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Is Paris Burning?

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My post headline, “Is Paris Burning?,” is not only the title of a 1965 best-selling book by Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre, but is also a useful question to ask as the riots in nearly 30 suburbs of Paris continue to burn. Another 100-500 cars were burned last night and, worst of all, an invalided woman on a bus had gasoline poured on her and was then set on fire. She did survive but with 3rd degree burns over 20% of her body.

The serious and possibly long-term nature of this uprising by 2nd generation immigrant Muslim youths (mostly from North Africa; ie Algeria) has already been dubbed “The French Intifada” by the New York Sun and the “Euroarabian War” by Mark Steyn.

It is as yet unclear as to whether this is simply an opportunistic riot by disenfranchised, impoverished and culturaly marginalized immigrant youths (who just “happen” to be Muslim) as most MSN sources are reporting, or whether the riots are being fueled and encouraged and even coordinated by radical Islamists using the pent-up anger in Muslim youth to further their own cause of terror.

Back on April 6, 2005, I predicted that the present unrest in France was inevitible and explained the sociological reasons for it.

I wish I had been wrong.

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  • Interesting post, Bird. It seems that history has indeed turned. Charlemagne stopped the Moors from invading France, and the Turks were stopped at the gates of Vienna. This is a different kind of invasion, for it’s sort of like the Trojan Horse.

    The Trojan Horse oddly enough was immigration. The Europeans allowed the horse into the gates, and now the price is being paid.

    Perhaps Algerians will one day rule France. I only hope Jacques Chirac doesn’t come here (to New York) when they kick his ass out of Paris. Maybe he can find a home near the beach in Algiers.

  • The concern should be how long it will be before the rioters organize and move from rioting to outright acts of sabotage and terrorism.


  • I keep wondering when it moves from riots to terrorism to civil war. Do we decide that only in hindsight? Do we call these riots because we want to minimize them as shortlived events?

    From the articles I have read, France is leaving enforcement to the police and isn’t sending in the military. The police are not containing it and each night seems worse than the last. Why not call in the troops?

  • Brennt Paris?

  • A 21st-century French Revolution in the making?

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Bird, your articles, both this one and the one written in April were both excellent. I’m closer to this situation that you are in a number of ways. Jérusalem is not that far away from la France. Recently, lots of Jews have left France and come here to live, and I don’t think they were inspired by Zionist ideals or the blue and white flag of Israel waving in the breeze.

    Also this society is already Balkanized. I’m not talking about the divison between Arab and Jews here. I’m talking about the vast gulfs between Jews and Jews. This in spite of the near universal military service that supposedly makes Israelis out of everybody.

    I read the news and smell the flames here. I think the question is not whether Arabs in France will begin terrorist acts. I think the question is when the Gaulois in France will decide to sound the horn of Roland and write finis to this chapter in their history.

    Yashar KoaH! (straight strength – good job)

  • There are no people in Europe who find racially driven quasi-fascist politics more seductive than the French. When they were dominated by the Nazis they developed a bizarre love-hate relationship with that ideology, and all it will take is something like these riots to create a massive backlash among the native French.


  • tommyd

    Is Marxist multiculturalism soooooo much better than nationalism??? It’s actually the French who will lead the world in cleansing the virus of egalitarianism. They need no better example of what’s happening in their country right now.

  • Nicolas

    This has nothing to do with religion whatsoever. It has to do with race indeed but only because the white european French people will not let their non european white fellow citizen getting their share of the wealth that is produced in the country.

    Dave as usual has been watching too much FoxNews. So i’d rather ignore his comments…