the wounds! Sit down, shut up, and wallow in your own misery! Leave those of us who can accept people for who they are to live happy lives together and quit trying to fuck it up!

  • ChineseElite

    The idea of caucasians being the best race is a joke. Honestly, if caucasian people don’t shave or wear deodorant, they’re basically caveman. Yes, caucasians are currently ahead because they have a pagan culture based on weapons and tech. Caucasians are bullshit artists and will become a self-fulfilling profecy. They create heavy polluting industry, global dissention, arms-races and then they turn around and blame others who are dragged into this game for doing the same?

  • JustAThought

    Just a thought.. Africans were sold into slavery by other Africans…. so be pissed off at yourselves not whites!

  • donald

    hellooooooooooooooo, you idiot nigger lovers, what do they do for you…….nothing, exactly, and yet you feel bad about …what me saying nigger, they dont feel bad about enslaving white women into crack. and fucking them and there friends doing the same for nothing, hell they enjoy it, its payback to them and nothing but ( a bad thing ) to you huh

  • dsd108

    ahaaaahahaha good post ChineseElite ahahahaa very true

    A white story – white boy does it with mummy, mum does it with her husbands best friend, and daughter does it with daddy.

  • dsd108

    White Kid goes on a rampage

    A White kid just aged 6 went on a killing spree shooting at least 13 coloured people. After getting caught the devilish lad said they deserved it!
    He went on to rant saying: we must finish them one by one and show no mercy.

  • You really do not get it, do you? – Either of you fools? To the fellow posting as ChineseElite, whites are nothing but cavemen shaven. But do you actually think that he thinks blacks are much better?

    I have yet to see the African nation run by blacks that runs without tribal violence or massive corruption. There is South Africa, with its high crime rate; there is Zimbabwe with its famines induced by a régime intent of dispossessing white landowners; there is Kenya with its tribal and religious violence; there is Nigeria, where thieves steal and keep the vast majority of the population in dire poverty; ditto the two Congos and just about every other black African state there is. To top it off, there are Liberia and Sierra Leone, founded by former slaves who are now grandees, which have both had murderous civil wars.

    Blacks can’t run a country without whites telling how to do it, from what it seems. And you have the gall to criticize white people?


    Anyone from China can see how incompetent blacks are when rule is given to them. They don’t need me to explain it to them. So read and pay close attention, and remember that neither whites nor blacks are that perfect, and that 1.5 billion Chinese are looking for their opportunity to toss both of you off your thrones of racial arrogance.

  • nate

    I am the product of both white slave owners AND white slaves. I believe that most “blacks” are ignorant of the history of slavery both here in the states as well as abroad. First off all slaves weren’t black. Secondly blacks here owned slaves as well as the black “chiefs” in Afrika who sold them to the traders. I do not want America to fall to the base mindset of Afrika. Afrikans when left to themselves commit the worst attrocities known to man. Blacks embrace all positive stereotypes ,but hide from the truths about their low intellect and violence. Black slaves in Amerika weren’t bred for intelligence. You were bred to be animals and nothing more. Your separitist attitude is nothing better than the K.K.K. except you hide behind lies of betterment and love when you are just a unch of hate mongering lazy negroids. Millions of black children all over the world will starve to death tonight, but blaming the fathers is racism?… LOL Black men need to get jobs and quit looking for a free payday. You aren’t getting your reparations and neither am I so get over it. What is the difference between a black father and a large pizza? A large pizza can feed a family of four! That joke is so true and that is why it is funny. Millions of black men taught that clean shoes and nice cars are more important than providing for the black community they love so much. Blacks wouldn’t need reparations if they woke up in the morning and went to work. Also, you are spreading A.I.D.s among yourself like wildfire. H.I.V. doesn’t discriminate and your women are dying off at an alarming rate. Even if the government created it you are the ones spreading it the most both here and in Afrika.

  • Uh, people…don’t the concept of ‘indentured servant’. Whitey was a slave getting over here. we are a nation of slaves actually.

    the reason there is still racial tension in the black/white USA is because we have not had quite enuf time in social history to let ‘segregation’ die. I was alive when it still existed! Hey, merely 50 years ago it was still around! Got to let all us folks who were there die. Give it another 50 years… Well, hopefully the mind will evolve quicker than that.

    As far as white racism goes, thank goodness for POLLACKS!!!!! Go to Europe and cheer for your local Ukrainian. Stupid UKIs!!!


  • Oh, to further add, this reality must be digested. Go to various African nations. You know they hate USA Blacks? True, for the most part.

    The old timers will say “awe, we sold you off years ago”

    No shit, people. You better accept that fact.

    can you dig it?

  • flabbergasted

    This is probably the funniest thread I have ever read. I’m convinced that there are people with split-personalities posting here. “Hmm, I’ll be black and post this, then I’m going to rebut it by being white and so on and so forth”

    Too funny.

    Thanks for all the good laughs,

  • Zack

    I dislike the way some people on here assume ALL whites are racist.

  • Zack

    Out of the 6.60 Billion people on this planet, hardly anyone one of any peticular race is racist. Unfortunately, there are alot of rasists, but not compared to those who aren’t racist.

  • Zack

    If white pride was to be considered racist, then black pride should be too, but it isn’t, and this is because of racism in the past. But the point is it IS the past. The racist peoples who enslaved other races and discriminated them aren’t even alive now. But in the present, happening right now, theres racism. But as its mainly towards people of the same coloured skin to those who were racist in the past, its okay? They didn’t choose to be that colour just as in the past those who were black didn’t choose they’re race! And just because in the past people of they’re race or colour, but maybe not even related to them, (but still if they are, they can’t help it and they’re different people to their relatives!) were racist, doesn’t mean that you can be racist, now, to people who were never racist to people who are no longer alive but happen to have the same colour skin as you.

  • Zack

    Let me correct myself of one word ‘their’ i meant instead of ‘they’re’ lol

    I hate racism. Its pointless.

  • dsd108

    Racism is REAL!

    You only have to step out of your front door to realise it.

    And whites are the main contributers to it.

    Face it they will became an MINORITY in their own country.

    The racist fools run away and leave their area after spotting an coloured person.

  • mosthaneousburn

    I’m a 15yr old black kid who lives in the city..I have to say that racism alone is bullshit. I don’t blame white people for anything that happened in the past, I blame the exact person who did it. We can’t just go around categorizing people just because of their skin color..

    Just last night my dad was talking to my brother about him liking some white girl in his class. I thought it was one of the dumbest conversations I heard. Being raised in a Christian family I was taught to love all people and I do. So that’s why crap running off at the mouth about the same old thing over and over.. hell if your not black you don’t know what we want for so called “revenge”.

    We let our cities get like this by not having the balls to stand up to these things ourselves and deal with them head on.

    In all honesty I sort of found out about this site by a mistake. I was looking for Japanese peoples feelings towards black people. Mainly because I watch alot of anime.

    I get sick at the fact when people try to separate themselves just by skin color.. No race alone should be wiped off of the planet. If that happened where would then fun in life go of meeting new people.

    Hell honestly I hate rap..I listen to rock constantly..and pfft I love all women skin dont matter.

    And think about it although racism is stupid, pointless and down right asinine. Half of the things we have probably wouldn’t be in existence today….I can’t think of any right now but its true..

    But I have my own personal thought about each racial situation..

    Black people: Let’s say we do get reparations, wtf are we gonna do with all that money. We’ve had the “ohh the system is keeping me down” mentality as soon as we were set free..Hell thank the “white man” for bringing us over here if not we’d be going through the hell that the africans are going through now!

    White People: Let it go just because some black guy looked at you weird with hate in their eye’s doesn’t mean a damn thing its just a look and words are just words (though they have power). Just because someone said “look at that white guy’s pale skin its awful” dont let that hurt you.. grow up what ever happened to sticks and stones.

    ok I cant really say anything else about Asians and the Latinos because I don’t really know their situations…

    but who cares right just the ramblings of a 15 yr old kid, right?

    BTW, who knows where I can get an I love black people shirt?

  • dsd108hater

    Want to get rid of racism? Easy, just kill the hypocrite dsd108 and 50% of the world’s racism will disappear overnight.

    Seriously, have a look at his comments all over this page. This is one pathetic human being. He’s an idiot too because to prove his point he quoted a news article about 2 Sikh men being attacked by white racists (Comment #127 — November 2, 2007 @ 16:44PM — dsd108). But because he has the attention span of a nat, he failed to read that it was 6-7 African-American men. But, dsd108 will claim that his race are being persecuted and that 6-7 caucasian men blacked up and framed the black man yet again.

    He literally just scans one keyword then types without thinking, probably between trips to the welfare office to get his money from the white man then go back to ranting off about him.

    [Personal attack deleted]

  • Roy

    dsd108, you are a hypocrite.

    Are you even reading these posts or just posting random “white facts” that you see or think of?

    You’re tired of people saying that YOUR race is inferior and ours is superior, yet now you’re saying that YOUR race is superior and ours is inferior!

    Isn’t that just as bad?

    By the way, I don’t believe in either of those statements or any race being superior/inferior to another because we are ALL HUMAN.


    And I am NOT a christian, if that matters.

  • Confederate Man

    I am a 16 year old racist white man and proud of it!! we are not the white devil!!Hey dsd Without us you jungle monkeys wouldn’t be here. Welcome to america WHITE POWER!!!

  • dsd108

    This will be my last and final message on this subject:

    1) The average American i.q is 0.

    2) They are virtually an bunch of american white cow boys – who stole land from the native indians to create their “jesus land” and “white base”.

    3) Indeed the Japanese underestimated these white cow boys and their casions, however Bin Laden praise be to you, you did the job their black slaves couldn’t do in centuries!

    4) Most honourable Elijah Muhammad had predicted the destruction of their KKK America.

  • Confederate Man

    I’m going out on a limb here people, but bear with me…
    Reverse racism, in actuality, shouldn’t even be a term… It’s described as the act of racism against a majority (typically used in context of whites). But…isn’t that just plain old regular racism? Last time I checked, Caucasian WAS a race. And I’m willing to bet that any other majority suffering from “reverse racism” is a race too. So why isn’t it just racism? Why give it a fancy new term? If you wanted to take the literal definition, reverse racism would actually be the opposite: supporting a race as equal to another. Just a thought.

  • Hombre del Confederación:

    I think reverse racism, strictly speaking, ought to refer more to the practice of supporting another’s race as superior to one’s own.

    What you define it as is simply the attitude of most normal thinking people.

    BTW, congratulations on growing up significantly since your moronic comment of two days ago.

  • Confederate Man

    stand by it tho

  • Confederate Man

    It used to be that racism was picking on the minorities, on those that weren’t white, but in this day and age that has changed a lot. In peterborough a few weeks ago, a group of aisans killed a white boy while his girlfriend ran for help. the police say that it wasn’t a racist attack. If it had been the other way around, and a group of white boys had killed an asian, then it would be a rascist attack. racism works both ways. blacks can be just as racist as whites. but because of years of white supremacy everyone has to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Children insult their teachers in their languages and the teachers don’t know what is being said. Gangs of aisans beat up white people and vice versa. If the police tried to do something about black racism toward whites, they would be accused of being racist, but not if it was the other way around. i am not saying that there isn’t racism towards ethnic minorities, of course there is, but there is also racism towards white people that needs to be accepted and dealt with, too. people are people. no one is better than anyone else. is a black cat better or worse than a white one? of course not. they are both cats. we are all people. we should live and let live. racism is disgusting. there is no excuse for it. we are all people. no matter how we look, what we believe, we are all people and like animals have a right to live.

  • fuck you all

    to all the “nigga brothers” out there: you fucks should be grateful white people brought your sorry asses to america and tought you to work, or you’d still be spreading aids and dancing around with goat skulls in fucking africa. zimbabwe sent out all the white people back to britain and a few weeks later they started asking for “£2 a month” cos they cant do anything on their own, but its the fucking government who pass stupid laws like “affirmative action” towards minorities, they encourage racism against whites

  • Indigo

    There are a bunch of white poeple out there who think that racism cannot exist against whites, these are the people who incite racial hatred more than any other, because they refuse to see the truth and then the problem escalates. Unfortunately these people are in power and invite any old tom Dick and Harry to swing the vote.
    Intergrating communities that are different cultrally and expecting them to live in peace is like dowsing yourself in pertrol whilst holding a lit match and hoping you won’t go up in flames.

    And yes racism against whites does exist. It’s a case of ‘my bro’s were treated like shit because of yo great great grandad’ or in the case of Muslims, we are just plane old infidels all are pityful excuses to justify outright racism. And in the case of the slave trade why don’t the blacks just attack the high class because I’ll be damned if a white poor person who lived in rancid shack could afford a servant, infact white poor people were servants too so they can stuff their servant crap.
    To this day ALL people from backgrounds who happened to be poor were and have always been TREATED LIKE SHIT regardless of colour and that is a fact!

    And as for integration, it is completely normal for a human being to stay within their own race. If black/asian people want their communities there’s nothing wrong with this as long as they don’t start blowing up buildings and terrorising races and cultures different to their own and no one has the right to make fun of customs that are harmless but different to their own. People stick to what they are familiar with and this should not be seen as offensive but just a normal way of life.
    And Why should anyone have to intergrate if they don’t want to? People should be free to choose whom they mix with, it shouldn’t be forced upon anyone and no one should live in fear of being white, black or any other colour.

    And lets be honest guys, we cannot live along side each other in peace if we have people like Abdul Hamza shouting ‘death to the west’ can we now? They hide behind religious philosophies to disguise the fact that they are racist they hide behind the excuse of the slave trade to hide that fact they are racists.

    And we are NOT all the same, we are individuals from all walks of life and that is why people fight about differences of opinion and that is why multicultralism won’t work.

  • altnert

    It is true, racism against whites happens every day. I grew up in a black neighborhood where black girls waylaid me on the way to school all the time and beat me up for being white. I had to endure constant insults from black girls and black teachers who looked the other way or constantly discriminated against me in class. I grew up extremely poor, moved around alot, and everywhere I went almost all blacks were RICHER THEN ME. When I got into college I had to endure a black professor who SAID that she sometimes let her black students get away with cheating and would grade them higher. Of course all the white kids had to sit there in silence. But can you EVEN IMAGINE the HELL that would be raised if a white women had said that about her white students? Racism is now sanctioned by the government and the thousand and one affirmative action type laws that create a thousand and one oppurtunites for blacks and leave whites to scramble along on their own. AKA scholorships, ect. Why can’t there be any scholorships for whites? Do they think none of US are poor or struggling to make ends meet? If anyone has to work harder in todays society it’s WHITES. Black people just don’t realize how little it even occurs to white people to be RACIST and take every little normal person to person action and turn it into a personal insult. COME ON, do they think we have NOTHING ELSE TO THINK ABOUT BUT HOW MUCH WE HATE BLACK PEOPLE? GET A LIFE, NOBODY GIVES A CRAP ABOUT IT ANYMORE BUT BLACK PEOPLE!!

  • nameless

    to fuck you all you whites did not bring blacks into america but black slaves.

  • andigirl8282

    I want to say something. I, as a white person, could easily parade around and say “I’m a minority” because my ancestors were gassed and burned alive in the Holocaust. What about us Jewish folks? Also, what about my Irish and English ancestors who were slaves and servants that ended 200 years ago?? My 8th great grandparents were Irish slaves forced to build fences and bridges all over the state of Kentucky. And do we or anyone else bitch about it??? NO Because I AM NOT A SLAVE MYSELF. So quit whining about how you’ve been mistreated: whether you’re white, black, hispanic, asian, german, irish, english. The world is a MUCH MUCH better place with way better opporunities than it was for our ancestors. I bet you: If our ancestors came back from the gave and saw how everyone’s whining about “me me me!” they’d have a sh*t fit! But did our ancestors ever complain about how they’d been mistreated back in the day?? NO because they knew they had to put food on the damn table to feed their families. We should be so lucky to know we can have cars, food, luxery homes, trendy clothing, and new shoes every so often. So stop bitching about how bad you all have it and START LIVING for the moment.


    One contributor points out that he – a white man – suffered racism for being of Portuguese origin in Jersey.

    Trust me, folks – I can believe him. I also had the misfortune of being born in Jersey to Portuguese parents and, yes, I also suffered discrimination. It reached the point that people in St.Helier(my home town) used to give me such derisory looks that I almost felt like emulating Hispanics in the U.S. by sporting a T-shirt that read “DON’T PANIC, I’M ACTUALLY CAUCASIAN!”

    I also sympathise with black African immigrants and what they suffer in Europe because, to a certain extent, I actually felt black when I was living in Jersey, or at least a kind of sub-caucasian group, into which you could also throw Spaniards, Italians,Greeks,Turks,Slavs,Irish,Jews and Arabs.

    As for the Portuguese community, they actually make life difficult for us second generation by trying to force us into being like them, instead of allowing us to try to integrate

    My solution was to leave the island. I am now happily living in East Kent on the Mainland of Great Britain where I am well-integrated and respected as British. In order to suffer less racism, especially less discrimination in the employment market, I anglicised my name within days of arriving here – something that would not have been possible in Jersey…

  • tommy barreira pereira

    yea, well i will never anglicize my name because i am not anglo saxon. not that there sanything wrong with it but i am NOT. i am iberian from iberia which means “the land of the hebrews” and im portuguese, i have my language and my history an my heritage and i wont change or hide a damn thing. i was already given an english first name like hell i will change the others.

    two of some of the most intelligent comments came from a black person who said there is no such thing as a white race.

    you can be like all the other stupid pork chops that want to fit in and pretend like your just another so called european, named after a pagan goddess, wanting to be white when being portuguese is not good enough and so called caucasian which is just a BS name given to the so called european race because some german thought that the people in the caucus region were the most attractive he had ever seen and used the name because he wanted to be associated with them for their beauty, and like many stupid pork chops are even embarrassed to say theyre portuguese here in the usa – but i never hesitate!

    youre an embarrassment. to change your name to fit in and be acceptable to the jackasses around you. youre a citizen and should act and behave as one where you are, but to hide who you are and change your name – you are a filthy disgusting disgrace and shamefully stupid.

    you dont deserve the name you changed.

    have a nice day british man.

  • tommy barreira pereira

    yea, well i will never anglicize my name because i am not anglo saxon. not that there sanything wrong with it but i am NOT. i am iberian from iberia which means “the land of the hebrews” and im portuguese, i have my language and my history an my heritage and i wont change or hide a damn thing. i was already given an english first name like hell i will change the others.

    two of some of the most intelligent comments came from a black person who said there is no such thing as a white race.

    you can be like all the other stupid pork chops that want to fit in and pretend like your just another so called european, named after a pagan goddess, wanting to be white when being portuguese is not good enough and so called caucasian which is just a BS name given to the so called european race because some german thought that the people in the caucus region were the most attractive he had ever seen and used the name because he wanted to be associated with them for their beauty, and like many stupid pork chops are even embarrassed to say theyre portuguese here in the usa – but i never hesitate!

    youre an embarrassment. to change your name to fit in and be acceptable to the jackasses around you. youre a citizen and should act and behave as one where you are, but to hide who you are and change your name – you are a filthy disgusting disgrace and shamefully stupid.

    you dont deserve the name you changed.

    have a nice day british man.

  • Lin

    That’s stupid. Just because white people handle racism and stereotyping without getting all angry or offended doesn’t mean that racism against white people doesn’t exist. As a white person, I think that white jokes just don’t matter to us because we are generally more relaxed about our race than others. Being relaxed could be because of our numbers, but it might not be.

    I live in an area in California where whites are in the minority (well, there’s no place in CA where we’re not, but you get the idea). Still, though, people of other races are insecure and get offended when anything remotely racially inclined is said and bad things happen to the white people who say those things.

  • ame244

    dsd, you make me sick. i’m the poisonous one? i’m the one out screaming for mass murder? i’m the devil’s spawn? can’t you hear yourself? not one person here has screamed for mass racial annhihalation but you. 99.99% are racist? seriously? oh, and if you’re gonna quote the bible and its history… get it right. the bible tells us to love our enemies not hate them. it tells us that the jews are God’s chosen people not the whites. we are the Gentiles. every other people in the world who are not jews are the gentiles and every single one of them are taught to follow the same rules of loving our enemies. and the first book in the new testament was written 40 years after Jesus’ death not 400. And Jesus will come in on a horse, with a sword and as a warrior in the second coming. and one more thing before i stop this christian “deception” as you would put it, Jesus wasn’t black, he was jewish, born in Nazareth which at the time was in Isreal. us “blue-eyed devils” are not deluded into thinking he was blond and blue like us.
    second point, we’re blowing up Iraq and Iran? if i’m not mistaken, haven’t the majority of the people who’ve been killed, been killed by a suicide bomber of their own country? 99.99% of us may be racist or so you think, but at least we aren’t showing our racism by blowing up our own countrymen. you celebrated 9/11? you celebrate the death of 3000 people? if you were alive during that time would you have celebrated the deaths of the millions of jews killed in the holocaust? Every time i hear of mass killings or bombings it makes me want to cry it hurts so much. i don’t know those people, but somebody did. that was someones father, or mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, someones everything. but yet you cheer. who cares they aren’t your superior race, they’re the children of the devil right?
    and one last thing, going back to one of your earlier comments… the “white” house is called the white house because it is white. the house is made of white stone. the white supremicist secret government is planning to kill the world? no offense… no wait, yes offense intended, the matrix called… they want you back. so does your therapist. anger management classes would work wonders too. i understand anger. i also understand hatred. both hurt. but they hurt you more than the person you are aiming them at.
    And i’m gonna risk all of my credibility right now to everyone on this site, but i have to do what i can to reveal you to the world, even though you are doing a pretty good job yourself. I’ve met the devil. i’ve heard his poison whispered in my ear, i’ve even been possessed by him for a short period of time. i’ve seen demons that would have most people curling into a ball and dying of fright or have them screaming in their deepest nightmares, and i can honestly say, i have never, in my life, recognized another demon in possession of another person, until i heard you speak. and for the comment editor… this is not a personal attack, so please don’t delete… all i can say is, Satan, i see you under all of dsd’s anger and hatred, i see you, and i pray that God will strike fast and hard and release dsd from your poison so he can know peace at last.
    So now that everyone thinks i’m a looney, i’m leaving in peace. I am white, I am Canadian, I am a Christian, I am a woman, I am proud, and I am NOT a devil.

  • fuck dsd

    dsd im assuming ur british… i was just reading this for a project about prejudice and i actually became interested in the beef you have with everybody else on the board. i was amused at how racist u were, and a little angered but not enough to write on here myself. not until u said u “celebrated on 9/11”. i am a new yorker and i was there on that day. i dont know who the fuck u think u r [personal attack deleted], but thats worse than racist, thats disrepectful on so many levels and if i knew who u were id have my foot up ur ass right now. [personal attack deleted] if u got something to say get at me and we can settle it like men. saying u celebrated on 9/11, i bet u laughed when u learned about the Holocaust in school. [personal attack deleted]

  • dsd108

    No need to worry the white empire has collapsed.
    All this selfish trading between the white man countries has burst. The bubble just got bigger and bigger and burst. China and India will become superpowers and no one will even look at you people again.
    The western greed knows NO limits they want to scoff at everything. And act partially good by letting in immigrants in their so called utopia built on greed. But wait we must make sure the anglo-saxon controls everything!
    Welcome to the third world.

  • Kurt

    Of cousre it exists…
    On a more Society as a whole level – within media, Govts. etc etc racism is far more against white people – it’s VERY MUCH an Elephant in the Room though.

    I can’t say whatever I want – but anyone else seems to be able to say whatever against me.

    When blacks use the whole “My people were slaves thing – by whites” – it’s the most racist, hypocritical doublethinking shit I ever hear.

    Not only were blacks taking blacks as slaves within Africa – but it was FAR, FAR more to do with culture, and percieved stupidity than actual race – that was just THE common denominator.

    SERIOUSLY generalising (I can take a joke) white men of today – or even the ones back then – is racist. Not only because it simply is, but because I wouldn’t have the RIGHT within overall society to do the same thing to any other race.

    I could go on and on…
    Racism against white people is accepted, that’s the difference – which is what makes society EXTRA racist…

  • someone

    Okay, I’m Caucasian and I believe that racism exists and happens to all races. Anyway, just because my ancestors wronged the African-Americans, Native Americans, and Mexicans back before my Parents were even born you shouldn’t get mad at me. Also, who sold the African-American slaves to the Americans? But, I know that there are still white people who make fun of and are racist to black people and that is WRONG. But, so is the reverse.
    You sir are an imbecile, in my opinion anyway. You think you are better than me and other non-whatever your race is just because of your color. Let me ask you a question…What if you were White?

    BTW, I always wanted to be mixed race, it seemed like a cool thing to have characteristics from other countries.

    Let me ask everyone who think that they are better than others a question. What if you were them?

  • Shane

    Hey RUFUS.White Americans will apologize When African-Americans APOLOGIZE for the MILLIONS of Rwandans,Tutsi,Hutu, Nigerian,Darfur,Oman,Somali,Sierra Leon, KILLED every day by AFRICANS!!!!!!! The worst genocide in the world happens in AFRICA by AFRICANS!!!!!!! Oh thats not your fault. Well neither is what happened years ago or even 50 years ago. I suffer more discrimination as a white man today than blacks do and yet you probably think its only fair right. You black nationalist racist. Why dont you just start beheading white people and take white slaves? Maybe then you can get the FUCK over it!!!

  • Truth

    I believe racism go both ways. I’ve seen people be racist against blacks by saying that all black people steal things and people being racist against whites by saying that all white people think they’re better than everyone else. It’s up to u if u want to listen to these comments or not!

  • Ripples chips

    To me, racism is the act of hatred towards another racial group whether they be of African, European, Indian, American or Asian descent. The thoughts of superiority of one race over the others or all races superior to one. Racism to me is favoritism of one race over another. Not allowing a person to take part in cultural events because they are not of the correct ancestry, even though they are interested. Spending time on organizing school events and programs for children of a certain race but not balancing it out with programs for the others.

    Racism to me is the giving of scholarship money to a child of a wealthy or well-to-do family because of their ancestry while leaving another child of poorer families without a scholarship and left to fend for themselves.
    Watching as those scholarship-enabled children waste the money on booze and drugs because they have their own money to pay for everything else, while the other child lives on $200 a month.

    Racism is when someone else is picked over you despite your higher marks just because they need someone who is of coloured/non-coloured skin to make themselves appear non-racist (in this respect I understand where they’re getting at, but at the same time if someone worked hard for it, it’s disheartening when all that person’s hard work goes to waste when someone who scored lower than them is picked in favour).

    I grew up not understanding the boundaries between races. That everyone could participate in events. I thought the world had been this way but as I grew older, I found that the world wasn’t as smart as I thought it was and it hurt me inside.

    To think that I was more mature than the adults I was supposed to look up to for guidance – family, teachers, government.

    Even today, I come from a small town where First Nations and East Indians are a minority, but I don’t see them as different. But if I go to a place with lots of black people or asian people, I am shocked. Not because I am racist, but because I am not used to looking at different people. It didn’t take me long to get used to it.

  • HumanRight

    White people are far beyond racist to every races and minorities on earth. For everything that they have done in the past from Opium war, Vietnam war, IndoChina war, the War against the Middle Eastern and other wars against African countries.

    When the majority of all Asian view White as superior beings and love them, they receive nothing but pains, racism, discrimination, lies, white washes and a chance to turn their entire country into a whore house to serve White men.

  • HumanRight

    White people are selfish liars and love to blame the minorities. Them and their dirty tricks they done to people after they rape and kill them, and the only thing that are pasted in their minds is money and nothing more.

    I hope god die if he’s white

  • Tommy

    I’m Asian American and I’ve noticed that black people are far more racist than white people towards asians.
    Also blacks hating on whites is more common now than whites hating blacks.

  • loretta

    excuse me you say white people can’t suffer racism.iv’e been stabbed 3 different times for no reason and im a 16 yr old girl.i was the only white i knew of in the whole area other than my nan.ive been dragged into cars and called a slut and whore everyday since i developed boobs.people have tried to rape me nearly ever day there are no-white areas. iv’e been stalked pitbulls have been ‘set on’ my dog what i was walking him for protection.ever heard of an area called alum rock birmingham…look it up…*rolls eyes* the terrorists haven!it is SO ignorant that ‘coloured’ people (yellow,brown,black ect..) can say they’ve been discriminated against for something in the past not the present by the way they’re are still no-white clubs with signs and everything and supported by the MP in my area your ancestors were discriminated against but her in the UK its whites.

  • loretta

    Oh yeah and its an actual law now that whites arent allowed out after 7pm in my area

  • Tom

    @Original. You sir, are an idiot.

    I think white people are feaful cunts who need the Lord. who started this issue of racism? white man whne he fearfully invaded africa? why is he known as being a racist? because he is a fearful cunt! get rid of fear there is no hate where there is no fear there is complete love.. because perfect love expels all fear.

    REALLY. White people in Africa created racism? Well that makes PERFECT sense. Because AGES before that happened the Greeks did not believe there were two types of people in the world, Greeks and Barbarians.

    Furthermore, the fact that this has to do with Japan, mocking ALL foreginers (Chinese, Mexicans, Blacks, Whites, etc.) Is OBVIOUSLY connected to white people invading africa. No, no that is a perfectly logical statement. If whites had never invaded Africa history would have changed so that the greeks did not believe everyone but greeks to be barbarians, and the Japanese would not have racial stereotypes of ALL “S.

    In short you are not too bright.

    Furthermore I have a story for you. Ever hear of the Jewish people? Now… let me think…. as far as I know they were Slaves to Egyptians…. yes? And WHERE is Egypt located. THATS RIGH! AFRICA.

    However Africa has NOTHING To do with this given that it is centered in JAPAN you bloody idiot.

    But no, no you are TOTALLY right, had whites never invade Africa, the Japanese wouldn’t have negative stereotypes of whites, blacks, non-japanese asians, arabs, mexicans, etc. etc.

  • skooter

    One thing that helps keep racism, robbery, and other anti-social behaviors in check is the generally high standards of living is people having their basic needs met e.g. food, shelter, good health, working public service infrastructures… Also, in cultures that command relatively high degrees of resources and influence, there tends to be better policing. When economies break down, people become poorer, then if there are insufficient shared values, then conflict for basic resources and survival trump all. In such circumstances, people become more local, more tribal, and there is a higher probability that ‘race’ will play a role in social conflict. Personally, I think people are always better off when they can cooperate, but this is not the way people behave. It is instinctive that cooperation tends to be limited depending on circumstances. I guess what I’m saying within us is potential for improvement on what nature has already done, but recognizing this does not alone, make such improvement manifest itself.

  • mahdshs

    racism is dumb, why won’t people realize that we are all classified as one…human! racism is not human or anywhere close to normal.

  • adsf

    its just skin color! who cares!

  • half-breed

    Ok, so I’m part black AND white.

    And BOTH races are racist. My black relatives constantly make fun of Asians, whites and East Indians. My white relatives make fun of the way black people dress and talk, thats about it. Also, I have dated two Asian girls (from Korea, and China) in my life and both were racist towards blacks BEFORE they realised I was black – I look pretty white so they didn’t know, lol…

    I know Native Americans who hate blacks AND whites. In fact, at risk of sounding racist, I’d say whites are the LEAST racist of all…they make tongue in cheek jokes, big deal.

    So…I’d say ALL races are guilty of racism and in my experience its usually the “minority” races that are the MOST racist.

    I found blacks to be the MOST racist and also the most accusatory when it comes to racism. Interestingg.

    I find Asians EXTREMELY racist towards blacks and whites.

    I find whites to be NOT that racist, but they do make a lot of funny jokes about other races, which may be something to change. However, the racism I experienced from non-whites has been far more deep and vicious.

    Blacks, Asians, and ALL races jokes about white people all the time: the way they talk, walk, eat, dance, dress etc etc. And you know what? White people appreciate a good joke and there’s no hard feelings, they laugh, realise the truth and the humour behind the joke and then carry on about their day…

    Make a joke about how black people eat tons of chicken (haha, cause they do) and watch the racist card get thrown around, there will be news reports on the “offender” etc etc

    So, thats my two cents. Whites are the LEAST racist AND the MOST mature when it comes to dealing with racist comments. Blacks seem to be the MOST racist and least mature when dealing with race. There I said it.

    Also, ALL races have been subjected to slavery at one point. Remember the holocaust? Most of those slaves were white. The Asians built the railroad in Canada and were kept in concentration camps etc, Black men of power sold other black men as slaves etc etc. We’re all (the human race, I mean) going to hell, we’re ALL guilty. Except there is no such thing as hell, or heaven for that matter…but hey thats another blog isn’t it??

  • Gatz Rexdale

    no it aint possible

    “how bout u say nigga n I change interest rates”

    Nuff SAID

  • Gatz Rexdale

    also a lot of white ppl say racism exists against whites because of so and so point to isolated incident.

    remember racism requires systematic power like hmm being the worlds only superpower and bombing, pillagaing and assasinating the leaders of any country that u dont agree with.

    Sound familiar?

    me stabbing u cuz u a cracca aint racism u can say itz me being prejudiced but on a bigger level outside of me n u it doesnt change shit.

    other way around just continues white domination of POC everywhere.

    Honestly fucc it Im not gonna bother

    read my other post

  • beckbeck

    you people are all crazy. white people will be the minority in 50 years anyways because they understand financial responsibility and know what birth control is. in 50 years give me a call and i’ll let you know what racism feels like. for now f-you

  • Until we stop categorizing the minority/majority status of the races or cultures we are not going to accomplish a damn thing. People are people. Skin color doesn’t matter any longer. Technology has propelled our species into a new age where nationality, religion or race really don’t count unless we perpetuate the colonialist Caucasian mentality of days of yore.

    We are headed for a global currency — it’s bound to happen. The vision of Alexander the Great may come to pass. The USA is no longer the only powerhouse and falling from the pedestal seems too painful for some of us. It’s time to break open the files at the US Patent Office and retrieve all those inventions bought by the major corporations over the years which could have circumvented our society’s heroin-like addiction to oil and cheap merchandise.

    Opportunities abound for those of us who are willing to shut the door to past practices and gear up for the new world order we choose to create. Perhaps John’s vision on Patmos foretells not a Satanic Age but an age where humans finally achieve civility around the globe.

  • Silas,

    I would like to think that we are too intelligent to be prejudice against each other.

    This was what my father taught me…

    Unfortunately, he died when I was young.

  • sathish

    I am a black person. why people hate black colour people. white people dominate black people. why????????????????????????

  • Cveta

    Many white people are hard working people, for this reason some white people have better life. For example where white people live around are clean and neat, but where some people of color live around are looking dirty and unkempt. It depends of people cultures and believes. You can’t say of white people have a lot privileges; to have a good life someone have to work very hard and archive appropriate education and being smart. I see many black people are MD and lawyers.

  • TOJO

    i;m a japanese man who has lived in the usa, and have met people from all over the world, and i have found whites to be the most racist people on the planet. i have never seen the level of hatred from anyone else. white people put more effort and thinking into racism than anyone on the globe. white americans in particular are extremely racist, more so than their european counter parts. i have friends who are from africa, african american, mexican, arab, asian, etc…, and even white. i know some lovely white people, but even with that said, i still believe they are the most racist. i think white people invented racism. i cant even think of racism happening if the world had not come in contact with whites.

  • azazel

    of coarse there is racism against white people especially by our own law makers if 5 black men beat up a white man and rob him its a robbery or mugging first offense 3 to 5 years in prison but if 5 white man beat up and rob a black man its racist and holds hate crime enhancement of up 20 years which perfectly reflects my piont its racist but none of you recognise the social seeds of hatetred and division our media and government plant. i guess it makes me racist for saying it but think about this ………. what if im black

  • BigPat

    From what I understand, most people of other ethnicity seem to think that racism toward whites is fair, they seem to rationalize by thinking that all white people are either racist or they’re closet racists, and if they aren’t racist then f*ck’em anyway ’cause they’re uncool. That ideology is a stereotype, and it’s wrong. I would never automatically assume a person is bad or has ill intentions, I’m all about whether or not they have a personality of good character. I used to live in NYC and the places I was at was in East Harlem and South Bronx where I used to live, even most gangstas and thugs didn’t hurt nobody unless they deserved it. I never owed anybody money, I wasn’t flashy with anything like “hey look what I got, come rob me”, and I didn’t talk sh**. Black and latin dudes on the street were my friends. But so many others gave me hell in The Bronx, with every little bit of respect I got there was always more racist b@stards who reminded me that I’m white.

  • Jacob Greb

    racism towards whites is everywhere it just isn’t politically correct to aknowledge it. Could you imagine what would happen if someone tried to set up an United-anglo college fund? Or White History Month?

  • Blythe

    Don’t yall see.
    Everyone blames white people for being racist.
    I’m not saying we always aren’t.
    Everyone needs to just get along. God put us all here on this Earth, he wants us all to get along. We are all his children.
    I agree with what Jas said.
    We can’t dwell on what happened in the past. We have to look forward to the future with open minds.

  • Charlotte

    dsd108, you hate us so much, quit speaking english. its an EVILLL white, european language.

  • empire

    Two years ago some friends and I decided to get a house together. We had just turned 21 and were in our prime party years, and although all of us were white some of us had relatives that were black. My mother adopted a black kid whos parents were gang members when he was around 16. He grew up racist towards white people after watching some of the movies like the color purple, and learning about slavery in school. We would often have talks on this subject and because of this we both realized that racism is based on personal opinion and no one can change that. He said after all the years he hated whites he would have never thought he would consider them the only family he had. As time went on my friends and I found a house. Not thinking twice about it we moved into a mostly black neighborhood. I use the term “not thinking” because i myself have lived in the same neighborhood as a kid and knew alot of the neighbors from school or sports. After living there a month and inviting anyone to come hangout with us or join in on our activities we never had any negative confrontations. Then the unexpected happend. It was just another night in the house(whites,blacks,asians,mexicans,ext ext..)all partying together when a argument started between a black guy in the house and a group of them in the yard. within seconds more and more started arriving. Fearing that the cops were going to be called i tried to get the kids to take it down the road, thats when more showed up. At this point a majority of our friends had left since we didnt even know who all these kids were. this is when i realized the kid first yelled at was just a decoy to get the owners of the house to come outside(me and my friends)Now 4 of white kids are faced with a mob of black kids…Confused and naive on the danger i walked my girlfriend to her call and walked back through the crowd of black kids. As i was walking i heard “ima tag this white boy right here!” before i knew it i was blindsided in the corner of my eye and nose by brass knuckles. My mind began to race as i did the math in my head-my 3 friends are on my porch, and im in the yard surrounded by 40 black kids(later in the police report it was stated that more than 60 black kids showed up)As i grabbed my face and my eyes began to swell shut i heard the worst…gun shots! With my eyes watering from my nose and my vision blind i began to think this was it..pop!-zip-pop!-zip-pop! pop!-zip zip is all i heard as i army crawled my way to the side of my house. i remember hearing bullets hitting windows then feeling the glass fall on me…i anticipated when and where i was going to be shot..how it was going to feel..i remember the screams of girls and wondering which one of my friends were already dead…after reaching the back of my house i snuck through the back door into the back bathroom…i got enough tissue to plug my nose and i ran out the back…fearing that the kids were still in the neighorhood i kept running, still blind from the tears and blood from my nose. I began to hear the sirens of police cars and thought whos running from the scene as well? keep moving!dont stop! it wasnt until i got to the hospital that i realized how severe the night was. 3 people were shot(all friends of the blacks) 5 stabbed randomly in the night(also friends of the blacks). The emergency room was full of people from my house. The next day i saw the morning paper. It was headlined “hate crime strikes local neighborhood” the picture wasnt of my shot up house(which we were evicted from) but of the church across the street which was an all black church. It showed grafiti on the church logos of kkk signs, nazi logos, and anything else you could tie to whites. The next day i was visited by an FBI officer. i was being charged with a hate crime on the “african americans” i was furious!! are you kidding me? i thought how is this happening? after losing confidence in the legal system i started to do my own investigating. I already knew some of the kids involved since they were on tv playing the victims, but i didnt know why they would want to do something like this. I was then approached by a black kid that lived in the same area. he told me that the group had been planning on doing this ever since us white kids moved in…they planned there attack for the whole month, and that night rounded up 60 plus to come and get us out of “their” neighborhood….now to my point about how racism only goes from whites to whoever…if white kids were to gang up on a black kid that would be all over cnn…riots would break out…but since it happend to white kids it was forgotten about. Its the same with equal opportunity employment. If a mexican were to walk into a white owned business and try to get a job and not get it…lawsuits start…but if i were to walk into a mexican owned business and apply for a job and not get it im supposed to feel ok with it…and if i were to even get upset about it im considered racist…By the way im Irish, not white, by the way last time i checked i never owned slaves, but yet i owe it to black people to suck up to them and apologize…you wanna know why racism still exist? because black people dwell about things that happend to people they never even knew…and take it out on people who would have actually gave them a home if their parents were to get involved in gangs and abadon them….

  • Bri

    Im just going to say that it really pisses me off to be called a ‘ white Devil’. Not only that, but the true fact is that blacks steriotype themselves. This does not go for all of them, but the most. They create their own perversion by making the music that insults women, having no coothe in public and segregating themselves. Maybe the blacks should get over the slavery part of history and get familiar with some other important parts of their history.. such as when segregation became illegal. Its funny to me how they are so willing to fight for hundreds of years of history they know nothing about, yet, they still segregate their own kind.. Oh, and lets think about the government aspect. How about how many black people requir government asistants vs. the White Devils? How many of them actually live in environments that are not made into filth by their own kind? But their modo is.. ‘ we put on for this city… on for this city’ Yeah Right. So lets create a thug vile and beat up any poor little white kid that has to pass their way to get to school every day..then we will just call the kid racists when he decides he doesnt want to sit with us at lunch…

  • Zamial

    Hahaha…so many blacks are so egocentric. Racism, though taught so in schools, does not mean “anti-black”. (To say African-American would be a repeat of a common blunder as most black people in the U.S. are American citizens.)

    Racism (if ever there was such an abused and misused word) is simply prejudice based on skin color. Period.

  • Maybe we should make “racism” the “R” word like we did with the “N” word. Racism is prejudice. Hating Italians is prejudice. Being anti-Semitic is prejudice. Prejudice should not be tolerated. On the other hand hating politicians is logical.

  • I think many of these comments are horrendous, and I can’t believe that people wrote them. However, I am representing the thought-police for even suggesting this idea.

    Is this what the right to free speech really looks like? I think that many of these comments look more like the right to express, stupidity and ignorance than exercising a constitutional right.

    Wake up! This is the year 2010.

  • cr

    No matter if their were no race difference at all , humans will always find a new reason to hate someone. Rich will hate the poor. brown eye will hate the blue eye. Religion atempts to make us civilized.

  • K

    Lol Everyone rags on dsd’s racial remarks but very few self-proclaimed white people say anything about the racial remarks espoused by other self-proclaimed white people posting derogatory comments. Talk about an air of passive-aggressive here. Also, it is quite easy to develop ideas and inventions that led to modern society when you had African slaves doing hard labor, moronic poor whites thinking they could rub shoulders with the elites because they were white and allowed to act as overseers(that dream is still going on to this day), keeping First Nations on the defensive by justifying Manifest Destiny, etc. These same whites rag on about not bringing up old shit but remember that the system today was built on acts of the past and the dominant-status enjoyed by whites today was and is a product of that past. So… when do any white folks care to tackle on white-dominated society and non-whites being seen as the “Other”?

  • notsotrue.

    um hi.. just reading through the comments. saw someone say new zealand is an example of a country where races mix and survive, get along, etc etc. they dont. you are allowed groups relating to ‘better’ races called ‘black’ something.. but ur not allowed any groups called ‘white’ something. there are certain scholoarships for school and universitys JUST for maori and pacific island students. at schools, people are afraid of the so called ‘gangstas’. there is soooo much racism towards asians and indians. there is alot of skinheads who think they are cool but are stupid as hell. sure..people get along.. but there is alot of nastyness too.

  • STM

    Charles Darwin’s ancestors have been traced back to ancient Africa in worldwide geneological project.

    So Darwin was right.

    And all the racist crap on here is wrong.

    And yes, whote folks were slaves. The many, many thousands transported from Britain to Australia in the 100 years from 1788 for crimes such as stealing a handkerchief or if you were Irish, just daring to suggest that Ireland might like to run itself.

    The country was founded on its white convict slaves … and celebrates its national day as the day the firdst convict ship dropped anchor in Sydney Harbour.

    Many transportees were treated so brutally, they didn’t survive the 13,000 mile voyage, and those that did make it were lucky to survive their sentences. Most were never allowed to return home.

    Oh, and they were chained up, too.

    So no, no white people can ever know or understand what it means to be descended from people forcibly removed from everything they knew and loved and forced to work the rest of their lives for nothing but food and a place to sleep, and to be discriminated against not for their colour but for their status as non-members of society.

    But the one thing Australians are grateful for: all the party people got sent to the best place, a sun-drenched continent bordered by the Indian ocean on one side and the Pacific on the other.

    All the doyens of society got left behind on a miserable, rainy, grey, windswept rock in the north sea.

    They got everything arse-about.

    Now the bastards are all knocking down the door trying to get in, but it’s too late.

    It’s our country now … and do ya hear US complaining??

  • bryan e h

    I would say that most people love racism as long as they are not the target, and if say blacks were in power over whites, I really do not think they would be as kind to whites as whites have been to black. So really it’s all about power. I think in America at least Blacks will cease to exist in a few generations because they alway breed outside their own race and white skin always dominates black skin.

  • Leo

    So does race really exist? Just because of a different phenotype. I’m rather confused because a guy from Spain has brown eyes and black hair and he’s white but in the U.S he isn’t. I mean racism towards Hispanics is the stupidest thing. You can be black, white, mestizo, Asian, and still be Hispanic. Same with the skinheads being anti-semetic and being right wing Christians, even though Jesus was Jewish. Or Mal. X racism towards whites, yakub didn’t exist! But still racism will continue to exist till man destroys themselves. Oh what a glourious day.

  • Mike

    Racism , prejudiced and hatered knows no boundaries. I am a male white, that should not matter but it does. once I put that down everyone reading it has formed some opinion of me. I read these posts and realize we for the most part don’t even see our own anger and hatreds. I have experienced racism from African Americans who probably feel that it was not. I for one felt that being called a cracker and white mother fucker was racism. We all would rather be the victim , just easier than looking at ourselves.

  • Dennis Teel

    show me one..just one predominantly black area in the usa that isn’t much higher in crime,than ANY predominantly white area!!

    there ain’t one bozos!!i won’t EVER live ina predominantly black area.effing ghetto!! and generally voucher or section 8 as well.

  • M H

    All races have been slaves. Black slaves in America and Europe. Jewish and white slaves in Europe and Africa. Asian slaves in Asia and Europe and America.

    Just because blacks were enslaved for a 200 years does not lessen or empower the jews enslavement in Egypt for thousands of years.

    But tell me
    What American Today has been enslaved?

  • Mike

    Black people were never enslaved in America.

  • Interesting thesis, Mike. So… all those people whose names are in public records as having been slaves… were Polish?

  • Bonnie

    Is it? Yes, if you check out this fundraiser in Palm Beach article. “The Cracker Ball”. “Palm Beach Society Honors ‘White Trash'”

  • Rob

    To most people, being blue eyed and fair skinned as I am makes people think I am white. I am not 100% white. I am proud of the Native American ancestry that flows in my veins. I know a lot about Native Americans from being around them and having close bonds with them. I get offended if someone calls me white. They don’t know me.
    White is a state of mind,invented. Aryanism is false. White pride is false.
    We are all mixed of different ancestries. We should attempt to know and familiarize them. I speak 20 languages fluently (well at least 10 more than the others because of constant usage). I taught myself these languages and also learned all I can about different cultural groups. I don’t like the euro-christian mentality that unfortunately pervades this planet.

  • AmericanBadass

    @DSD108 i think all the bullshit you spout is hilarious. Half the things you write are wrong. There’s too many for me to even begin. The hypocrisy you display on this thread is truly astounding. You talk about how racist the white snake is. Then you make comments generalizing us all into one large group. You posted that story about a young boy shooting 13 african americans then saying that they deserved it and finished it by saying that all black people should be killed. or something to that effect. Essentially, you’re the same as that kid when it comes to white people. You want to kill us all. In reality you probably don’t have the guts to say all this to anyone in person so you go rant about it on the internet where you can remain anonymous. In approximately 2 months i will be on a trip to Europe. I will get to visit your country, England. I hope that i meet you there but you better pray to whatever God you worship that you don’t meet me. Any person who rejoices when hundreds of thousands of innocents are killed are just as bad as the people that they are trying to make speeches about. If you rejoiced on 9/11 I would love to hunt you down right now and teach you just how evil us white people really can be when enraged.

  • Face the Slayer

    Does anybody want to suck me off? 😮

  • AFJK

    it is possible to be racist against white people, i know. some people actually assume things that i say are racist, even though they’re not, but would they assume that if i was black? i don’t think so. i know people who have insulted someone who is black with and insult completely un racist, but get accused of racism. and actually, to me, that is really hurtful. it hurts me because i know i’m not. even though some people might say that it isn’t proper racism it is treating someone differently and insulting them because of the colour of their skin.

  • Typical Successful Asian

    Seriously, so many white people fail so badly nowadays, its funny how they still remain so damn cocky.

    Racism against white people? Guess where that came from? Naturally, non-whites FIRST experienced racism, and hence are just returning the ‘favour’ when they can (if they could).

    Its thanks to the majority of whites who are epic failures that we have poor white trash, fatsos, losers, failures, scum of society, etc etc.

    In fact, of those whites who succeed in ‘white society’, a majority of them DEPEND on racism to do so. Shows how much they fail when Asians STILL beat their arses down amidst all the discrimination. As for the very few whites who don’t depend on racism, they themselves aren’t very racist, but still(sigh..)are nowhere near ‘non-racist’. And they by no means have not-not benefited from racism in some ways along the course of living.

    The only way to end racism is to kill off all failures in which ever race they originate from. An Asian chick going out with white trash? kill her. A white chick going out with a black guy? Kill her. A black chick going out with an asian guy? Kill her. Kill the white trash. Kill the gangsta. Kill the slacker. When all losers are dead and dead, only then will people no longer be able to say “White trash”, or “Poor shit”, or “Nigger”, or “Immigrant”.

    Of course the act in itself is entirely “Racist”, hence why we’re all getting the brainwashing about “stop racism”. White people know that if it carried on, they are so going to die.

  • Typical Dumb White Bloke

    Yeah, that’s right Typical Successful Asian … that’s why so many people from Asia are banging down the door trying to get in to – and in on – the stable, free, wealthy societies us poor, failing white folks created.

  • mike3

    @K: I don’t think those types of remarks are good EITHER. ALL racism is wrong. It doesn’t matter who’s the target and who’s the one doing it. It’s just bad.

    Do you think “poor” people are all “morons”? And why are all the “elites” composed of whites, mostly? THAT is a big big prob. (and I’m not impressed with today’s “elites” — politicians, leaders, etc. pretty much all of them don’t seem to care about doing the real hard stuff to make the big changes)


    Can racism against white people — the original topic here — exist? Yes, it can. Racism can be directed from any race to any race. Though white-against-black racism has historically been the most impacting, that doesn’t mean that other forms don’t exist or that they aren’t growing in “popularity”. Esp. when you move outside the Western and White man’s world, where other races are in the majority position.

  • This is Nonsense

    There is no such thing as race. It was invented a long time ago. There is much more diversity in the human species than there is between races. Essentially, we all come from the place. The word race is a misnomer which, implies that we have separate characteristics rather than being a homogeneous species. I’m not going to label myself as white, black, or whatever. I am a human and that is all.

  • noninferiourblkwom

    I do agree with the whites on this blog,
    that blacks should get over slavery and put
    more effort into being more responsible and
    less whine. White americans, reguardless of
    whether or not you owned slaves,which many in the south did, yet many US white families did not,need to let your fellow US minorities,including blacks know that yes you do acknowlege, with no but….s that
    evil barbaric acts where commited against
    you and the end of Jim Crow is less than 50 years old, and many whites did not like the civil rights laws of 1964 and yes racism
    is still here in the US, and yes, “I, do
    understand your bitterness, for I would too..,” but progress is being made, even if
    slow, and yes, not all whites want to be included in that prgress “you do not have the right, to purposely treat me, my family or any thing that has to do with “white” of
    this present generation, with bad behavior including racism and thoughts of retailiation, in doing so “puts you and not me, on the exact same side of evil”,as was done by previous generations of my white race” My current generation of whites, needs to be willing to listen, stop the
    denials,comprehend understanding” and stop
    with they’re lazy, they’re this that …..,
    And blacks of this generation, need to stop
    blaming whites for slavery, jim crow, chains, lynchings, yes there will still be
    discrimination against blacks, but that can no “longer be the primary excuse” for bad
    behavior, including drugs, gangs, dropping
    out of school, and fathering a bunch a children, not wanted. A bad or negative looking image, may have more to do with our
    current situation if bad, than “anger at slavery”. renew re-thinking of today, will
    provide solutions for future, for all races!

  • bobby

    What has happened here is one or two fucks has ruined most of the relevancy these comments might have had to the article.

    The fact is white people grow more facial hair than Japanese people and the men have bigger dicks.

  • Carl

    Are you stupid? Racism is racism. It doesn’t matter who does it.

  • jen

    of course racism against white people is possible. I’m part white and part asian, and i’ve experienced racism toward white people, asian people, AND mixed people. there are still lots of forms and surveys that only let you check one race and don’t have a mixed or other category. that’s racist against white people who are also part something else. and you know, the word “slave” comes from the word “slav,” and slavs are white! so it’s not only minorities whp were slaves.

  • kyle

    It happens on both sides of the fence. those who dont believe this are HYPOCRITES. all racist of NE color or ethnic origin should be gathered up , put in a giant whole , and buried alive on top of each other , so the can suffocate in their on shit and piss.

  • DrunkenKiwi

    Explain New Zealand?
    I live in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, an I can tell you that we live in a constant state of ethnic diversity. However we still suffer the after effects of Colonisation. Whether it comes from maoris demanding reparation hundreds of years afterwards, based on some obscure and otherwise forgotten claim, or from the NewZealand-European community, lashing back at what they see as Unfair and undeserved benefits.
    We still have major separation between our multiple ethnic groups.
    Notably in Auckland. West Auckland is generally thought to hold the majority of the low/middle-class “White” Population. The Northern Suburbs are given over to Upper class ponses, from all walks of ethnic life, but once again, mostly NZ-Europeans. South Auckland reamins to this day the domain of the Pacific Islanders, Indians, and Maoris.
    Eastern Suburbs Are Dominated by Asians and Indians.
    New Zealand is far from the pillar of Ethnic Diversity you seem to think it is, Neither is Hawaii. Humankind will always feel more comfortable with the race/ people they were raised with, which is most likely to be that of their Birth-Parents.
    White people, i have found, are far more oppressed in everyday life that ANY minority in New Zealand.
    If There was to be a WHITE PRIDE rally, it would be campaigned against, Protested, and most likely shut down. But there is a Maori Pride rally, Asian Pride Rallys, even a straight out BLACK PRIDE parade.
    Also the language restrictions placed upon the White community are much tougher than that of others.
    For example: I have personally witnessed a young Pacific Islander address a “Black” police officer, saying “Whats up N****R”. To this the Police Officer replied “Oh whats up dude.” However when addressed with the exact same words by a youth of approximately the same age who happened to be of european descent, the Police Officer became abrubt and angry, shouting at the youth and threatening to harrest him for abusing an officer.
    Rascism goes both ways, but it is far to conveniently easy to overlook rascism when it is directed at an Ethnic Majority

  • human

    I would like to have a board of a mix of all of us here now who are truly trying to find the way to get us out of this baggage, confusion, and pain (for many). We all are stereotyped and affected by others in the way they label us and treat us. I don’t think anyone wants to feel the brunt of this no matter what group you come from. How can we get to a level ground where we can all be on the same page? I’ve travelled across the planet and spent periods of time immersed and welcomed into others homes who are not of the same background as my own. I know there is a place where people can love one another without even thinking of difference as something bad or even noteworthy, and enjoying that difference if anything. I think we really have to explain to each other our own experiences due to our own histories, or histories that have happened before us, and how they affect our way of viewing things. Then we can learn how to appropriately interact with each other regarding subject matter such as this. It is so so hard for us to understand the experience, and thus emotions, of others if they haven’t been deeply opened up to us. We have no way of truly knowing how they feel because they’re experience is so foreign to our own, and some of it is extremely painful. The thing is each of us feels our own pain in some way and we have to realize that, and realize we are looking for an end to the confusion. We are all the same family, but history, and certain people, have manipulated us into thinking we are not.

  • DH

    I am always a little amazed that black Americans have this idea that white people have any clue where there family lineage comes from. It is like people think that if you are white you can just pop on a plane to Europe and stroll down the streets of your homeland, speaking your native language in absolute bliss. Most of us “white” people are mutts. I know precious few white people who were born in America that know anything about their “heritage.” If a white person does not have a European accent or a trust fund then you can be pretty sure they do not have a clue about their family tree.

    Black people tend to think we all came over here on luxury liners with silver spoons in our mouths. Some of my family came here as indentured servants. They were from all over the place…Ireland, Germany, Scotland, England, Austria and likely more. My great grandmother was Blackfeet and my other great grandmother’s family hid out in the mountains to avoid the trail of tears. The rest, I have no clue. I don’t know what town in Ireland they came from or where in Germany they hailed from or what languages they spoke or what religions they held or what family traditions they had. Is all that crap only important to black Americans? Is the fact that my family was shoved on a ship and sent to do generations of hard labor okay? Is the fact that most slave owners of the world were and still are actually brown and not white okay? I mean you do know that the original slave owners were Portuguese and Muslim right? White Europeans were involved in slave trade for a very short period of time. Africa and the middle east continue in the slave trade.

    Hate white people all you want. I mean it is a free country. I have undoubtedly hated people for reasons as silly as skin color. Just don’t lie to yourself about the reality of the situation.

  • Harry

    No, racism can only be done by white people. It is only racism if it is continuing a legacy of racism, of which only white people have a legacy. Some things which are unacceptable to whites like cannibalism, ritual sacrifice and genocide, are culturally acceptable to most Africans as you would find if you went there. If you condemn those things, that’s just your racist opinion. Why should they be accused of “racism”? They did not do systematic exterminations like whites. For a black person to be “racist” is not a bad thing and I encourage it fully. They are not “morally” accountable. Only whites are “morally” accountable because it is their “morals” we’re talking about, which condemn racism. To accuse a black person of being racist, is therefore a racist thing to do

  • Jordan Richardson

    I’ve never seen so many fucking idiots in one place before. Jesus Christ.

  • medullitus

    The argument against the possibility of black racism toward whites, is not “because whites are in the majority and therefore have the power.” The white race in America has the power because it has controlled the major institutions for centuries. It is embedded, and no census changes are going to affect that. Detroit has been a black-majority city for a long time now, yet no one can honestly say blacks there hold power over the minority white populace. Blacks can be prejudiced and hate whites with the heat of seven furnaces, but they cannot put that hatred into practice in a way that affects white society as a group. They cannot as a group practice racism against whites

  • samuel welsh

    racism is sick and stupid

  • samuel welsh

    nz has great race diversity
    sadily some racism toward china though
    avoid christchurch

  • Naomi

    Blacks weren’t the only ones who were slaves. SO BLACK PEOPLE STOP THINKING THAT YOU WERE!!!!!

    Half of you have no right to even try to live off of your great great grandparents legacy. You aren’t opressed now. You aren’t being mistreated now. Just because someone makes fun of you does not mean you are being treated like a slave.

    Memphis, TN is the prime spot to show how racist black people are especially towards hispanics (which they call “spics”-racist) and whites. It’s incredible to see how rude and mean they are.

    Welfare is practically handed out to them just because of their skin color and they shout “racism” every 2 seconds. PLEASE THERE IS NO RACISM HERE OTHER THAN THE RACISM THAT BLACK PEOPLE CREATE.

  • Bill Oraly

    Racism, white people got it coming to them.

  • Bill Oraly

    hmmm, what to burn in their front yards, any ideas?

  • samuel welsh

    japanese are not racist ,they like the
    cuiteness and coolness of things european, chinese,korean and african.

  • Ned .Kelly

    in the case if u all don’t know the slavery was created by arabian population in the antiquity and mor later by spanish(not white) who made trade with people from africa

  • Just a big nosed white guy

    just for once in my life I would like to be called caucasian instead of white and also the reason white people tend to achieve more is because if a white person gets refused a job its because they were not good enough and not because of the color of their skin you cant spend your life making excuses I am genuinely trying to be helpful by making this statement and I think that the biggest stereotype out there is (white people are racist) I mean no offence by this and recconise that most black and asian people do suffer terrible racism as I have seen it with my own eyes on many occasions and I am disgusted by it. I would say the japanese are right as I am a white guy with a big nose I dont no why but Im not offended by this. the most offensive thing you could say to a white person is you are racist you will never know how much this hurts

  • Jim

    White people have been made slaves for hundreds of years. Stop relying on the television for your history lessons. Look up the Ottoman Empire and then Piracy from the Barbary Coast/ Algiers prior to the French invasion.

  • VTM

    To Naomi,

    You sure have a rudimentary understanding of oppression. Here, I’ll dumb it down excessively. There exist two similar people made distinct by their names, Mr. Blue and Mr. Green. Both exist in a society of (arbitrarily) marathon running, where their worth is directly linked to the amount of training they do. Whoever works harder earns more. Now Mr. Blue takes a shotgun and blasts Mr. Green’s legs off, which isn’t fatal. Mr. Blue isn’t prosecuted and goes on to live a normal life, raising many marathon runners. Mr. Green’s career is destroyed, and in a society of marathon running, he remains jobless and becomes homeless, but still somehow survives. To make things more relevant, the lack of legs is now hereditary. Whose great great great great great great grand-kids do you think will PROBABLY be better off? If Mr. Blue’s exploits were known to the modern progeny, do you deny that they would remain upset despite change in legislation which makes discrimination against the legless illegal?

    I apologize if my example seems far-fetched, it was the first thing to come to mind.

  • Jaime

    To dsd108, there weren’t a whole lot of white people in Jesus’ area guy.

  • I believe all races should be free to live non as slaves for their color. Yes temporary slave service as an option instead of jail. I am white and there are a lot of Mexicans who don’t like me or i don’t like them. I have friends of all races though and condone this. Blacks are still today being slaves by other blacks in Africa. So I don’t think people should be attacked for past mistakes. No we should not be having kids together though. I believe this b/c The Bible and because then we will be less diverse creating more tension and becoming 1 super race possibly. Or maybe Hitler will rise again on who knows whos side. So lets all just try to get along and help each other. Yes that guy who said evolutionists about killing Africans Indians, etc. b/c they r consuming 2 much. But NO that is bad. The EU and US is doing it though and more then to just that. Government and Bill Gates and a few more wealthy people are plotting to make a new world order the ruled and the government. SO LETS JOIN TOGETHER AND FIGHT! Add me as friend, or message me on FB for more knowledge

  • Jon

    Notice how this article was about Japanese portrayals of whites when Japanese citizens dress up in costumes as whites. Of course spineless white leftists and their black counterparts had to make it all about their argument of “railing” against institutionalized white racism. What morons…learn some reading comprehension leftists.

  • Fenfanfinou

    Of course racism against white people is possible,you idiots!Its just that you are all brainwashed to believe that “politically correct racism“ exists.White racism is widespread.I once read a news story about a man who was going to get copyright for “white pride“,and was told he couldnt and got told various other _____ prides he could have registered.So are other types of racism,such as Asian and black-skinned stereotypes.

  • bubu

    Only an American could be serious when stating ”is it possible” …. the fact that you’re even asking yourselves is it possible makes it racism.
    Your problem (and by your I mean all Americans of all colors :-)is your mentality.
    Black Americans think that what happened to their ancestors is the biggest world tragedy ever, same as White Americans think the Civil War was some kind of cataclysm.
    Well not even close. People survive wars etc in their lifetimes and continue their lives without hating other people and you guys are constantly back on something what happened 300 years ago, something you didn’t experience at all…that’s really sad and pathetic and is a result of boredom in your lives.
    So, to sum up, there is no difference between black and white Americans, you all enjoy your mass paranoia and hysteria and roll playing a victim…
    My diagnose – a society illness that you want be able to cure for a long time for sure…
    The only luck is that you have your own continent away from the rest of the world…in case it’s contagious 🙂

  • Loki

    Everyone is a culture discriminator. Europeans where slaves, Africans owned and sold Africans, Swedes had kraulls which were born slaves. China and first nations here in the U.S. are no exception. quit the crying and let the jokes begin.

  • Doug

    Yep even governments .In Quebec,Canada I filed a racial discrimination complaint at our human rights commission and was refused because ” as a white person I am not part of a visible minority”

  • Bob

    Now isnt it a bit racist how colleges have to accept a certain amount of each race as to not look like its showing favouritism over one race inatead of going by GPA and accomplishments they should get rid of the ethnicity on applications so you cant be judged and everyone is treted equal that way you arent judged by your racial background but by your hardwork I mean seriously what does my race have to do with me getting an education or finding a Job

  • wilson

    Aku ” explain Hawaii [as to races coexisting]”

    The native Hawaiians largely don’t like white people. My best mate is going to UofH and he hates how he’s treated by the locals. He described their sentiment as if you arnt local you arnt anything.

    Dsd108, zingzing is right. You’re a fucking Nutter.

    Being prejudice of individual people based on race is closed minded. For every gangbanging 50 cent wannabe there is a gaptooth redneck to make up for it. Being racist on the otherhand is logical. Hating a certain race is wrong, admittedly, but between the 3 main races of people (Caucasian, negroid, and mongoloid) one has to be superior. Nothing is ever equal.
    Even if enough data existed on the subject, it wools be moot to declare a ‘best race’. Why? Because generally a persons genetics arnt going to influence their lives noticeably when compared to their cultural, economic, and ethnic experiences.
    Ill probibly catch hell for saying this but the only times racially dependant differences can be seen is on a global scale. I.e. sub saharan Africa, the cradle of civilization, being a hell on earth with almost no technologly, food, clean water, infrastructure or law and order. On the hand Europe, America, And the common wealth enjoy an over abundance of wealth.

    PS don’t pull my leg with stories about how the slave trade is the reason Africa is a cluster fuck. I mean, its a good thing Europe didn’t have a time of mayham that retarded their culture. A age of darkness that lasted hundred of years. Oh wait that happened. It was called the dark ages.

  • OMG

    Sure there can be racism against white people! There can be any racism!
    State institutions full of hypocrisy promote “positive discrimination” towards non-whites and it is the worst example of racism against whites.
    As for other things, let’s say – a non-white person who doesn’t like whites and refuses to socialise with whites – it’s ok!!! It’s natural for any race to prefer itself!
    I’m white and I’m not insulted at all if a non-white person doesn’t like me because of my skin color. I think it takes a huge inferiority complex to get insulted if somebody just prefers his own race!

  • John Joseph O’Brien

    To Derrick Deese. I ask myself that same question. What is white? That word doesn’t tell me anything or say anything about me. Yes, my complection is white but is that my race? No. As I was born in Ireland, I like to say I’m Irish-American.But there is no space in most forms or documents to tic that off or write it in.

  • John Joseph O’Brien

    Hey people, this is supposed to be a venue to share thoughts, and experiences civily. We are grown adults (I assume) so let’s stop with the crude and vulgar language. That says more about you then the rest of your comment.

  • Lili

    I think there is a lot of racism against white people but no-one wants to hear it, or the majority feel we deserve it for the past. People need to realism all races are the victims of racism. To claim white people cannot be the victims of racism is in itself racist.

    Also, many deplorable things occurred in the past, between all races. It is just because the slave trade is prevalent in our culture and is more recent in history. But what about the victims of Hitler? Do they go on hating the Germans forever?

    I think this hatred is stupid. I am white and I am very proud to be and I am incredibly proud of my family, culture and home. None of my family, even in past generations, had any thing to do with the slave trade. Do people assume I did because I am white? Yes. THAT is racism.

  • Lili

    Also, the only thing that offends me about the Japanese dressing as white people is that if it were reversed, THEY would be offended. Therefore out of decency, they should NOT do it. However I am pretty sure the Japanese still have dolls fashioned like golliwogs. I saw some recently at a festival. I don’t think they are particularly sensitive about racial issues, I suppose they don’t need to be as a homogeneous country.

  • nicole

    hey redneck tht wa wow

  • dayyyuuummm

    I genrally dislike Americans ( Asian, Black, Latino, White, etc ). They are the self appionted avengers for the world, “we are the good guys”, they discriminate on other countries preventing them from having nuclear bombs or military yet maintain both themselves. Why, because it is stereotyped by them that these countries are ‘bad’ ‘terrorists’ or WERE ‘bad’, such as japan. No wonder so many people want to bring america to its knees.

    One side’s hero is anothers terrorist, in other words i would say from a global point of view america is the terrorist. So gtfo America.

  • TheTruth

    The word “racism”, is just another “ism”. People don’t hate other people for no reason. When people have a dislike for others it’s generally because they had bad experiences with that person, or many bad experiences with people of a kind.

    Name calling is childish regardless of what names are called. They could be intellectually attacking a person, or doing what ALL people do, and attacking every perceived flaw, which sometimes involves the origins of one’s race. It’s not racism, it’s name calling.

    Don’t give power to pop culture’s idiom; racism. Don’t be a victim to the word. When individuals are responsible for THEIR OWN actions, we see words like racism do not exist.

  • Sweetness 29

    I am black. I agree with dayuuuuuuum. I live in America and I hate it. Its foundation was built on some bs. And we are terrorists. That is true. Meaning our government. I know that this country is going to fall. The Government goes against anything moral. No prayer in schools for example but you become a convict then you get a Bible. I know all whites arent prejudice, but the hate we see from them have you trying to decipher the neutral ones everyday. Especially, when they make up rules like you gotta wear your natural hair color at schools.But they have highlights. Anything we come up with to better ourselves and self esteem, white people tear it down, and take it. Whats next no weave. Well I tell you what, take your boobs and contacts out. Put your nose on the table then..Nosey always in somebody business..

  • unfair

    It is time to realize the undeniable. White people’s only crime for being white these days is that we spend our time denouncing ourselves and lifting minorities (Mainly just black people) up on a pedestal. I noticed many of the black people on this forum chose to use racism right here! Calling whites “fearful white cunts” and saying it would only be racism if we had been made slaves. WE were! It was the way of the world. I’m guessing this is why wealthy Africans were also very involved in the slave trade, selling their own people. Every race has been used as slaves at some point in time. I’m tired of white people being cowardly and not saying enough is enough! A hate crimes a hate crime! As long as We, the American people of all races and cultures, continue to pity and agrandize one race, we are not actually comming any closer to racial equality. I’m sure in some way or another, an ignorant individual of any race, will brand me as a racist just for giving my views. Time to stop kissing one races ass and focus on how ALL races can unite and become equal. Nobody owes black people anything but themselves. I’ve grown up in a different time. To be honest I’ve grown up in “Black America” where it is totally cool to hate upon anybody or anything as long as it is not black. Open your eyes! Be real Black America, time to quit hating everybody as you believe everybody once hated you, and work with the rest of us to make America a loving and safe place with equal opportunities for EVERYONE!

  • sallycinnamon

    The comments on this site are hilarious, do people just make stuff up? or read stories and interprate them in their own insane way? I think groups like the BNP and the aryan alliance or whatever theyre called are disgusting human beings but they are the minority, most other white people find them vile as well, on the other hand I have been on the recieving end of racism from members of the asian community where i live, why is this acceptable? my mother always told me to treat people how i would expect to be treated, regardless of wealth, race or religion. why is it that the feelings of a white person who is verbally or physically abused because of their race is not considered as as important as that of the black or asian person being abused by the white man? We could all benefit by being a little more tolerant of others.

    ps lorreta, i feel for you if you really have suffered that degree of racial abuse (i think you might be embellishing slightly like young girls tend to) but i visit birmingham regularly, I find it to be friendly, vibrant, very multicultural, I have never had any problems there, and even though i am white i was allowed outside after 7pm, in fact i was out all night.



  • Blergh

    To Rufus Brown:

    White people have been slaves, the turks kidnapped many of my forefathers in the 16th century and in scandinavia a lot of people were sold to slavery in the middle-east. Alot of irish people were also used as slaves for centuries. I, for example, am partially descended of slaves, still I am completely european(white..)

  • pride-isnt -racist

    I’m sick of the assumption that only whites can be racist. Racism, by definition is “discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race”. It doesn’t matter what color you are, if you make fun of a race, for any reason, you are racist.

    You’re proud to be black
    I’m proud to be white
    that isnt a reason for us to fight

    you carry a gun
    i carry a pen
    but we are both movers of men

    set aside your anger
    and be my friend
    because everyone simply dies in the end

  • ssadsa

    of course racism against white is possible…loke to france u…we live in our own continent.and they are making fun of at local people,rape,crime,thefts,use our government for there needs,,against us… there is no democracy in europe any more and no freedom of speech

  • Tom

    There is a difference between “allowed” and “possible.” Black people making jokes about white people is just as racist as the reverse, a double standard just exists. (either way, they are just jokes in both cases).

  • BiscuteatingcrakerX

    You know, I’m pretty sure that most if not all black people in North America of verifiable slave decent. should be thankful to each and every white person that ever lived in North America. If the white forefathers didnt bring the slaves over here, then you the african Americans would more then likely be a disease infested, poverty stricken, starved, ignorant, godless war mongering degenerate african race on your motherland. afterall for the most part thats what the black race is here in The U.S. Oh by the way didnt the native black tribes in Africa sell there soul brothere to the whiteman ! In any event there is no law that says any american can not leave this country, white or black. so if a human dosent like it here in the U.S. then get out !

  • SeanV

    This is an easy and direct question to answer mine is yes becaue i’ve seen and heard alot of rasm towards white people.Notice its raising a question towards color and since the word minoroties is being used constantly if you were to were to seperate whites to non whites in the world who do you think is the minoroty is then do the math.
    There’s about 6.5 billion people in the world roughly.

    Asia (3970)
    Africa (925 million)
    Europe (730)
    Latin/South America/Carribean (560)
    North America (330)
    Oceania (35)
    World’s 10 largest countries, by population:
    China (1300 million)
    India (1120)
    USA (300)
    Indonesia (225)
    Brazil (190)
    Pakistan (165)
    Bangladesh (150)
    Russia (140)
    Nigeria (135)
    Japan (130)

  • Celia

    I am a half Caucasian, half Latina girl. I was never taught Spanish by my own family. I have been called “gringa” (an insulting way to say “white”) and “guera” (“light skinned, blond”)by my own family. Apparently it’s a disgrace that I’m white, a disgrace that I wasn’t taught spanish, etc. Yes, white people enslaved many people of other races. But if it weren’t for SOME white people, they’d still be enslaved today. The world is more segregated today than it ever has been, but the argument is whether or not we’re choosing it or not. Many races CHOOSE to live around people of their own race because that’s what they feel is “right” or what makes them comfortable. If we don’t face racism then where did “cracker”, “redneck”, “gringa”/”gringo”, “hick” and MANY others come from. Is this not racism? I believe it is. I can’t even walk around in the open in Mexico without worrying about getting kidnapped by some Mexican gang-bangers because of the fact I’m white. I’m sorry, but personally, many of these comments offended me.

  • BettieW

    My own experience has shown me that blacks (American blacks) are the biggest bullsh*t artists today. They will say anything – I mean ANY thing – to feel like they’re “one up” and whites are “one down.” It can be a brazen lie or just plain laughable garbage like the ancient black scientist who created the “demonic” white race. No need to debate with them about that or whether white people smell like wet dogs or any of similar idiocy they think is clever. If we don’t smell like hair grease and cheap perfume, that’s good enough for me! Yes, there’s a lot of blacks who hate whites, and those blacks are racist against white people. It doesn’t bother me much because I like being white. White people should grow a spine and get some pride, if they haven’t got it already. Don’t fall for the minority “shame & blame” game.

  • tim

    White people have been enslaved in the past and they were able to go on with life. Why do blacks always bring up something that ended hundreds of years ago and has no bearing on life today.

  • two dogs

    when all the city jobs are given to black people and all the black people vote for the same thing and all the new laws are passed to benifit blacks and the history books are changed so the young people think a certain way and all the other minorities sit back and benift from all these things and lauph about it all the way to the bank and you are not allowed to say any thing about all these things you are white and you are living in america today

  • Andrew

    This article makes me sick…
    Ok… “Racism” as in, neglecting or abusing someone because of their race…is possible without even questioning it…I believe white people just don’t get offended because most are happy with who they are. I think, people are too anti-racism, i think that is possible. They care so much about having no racism, they like, make sure people are hired out from other ethnicities to make the company look non-racist and things like that…but you won’t get that if a white person applies to work at a sushi store…why is that ? too bad for your image ? what image is that brother ? I think being racially critical and racist are two totally different things…”black president”, “black community” is not racist at all, it is just a norm label, thats being racially critical. Being racist would be if I said Black people are not right in societies and have some racial obligation to crime and messed up societies…you get what I am saying ? white communities need to be more focused and known as white communities, i think white people should have a right to say no to multiculturalism if they wanted to also…It is human nature to be racially critical.

  • Andrew 2

    Europe’s natives are white… And right now, as every day goes by…It is not looking like that…and what can we do about it ? I have been called a racist so much, it has no effect on me. I don’t mind this whole everyone has a right, lingo, if it applied to whites just as much. I think whites have a right to live in societies with their own people if they wish to. Whites being the “majority” race, is no excuse for this…what is their goal for that then ? so whites are not “dominent” ? that is great, now that whites try forgive and forget they take advantage of it and try make the societies as non-white as possible. We just want our kind to live free and safe within our own historical homelands. Free to evolve and pursue natural selection among ourselves at our own choice, speed and direction. Women might then never have a culture where they can be safe, respected and well-treated as opposed as being some clanlord’s possession and lastly of course – our western democracy would then be an old cautionary fable of extinction. And I am not saying that other races cannot be intelligent and benevolent.
    But we have our own unique genetical traits that we ourselves love dearly.
    No other race will care for our continued life on this planet.
    We have to care about us.

  • Andrew 3

    I think, we have a right to be selfsh. I mean, (I am Australian) you caucasian americans fought a bloody history, as bloody as it is, you do not deserve to be a fucking filler for the other races…Just carve, up your nation to suit immigrants “needs” to live a “better life” well guess what ? I am not happy, and who will listen to me ? what if i decide to show expressions of rage and start gunning down people because of it ? Its all part of that mind set that “you need to give the underprivleged a leg up” in order to eliminate the “isms”. Its a sign of stupidity.
    “Lets reduce prejeduce by making a greater gap between the races”.

  • Andrew 4

    If I had a “White Club,” I wouldn’t be allowed to actually keep it, I would probably get sued, disciplined, suspended (if not expelled), beat up/gunned down, stabbed, run over, I’d lose friends, and become generally hated by everyone as it would be considered racist and anti-minority. I couldn’t “go right ahead” and have my “White Club,” even if I wanted to do so, I’d be met with so much hate and violence. That’s what this discussion is about–how the past and everyone’s (whites’ included) mistakes have molded society into a sort of reverse-racist mentality.

  • Andrew 5

    This article is the epitome of reverse racism. It’s even worse than just “reverse racism,” though, because you’re infringing on my rights and offending my sensibilities as some sort of punishment for the actions of what you can only assume are my ancestors, or in other words, because of my race…I am done here for now… Just take the easy road and call me a racist, instead of reading and thinking you have more say that I do.

  • B

    i live in a part of australia where white people are a minority, which was also the case at my school.
    in my class the teacher would start open discussions about the hatred white people deserve. Ive been called every name i can think of, i was not allowed in certain social groups because i was told they only accept indians, asians or africans not white aussies (because according to them we are scum). i have never been racist towards anyone, but when i asked someone if i could borrow a black pen i was labelled a racist by the whole class! i dont understand i thought it was all past everyone by now. im only young but i know that people have been discriminating against me because of the colour of my skin. i can’t change what happened 100 years ago, seriously dont take it out on me just because i was born white, i cant control my appearance! i wish i could have been friends with those people at my school, but they choose to exclude me because of my skin colour, and the ridicule from teachers continues.

  • anne

    you bring up a very good point ‘unfair’ i think all you are saying is true. “White people’s only crime for being white these days is that we spend our time denouncing ourselves and lifting minorities (Mainly just black people) up on a pedestal.” This is very true. as a school student in australia i have noticed more and more forced shame upon white people insinuated through the curriculum. Everything you hear about is all because of the white person eg pollution, slavery, the aboriginal problems, the population increase and the list goes on. I know for a fact that aboriginal people in australia can gain full acceptance over anyone into university in australia for FREE, and they do not need to obtain certain marks to do so, they are allowed to fail and they will still get in. anyone else in australia must bust their buts at school then nearly kill themselves trying to get into uni, and some people get rejected because they cant afford it or they are 1/2 a mark short for their course! now the tables have turned, some non white races have actually obtained more rights than us! for goodness sake what more do u want?! In school i have been directly told by teachers that global warming is because of the white people, that white people are the most racist people and just as ‘B’ mentions i have too experienced direct racial comments from my school teachers for being white. It is wrong how non white people can say what they want about us, yet if we say something in return we are the racists, can someone please explain why it is so lop sided?! and just to add i don’t understand why i as a white person should feel guilty about stuff that happened in the past, i have nothing to do with it and i should not be held accountable for other peoples actions. time and time again i have been told to be ashamed of my heritage because of slavery etc… well hello people my ancestors were brought to australia as welsh slaves!!! do i hold any grudges against the people who enslaved them.. no! it is all forgiven and forgotten, and i really do believe that everyone else should do the same.

  • ROFL

    lol I just read a bunch of posts from white folks hating racism coming from any race and yet have I to read any of these same posters replying to the myriad of racist epithets and discriminatory remarks coming from whites against non-whites. Just another case of “White Lies”, ennit? Gotta love white folks and their insincerity. Why, if I can recall, this same trend of insincerity was played out during all those treaties signed between white society and…

  • ryan p.

    man so much hate on white people in here dsd if you still read this he who controls technology controls the world!!! not my fault my ancestors were extremely intelligent as well as resourceful and came up with things like farming, weapons, money, society, roads, aquaducts, medicine, education(essential to advancing society, also has been around for thousands of years in Rome since before creaser)….essentially civilization..well civilized civilization…..should the bearer of technology not be entitled to use it?? to progress society as a whole???
    and your white people are the devil shit is bull shit all society came from one place…black people are black to protect from the sun, whites are white to adsorb sunlight in the areas they lived lacking high amounts of light for 6 months a year but much better yields for crops…..PUT THAT IN YOUR CRACK PIPE AND SMOKE IT AND NO THATS NOT TWORD BLACK PEOPLE THATS TWORD ALL YOU STUPID PEOPLE TaHT NEED TO GROW UP!!! and realize that were all humans inside we have the same parts, out side were different for a purpose not to segregate!!!
    god wants us to love and care for one another were all his children and he loves everyone no matter what!!!!

  • Sinead

    This is stupid! the argument about being enslaved and then whites can complaine by Rufus Brown BLACKS were inslaved for 400 years WHITE IRISH were inslaved fo 800 years thats DOUBLE!
    Ive been called terrible names by black people I know because Im white Cracker for example thats OFFENSIVE
    Also theres a Nigarian,Kenyan and Simbawayne club in my school but no english or american or Irish or french!

  • troll

    everyone is racist

  • Oh no they’re not!

  • Usman Makhdum

    White comedians are barred from making jokes at the expense of minorities?

    Goodness Shari. Even if that were true – don’t you think your legions of white ‘news’ commentators and Sarah Pailanites saying serious, malicious things about us minorities every single day balances it out a little, maybe?

    Seriously, you Americans have turned ‘Muslim’ into a dirty word. ‘The PRESIDENT IS MUSLIM’ is either defended as a truthful evil truth or decried as a slur. Just stop talking, Shari.

  • wutangclan333

    Why are white people so racist ?

    Why do white people complain about others when they do exactly the same thing ?

    firstly – they complain about other peoples cultures in europe, when they set up their own communes wherever they want around the world, and impose their culture, food and expect the natives to speak english to suit them. They don’t care if they disturb the citizens of that country, and they are rude to them and chuck money at them treating them like their servants

    Secondly – Why are white (descendents of europeans) people still in Australia ? Or South Africa ? or America ? … these lands belong to the Aboriginies, the Black Africans, and the Native American Indian tribes. But white people have occupied these lands and decimated the existing population, and pushed them out to projects and ghettos, and introduced drugs, crime and alcohol to their cultures to criminalise them and legitimise their occupation.

    Shouldn’t these people be put back in europe ? I mean after all, the Europeans used the same argument when returning Jews in the creation of Israel and displacing the Palistinians …

    So would it be ok for me and my people to just go to any european country, push the existing white population out, claim their land, and make laws that say it belongs to us and rename the country and all the cities in my language ? (like Australia … :/ )

    And where did this whole white myth come from ? The word white is associated with light, angels, purity, cleanliness … look at the colour of this page .. are white people really the same colour as this ? … The Answer is .. NO. They use this word to think of themselves as superior to all other colours and races, and make the other races feel inferior in their eyes.

    Until this blatant racism, prejudice, double standards and hypocrisy done by “white people” is not addressed and remedied, why should any other race trust them, their lies, their base animal aggression ? White people always stick together and gang up against minorites because it makes them feel strong and superior. White people are the bullies and ethnic minorities will never be treated as equals in a white majority society.

    And they have the nerve to complain about other cultures and ethnic minorities in their societies constantly attacking them, and their differences, and their values all the time ! physically, politically and in the media. (look at the banning of sikh turbans in france, banning of mosques in switzerland for example …) no freedom of religion, speech or expression if you are non white … otherwise they attack you.

    No top jobs, no matter how hard you work, or how talented you are. Whites will only give the best jobs to other whites and have an elite top inner circle. This is a fact, and every ethnic minority that lives in the west (or in white owned lands .. australia, south africa) has felt this disgusting prejudice.

    They have no right to claim the moral high ground about anything. They have no right to complain about other cultures in their country, as they are doing the same everywhere else in the world. They make war (Iraq for example) and they have stolen resources throughout history (oil most recently), and they introduced disease, and many social ills into those societies to weaken them (alcohol, drugs, medical companies deliberately testing on native populations and infecting them, medical experiments), they have forced people to learn english in their own countries, they massacred so many throughout history (most recently afghanistan civilians), black ops and false flags, to invade other countries (or put in place a dictator that tortures their people, as long as they keep white society rich, by supplying them with all sorts of resources (trade, energy, food .. etc)

    It really makes me sick.

    They have occupied and stolen land as I have mentioned before.

    These are just a few of the crimes against humanity that I can think of off the top of my head that white people are responsible for.

    We really should stand up to this. I hope Eastern superpowers (India, China .. etc) do rise up and challenge them now, and do the same thing that these people have done to everyone else.

    They constantly mock other cultures and hold their own to be the most civilised and superior …

    And it was white men (Germans) that exterminated the Jews (non white caucasians), and instead of giving the Jews reperations, giving them land in Germany and money, they ship them off to Israel to fight the other non caucasians – Palestinians. This is what the white man does, he divides and conquers, he makes non whites around the world fight each other, this is why white countries are so successful, rich, united and powerful.

    Additional Details :

    white people claim God (Jesus) is white and was there whole justification for the treatment of Blacks (who they called evil and cursed) and Slavery, and for their treatment of non whites around the world who they called ‘dark skinned savages’ –

    The Crusades too justified by their ‘White God’ …

    And every war and aggression they do in their subconcious they think they are right and justified to do ‘their white God will protect them’

    Now a lot of whites believe they are superior, and dont even believe in christianity anymore … now they believe they are the ‘Gods’ and are white and superior scientests.

    Whites believe they are God subconciously.

    White people are evil and Satan loves them because of this.

    And these white countries are the first to complain about anything they don’t like elsewhere in the world and interfere in their politics … they should take a look in the mirror at their own faults. Western countries (white) have the highest rates of social ills in the WORLD according to the United Nations Statistics website. And these are rising ! (like rape, domestic violence, paedophilia, bestiality, animal abuse, incest, drug abuse, violent crime … etc)

    Also, they hide their racism and prejudices and only reveal them to other white people, and discriminate on non whites in clever sneaky ways, because they are cowards.

    They are only brave against one non white, when they are in a group of whites, and outnumber the minority to support each other, in case the minority defends himself and challenges their views or discrimination.

    They also never have the balls to say it directly to a non whites face, but always speak when the non white has left, behind his back .. cowardly animals.

    They portray God as a white man to show this superiority – Jesus as a white man (even though he was a Jew and looks Jewish), or in their paintings God the father as a venerable old white man in the clouds, even their film industry (like Hollywood) ALWAYS portrays white people as the heroes and the non whites as token extras or ugly violent hordes of villains, or criminals … anything ugly and bad.

    white people like to make fun of any non white and perpetuate the stereotype – look at arabs for example. they all say ‘derka derka’ and call them haji’s. Or the chinese, because they can’t pronounce the letter ‘r’ in words properly, and make fun of non white physical features or what they eat ‘rice picker’ ‘slant eyes’ .. the list of racist terms, and caricature drawings created for non whites by whites is enormous and disgusting.

    They have re-written history ! Every history book you read is white history, written by white historian hands, to show how great white people are … look at the comments below. this is what I am talking about that ignorance, she believed Australia was always majority white for a long time … wtf.

    They always teach European history (never world history, or non white achievements) … as the best superior history, greatest white military leaders …

    It’s all propaganda to subjugate the non white masses and make them believe they are inferior, and make the whites believe they are superior and invincible.

    Look at fashion – why do you think so many ethnic minorities are so messed up and try to lighten their skin or have blonde hair or straighten their curly hair, wearing western style fashion and clothes. Because they created this impression in the media, to non white children, that white people and kids are beautiful and non white kids are ugly. This is why in psychology of ethnic minorites you can see they grow up with issues and messed up about how they look and being ugly (because their subconcious developing mind during childhood, teenage and into adulthood) is always telling them this reinforced by the media.

    This is exactly what i am talking about !!!

    and if you look to where any money trail leads, you will find smug rich white men (look at reconstruction companies, oil tycoons and defense contractors making billions off the war in Iraq for example)

    A recent study of ethnic minorites in the west (and other white countries like south africa and australia) stated “Once they get employment they are being discriminated against in terms of promotions, training and education, opportunities, salaries, bonuses and in terms of dismissals should the company decide to reduce the workforce.

    Also, you said huge communities of other nations taking up huge portions and not trying to be part of that nation … etc. Well I could go into history and talk about white enclaves forcing their white culture, religion and language on to others countries such as Australia, Parts of Africa, India … etc. Almost the whole world ! I think you understand what I’m getting at though in regards to this … and even today you have whites doing exactly the same thing in other parts of the world, forming their own enclosed communities … how do you think the citizens and natives of those countries feel about that ??

    Money isn’t everything. Respecting the citizens, their culture and their laws on the other hand is very important. I have read many a news story about drunken binges, parties, noise pollution, littering … and other problems and complaints by Spaniards, Greeks and others, because of Brits making their lives a misery and having no consideration for them, their families, or their lives.

    How do you think a society like ours was built ? From the hard labour of former commonwealth inhabitants, like my ancestors during British ruled India, and all the resources of the land which made the UK one of the greatest, if not the greatest trading powers of the world. I doubt all the resources that helped build this Rich nation and other western nations, could have reached this standard, without the manual labour or natural resources of other peoples they exploited throughout history …

    I’m not trying to cause animosity by talking about the past (and the present) I’m trying to show that HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, and that we should remember history as a reminder not to make the same mistakes (especially when it affects others)

    Lot’s of people would find it convenient to sweep history under the rug and say get over it, it happened a long time ago … well unfortunately history repeats itself, and the legacy still affects the present today and the future.

    Answer :

    Because they are the same colour as pigs, and descended from pigs. This is why the human body has the most similarity to pigs (and why trainee surgeons use pigs to operate on) .. because it is closest to the pink skinned man. They also stink of B.O., **** and ball sweat mixed together

    The Pink skinned people are animals, this is why they can’t control their emotions and are so aggressive, they can’t control anything they do and make fools out of themselves in public.

    They have no culture, no civilisation, no class. They steal other peoples ideas and cultures to form their own, because they are empty vessels, devoid of anything. Then they claim this to be their own culture … even though we know it is another races culture (and idea)

    They are like parasites, multiplying over the earth like bacteria – killing the people that live there and draining the land of it’s resources to enrich itself.

    You could say they are the ‘aids’ of the planet lol 🙂

  • If you get hung up on race and frame issues in racial terms, you’re always going to produce nonsense, as the previous comment demonstrates at length…

  • wutangclan333, with a few tweaks, I am in complete agreement with you.

  • And pretty much only white folks and those who’ve achieved privileged status (as far as I have met) can’t see that as basic accuracy.

  • Oh, btw, happy new year to all. 🙂

  • C P RIngling

    When I lived in Japan there were many places like bars and resturants where foriegners are not permitted. The Japanese people do not want any foriegner reguardless of race or sex to eat or drink at many of their establishments. Also in arabia non-muslims are only worth half a muslim so in court your word is not worth as much, and a women is worth half as much as a man. So yes white people can be discriminated against in fact it is legal in many countries to discriminate today..

  • s30586857

    Your all eejits
    your all so “oh only I can be a victim of racism !” gwt ur head out of ur ass and get familler with the real world ANYBODY can be a victim of racism
    Merriam-Webster describes it as: racial prejudice or discrimination
    Does that say against blacks? asian? NO!
    So cope onto yourself and get a job instead of fighting on the internet
    AND Im not afraid to call anybody racist even if there my own race , if you insult/discrimiate against me ur racist end of.

  • Ronnie

    Ok the first thing that get’s me is being proud to be black,hispanic or any other race is ok but being proud to be white your considered rascist.Now,it’s wrong to be a white rascist but it’s ok for groups such as the Black Panther’s and the NAACP to breed hate against white people and that’s just fine. I’d like to know where this is ok for one race and another race it’s not.But who am I to say anything we have peolple like zingzing who’s a hatter of ther own race so…….And this whole persecusion of a race is a bunch of crap the only thing holding you down is your own lazyness to want to better youself.So with this being said think on it, and everybody should be proud of who they are no matter who or what they are!!

  • Observation

    The East Asians may be viewed as having upward slanted eyes. But in actually, many Caucasians tend to have downward slanted eyes.

  • AMDaemoN

    chris,that song is terrible
    but the message given through those lyrics is pure truth

    heart touching

  • white god

    its clear that in North America is it seen and treated by the anti- white medxia as a crime to show pride or to defend your WHITE RACE at anytime,well i say white pride world wide and die niggers die,is that racist? Nope not alsong as anti-white media like the london hates white people press hide the race of all NON WHITES and blame white epople for everything so again i say white pride world wide die muslim scum die.

  • Jason

    I really can’t believe some of the things that I am hearing. First, Rufus, white people did not “invade” Africa and imprison your ancestors. In fact the cheif of your ancestors tribe traded their own people for rum. Some of the biggest slave owners in the south were in fact, African. There is racism every where for every one. I think what most irritates white people is that we do not feel we are allowed to be proud of who we are. It’s the truth. If I walked down a city street wearing a shirt that said “white is beautiful” I would get an ear full, if not an ass beating. Why is there a BET on t.v. and not a White Entertainment Television? Why is there black history month and no white history month? I don’t umderstand why there has to be any of these things, for any one color. Why does this country have African Americans and Asian Americans and Mexican Americans and so on? Why can’t we all just be Americans?

  • justsomeguy

    I don’t know where this “whites are in the majority” idiocy comes from, people of European descent comprise less than 8% of the planet’s population. WE are in the minority, WE built everything of worth that every other degenerate race seems to think is theirs to divest us of without them making any sacrifices, like oh, say integrating into a “white western culture” instead of trying to import their third-world shit-hole ideals and culture and super-impose it onto ours. Black people in the west have nothing to complain about, take some black american out of compton or Louisiana and send him to an African nation and see how well he is treated or able to integrate. A black person in that situation would find themselves out of place and under threat. What happened 200 years ago during the slave-trade days is a shameful blot on all of humanity and a serious injury carried forward by blacks and others of race, not by whites. I have never held slaves of any colour, I am deeply opposed to slavery. I have never treated people of any race poorly until they act racially towards me. I only give as good as I get. So who has the problem here? Blacks in Africa back then regularly sold other blacks into slavery and let’s not forget the fact that the majority of slave trade was conducted by “jews” which are not even a race but a political and religious ideology and they are the most racist people on the planet. Everyone is racist, if they say otherwise, they are a liar. It takes a progressive person to see past skin color. White Europeans are a race too and yes, we are subject to racism all day every day.

  • Amanda

    Of course you can be racist to white people! If you are white, you must accept the fact that people will be racist towards you, and you should encourage it. If you don’t, many people think you are racist yourself.

  • emmi

    wutangclan333 up there is an idiot. He was complaining about whites still being a majority in america, well no shit, whites fucking founded the USA,with the exception of the Indians that were here first. Today it is acceptable to be racist towards whites, i do not care what anyone says. There was a black professor who said “whites are the problem; why we have racism. the only solution i can think of is to get rid of them all”….if that were a white person, they would have been sued for all they were worth for saying that shit. Not that there aren’t white racists as well, but they most certainly can not get away with nearly as much as blacks (especially). This shows in little everyday things. there is a black channel, but no white channel. It’s appropriate for me to be addressed as “white girl” but if i use the term “black girl” i am automatically racist. even stupid shit like wearing baby phat clothing will get me some glares and comments. Wth?. anyway. It’s all pretty fucked up.

  • samuel welsh

    thier is some poor sterotypes of us
    we need to wear down in society like being fat if your american or a big drinker if from britian, a redneck if you have a simple education , these are all pretty false and many dutch in south africia and zimbarbwe are accused of being racist because thier white ,bad colional history is thier ancestors crime not theres.
    change hearts and minds of these sterotypes and we will see change.

  • samuel welsh

    Also aussies stand tall, you are not convicts most of your ancestors were wrongly accused, being a european aussies a good thing unless you dislike aborigines then its not , make friends with them instead same with the dutch afrikans you have a good culture , language and tasty tucker as well as rugby team, make african mates and your a top afrikaner, head up guys.

  • samuel welsh

    Germans stand proud a beaut culture food language, song and socer, spain equally so but love african players deal to the idots letting you down there,french and english you gota lot to share stop the hate and share, God loves everyone politics, traders let him down ,keep an open heart, european americans and black americans you got a hard history but two beaut cultures share make friends ,laugh ,crack some beers with each other.

  • samuel welsh

    americans love the spainish migrants give em a hand settling in quit the sterotypes of them, english quit sterotyping the jews and arabs make mates and surly their will be muturally good feeling ,russians make stong vodka,a mother language and the cutie anna the tennis player ,love africans and other foriginers stop the pointless hate of the few make mates instead for russias sake.

  • samuel welsh

    no need to fear the japanese love and respect all foriginers so thiers no racism but curiousity and pride, mind you some police are doshbags and need reporting.

  • aaron

    were slaves for 300 hundred years raceist blacks most enduranted servants were a lifetime. second serfdom of middle ages were worse then slavery. the word slavery comes from slavs the roman slaves of day was worse then that of black slavery of south. hell remmber nubia a black country way before black slavery conquered egypt we have justifieble issues more so over blacks because of this. remmber jewish slae/esterminashing camps. you were fed and given quarters but all you want is a hand out. why doesnt the rest ofminority screwed by whites want handout becaue we didnt screw them over their own people did we came after the fact. you convientlly forgot black africans say your not black enough or sold you into slavery; or that black africans during slavery owned black slaves. under your damn civil rights law you are violating and committing a hatecrime, whites are basically saying whites deserve this but you judge me or my ancestroy. remmber this during the time of civil war your damn savior lincoln was a raceist he didnt free you to free you he did to economically punish the south for succending the union. you violate your teaching that your slave owners gave you chrisnity by being raceist. during the time it be like healthcare today as socialism to that of full freedoms of black people during the war. with my phobia of christens i am realizing this i am buddhist people arnt their parts and all people are on different path not all liberal except glbt or their intend rights likewise something equal for consertives to liberal equal to glbt rights. your acting like a victim how do i know i am transsexual and a victim to fundie christens and liberal christens allowing fundies to talk for pagans and atheist remmber freedom of religion and separtion of church and state. how do i know all this stuff i studied history at university. i am a victim but i choose to be a person i choose to see people hearts not their parts a muslims friend who is not gay and doesnt support gay lifestyle but wants my happiness for me told me this wow and i thought muslims were terrorist oh wait no i dont think this fundies do. oh by the way i am miniority white how first my ancestors never came from causcus mountains so i am not white and whites see it this way but they have to be pc with blacks. this was a anthropology study designed for anthropologist not for raceist designed for raceism. and remmber since lets a mongloid japanese hmm they arnt related to monogloids in mainland but are termed mongloid how is this are they then mongloid no they are not so to then must some whites and then some blacks since most blacks dont know what part of africa or race ect they came form then assume you are the non african . since african dont like you why call yourself arican american why not black. with europeans its differnant they accept us not our country or faith. i was raised non raceist but since a minority group who i noticed control the black community everywhere in america the gangster wannabe which i think be agaisnt the bible go figure. these groups attack me on being transsexual and white i live with a raceist but law thinks its a joke and stop calling it reverse raceism the letter of the defination of law implies all races without those races past being racism. note i a mirish/italien/german. people think i am a faschist/nazi which i am not but damn proud, but i tell you christens you knew about hitler ethnic cleansing jews and when they came the jews you sent them back to be cleanse jesus wasnt killed by jews pagans roman, note romans dont record jesus excution hmm so stop blaming jews. the irish were worsh of then the blacks and then my native american background used as lsaves before blacks, their land taken and ethinacally cleansed do i have a right to be pissed under christens technically the indians had a right to idian ways/relgion but you forced beliefs on them violating law and turning blind eye a lot blacks did this, but you were slaves you remmber what bondage was like hypocrits. let go this what it ties you to the raceism educate go by king , go by malcom x when he converted islam oh ya i forget when x lost his bigot ways you excuted him to get the black nation stronger with forceful power agaisnt those tow and god. if you hate whites so much go back to africa oh wait africa says you dont belong. meediate on it let god come find your answer and let go that doesnt mean dont forget. but affirmative action, its raceist why when it came out it worked but now we a token black guy unqualified and scholarship to be black when it was designed for poor black folk but the rich use it no no. do you whats its like to to be laughed to get into school because you are white trash and have learning issues but a black same issues get in, but most of these students just get in to do drugs and do nothing in life. and stop calling non black universities white their no race oriented like black schools and i seem to remmber a lot black schools are equal to harvard, these white schools have varoius races. to go to black school is like going to native american school you have to prove you have drop of black blood.please stop dissocting the fact that some balcks are raceist and trying prove the whole nation of black arnt raceist. what happened to the human race were all energy to me. no i wont put up poor me attitude and i dont ask for handouts so stop asking. and i think minirities comedians need to be charged with hate crime to whites by letter law they are violating the law.

  • aaron

    9/11 according to congress was influenced by bush jr crew according to congres he influenced the radicals but apparentlly we have a nother crusade on islam they beleive in jesus just not god their your brothers igorant folks raceist to arabs right.

  • aaron

    who ran japan the people wanted the tryrant sociopath gone the press and free speech was gone have you looked at history it was the government not the people the rape of china lets china keeps on raping itself during great leap forward and culture revolution killing millions raceism is illogical 50 genereations ago your ancestors were mine were all family its okay families fight. dna wise same of course dna wise we are same as monkeys

  • aaron

    i actually have muslim arab who loks white . none that is true what you wrote thye had dynamite back then and rifles in moses age heretic. muslims also teach not to be raceists so you aint muslims black muslims justas fake as fundie christens

  • aaron

    buddhist teaching of cain and able brotherlly love. i believe raceism started here. um i seem to remmber blacks burn like hell to. i dont understand the rascism by blacks because we proven that there been worse treatment by whites more so than any other culture since the begining and all faiths teach stop being raceists.again islam and christnity teach brotherlly love even if its based on hypocristy tribulation is going be about raceism.how is a black man domesitc violence emotional and psychological abuse his roomate a transsexual white woman and get away with it the complex afraid of being lynced the cops laugh at me but do i deserve it no under legal code educate yourself oh ya read and make proganda no wonder you cant get over slavery it owns you your still slaves.

  • aaron

    i think threating whites is assault,battery , attempt murder, genocide or mass murder hate crime i could go on. you make yourself look real civilized when threating others when we proved your not the only whiney bitch. so i have over 2000 yrs of memory you have 500 yrs and i dont get triggered but you do what is this , this shouldnt be happing. and you attack my grammer saying i cant have said knowledge you heard of f disablities. god and allah proclaim murder wrong and what you proclaim justice is not wrong. if god dance in delight bashing little babies heads in then your on crack believe god is for one race.this is the reason why man hasnt gone to the stars igorance its 1 of 4 noble truths theres a way to break this rage and its by accepting their is suffering we are the cause our karma , from past,future and present lives we create our crap but others need lessons to . the crap you get is either you were raceist in past life or the other needs a lesson. it time to purge yourself of impurity. one question were did the swastika come from if i give my versio nto black man will i go to jail for hate crime but its not hate crime its symbol of purification you assume because your igorant baboons and isay that to anyone who act like animals

  • Justin

    I live in california. My girlfrind rents from a vietnam family. Mr.Vietnam manages a computer software company . He told they were running a ad for employment in a vietnam newspaper, and that he would never hire a white man to work at his all vietnam ran company . right here in san jose california. It is so insulting. i walk my dog by other all asian companies. They hire family and asian only! When will something be done about this!

  • Todd

    “Redneck” you need to learn black history. You make racist comments not thinking about the repcussions, Your only shaming yourself, Wow man you seirously need to change, I’m sick of you jerks making every white person seem like an arrogant prick!

    “dad108” So your saying I’m a devil no matter what? Wow, have you ever read The Auto Biography of Malcolm X.

  • Clau

    In my country white people have been slaves for 147 years by romans and now Italy hate us, but we don’t give a f**k, we live our lives…black people should stop bitching, they just like to acuse us for something our ancestors did.

  • Dora

    Holocaust was just as bad as slavery.

  • Wolf

    Racism is a circle and once it got started it kept turning
    Now a days many white people and other races can all respect their differences and coexist
    But there are some who keep the wheel turning some white people feel threatened or insulted by minorities and hate them in turn some minorities still feel oppressed and the hate of both groups fuel each other unless everyone stops it will continue

  • Spiral

    Interesting article.

    Racism is a two edged knife. Both sides of the knife cut equally well.

    One thine I respect about Asian cultures is that they no exactly who they are with zero apologies. There is no obsession with tolerance. There is no perpetually open border. They make no apologies for their culture. Chine remains China. Japan remains Japan.

    I think we westerners could learn a lot from Asia. We need to stop apologizing. We need to reunify in a non-racist way. We need to reclaim pride in the many glorious achievements of our people including “freedom of speech, numerous medical advances, and the concept of democracy”.

  • saxichan_2002

    Bravo Derrick Deese.
    With all due respect to everyone else, white & black are social constructs. I have white skin – but I’m not “white”. Secondly, in reference to Rufus Brown’s comments – “whites” were slaves for hundreds of years from the countries they came from or from various other places. Look at the Jewish people. I’m “white skinned” but I have native american, irish, scottish & german in my background, just to name a few. Irish Americans were treated poorly because of their heritage. Ireland still belongs to England (how is that not slavery when most want their own country?) I have Cherokee Indian in me. Have you ever heard of the trail of tears? Some of my ancestors were killed for their land & beaten away. No disrespect but I’m tired of hearing “white” people & “black” people. Black people are not the only people to have been treated badly. In ancient Persia – black skinned people could be kings and white skinned people could be slaves. Britain had white skinned slaves. The people in America are mostly from various countries around the world. We most of us have a multicultural background. I never had a slave. I’ve never treated a person of different skin color badly based on their skin color. But I have been treated badly by some dark skinned people. I was attacked by one & the other dark skinned individuals lied/stood up for that person & protected them just because they were all the same skin color. It was based on skin color – not that the other person hurt me. Nobody cared because I was a different skin color than them. This happened because I have white skin. I forgive those people. It’s time for people to get intelligent & realize we are all from the same race – Homo Sapien (Humankind). Start treating each other with love & kindness & equality (not special treatment).

  • saxichan_2002

    So yes, racism against white’s is possible but the media rarely shows that side when it occurs. It’s not PC to do so.

  • ds

    Yes, there is racism against white people. There are comments in other articles about “if it was a white person” it would have been different, insults and racist comments about white people are prevalent and growing and need to be given the attention they deserve as well.

  • Brian

    um, some whites were slaves in America, near the beginning. The term was indentured servant. But they still lived a slave-like state.

  • Yes, but the status of an indentured servant was closer to the way slavery has traditionally been practiced across most of human history, rather than the way it was instituted in the Americas.

    In most societies, slavery was not multigenerational, nor was it a permanent state. Often it was entered into for an agreed period of time in payment of a debt or as a term of military surrender. Slaves also had rights and were considered an integral part of society, rather than as glorified beasts of burden. Almost always a structure was in place that allowed the slave, at least in theory, to attain his or her eventual freedom.

    The same was true of indentured servants but not of African slaves in the Americas, the vast majority of whom had no realistic hope of ever escaping slavery.

  • Miranda Brooks

    I believe the reason people think discrimination is mainly against African Americans is most discrimination against whites are either covered up or done at home… I’m an African American and I date a Caucasian and I am constantly judged about being attracted to whites i would say its because I’m dating outside my color but the same people(black) that judge me on dating whites have no discrimination or racial comments on me dating Latinos

  • Miranda Brooks

    Im 17 years old and its alot more i see in school age and teenage life….. and in the previous 3 schools ive been to it was the whites being discriminated against… [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Hzzz

    My ancestors were taken from their place as royalty and enslaved by the English. We had to grow crops for them for hundreds of years. Now we have regained our prominence in America. Oh yeah, I’m English and Irish, so I guess I should hate myself. Or a better idea yet, why don’t all the black people on here stfu about racism they vicariously suffered hundreds of years ago.

    I don’t run around whining about how my ancestors were slaves, I learned a trade made my business and ran it until I prospered. Learn from example, white people aren’t evil anymore than black people. If you don’t like white people, don’t do any form of business with us and go back to Africa and help all the suffering people in your homeland. Renounce plumbing, housing, electricity, vehicles, western medicine, and everything else WE have made to make life better for humans. Rufus Brown is obviously a time traveling slave of the early Americas, or just an ignorant racist degenerate, and as for dsd108, kill yourself and make the world a better place.

  • Urban drum sound system

    Its not were youre from….its where youre at….the US is a racist country systematically. As a first generation portuguese america I can attest to this….growing up portuguese in southern california…I was constantly forced to take ESL classes with other minority groups; however, systematically my hispanic teachers would always favor the hispanic students even though my mom is a woman with dark non anglo flesh tone I wasn’t the right kind of latino, because of course I have lighter skin… And on the other hand my anglo teachers disliked me because of my lack of whitey-ness… I had a math teacher that hated me in h.s. he thought he was going to punish me by putting me in his all hispanic ESL class for not falling inline… The day I got into his class he was all smirky… Until I started speaking spanish with all the girls in class…. I never seen a dude so white turn so red…. Plus if african americans are from africa and pacific islanders are from the pacific islands and asian are from asian then why cant I just be classified as european from europe with our 12000 years of history vs white which only started in the US in the last 500 years or so ….i mean if your gonna call me white an limit that opression to only 200 years or so that sucks…its like making a sandwich and forgetting to put in meat….thats just called bread….

  • david

    Wrong white people have been slaves just go check ur history different coloured people from white just use the word racism as then the autorties have to act more harsh when the word racism get used.

  • edumacated

    Dsd108 – there’s meds out there that can help you.

    To the person who said whites have never known slavery, open a history book, please. Look into what the Irish went through, what the Romans did other peoples (Gauls, etc.), and much more.

    I agree with Derrick, but going further, we’re all Africans! Africa is the origin of humankind, and race is a social construct. There’s no such thing as race, only alleles which determine skin pigmentation.

  • Bris

    I don’t beleive any race should see any other as unequal, but it happens.

    One point I would like to make though regards slavery. It was an atrocious act and I can understand they anger towards it. But before everyone attacks ‘the white man’ just remember than slavery actually began with black tribal leaders selling their own tribesmen to other black tribes. I am not trying to lay any blame, I am trying to convey a message that for all the true racists towards the white race – no race is perfect, we all have faults. I for one have seen the devestation of the drugs that have flooded our country from other ‘racially different’ countries

  • Kasia Yechimowicz

    Whenever you discriminate against someone based upon their skin colour then you are practicing racism. It really is as simple as that. Anyone who says otherwise should review their connection with reality.

  • Person with an IQ

    What a preposterous question…by an anti white racist or Zionist blog.

    How manipulating, conniving, shameless and despicable are people willing to go these days. I hear ”oh black people were white people’s slaves so that makes it okay to be racist to whites” How low can you go or how stupid can you get. I have been around and I know…I have seen racism from blacks towards whites more that the other way around.

    In many black indigenous countries their own tribal leaders are slave masters of their own people committing outrageous acts of genocide yesterday AND today. Why do people not realize this fact? Yes when we tell the truth people wake up…and realize how ignorant and manipulated they are.

    There is something going on in the world today people do not realize. That is the media is playing with our minds and distorting the truth to destroy us all. They want to divide us…No matter who you are…

    A man, a woman, christian, muslim, jew, white, asian, black…Yep and they are trying to mix us into one religion, one race, one currency and one slave for the elite. PEOPLE WAKE UP AND BE FAIR INSTEAD OF TRYING TO MANIPULATE THE WHITE MAN.

    Whatever you are…They want to divide and conquer the mind, body and spirit.

    Be careful not to fall into their sinister shameless traps.

  • Person with an IQ

    I note a lot blacks commenting on here are talking about the past and slavery. GET SOME HONOR AND DIGNITY instead of blaming everyone else for your self inflicted problems.

    I could say…well I’m Irish and we were subjected to genocide and also treated as slaves…Therefore its okay for us to be racists towards the English and other white people.

    And would that mean it’s okay for Irish or Jewish people to be excluded or exempt from making racist remarks towards other whites? No I think that is completely manipulating innocent white people of today who have nothing to do with the past and stop playing the ancestor card. It is cowardly and immoral.

    The real perpetrators of slavery and war crimes in the world are a group of dark rulers and spiritually wicked principalities. If today my countries government decides to bomb a country and sell it to the world as liberating those people, am I guilty? If so, then so are you if you live in a country like america which enforces slavery TODAY in countries like Iraq…The people in the middle east are the slaves of today and the people who deserve united sympathy from all races, religions and creeds…

    The history of Ireland and the Irish people is a sad story…But I don’t need to look in the past and blame the British…I look beyond and then I see wonderful kind, compassionate and decent OLD SCHOOL British people who I respect and admire. Black people can do the same towards white people and move on instead of playing the race card at every chance they get. Sorry to tell you bluntly but I am only being honest. By the way…Before you start calling me a racist…I am far from one…I not only have a black friend who is like a brother to me but I have also helped many black people…To what I call ”The Race Card Players” – What have you done to give something back to people regardless of race…or even your own race?

  • Get on with it

    All races have been inslaved at some point in there history . Are the people who think blacks are the only race to have been inslaved really that ignorant ? You all should pick up a book try your best to read it . Try starting with the dooms day book 1066 to 1086 , or the Anglo Saxon cronicals. How about the jewish struggles for freedom who do the blam and look to for compensation?If your gona have a opion that is the foundation for your beliefs at least have a idea of what it is you speak so passionately about.

  • oe

    Whiteness is not really a problem. American whiteness, however, is a human disease, because many have been acculturated to isolation, and due to fear, hate everyone else. Hence, the neanderthal white American psychotic, enemy of all humanity.

  • BigBadWolf

    I think humans suck in general. Our minds operate on a simple level. That which we do not understand or which is different is feared. That which is feared is hated, that which is hated is either killed or, if we can’t kill it, we make it seem less threatening than it really is.

    A good example is Wolves, Humans did not understand wolves, they think differently than we do, so our ancestors killed them and made them into monsters in their stories.

    and pardon me for using this example, Africans are physically superior to most people of European descent. Thus our ancestors enslaved them and made them weak, to protect their own pride.

    Humans, as a rule, can’t live with what they fear. If you are arachnophobia you will kill a spider on sight. If you fear being seen as stupid, you will make people who are smarter than yourself seem weak and useless through bullying.

    In short, we suffer from a species wide case of Inferiority Complex. We can’t handle being weak, fearful, or stupid. so when a threat to our personal image of ourselves comes into being, we seek to end it.

  • Beauticca

    I’m down with what Derek Deese said. I’m white, sure,I like it enough, its just a vessel to hold my energy so that I may experience life, simply put. It’s true, I don’t feel bad that someone is making fun of us by wearing a hairy wig and a big nose, it’s sort of true, our noses are enormous compared to most races, and we are quite hairy. There are worse things people could be doing to us. Its not going to keep me up at night, when people poke fun at white people, they are usually referring to white Americans, so I don’t really care because I don’t really like white Americans that much anyway. Nobody in America has any roots here, (except the natives), so people in America seem to be defined by whatever propaganda they fall into believing.Racism is immature, and most people are immature. The human race seems to be learning slow, and were far from being perfect, but we are itching for progress, its just hard for us to tell because we only live so long, and we can only see so far back in history. People are can just be self centered, put any group of humans together, even a small group, and they will choose to break apart from the group. It is our inherent nature, most probably our masculine side, that drives us to be separate and unique. This is a good thing, but is practiced in excess because immature brains do not understand moderation and balance for the sake of the greater good. So yeah, anyone can be racist, were like kids in school trying to prove we are worthy of existing. Its sad.

  • Aaron

    To Rufus Brown white people were slaves for hundreds of years by the Roman Empire (longer then blacks in the USA) and the Nazis did as well. Chinese and Koreans were enslaved by the Japanese (mostly during WWII same with POWs) Get your facts straight before you make a remark. Every race at some point was enslaved just so happens that blacks were the most recent to be enslaved in a very developed country.

  • ladiesman

    I go to a high school in arizona where there’s a lot of mexicans and blacks. I don’t have any problems with black people or mexican people. I have mexican and black friends. But a lot of them seem to have a problem with me just because I’m white. I’m really popular I don’t have enemies. I’m not classified as a loser, nerd, bully, geek, none of it. Never been in a fight, don’t want to be in one. these blacks and mexicans act like I said something to offend them. Gangs are pretty prevelent where I live including bloods and white gangs like skinheads and neo nazis. Everyday I go to school afraid that I’m going to be attackeed by a gang just because I’m a “whiteboy”. Someone in my class one day stole about $7 from me. I was in the kitchen receiving instruction and a mexican girl comes in that I know had been asking everyone for money earlier. She comes in with a dollar and buys something from the teacher. I get back and I’m missing my money and I go around and talk to my friends and ask if they saw the girl do anything. Well she obviously caught wind of me asking because she started cursing at me and calling me a poor broke ass whiteboy just because I accused her of taking my money. I get profiled everyday for being white and there’s nothing I can say because if I do say anything I’m going to be the one to be accused of being racist.

  • Old South

    Well if the South had won the war we would not be having this conversation… if only.

  • lamar

    Well pretty much racism startd in Europe, by white people, and it spread like a disease. And since we know that white people are lazy savages that only live to destroy and conquer. Of course they need hard working dark skinned people to work, and since just about every county in Europe was involved in slavery. It was pretty much monkey see, monkey do and white people are the only race that points out the obvious difference in our outside apperance. But we all are the same on the inside genetically, besides anybody who wants to enslave another human is a closec minded, idiotic bigot. Also none as majority white people in the world

  • Lamar, do you have any evidence to support your claim that racism started in Europe or did you just make it up?

    I think if you do some research, you will learn that is totally untrue…

  • lamar

    No actually I dont have the evidence but you dont have to be a researcher to know this. Yeah most of it is opinion but racism did not start in america, it was formed here.

  • You don’t have to be much of a researcher to find out that your opinion is completely wrong. Here, I did it for you, so now you can learn something about slavery, including that it is more common today than at any point in history.

  • lamar

    I am a black male and I am also tired of other black people pulling the race card and always being quick to call someone racist. Eventhough many white people may have good jobs or degrees or what not. That doesn’t mean they didn’t work hard for those things and if we as black people put more effort into things like that, instead of thinking that white people had everything given to them. Then we well be able to get past a tragedy that happened so long ago and that has nothing to do with our place in America. And black people we have to under stand that there were many other racial groups that were enslaved and treated less than a human. Many that come before us its just ours was the most recent tragedy in history and we have to let go and can’t blame people who have nothing to do with what OUR ancestors did. We should be mad at our on kind because there the ones that gave us to the Europeans in exchange for goods. Black Americans are the outcome of a deal between two races, our own race thought that we didnt deserve a normal life as well as the europeans at that time. But here we are today and we have came a long way in American history and we have contributed to this country as much as anyone. And we dont’ have to prove our place in a country that we belong to so we have to do away with that thinking. We have to improve the history of our culture for future and show people we are only human beings, like everyone else.

  • afssaf

    god wish everyone would stfu about race. especially whites and blacs. who cares abot advacmmnts and slavery. why cant yo all let people liv their lives. fcing annoying.

  • Duhhhhhh

    Of course it is Racist and Discriminatory, the difference is, white people can’t be bothered to give a shit about it….

  • what the

    How come you never hear about the black people who raided villages in Africa who turned their own color of people into slaves and then shipped them to this country. Is that my fault also. Yes maybe the white man should have not bought the slave, but was he educated about the black people no. Just like the Native Americans today blame the white man because we give them money and they spend it, they say we have never taught them how to handle money, so now lets create more grants so the can go to school and learn how to spend money in a good way. So why can’t the whites blame the black slave traders and request money for us to learn how to understand black people better. Isn’t it a two way street.

  • Hunter

    When applying to college scholarships the first thing you will find out is that if you are white your out of luck. Every college I looked into had Latino, minority scholarships etc. That’s not racist but when a group of bilionaires tried to get a scholarships for ‘whites’ that was racist. It’s really frustrating…

  • Hunter

    Oh and the thing that really gets me goin is when for example black people use the ‘it’s because I’m black excuse.’ a black girl at school stole my buddies iPod and when confronted about it the first thing out of her mouth was ‘ yous is accusin me cause I black’. We were like no, maybe were accusing you because we saw u steal it lol but a lot of blacks and other races do the same thing. God forbid white people do that lol

  • Adam

    Rufus, white people and other races have been slaves way way before black people. How did you honestly think the slave trade functioned before society discovered the African tribes? Magic?

  • Titus Zhao

    I am doing a topic on Racism Hurts Everyone and I am finding it interesting. The final is really hard for the multicultural public speaking.

  • AnotherWhiteRabbit

    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.
    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.
    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.
    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?
    How long would it take anyone to realise I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?
    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?
    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.
    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Ah, same troll who posted the exact same comment on a different thread a few days ago…

    Still a moron, I see.

  • Equality

    Your all a bunch of weirdo’s on about religion religion aint real and is causer of wars, racism and anything else nothing good comes from religion so shut up.

    The fact is its alright for coloured folk to call a white man but say anything bout them your automatically a racist, Iv just had racist comments thrown at me over youtube guess what nothing will come of it im not pathetic and take it further because whats the point, It was in the paper a few week ago a guy (white) got sentenced for comments made on twitter about Muslim community and funny thing is it was a Muslim been racist towards me and white race.

  • Equality

    I also love how it says on this site in comment form “Personal attacks are NOT allowed.
    Please read our comment policy.” great stuff because so called freedom of speech is none existant bollocks to it all I dont care for religeon because its used to control people its written by man so there for a law book not morale or nothing

  • Gives me a headache to even think down to your level… american high school graduates, right?

  • richard

    good topic

  • ZIC

    I find this sort of thing kind of offensive. I am part Caucasian and part Maori and Native American on my mothers side, but I look Caucasian. I don’t think it is fair for people to mock the way I look, my ancestors were just as screwed as anyone else’s. We live in a mongrel world, and just because someone looks a certain way does not mean that this is the full quid.

  • trevor

    to dsd108:

    You are quite incorrect using religion to justify hatred of white. Especially Jesus. Jesus comes from 2 religions, Christianity and Islam. Though both religions adhere to the Old Testament. In the old Testament, all peoples were divided into two groups; Jews, and Gentiles.
    Jews were considered Gods people because they worshiped God. All others were secondary because they did not. In other words, according to God, and thus Jesus; the only standard of a good people and a bad one is whether they worshiped the lord. God even cemented this notion when he said to the Jews, “I shall bless those who bless you, and I shall curse those who curse you.” Jesus always did as God commanded in both Christianity and Islam, so this would apply to him in either case. In fact, Jesus never dismantled the notion of Jews and Gentiles; so the only relevant division of people on religious grounds would be whether you worship God. Islam is a slight exception, since Mohammad had African slaves; since Mohammad is a central figure in Islam, it basically means that Islam at least condones enslaving Africans. So, among the three Mono-religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. None make the case that whites are bad.

  • Carol

    My family never owned slaves and I came to the US from a country where there was no slavery of black people and I have found that being white in California you are wide open to discrimination from blacks and Latinos and whites when they find out I did not attend the same college they did.Also when dealing with the state of California government and public school system. My kids and I have been disadvantaged because we were not Latinos.If I knew this was so bad here I would never have come here. Each group discriminates against every other group here but nothing s being done about it. So sad.

  • Kirstie

    There’s a whole lot of ignorance in this comment section…

    If you were to see me in person you’d think I’m the whitest person you’d ever come across. (Pale skin, light eyes, freckles.) In actuality I am of Cajun French desent. Not too impressive considering there’s plenty of white Cajuns. Lets look further back. My great-great-grandmother was a creole woman. Half black. Where’d she come from? Further back and you’ll find a woman by the name of Sarah Morris. She was a black slave who earned her and her daughters freedom by turning in another slave who murdered someone.

    The point I’m trying to make is that even white people come from different places. (Gasp! You mean they didn’t all come from magical white people land?!) This doesn’t mean I’m allowed to say what I want because I’m descended from slaves. My family’s skin is as white as they come, the only remnants of that part of our family is the occasional kid with super coarse hair. So to me, when people pull the “slavery card” they’re telling me I enslaved my own family. So that one is just plain dumb.

    And you know what, I like racist jokes. I don’t care what race. They’re all funny because, lets face it, a lot of the modern ones are true.

  • mojda

    Yes there is anti white racism, as many have pointed out before me, but it doesn’t do as much damage, a lot stabbing someone with a butter knife, it still hurts, it still does damage, yet not as severe.
    Also there is the even greater problem of the racism in our culture to the point where many minorities will subconsciously discriminate against themselves, even the “good” stereotypes can be harmful,the best example that blacks are athletic, because very little good jobs require athleticism so unless you’re very few able to go into professional sports you’re limited to manual labor, very low level jobs in other fields or crime, the same can be said of many different stereotypes of many different races and ethnicities.

  • Anon

    So just want to clarify this for some of you ignorant people. The first african slaves were enslaved by fellow Africans.. Also, unless you are sitting at your computer 100+ yrs old… Don’t pretend you were a victim of slavery..

  • SlyFox

    I believe racism is a two way street and no race has the patent on it.

  • anything is possible

    I realise my response is a bit late, but my answer to this question is: yes, racism against white people IS possible. Why, it has been done countless times in the past in different parts of the world, including in the US. Al-Qaida, kidnappings and beheadings of Westeners, bombings of places frequented by Westerners, stereotyping of White female tourists as sluts and whores, being targeted by religious extremists, and even 9-11. Perhaps many Westeners did not realise this, but many of the attacks against their embassies, citizens, cities etc that took place around the world were some kind of racist actions by groups or individuals shown towards Western/White people, the way Western/White people have been known to be racist towards non-Whites and minorities. So yes, what GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.

  • anything is possible

    If people cannot hurt or show racism against Westerners/White people in their own country, they would do it elsewhere. So racism does hurt everyone, albeit in different ways.

  • vlad the impaler

    fuk you talking about,”white people will probably never be oppressed in the future,”you are so full of shite.you colored assholes are the cruelest sneakiest murderous bunch of racists going.the only reason you exist is because whites allowed you to,we could have wiped you out,but no,we were nice guys and let you slowly overpopulate not only your own shithole countries but white countries too,i find myself being referred to as whiteboy ,and I always have the same reply,”i got your whiteboy right here muthr fukr”.you are growing bolder in your blatent racism towards whites along with mob attacks and rapes,the race war has already started,white people just won’t admit it,to themselves.gaijin….fuk those little yellow weasels,fukn bucktoothed bolegged bug eating bastards.being white is fukin great,and our societies woulkd have worked if it weren’t for your overpopulating asses,coming crying to whitey,save us,then when our back is turned ,in goes the knife,fuk off thimble dik bowl haircutted fish breathed crosseyed pidgeon toed potsticker eating muthr fukr………..so my answer is yes…

  • vlad the impaler

    thats cause japs are assholes they havent changed a bit since ww2.