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Is Osama Getting Desperate?

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Today, in an audio tape played by Al Jezeera, a man claiming to be Osama bin Laden offered peace to all of Europe. Here is an excerpt from the tape:

“Therefore, in order to thwart opportunities for the merchants of war, and in response to the positive developments that were expressed in recent events and in the public opinion polls, which determined that most European peoples want peace, I urge … the establishment of a permanent commission to nurture awareness among Europeans regarding the justness of our causes, particularly the cause of Palestine, and that use be made of the vast media resources to this end.

“I hereby offer them a peace treaty, the essence of which is our commitment to halt actions against any country that commits itself to refraining from attacking Muslims or intervening in their affairs, including the American conspiracy against the larger Islamic world.

Was Osama feeling especially kind today? Perhaps he woke up and thought, “its such a beautiful day, I think I’ll make peace with Europe!”

Or maybe he is sensing that the end is near for him, and is looking for a way to take some of the heat off. Maybe bin Laden is getting a bit desperate.

Think about bin Laden as a modern Hitler, with his hateful philosophy encompassing, not just the Jews, but all of Western civilization. Just like in the late 1930s and early 1940s, Americans were reluctant to engage in a full-scale war with a foreign enemy; until we were struck directly by that enemy.

Like Hitler, bin Laden has managed to surround himself with enemies. His old haunting grounds, Afghanistan, is now free again, his Taliban allies running for their lives, and his once friendly neigbhor, Pakistan, has 60,000 troops in the field, all intent on finding him and everyone who follows him.

Osama’s home nation, Saudi Arabia, is no better. Once passive in its stance to al Qaeda, it is now firmly committed to his destruction. Iraq has fallen, Sadr’s militia all but crushed, Iran under international pressure to prove that it is not trying to produce nuclear weapons, and Libya has opened its borders to the UN and is actively dismantling its WMD programs.

Is there any GOOD news for bin Laden? Only the vague hope that President Bush might be unseated in November and that his replacement, John Kerry, might not be as strong a leader in the war on terror.

But then, bin Laden remembers that America has waged wars both long and short, overt and covert. America outlived the mighty USSR. He remembers that because it was the Americans who helped the Afghanis to resist the Soviets in the 80s. Though the American people wavered in their stance towards Soviet aggression, the American government remained, with a few exceptions, steadfast in its opposition to Soviet expansionism.

One wonders if perhaps bin Laden thinks back to his decision to launch the 9/11 attacks and considers it a mistake. America is determined to find him, and even he knows that it is a matter of when, not if. We’ll find him sooner or later, dead or alive, under Bush or under another President. What is most scary is the fact that we almost had him once. We chase him tirelessly, which means that, eventually, he’s going to make a mistake. And then we’ll have him.

Now, because of Spain, all of Europe seems to have woken up to the reality of mass terror. Bin Laden is barely keeping his head above water as it is; if Europe enters the fray, it’s as good as over.

Which is perhaps why we suddenly see a generous offer of peace to the Europeans. How nice of bin Laden to make the offer, right?

Yeah, right.

Interested in some “waterfront” property? I know a guy.

David Flanagan

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  • It was nice to see the European governments reject the offer outright. I expected something more along the lines of “Well, we want peace as well, and peaceful people should live in peace together, bla bla bla.”

    Thankfully, that was not their response. I think Madrid woke up everyone in Europe (except the Spanish voters) to the idea that appeasing terror cannot work.

    Let’s hope this leads to better cross-Atlantic relations, and a stronger war on terror.

  • boomcrashbaby

    I certainly hope that it indicates Osama is getting desperate, but who can really know? I think to assume that it is from desperation would be to apply a mentality, that we are familiar with, to him right? His way of thinking has got to be so radically different than the way of thinking we know, he might have different motivations for things.

    He definitely thinks his cause is legitimate. Maybe he is hoping that other people, besides fundamentalist fanatics would give legitimacy to his philosophy? He certainly believes it is him vs. the U.S., but does he really think it’s him against the world? Probably not. Does he know the European governments hate him? I don’t know that.

    In the Israel vs. Palestine conflict, there are people on both sides who do not think the other side is legitimate. But there are people on both sides who are willing to find a middle ground together, which means some enemies do give legitimacy to the opposing side. Maybe he sees that or is at least hoping that in regards to his truce?

    I don’t know if I’m explaining this line of thought as best I can, but maybe it’s desperation and maybe it’s seeking legitimacy as a political power player or something like that. I certainly hope it’s desperation though.

  • I think to assume that it is from desperation would be to apply a mentality, that we are familiar with, to him right?

    Yes, my article is, of course, speculating, but I do have some historical precedent built into the assumptions, so its not totally off the wall. 🙂 As for Palestine, President Clinton basically handed Arafat his dream of true statehood, and Arafat turned it down, so I’m not sure if there will ever be any legitimicy for the Palestinian cause until they elect a leader willing to do more than launch suicide attacks against its neighbor.



  • Shark

    WRONG: “Afghanistan, is now free again, his Taliban allies running for their lives…”

    WRONG: “Pakistan, has 60,000 troops in the field, all intent on finding him and everyone who follows him.”

    IRONIC: “…Saudi Arabia, is no better. Once passive in its stance to al Qaeda, it is now firmly committed to his destruction.”

    (SINCE they set him up and financed him –along with the US and the CIA)

    STRANGE TERM: “Iraq has ‘fallen'”

    (Bit maybe the one true thing Dave’s said so far!)

    FANTASY: “Sadr’s militia all but crushed…”

    RHETORICAL Q: “Is there any GOOD news for bin Laden?”

    SHARK SEZ: Only the vague hope that President Bush will continue to squander treasury, lives, intelligence, and resources in IRAQ.

    IRONIC: “[Bin Laden] remembers…it was the Americans who helped the Afghanis to resist the Soviets in the 80s.”

    SHARK SEZ: Yeah, Dave, we know what weapons Bin Laden has because WE LOOKED AT THE RECIEPTS.

    DELUDED FANTASY: “One wonders if perhaps bin Laden thinks back to his decision to launch the 9/11 attacks and considers it a mistake.”

    (You’re out of your fucking mind, Dave.)

    MISINTERPRETATION: “Which is perhaps why we suddenly see a generous offer of peace to the Europeans. How nice of bin Laden to make the offer, right?”

    Dave, if you think this is:

    a) a real peace offering
    b) and made from weakness —

    you’re the one most likely to purchase “waterfront property”. This is an attempt to sway public opinion in Europe and elsewhere. Bombs will follow in major European cities. It’s called EXTORTION, BLACKMAIL, but surely not ‘weakness’.

    REALITY, Dave, you should sample it every now and then! ‘Cause one can’t make intelligent decisions based on one’s own deluded internal fantasies.

    Just tryin’ to be helpful.

  • JR

    This guy is still at large and still communicating with his followers almost three years after 9/11, and we’re GLOATING that he’s “desperate”?!?

    Wow, Bush really is the “master of low expectations”.

  • boomcrashbaby

    I’ve heard some people think it might be a divide and conquer strategy.

    I don’t think so.

    He couldn’t have survived for so long without being smart. He knows that simply by offering a truce he’s going to strengthen his position among his own people. He doesn’t have any intention of a “cease-fire”. He just wants to show the Muslim world that he is NOT the aggressor, that he is giving the Coalition every chance to retreat in peace and rethink their lives.

    But all he is really doing is solidifying his base of popular support. When you think about what he’s asking… ‘discontinue your aggression against my poor, destitute peoples’, he makes it sound like he’s the victim.

    I think the tape could probably accurately be summed up in one word. Propaganda.

    Remember one of the basic tenets of terrorism. When you provide the people with what they need, they don’t rebel. Simple. (Which is why more American convoys are being attacked than American tanks.)

    Feed the people, provide them security. Then they won’t care why you’re there so much. The rebels won’t be popular, and they’ll fade away.

    Rebel Movements aren’t so much a thing of people as it is a thing of ideas. You don’t fight ideas with armor and bullets. You fight it with better ideas. Instead of sending more troops to Iraq or lengthening the stay of troops already over there, perhaps Bush should be sending more aid, more blankets, more food, more necessities?

  • REALITY, Dave, you should sample it every now and then!

    There’s the pot calling the kettle black. 😀


  • How can we change Muslim religious ideology to stop terrorism?

    How does one confront the passions of people with a logical entreaty to abandon faith? How does one convince a young man that his self-immolation in a bombing will not bring redemption from Allah to his soul and rewards to his people or honor to his family?

    If logical reasoning lodges doubt into the mind of a martyr that his soul will be destroyed as a punishment for being the cause of cutting short another soul’s ability to attain a bond with Allah/God, eventually the act of self-sacrifice ceases. This is the only effective way that man will eventually attain peace.

    We can spend billions of dollars in an attempt to annihilate groups of people who have an adamant fanatical goal to destroy anyone who hinders the path of spreading their religion. They believe that this has been commanded by Allah. The end result will always be the same. The fanatics who are destroyed fuel the hatred of a new group with the same or an even fiercer fervor to die for their Allah if the need arises.

    How do we solve this problem? The pen is mightier than the sword. To the illiterate, visual projections via film is the greatest tool. The media and film producers have always shied away from the possibility of offending religious organizations. A fear of the fundamentalists’ wrath has even stifled the desire for the truth. Can the real truth be revealed? Will this end strife? Maybe not, but unless we try, we will never know; will we?

    A fanatic passion to please God has been demonstrated throughout the Ages. We have seen vast destruction and useless killings by religious zealots that have followed us into the present century whereby even technology is unable to quell its tide. Muslims have been led to believe that they must expand Islam in order to please Allah/God. Since Judaism created the present perception of God, it is the duty of Judaism, the originator to bring rationality to a belief in Allah/God if Israel and Judaism wants to live in peace with Muslims.

    If all the events that occurred as written in the Bible, Qur’an and Torah now, today, would humanity be as gullible now and accept all miracles and God as portrayed then? If the context entails incorrect exegeses and the vast tradition of hermeneutics and the translation is illogical, it is illogical whether it is by my interpretation or by any logic.

    Mankind has progressed past a need for a God who desires and requires servitude. We can eliminate servitude and still have a closeness and love of God. It was man who placed restrictions on himself for the good of mankind and attributed this to God. Most of us now live in a lawful society. Now laws are proposed and enforced by governments. God does not, and never has meddled in our affairs.

    If we take rationality completely out of context when establishing an association with present day problems between Jews, Christians and Muslims, we can come up with numerous solutions. Reality however dictates that if there were no distinctions between Muslims, Jews, and Christians, strife would be nonexistent. The major distinction is religion

    The best weapon against irrationality is logic. If logic is implemented in religion, eventually the inference of reasoning has to predominate and the illogical will be considered inferior and will ridicule itself out of existence. Today we have at our disposal the means whereby the media can reach even the farthest corners of our world.

    True logic is the science of inference and reasoning.

  • sheri


    I believe you are sincere in your convictions.It’s easy for the parent of a murdered child to seriously question Divine intervention.

    But what you are saying is nothing new, and goes well until one FINDS themselves in need of “interference” from the Divine.

  • debbie

    “”This war makes millions of dollars for big corporations, either weapons manufacturers or those working in the reconstruction [of Iraq], such as Halliburton and its sister companies…

    “It is crystal clear who benefits from igniting the fire of this war and this bloodshed: They are the merchants of war, the bloodsuckers who run the policy of the world from behind the scenes.

    “President Bush and his ilk, the media giants, and the U.N. … all are a fatal danger to the world, …”

    OMG – Bin Laden is quoting the DNC talking points. Anybody else think this is interesting?

  • sheri

    Interesting indeed Debbie.

    The question is, who’s zooming who?

  • LOL, Debbie…

    The Democrats are in the odd position of lamenting positive economic news, and using bad news for our men and women in uniform to their advantage.

    It’s tough to argue with the fact that the Dems are sorta hoping for a double-dip recession and further chaos in Iraq. And maybe a terrorist attack in the US. All before November, of course…