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Is Pagerank Reliable and Unbiased?

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Well, it depends on who gives the rank, or the rating.

Everyone knows that today the best search engine is Google, at least in the West where it’s used by almost everyone. So, as a search engine it’s the actual #1. I say actual because we don’t know which search engine will be the #1 in 2020. 

One of its features is the Pagerank Google gives to websites according to a secret algorithm. Now, there are a lot of different points of views about the reliability of the Pagerank and if it’s really an important factor of a website.

It is, at least for the average internet surfer. And it has a direct influence on how high a result appear in the search. And this in turn directly affects your earnings as it is one of the factors involved in how much an Advertiser would pay for an ad to appear on a website. And I’m not talking about Adsense only.

The problem is that these days Google is not anymore just a search engine but it has became a commercial corporation and this means that, obviously, its results, especially as regards Pagerank, are not surefire unbiased, or from an equidistant point of view. You can’t be at the same time the teacher and the student, and to be above the parts you should have no economic interests related to your results, otherwise, well, we are all human beings.

So, to sum up, the Pagerank isn’t either reliable or unbiased, but nonetheless it’s a factor which affects websites’ performance, and it must be taken into account.



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