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Is MyBlogLog Losing Its Buzz?

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Don't get me wrong, I really dig MyBlogLog, the simple and stripped down social networking tool for bloggers with the killer app widget that lets you see and interact with the readers who visit your site.

But I'm wondering if the buzz is wearing off. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the activity level on the site has subsided considerably since the admittedly recent days when blogger-fueled hype was high and the announcement of MBL's acquisition by Yahoo! was making the rounds.

Certainly for several months it seemed as though there was a lot of activity on the site itself. I received friend requests frequently for example (see my profile here) without doing much to earn the honor, and it was easy to tell just by clicking around that many people were discovering and making use of the site's features. I'm not getting that sense of late. My activity level on the site is about the same, but the number of friend requests and messages has dropped considerably.

Perhaps even more telling is that I haven't read anything about MyBlogLog in a while (this Technorati chart is a bit inconclusive, I must admit). Could it be that the early adopter crowd has incorporated MBL into ho hum everyday online life and moved on? I'm guilty myself, having caught the Twitter wave and am very much fixating on that particular e-vortex as the latest-greatest thing.

While Alexa rankings must be taken with a grain of salt, it shows that MBL traffic has leveled off. It's still ahead of Twitter, though it's close now!

I still appreciate and love MyBlogLog's best feature: I get to see the faces (or avatars, or artistic representations) of some of the people who stop by my site.

I'd love to see what other people think: what's the deal with MyBlogLog these days?

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  • Some people are much more into social networking than others to be sure (bloggers and MySpace-y types tend not to be one in the same, I find). That said, MBL is a great blogger networking tool and I love that you can see who is visiting your site. There’s also a super-sweet Word Press plug-in that displays your MBL profile pic in comments when enabled.

    I’ve heard a lot of people complain about spam on MBL but have not seen an overwhelming amount of it myself.

  • Iloz Zoc

    While I have a MyBlogLog account, I find it pretty tepid, mostly since there’s lots of ‘make money blogging’ or other commercially motivated blogs or splogs. MySpace appears to be the major player, as it has a strong me-too social presence that goes beyond the incredible amount of useless splogs it has.