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Is My Relationship With My Gemini Man Over? Venus In Capricorn: Astrology-Based Advice

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Hi Elsa!

I've been dating a Gemini man for almost three months. Things have been very slow and I have been patient. But yesterday he called and I snapped at him that hadn't contacted me for a week. He said he had a problem with his phone and had been busy doing his house up. I said I didn't know and I was proud of him for working hard. I apologized as well.

gemini man posterNow I still don't know whether we are fine or we are over. Shall I wait for him to cool down and contact me, or just forget him? Please help!

Waiting By The Phone

Dear Waiting,

I think you’ve got a Gemini liar there. His phone is broken for a week? Pulllllease. No Gemini goes a week without a phone, believe me. I think this man is gone and he is waiting for you to figure it out. So what’s taking you so long?

Well, you have Venus in Capricorn and apparently don’t think you deserve much in relationship. And this is erroneous! So my advice is to forget about the guy. Instead, invest in yourself. Why do you settle for such crumbs? This is what you need to be thinking about if you want to take a step towards solving your problems in relationship.

Good luck.

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  • ange

    I am a taurus woman and I have been dating a gemini for five months in that time we have had a great realationship sexually and compatable always laughed together we text each other every day and talk on the phone, saw him every week end. Friday gone we fell out and I have been rying to text him but he has ignored me totally feel really upset that he could be like this . What should I do ? He said he had fallen in love me , but Im not sure if he still wants me or not any advice on how too handle this situation ?

  • TheDoll

    Holy hell some people are bitter and have been screwed over. I am a Taurean female and adore my Gemini man. I am 32 and He is 36. We are NOT in a monogamous relationship we are polyamorous and I think that’s why we work well together. The thing is when I am with Him, I’m with Him. He is possibly the most attentive man I have ever been with.
    We met online and chatted for months before meeting. We met 4 months ago and spend several evenings a week together.
    We are both extremely busy people and I am more social than He is. He’s an extroverted homebody. I’m an introverted socialite. We just mesh perfectly. I’m independent. When I am struggling with something He gets frustrated if I don’t tell Him or allow Him to help me. He’s the first one in line when I need help but the last one in line when I need emotional support. Emotional conversations scare Him so we don’t have them. The best thing I have found when I need to communicate something important to Him emotionally is to write it in an email. I know that sounds unhealthy to some but it works for us.
    Those whining that they haven’t heard from their man in 2 days. Put on your big girl panties. Go out with your friends and have fun. Your life should revolve around you and your happiness. Gemini men enjoy fun and carefree women. Give the guy a little space.

  • stefani


  • stefani

    And, they will disrespect you, degrade you openly and when you confront them…they stand there and deny that they are doing it as if you were not subjected to it, or as if you were not there, or as if it never happened. Cannot stand men or women gemini’s because they are the same.. true bs artist and they are meanest to the ones who confront them or call them on it and yes they are not good liars. They forget what they’ve told you and you can easily catch them in one lie after another. The sign should be eliminated from the zodiac

  • stefani

    Gemini’s are horrible. They lie, lie, lie because they think everybody is stupid. They insult your intelligence and are unfair, mean controlling and dishonest. They are conniving and verbally abusive and do not care if they hurt you. They have no conscience.. I truly feel there is something wrong with all of them and tbey are jealous and lack self esteem. They are very insecure which accounts for the games, lies, deception and the cons. They are mean because of their jealousy and envy. They do not have deep emotional feelings for anyone or anything because they are shallow. Their jealousy and envy makes them hurt others. They are their own worst enemy and they think they are slick and cunning and will try to get over on you if you let them. You cannot trust them and never turn your back on them because they will stab you in it. If they cannot control a situation, they lie, scheme and do whatever they can to be center of attention and step on anyone in their way. Its a horrible sign and I will generalize because I have met and been around them. When you see through them, they start their games, their cunnung and their deceptive to cover up for it and they do not care if they hurt you.

  • Belleza

    Romantic involvement with most Gemini men is like riding shotgun to hell. Take these bad boys’ lethal charm with a grain of salt ladies — before it kills you! Most of his wiles amount to blowing sunshine up your bum; or peeing on your back and telling you it is raining. So charming is he, that he can actually convince you of what you feel in your heart and know in your head to be otherwise.

    Entire blogs are dedicated solely? to Peter Pan’s massive ego; bad reputation and oh so many dark demons — each as toxically manipulative; narcissistic; contradictory as the next.

    I am a Virgo woman who unfortunately can’t help but love Gemini guys — only to have ended up devastated, depressed and blaming myself — which these Gemini jokers love; as it assuages them of culpability. One joke took me 18 months to get over and recover from; I was crushed.

    Married to a Gemini for 12 years now; I got lucky this time. He is loyal and faithful; no head games and is essentially the epitome of everything Gemini men traditionally aren’t. As friends Gemini men are terrific, but the abundance of relationships related bad press; I regret to say it is usually mostly warranted.

    Of the 4 dual signs Pisces is dreamy moon and stars; Sagittarius is the bright sun; Virgo is the stable earth. Gemini is a rogue asteroid.

  • angel

    hi, i’ve been dating a gemini man for a month now,we agreed to let it go couse it was not going anywere. but we are not yet over each other.would he try to persue it again.he said we need to pause a few days and if we still feel about each other the some way, we will take it from there. i am a libra, pls help.

  • gemini

    not all geminis are bad like me i never cheated and for the women who had bad relationships with geminies just wait until you find a good one

  • Leo

    Wow this is too funny amazing how geminis are so complex they have a blog…but also so true I can truly relate to some of these and kinda crazy how everyone of these men share the same traits….liars in the wind it’s true I have been with my ex up until June 1st a acquaintance of mine revealed she had been with him for three years WOW. Being a Leo the thing that hurts the most is not knowing really 3 years. The only question I had for her was where did u think he was every night. He was good because as analytical and intuitive as I am there were no signs. I remember her making a gesture to him once in the club but no signs from him. He would constantly be on the phone with me constantly around me and home every night. Hmmm couldn’t have been more than sex but she begs to differ he got a he’ll of a mouthpiece. But my question is will he ever get the picture it’s over I have changed my cellphone number blocked his number from my house phone and every time I talk to a friend they tell me he’s at the local bar talkin everyone’s head off about how the girl is lien. Will this end or am I gonna have to move.

  • sseattle aqua

    First let me say gemini are very intelligent I am am aquarius woman. And thats what intrigues me, now they ars great liars I was dating a gemini man and he is so distant I caught him in lies on facebook in pictures with other women and when I confronted him he was candid to much so. I told him you got to be kidding. See I domt tolerate b.s at all I will brimg tbe truth to you head on. So I think I have scared him away. When things clme up that needed to be addressed he would run and tuck his head in his but rather to face me head on, we get along but the communication between him and I. Is stale.

  • Enjoy the moment

    Well I have learned that being in a relationship with a male gemini can be challenging, however being a female sag can dish out the same challenges. Even when I thought he was not with me he was. I had learned the hard way. I even sent a text breaking up with him because of some work issues I was dealing with and did not want to continue putting him through some rough spots in my life. He did tell me that I was not going anywhere, and I guess that is a good thing. However, this does not stop the lies. UGH!!! sags have such a hard time with this. I take him with a grain of salt these days. I told him i did not want to confine him i just want to enjoy him. He says he does not get me, that is okay. He puts a sparkle in my eye, and the choice to break up with him was hard. I feel he might go out and explore and do his thing, but I have learned when he needs rest and to get away I am his rock, I am his solid foundation that he can depend on. Gemini men are not for everyone. If you are the type of woman that needs constant reassurance then this man is not for you. Personally I would get bored if I could control a man very easily. This relationship is full of challenges and I am up for the challenge since it is in my nature to accept a challenge and win. Somedays I feel like I am winning the game and sometimes I feel like I am losing the game. I keep him on his toes too. I have a very active life outside of him, so now that some of the work issues have been resolved the days to come will be interesting. Can I live without him, yes, but he would be missed. PS- we are together again, but never really broke up even though I said that. Some how we both know we belong to each other.

  • Cindy

    If you’re Cap is in Venus, I can’t believe you didn’t just move on and make a million bucks or complete yet another PHD.
    I mean that’s what Caps do. And if it’s in Venus, saying “Whatever, little man” should be as easy as blinking.

  • tauri53

    Alot of spell errors sorry i was typing fast

  • tauri53

    Ok so im a taurus female in a current 9 month relationship with him…i dont even know where to begin…met in 9th grade and he told me he wanted to sex my cousin but found himself being more attracted to me…come 10th grade yr we both changed schools but ended up at the same one with lockers RIGHT BESIDE EACHOTHER…how ironic?11th gr he changed schools but added mebon facebook and gave me his number and we talked like everyday all day and he stopped talking to me for a while because ge had a girlfriend at the moment but still found himself calling me at night instead of her..i had a boyfriend as well but that relationship wasnt even realbut he was there for me through it all and from there on i fell in love with him but was afraid to be with him because of his reputation of his past relationships and flungs with girls 🙁 but by 12t gr i couldnt help it we were seeing each other almost everyday and talking all the time and for about three to four months he would text me little cute goodmorning texts in the morning but eventually it all dtopped once he heard sone “he say she say” that i hadnt been faithful which was by far not true and it hurt me at the time because he believed them over me so every since then he would kindof throw it in my face while im trying to show him that im different than his exes and he doesnt sem to appreciate it in my opinion b/c i know he treats me to the movies and etc but i could care less about the money and materiaistic thibgs as i am not your average taurus lol but i try and give him alit of space b/c my mom is a gem,randma is a gem,god mom is a gem and have many gem friends so i know how they are but seems like tjis obe isnt willing to crack i dont try and change him into sonethong he usnt b/c i have seen his sweet side but its been midsing lately…everything i gave looked up about gems and taurs is that all they need is compromise and that the relationship will prosper….anybody HELP PLEASEE.i know urs alot sorry lol

  • Shawn

    I was involved with a gemini male for over 8 years; we traveled, dined at fine establishments and he “could” be generous financially when he took the notion. He gave good advise, had a air of mystique about him and would run to my aid each time I was in need for ANYTHING. He was unemotional and just could not bring himself to commit. I can’t count the number of times he needed space or ran from “the talk.” He was not interested in a committed relationship and I probably saw or heard from him once every week. After all this time, I can’t say that I know that he really loved me; he told me did maybe a dozen times in 8 years. Why did I allow this? Really I dont’ know.
    This rebound guy turned out to be a gemini and it was remarkable the similarities; except this one is broke. Gorgeous, charming but broke. For the 1.5 months he was attentive, charming and gave chase. He caught me and began to change. For 2 weeks, he was different and distant. I tried to determine if it was coincidental, stress or flakiness that brought about the change. He wouldn’t talk, avioded me and the conversation. When I pulled back he texted desires to see me, etc. 2 weeks of craziness was more than enough for me. I blocked his number, deleted his texts, numbers and will not deal with a gemini romatically again. You all should do the same.

  • SUE

    Hello yes gemini do have big hearts. I dated one for 9 months. He told me one day that i was not the woman he want. After that he said i want you but not in a relationship. My emotions are all over the place because we had alot of fun together. I CHALLENGED HIM ALOT WHEN IT CAME TO HIS REMARKABLE POTENTIALS BUT HE PERCEIVED ME AS BEING A HARD WOMAN.I no i need to let go but we had a connection that i have never had with a man. I JUST FEEL LIKE WE WALKING AWAY FROM SOMETHIING SO SPECIAL. HE NEVER CHEATED ON ME. HE HAD A LOT OF FINANCIAL ISSUES AND JUST BECAUSE I HAD IT LIKE THAT HE FELT LIKE I SUPPOSE TO DO MORE THAN WHAT I WAS DOING. HE SAID ITS OVER SHOULD I BELEIVE HIM ARE JYST GIVE HIM SPACE? I NO WAS INTO ME NEITHER ONE OF US IS A PHONE PERSON BUT WE TALKED EVERYDAY 2 AND THREE TIMES A DAY FOR 9 MTHS. SINCE HE HAS TOLD ME HE IS DONE HE CALLS BUT JUST HOLDS THE PHONE

  • Sag chick

    Gemni man need help ….. How do u know if they really like u . When we go out he pays for everything …. Although I offer all the time . We met on dating site …. All went really well … Then went quite … For 6 weeks … He texted Once week … Said he was travelling ( for his work ) since I dont know him all that well … I can only believe him …. We don’t text everyday … We never spoke on the phone but in person we never stop talking …..I haven’t met any of his friends or family … It’s been 12 weeks since we met …. We are both 32 …. When we are together if seems that he cares and we hold hands etc … Yet we are just dating … I don’t want to scare him away by asking …. “What’s up “. I always have my guard up as who wants to be hurt or get hurt , ya know …. But I do like him … But if he really liked me … Would he contact me more than he dose … Or are gemni slow to show how they feel ?

  • Enjoy the moment

    TO Bella, yes he is testing you, gemini men like to know before they fully commit that you can stand on your own emotionally without him. The thing here about gemini men is that they go back and forth. You have to decide for yourself if you want a part time relationship. If you want more it will only push him away. Allow things to form naturally. All that he said was probably true. you also have to keep in mind he is just getting out of a divorce so keep it light and casual. Enjoy the moments and learn to take up other interest.

  • Bella

    I’m seeing a Gemini and I’m a Taurus Women. Im completely confused!
    First he’s calling,texting and emailing. He’s got 50% custody of his 3 kids and runs his own business and he’s going through a bitter divorce so I understand his time is limited but how much time does it take to send
    someone a simple hello by text he didn’t communicate with me for a whole week once so I sent him a simple text saying hi and very positive and friendly and I got a response back from him quickly saying he had alot on his mind and was working alot and had not forgotten me then asked me out for New Years Eve. We spent New Years Eve together and it was amazing, live show and lots of adventure and we made love all night and talked for hours. I’m very intelligent and can keep him on his toes on any topic and I’m sensual so the mixture for him is intoxicating and for a rare moment when we were talking we stared in each others eyes and he told me I was beautiful and that he knew now what he wanted at that moment I saw his eyes twinkle with a spark it was majical I never saw someone’s eyes sparkle like that. The next day he insisted we spend it together and we talked all day and bonded. We finally ended our date and went our separate ways, we have text a few times and he text that we would talk soon but I have not heard from him 2days now. I don’t know what to think? Does this man even like me? Is he fighting feelings for me? Is he testing me or trying to break me because he knows I’m a strong independent women? Was it real when I saw his eyes glitter? Will he be back or is he done with me? He told me he never met a girl like me, smart, confident, independent and adventurous and I know he means that because his ex was the opposite
    but I don’t know where I stand. Can a Gem man or women offer some insight please or someone who knows them well? Thanks

  • Enjoy the moment

    Well I am glad I read these post. I find it all too funny. I am a Sagittarius and we can usually tell when someone is blowing smoke up are arses. Hell fire Sagaittarius is a fire sign so we invented the smoke. We are the luckiest of the zodiacs. The gemini man I met was refreshing from most of the dates I have been on recently, and we both provide an atmosphere of never a dull moment. I like my space and freedom as much as he does, in fact you can only lasso me if I let you. We have had several intimate encounters but to think that you have me wrapped around your fingers is another thing. We have already discussed this fact that if he told me to do something I would do the opposite. Sagittarians are very independent and our worlds do not revolve around others we need to soar and explore just like the gemini. I am not a cheater, but if I am not feeling that the relationship is not meeting my needs I run fast. I provide no explanations because I do not feel obligated to do such. I am a live in the moment type person just like the gemini and do not worry about the future. He has already said his first lie to me and this is my attitude about it. Lie to me the first time your fault, lie to me the second time my fault. So now when and if he does call, I will enjoy the laughter but only on a friendship level because sagittarians are about truth, we totally dispise lies. The moral of the story we are what we are, and it is all good.

  • vergo

    tell me dedail about gemini personality my friend gemini and not he romantic actually

  • sumaira

    i want to ask about my gemini friend he is much i am vergo will we should do friend ship because i can not understand his attitute

  • Jon

    How in the world did this, Capricorn Women – Gemini Men blog turn into a Cancer Women hating Gemini Men blog…?

  • Miss Never dating a Gemini again

    Oh and I am a Virgo, with Scorpio in Venus, and a Aries Moon. hes lucky I didnt hide his body.

  • Miss Never dating a Gemini again

    I was told from my long time therapist after dating a 3 Gemini that if a man doesnt become commited and engaged with in the first 6-12 months to dump him. ANY MAN!! Because when you are older man or woman you should know what you want, and if he doesnt want you then move on and keep your options open.

  • ConfidentCancer

    I’m a Cancer Woman and have been seeing a Gemini man for 5 months.At first he used to be very quiet and reserved, now he is very talkative,funny and expressive in his own way.The other night he made a comment stating “he knows that i love him”,i just laughed it off because n actuality he loves me and doesnt know how to tell me or either he doesnt want to be the first to say it.These are the kind of mind games gems play, all u have to do is stay 1 up on the score and u’ll always have them running back for more. It seems like the moment u express those emotions is the very moment they’re out the door and in most cases out of ur life for good.From experience it seems as though u have to allow them to love u more than u love them or else the twin will take u on a mind blowing emotional rollacoaster that is almost impossible to come down from.If u have ever heard the saying “mind over matter” it applies to dealing with a gemini!All in all i must admit that he is pretty exciting and our love making is becoming so passionate that we can’t have sex as much as in the begining,It’s tooo much for him to handle!!!

  • cancer women

    I’ve been with a gemini man for 7 months. he’s nothing but a liar and a cold player. He told me he loves me but I don’t believe in that after all he has done to me. He flirts with so much girls! When I was first talking to him he was quite a charmer. Ha but that’s how he plays I swear I don’t think he’ll get anywhere in life. I was always worried what he would do behind my back but after a while I got use to it cause I’m playing the same game as him. Fair is fair am I right ladies? I don’t think a gemini man is really a man I think he’s a boy. I always wonder why I’m never enough for him. He’s nothing but a charmer, liar, and a PLAYER. So my advice is play the same game and never ever say I love you.

  • gemini hater

    ive been dating a gemini man for over a year and its the worse relationship i have ever had i just want to stay away from him for good hes taken all my money hit on my friends but says its all in my head. he has no interest in my kids and doesnt give a hoot about any one but him self. he plays mind games with me want answer phone want have sex with me want touch me ever but in a week he rings me again saying he loves me and cant be with out me then the next weekend its the same all over again. i will never ever date another gemini again and if am interested in a guy and he is a gemini i dont care how hot he is i am out of there. i have no respect for geminis and think they are all f++ked – gemini hater – cancer women

  • Gwen

    If you’re looking for real love RUN!I think Gemini’s are not capable of committment.They are opportunist that pray on woman who have the misfortune to fall for their bulls–t.

  • Miss Nocturne

    To: Ca’s response to Crappy Chick

    whether they make decent liars or not, you have to think first: Casanova doesn’t have a MOTIVE to lie here! Why the hell do you think he’d lie here? There’s no way to benefit from it? Who knows? He probably was typing his fingers and heart off! Really, it’s a logical explanation.

    And also, whether what he typed was true or not, it had substance of things we can all learn from. Don’t put down what you don’t think of first, man.

  • brittany

    I been messing with my gemini boyfriend since i was 18. It’s been something! It got bad and good days. and yes they lie , and get mad when you let them know you are aware of it. They don’t like you to be on their game. They hate that! Their very funny acting , and always seem to need space. and he get alot of that. They something you got to be strong, to deal with their shit!

  • monk

    Well im a gemini girl and i just got out of a three year relationship with a scorpio and thats the hardest to ever go to. Everything thats being said isn’t true because im not a cheater or none of the above I want the same respect from you that you would want from me geminis are just misunderstood and want respect ill tell my mate if im interested in someone else to give them the priveledge to make a descision so im not going to let anyone talk down on us because we are all different in our own way no matter what sign you are we all are not the same ppl or else we wouldnt be here.

  • Cancereli

    I have been in a 3 month long distant relationship with a gemini. He ended up moving to the same state as me to be with me about 3 months ago.So all together we have been together for almost 6 months. His family lives here too but he left behind a child. He has been sacrificing himself for the past 10 years, but couldnt take it anymore.He wants a break because he feels overwhelmed with his life. His child is freaking out because he moved to a different state and his priority right now is to make him feel better. He goes back to court in a couple of weeks to get his visitation rights. The childs mom isnt making it easy at all. His work is very demanding and we have little time together. He says its not fair to me, and he is overwhelmed with emotions. He needs to fix everything before he can continue with me.He says i am the first person who he has ever thought of marriage with. He said he would fight for me if i ever left him.
    I am just wondering if the “break” is being sugar coated or if he really means what he says. He says he loves me still. Few days later i asked what the break meant and he got upset becaseu he feels he is being preassured by everyone. I was so emotional at the time that i think my emotions didnt make it any better. I am feeling insecure because he’s not telling me if he still has those same feelings for me.I wish he would say he still wants to be with me but not right now.i cant even get that out of him.

  • Capricorns Rule

    I fell in Love with a Gemini two years ago…I still don’t know why? He is just such a liar, cheater and all of the aforementioned comments are so true about this type of human/Gemini. I still cannot understand him. We had a sporadic relationship, which later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I am so happy with my son, on the other hand my dull Gemini fights been a good Dad. He runs around with allot of women, but recently got upset at me because he says I only use him for sex? I do not understand? Isn’t that what they want anyway…LOl it’s true they are human, indeed they are no match for the cold hearted Cappy. I hope he is obsessing over me as we speak…I am going to play with his heart and his emotions for leaving me pregnant and running with other women. When I am done making him cry, Then, I will go have a nice tee…and enjoy my sweet revenge!!!! He has it coming and he doesn’t even know it!!!

  • kw

    I was seeing a gemini man for 3 months, from the start we said we didnt want a full on relationship, we started dating and got on really well, i never used to bug him with texts or calls just a text or call at night to see how his day was,if he didnt hear from me that night he would do the same, as time went on he started asking me to meet him and his mates in the pub, he brought us theatre tickets as a surprise, he wwas very affectionate towards me in private and in public, if we were indoors watching a film i would catch him staring at me, then one day he said it was getting to full on and called it a day which i was really confused about,i was never full on with him because i knew he liked his space, i have asked him if we could try again and he said lets talk in a week or so coz his mind is all over the place after a few days i sent a msg back saying not to worry about it as i feel im wasting my time and he knows where i am if his interested, that was over a week ago and iv had no reply, everyone reckons it was his feelings that were getting deep and he got scared, plus his very busy, a fireman and doing the knowledge. he used to act like he was my boyfriend and we would joke about it and he would put in a little reminder that i werent his girlfriend.im so confused, dont know if i should contact him or leave it??? surely he cant cut someone out his life like that, espec the way he carried on, one time i hadnt seen him for a week and he randomly just said to me…i missed you, i missed you alot…why give out mixed signals, im so confused, should i just let him go? someone please help, im also a gemini.

  • hami

    girls girls girls so much miss understand about gemini, its not fair, i am a gemini too, and i fall in love first time in my life, i am 27 years old and still vergine, i respect the girls even one time a girl say me shits too, because i said her leave me alone, she said me very bad words becasue she think i am insulting her, even she never say me she love me, and i think she don’t love me, we was just friends, i fall in love with a capi girl she was marred before and also she is not in my country, i am in greece she is in romania, she have a kid, now divorced, in the start we was so so good friends one day i said her i miss her alot give me some more time, i want to talk to her, more, she understand i like her, and she was so kind with me, but one day becasue of some miss understading she is not talking to me even not telling me she is gone forforever i have just her email, i am writing her sorry every day, and i respect her too, i can’t believe that she is doing this all with me, and i cry for her many time, and i am totaly honest with her, mistake any one can do, yes we are fast, flirt but when we understand we meet our soul mate there is no one honest like us, and i mean it, so plzz don’t affried form geminis, we are also humans of this world, and also noraml persons, and lie, no never don’t call us as lier, plzzz, we also have respect,

  • MICancer43

    I am an intelligent 42-year old Cancer woman dating a 36-year old Gemini man. I thought I was an expert on men and would be able to see the signs. OMG, I cannot bullllieeeve what I’m reading!!! It’s him all the way. I can’t believe I actually fell for his BS as I usually read people pretty well. Geminis ARE good if he got past this Cancer female. He tried for over a year to get me–flirting and waiting to see me outside all the time. I ignored his advances because of his age…should’ve kept it that way. Little did I know, he also snuck around with one of my married neighbors!!! Just last week, I found out he is also seeing another lady right down the street. A hoe! They are flirts. Yes, Gemini men are well-groomed, nice dressers and they have that certain “swag” about them. DOUBLE TROUBLE, because the women flirt back!!!! The saddest thing is I really like this dude. He is charming, a terrific lover, and just the sight of him does something to me. I forget altogether that I’m mad at him. When he sees me face-to-face he lights up, and you can also tell in his touch that he cares—or wants to. No, I’m not an old fool. From reading these blogs, the Gemini male can make a fool out of anybody. He never calls or texts me unless he wants to come over. Each and every time I tell myself I am not going to open my door, answer the phone OR I’m going to wait for him to call me, I always fall back on my words. When I call him after 1-2 days of not hearing from him, he usually snaps me up and hurts my feelings. If I ask him why he hasn’t called me, he says he doesn’t want to hear anything negative from me. If I swallow my pride and ask him if he is still interested in me, he’ll damn near shout “Yes!!” and say something like “I know where this is going” then get mad and cut our phone call short. Once he’s mad, that’s usually another couple of days gone by on top of the days I’ve already been waiting for him. That really hurts at times. The Gemini man only calls when he wants to be bothered with YOU. A few days ago, I was excited to let him know I snagged a job I really wanted. Effing up and thinking he would say congratulations or show some kind of support, I effed up and sent him a text. No response. When I brought it up, again he snapped, said I was speaking negatively and hurt my feelings again by saying “If it’s not about the job, I don’t want to hear anything from you right now, because I know where this is going.” The next day he was as sweet as pie. He is very loving and affectionate while he is with me. It’s when he gets on the other side of my door that’s the problem. Weird ass, complicated ass Gemini men!!!! With a Gemini man, you usually have to kiss his ass! Normally, this is not even my nature.

  • suzie

    I too have been dating a Gemini man. He is a common looking guy, completely bald except for about 2 inches from the neckline, his teeth aren’t that special, he kisses good and makes love good…..(which he makes sure he is good at for the ladies, I’m sure). He is extrememly intelligent, always acting when I’m around, so you don’t ever know what is really going through his mind. He is a pathological liar. He can never confirm at a later date what he has said in the past. He has no morals, yet he says God is his King! Then he will turn around and use the “f” word and say all kinds of low class “stuff.” Yes, I feel there is something wrong with him.
    He goes where the action is. Which is where very young unfortunate addicted woman hang out. If he wants to make someone jealous, he drags me around just for that reason. He is a user, manipulator, likes women 20-25 years younger (and they like him too). He doesn’t spend a ton of money. He never has paid for gas or treated me especially good. He feels entitled. He wants you to know, if you don’t like something he does like his foul language or whatever, there’s the door. You could say he is a charmer, but it is only a ploy to get what he wants and he likes to feel he has you under his thumb. It is and always has been about “him.” What he wants to do, where he wants to go, what he wants to watch on TV, and so on. It is all about the chase and the challenge. And girls did I say that this man is 56 years old on June 20???? I am told I am a beautiful woman and he sometimes “acts” like he is close and loves me and sometimes I think he does and then he says he wants an open relationship. He won’t tell you if he is dating someone other than you, because he doesn’t want to risk you leaving his fan club and being able to control you and have you when he wants you. Almost every statement on various sites have said the same thing about the gemini male. His x-wife said living with him 34 years (she is a Pisces), was chaos and she never really knew if he loved her. That is pathetic!!! Yet he would break up and make up, spend $30M on attorney fees only to get back together again. If that aint messed up?????
    Now they are finally divorced, but he isn’t adjusted. He has continued doing what he most likely did to cause the divorce and of course it was all her fault. I said you let a little tramp with 5 kids by 3 guys destroy your marriage and your son won’t even talk to you because of the immoral things you have done. He doesn’t admit his faults he said his x-wife turned them against him. What it all boils down to is he would rather have the tramp than his family.

  • Princess

    Yes I am currently separated from my Gemini husband, and after reading all these posts, I’m glad we are separated and getting a divorce. Everything that was said here was soooo true! Everything, lying, cheating, manipulative, deceptive, can’t hold a job, moocher, can’t pay his own way and very damn charming and good at what they do!

  • Virgolove

    i am a virgo and have been dating a gemini man for almost a yr and a half, whe we first started out everything seemed fine !, takin me out all the time , callin, texting..blah blah blah…he tells me he loves me everyday but i think thats just so he could calm me down and keep me around, and every weekend we spend time together..he tells me i could come over 7days week, and he doesnt mind, but im a virgo , i need some space sometimes…i really dont believe everything he says, he HAS lied to me before , which i did catch him in, and it was hell to pay..ppl say i blow up to fast , and i make big things out of notjing, but i see different..hes also a big time party promoter, which is extremely worse…hes always having to go to a meeting or promote with stupid groupie bitches all around..i know all his family, friends, co-workers,ect..and he claaimms , he wants to marry me and have a family , but i think its pure bullshit !…i love a lot of attention, yea he does try, i guess…but in my heart the way we argue sometimes i , think he has cheated…even though i havent…he is always on his damn phone, i hate ! that i really feel like breaking the shit…on top of that he has a lock on the damn phone !! ,ugh not good…all in all i love him dearly, i havent cought him cheating, but thats just because i think hes good at what ever hes doing…hes a big flirt, but so am i lol…he always fights for me when i try and leave, but thats only because i feel that he hasnt found someone better yet, but that doesnt mean he not sexing someone else smfh…in conjunction to all of that, he always on twitter, face book , bbm, and texts smh…i guess it is what it is, its all in GODs hands…let me know what you guys think , i would really love to hear your opinions

  • Leo19

    I second that Leo 36! I too am a Leo (Aug 19) and my bf is also a Gem. With a Gemini you need to know yourself, be confident and don’t let them manipulate your mind as they will to get there way and make you believe there right even when their wrong. Me and my boyfriend dated when we where younger about 6 yrs ago. Back then we had a good relationship/friendship but I could seen that he was not ready for a relationship and I did not presser him to change. But when I was tried of playing the games and wanted more I was up front with him about what I wanted and at that time he was not ready for a serous relationship. So I left, I was hurt at the time but I did not want to be mixed up in the mess, cheating, lying, etc. He came back to my 2 time wanted to get back together and every time I was in a relationship and was not willing to put him before my needs. I remembered back then he did not want to conform to my needs. Here the 3rd time was a charm as the say. It is how 2 yrs since we met and have been dating for the 2nd time and we are in love, with a daughter and planning to get married. Everyone is different in there personality but one thing is clear Gemini do need there space and freedom but you also need to be clear about what you want and expect. If they can’t handle it then you need to be out they will not value you as they don‘t understand the concept. They only see the opportunity of now and do not understand the value in the future. I also think they need someone who is grounded and can make them see the reality in a situation as they don’t reflect or are not around to see the outcome of it. They find themselves in the same situation but don’t realize it because there always going off to the next activity or event when out finishing it or seeing the outcome.

  • LEO

    I’ve been with my gemini man for 2 and a half years, I am a leo and I can definately say that I know that he would never cheat and never has cheated. When a gemini man is in love he doesn’t ever make you think otherwise he would do ANYTHING not to lose me. Even if his in the wrong in an argument he’ll say sorry just to make things right (most of the time) but I know when to say sorry as well.
    I don’t know how rare this is but it only seems natural. It could also be that I’m very laid back and pretty confident (yes typical leo), I don’t worry over little things like if we haven’t spoken for the whole day or for more than a day- in fact usually he’s the one worrying. And if HE doesn’t worry then I don’t have a go at him for not calling, it only stresses them out and pushes them away, whereas when you tell them you’ve missed hearing there voice and your sorry for not calling earlier- it makes things more sweet and he doesn’t entirely feel blamed. I think when you stress your gemini man and question he’s love you push him away. I just wanted to give you another side to it to show you that the gemini man is a mutable sign… he is what you make him or what you want him to be. Some tips I can give you are:
    1. do your own thing, he appreciates an independent woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t rely on him or the attention he has to give,
    2. tell him when hes wrong and argue, ITS HEALTHY and if he loves you he’ll appreciate you giving your own opinions
    3. be hot and cold- i think it excites them and makes them appreciate when your good
    4. don’t stress over lil things you’ll only put him off and push him away

    my gemini man is perfect and everything i want him to be, if he loves you and you direct him in the right way then he can be like that for you 😉

  • val26

    oh and by the way..she said that her love for me came back instantly.. i really need to let go,but a part of me wants to believe that she will leave her should i be patient i cantt keep her off my mind no matter how hard i try… a gemini then on top of that a gemini with a girlfriend!!! help

  • val26

    i am a taurus female i started back dating a gemini faemale recently after not seeing her in ten years yes ten…recently we hooked back up and she said she loved me i said i loved her too..but she is in a relationship,,she claims to be unhappy and once hinted that i should only deal with her …i wasnt trying to be a homewrcker! everytime i would say, we shoildnt date she would say she does what she wants to do and shes planning on leaving her current girlfriend…she went from i love you to not calling me in two days…what should i do? help me!!!

  • taurus

    am dating a Gemini man and i just reveal my real age to him and when i mean revealing, it’s means am two years older than and we are just 2 months dating. i want to be straight with him and i don’t care if he is younger becos i really care 4 him but my fear now is ” will he dump me” becos of my age.i just want him to know me b4 we go too far…pls i really all d advice i can from u all becos am not ready to let him go.

  • Gemini guy

    if u wana have serious relationship with a gemini….dont tell him u love him every single time he asked u to say…coz if u say that they will move away from u…this is strange but true… i am a gemini guy and hot too..lol….i have dated many women.. another strange fact about gemini is we make good husband….we love our wife..we dont cheat with our wife ..we do cheat with our gf

  • xxXgeminiXxx

    ok ok…. im a Gemini male, and i strongly agree that its got me figured out as i have read and searched everything online about Gemini, its all a perfect match for me… But i have never cheated on any girl i have been with, and i was with this girl for 2 years lived together for 1 and i had been noticing these things like, why i think how a do..why my mind works or i would get sad over nothing.. i would think so deep in thought were my fear emotional would trigger and bump me of track of what i was thinking about.. and have to stop and go wtf..lol, and i get this weird feelin then cell phone pops in my head and boom it would go off, first i didnt think anything of it, but its been happing more n more, it got to the point of in my mind knowing who it was that was calling to, without even pulling it out of my pocket.. so my friends think im crazy just the right timing… i noticed this stuff alot growing up! all this wasgoing on before i had even read about my Zodiac sym.. so like i said blew my mind every question i had been asking myself was because of my sign,like being charming… from my view in my head i have always wonder why i was good at talking to people and getting them to do what i want or like making them believe lies…and im not gonna lie thinking good and hard about yourself its confusing and hard to do i would write down alot of answers that my mind would give so i didnt forget what i was thinking about… so i realized that are minds work and think of things you wouldnt really notice..like i noticed i for some reason almost, know what your gonna say..hard to put in words… its like i run what im gonna say to you thru my head and there is a like click in my head of how the words im gonna use will effect you…cant make it happen any time tho 🙁 and lying the only way i can explain why we seem to lie over stupid things we dont wanna lie about… well i realized that its like a auto defender…when i was growing up i wondered why i would have almost uncontrollable lies…if we feel a angry or mean vibe from the one asking if say just say(DID You Take a pair of my socks!?! with even just a little bit of anger)are first response for some reason is oh sh**…so just like before, really fast, some lie, some how, poof without realizing it or thinking it thru an answer comes out… some how while there looking right at you, you just know what there response will be to your lie…and usally we will win.. and hey not saying its good thing… so just filling you in on how are minds kinda work..and as for my friends saying luckyy timing on cell phone.. well i know it couldnt of been lucky timing i was doing it more and more often and so i started looking online finding more info to take in and think about…so i find some things.. stating that the Gemini is super good at communication..and that psychic abilities are possible… and the crazy thing was there are alot of other gemini’s that can do the same thing and then some… so the new thing i have noticed is a can tell what someone feels and im starting to think i can tell what someone is about to say its random as well….but hey if you dont wanna believe this is possible your choice… i know that i have done these things i truly believe…and im tripping my friends out now..lol…anything on your mind telling you its not possible…then it wont be…any negitive vibration sent with what your doing will mess this up… be clear minded dont think about it… my knowings are random..but when it hits its instint and i say what i think before thinking about it…its crazy.. Just know in mind heart and soul.. that you know you have the ability…were are not are crazy cheaters…really creative minds harts n souls… thanks

  • V

    I’ve been with my gemini boyfriend for a year now. He doesn’t really go out much and he seems very trustworthy but he isn’t emotional or romantic at all and if anybody brings up the word “marriage” he freaks out. He never flirts with girls in front of me but I have caught him staring at other women quite a few times. And its not even a little glance. The whole look on his face changes while he stares and it makes me wonder what he is thinking? Things are slowly getting better but I just wonder if these men ever stop all this crap and just fall in love or will it always be a game to try to get him to open up and keep him interested. He also seems like he wants to fit in with his friends pretty bad. He will get the same car or phone that they have or act the way they do. This bothers me cause all of his friends are whores so I wonder how he acts when I’m not around.

  • Cancerian Man

    Mer on posted #27–

    Mer, I’m guessing that you must be a Capricorn woman then? lol. Anway, are you sure that you want to be happy with Gemini man? Because honestly, I don’t think you would be very happy with him but inside your heart, you love him very much. Most relationship I saw in between Capricorn woman and Gemini man did not work out so well. Too much playing around and less serious. When marry, you would become really serious but he continue to play. You would be acting like a “mother” while you plans all the things and he would be acting like a “son” while acting like childish. Beware that the signs between Capricorn woman and Gemini man have the highest divorce rate than average. Few made it last forever but most don’t. So, be careful. Wish you two the best luck. 🙂

  • im_the_center

    My adivce for you all capricorn women who are interests or are dating with Gemini man, DO NOT give away all your efforts on him. Because if you do, he would only accuse you and give you nothing in return. You would see the result as a failure and leave you with nothing but a broken heart. I’m a cancerian man and my ex is a capricorn woman and dating with a gemini man. To be honest, I’m really sick of her complaining about him. I tired to help her out for a moment but she refuse to take my advices and assuming that I’m doing this to make them break up on purpose since she knew that I’m her ex. I’m so done with helping her and it’s all on her own now. Also, Ca on posted #21 was right. Capricorn women are too damned easy to fall in love over Gemini’s word. Of course, I understand that you are a big fan of conversation but still, actions speak louder than words, Capricorn women!!

  • Mer

    I really don’t know what to believe Lol. Casanova’s post made sense, and I know where he is coming from. Truthfully, I am tired of making this hard. My relationship with my Gemini man is easy flowing, comfortable, loving, low maintenance and easy – like a high school relationship. And I can’t let it be easy! I have to try to find out where this is going to go, how this will end up, etc etc etc. Gemini natives are people who lets life go and let it come to them in its own pace. They are the most human of all signs. And kind of spiritual too. Which means, if someone cheats on a Gemini man, Gemini will be hurt and will write that off as a bad relationship and have faith in the universe to give them something better in the future. If they give in to their emotions and cheat on someone, then it’s meant to be like that. They find it meaningless to stick to codes of honor that we form – like, if I am in a relationship, I will absolutely not flirt with other men no matter what, “getting carried away” is not a good enough reason for me. They accept human flaws in themselves and I guess in others too, and instead of condemning it, go along with it or give it another meaning. They cannot be made to be absolute, and they are stubborn about that. If I ask my best friend who is in a long term relationship if she thinks she and her loving boyfriend will ever fall out, she said it’s possible! I would go like, “no way, never, I am marrying him, I will love him forever” you know. They are very human and we are not. We want rules to make sure we are happy in the future. Gemini wants to be happy now, future can come later.

  • Sergio

    Hey not all Gemini are flirts and liars… For example I’m a Sun in Gemini with the moon in Libra and ascendant in Aquarius… I’m not a player it too hard for me because I can’t deal with the fact that I have to hurt someone else… I’m charming guy and very complicated… I’m very romantic but not clingy… So not all Gemini are liars and flirts… I had to post this because I have to protect my Gemini people lol

  • Sylvia

    PAT–This is a reply to Pat Message 14, Sounds very Familiar story, hope you dont mind me asking you mentioned LDR could you expand on what Country he lives in, we could have the same guy online. regards Sylvia

  • fedUp

    A few words from an experienced “loyal” Leo lady.

    I have dated this Gemini guy for 5 years. I have watched him closely. Since I am the very observant type. He lies like it’s nothing. I almost feel that anything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. And that he talks for the sake of talking. He doesn’t even know what he’s saying. It’s when they are silent, the truth is spoken!! Really hard on someone like me, who is full of passion and truth. He seems to think the words I love you are his saving grace. It used to work on me, since I am Leo, I am all about LOVE in the truest and purest form. Now when he says it- it feels so empty. It was a trick he used to keep me around. Actions speak louder than words, Gemini men. And being consistant..OMG… They don’t know if it’s Tuesday or August..lol.. It’s true! They live in the Air. No depth. He is exactly like his Sun sign, then some. I have analyzed him, it is my leo nature. If I was a Psychiatric Doctor, I would have my personal Gemini DIAGNOSED. Oh my…I am simply fedUp!!

  • VIRGO2010

    And I rest my case.

  • Zeg

    LOLOLOL its true that Gemini men are good liars. One time, he told me that my friend are slut and doesn’t want to date her. Then I told her about what he told me and she asked him if that were true and he said no. WTF?!? She believed him and not me? Oh well. I like how Ca said there. “I guess capricorn women are TOO EASY to fall over gemini men’s word?” That’s may be true and I might want to add most women as well ’cause they are too stupid or too easy to fall over their words. No wonders they were always given chances unlike other signs who doesn’t get another chance. *sighs*

  • Ca

    To: Cappy Chick

    You actually believe what’s Casanova said in there?(-_-) Okay. To tell you what, Gemini men are really really REALLY good with words and it’s hard to catch them if they are lying or not. I found out that Gemini men says whatever they said BUT RARELY, put them into action, which mean that you see/listen the word they tell you but you DON’T see the action they did. they just said out from their KNOWLEDGE and they don’t mean it. That’s why they were label a “good liar”. So, be careful. I know few Capricorn women who married to Gemini men and found out that they cheated on them several times before they even got married. What’s really surpised me was that they didn’t file for a divorce. I guess capricorn women are TOO EASY to fall over gemini men’s words???

  • Cappy Chick

    I am a Capricorn woman who is deeply in love with a Gemini man. Trying to decode him is a full-time job, but there is nothing like having a solid friendship with the man you love. One who is deeply sensitive, caring, brilliant, and intuitive, with a gorgeous inviting smile. It took him 2 1/2 years to verbally express his love for me but it was well worth the wait.

    Casanova … thank you for your inspiring comments. You sound like a wonderful Gemini. Good luck with your website!

  • Casanova

    W/E virgo…you attract what you are inside. Shoo. Don’t try to mess up my inspired post. Shoo shoo shoo.

  • VIRGO2010

    Geminis are something else — that they are — I was dating one too and he was the biggest liar I can find. He even lied about his age which I found was funny considering he had more gray hair than Moses. He had the nerve to tell me he was 40 and he looked every bit of 70 even from his droopy eyes. They play mind games and yes they do try to come back but you have to have more respect for yourself than that. If you continue to play with them, they will play with you and use you. Some may say this is an underdeveloped Gemini man but underdeveloped or not — he is still a Gemini man and he is still a liar, cheat, thief, and he too tried to borrow money from me and not pennies but big money and when I refused this is when the games started.

  • Casanova

    The last thing I would recommend to somebody who desires to be loved is to play tit for tat. An eye for an eye just leaves people blind to loving. Hopefully people are wise enough to listen with wisdom and not be mind boggled by people with issues projecting them in to the post. Your love is your love…not the dissatisfaction of others. What ever happened to self-empowerment and owning ones destine? What ever happened to the attitude of that that don’t kill me can only make me stronger? What ever happened to trust? Whatever happened to trust and have faith in life? What ever happened to the notion that when something fails, and open heart is bound to receive something better from the universe? What ever happened to wisdom being applied daily in our lives…for ourselves and others? What ever happened to the astrologers that provided wisdom for understanding, cooperation, appreciation, and evolution? How is most of what you find on astro sites any beneficial for the evolution of mankind as a species now a days? What ever happened to the notion that Geminis have big hearts and emotions? Isn’t it Ironic, that for all Geminis are accused of, everybody comes and rejoices in it and feeds of all those things amongst all these sites? Gossip, twisted ego satisfying half truths, and what not? It is 2010 people. Let’s take our destinies in our hand and be responsible for our own happiness. It is not a time for ignorance. Spiritual enlightenment awaits for the brave who are read to truly love. Let’s make this world a more loving, caring, and understanding planet!!! We have the power!!! Due to a little bit of dissatisfaction and many insights blazing through my mind I have decided to commit myself to run my own astrological website. Time to show these old so called astrologers how young Hermes will do it. No disrespect to astrologers in general but I am yet to find a true wise man doing his thing for the highest good of all. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Casanova

    I am a Gemini and please do not listen to heather-don. That is the worst advice straight up the bat. Evidently it is coming from see-sawing scales. My advice if you want to give this relationship a try is to worry more about yourself. Don’t worry to much about what he could be doing or thinking. It is always best to focus on the self and how to remain in a state of self-confidence and assertiveness. About Gems not being able to go with out phones…total BS. Sure many of them love it. But who in the heck doesn’t know a days? I personally hate phones. When I had a Gem girlfriend we rarely talked on the phone unless one of us had traveled than we were on the phone for hours. Usually I just use the phone to get food delivered or to make a plan. That is why I use top-up so I don’t recharge it whenever I feel like. That is why I am not surprised when my friends randomly show up to my apt. just to say whats up. You could definitely get in touch with your Gem more often on the phone…but nobody really likes doing that just to hear insecurities. I would recommend something simple like…Hey I felt like calling just to see how you were doing. Give me a call maybe we could go out or something. You know what I am saying? Not the OMG! I dont understand why you dont call me? What am I supposed to do? Are we on or what? This sort of issues can be discussed in person in a more efficient and assertive manner. As far as saying that Gems like to make you tick because it makes them feel secure, I would totally disagree with this. I have only done this when people are constantly rude to me in a short span of time, when people project their own insecurities into my actions, and truth be told…just for fun. Insensitive, sure. But it is something I have matured out of. When dating a Gem is good to get to know yourself as best as you can. This is not the sign that enjoys being coerced to think, feel , or act one way. So being responsible for your own insecurities and how to communicate with your gem to as how an agreement can be made to satisfy both parties is a good skill to consider. Say for example, A baby I really like it when I am with you and It would really enjoy spending more time together in the future soon to be. That works way better than why are you not comming back! you dont care for me! blah blah blah. There always seem to be too much fear in relationships. I like it when a girl is open and honest. If a girl opens up to love him risking being hurt, a real man would love to care for her and protect her. Sometimes guy can be assholes and play games and truth be told sometimes bitches just make shit way too complicated and dont let themselves be loved. My concept of a relationship is enjoy the process of getting to know each other better, care for each other better, and satisfy each other better as both individuals learn, evolve, and re define their personalities. Why so much mental and emotional stress about finding all the answers in your head before you give and receive love? You can not achieve balance in a relationship with thinking in the days, and months to come because they are not here yet. Balance is found in living it, living the process of loving and taking the answers as they come. If to be found, balance is in the process of growing day by day. The question here is…do you want to find out where this path leads? or do you want to be confused in not knowing and trying to know? There is only one way to find out if that is your last choice. You never really know what could have been if you don’t try. Let me know happens. I say let love rule. Like Lenny that Lenny Kravitz song that I am about to hear for the first time. Know yourself and get to know and understand your partner is what I recommend.


    @ 10 – heather-don







  • Pat

    I’m dealing with a Gemini man right now who’s pissed off with me cause he asked me for $ and I said fat chance. I told him he’s trying to use me and he said ” What ever you think my love” What’s that? Any how we are in a long distance relationship so I really don’t know if he’s trying to use or he’s down on his luck right now and things are really tight. We’ve been talking for about 2 years on and off cause I wasn’t really sure if I wanted a LD relationship. After spending time together I realized this is what I want to do. Now i don’t know if his feelings are real for me. He was plannig to make a trip here to see if he likes it and then he would move, I don’t know if that’s going to happen now. This happened Tues. I tried calling he and txting but he won’t answer. Show I forget this dude or what?

  • Deana

    I’m a Gemini Woman, dating a Capricorn Man.. and we’ve been together for 4 months. We actually do bicker here and there but we always communicate with eachother. so you can make the relationship last. and not all geminis are liars, and cheaters. i’ve never cheated on any of my ex’s. But i’m sure a gemini girl is different from a gemini man. but i’ve had gemini guy friends that actually are good bfs… i’m sure it just really depends on the person, and just how bad you want the relationship to work and be worth it. i know Geminis need there space but I spend weeks with my boyfriend, and when i do leave it’s only for a couple days. We do everything together, and we trust eachother. There’s no suspision what so ever..


  • viktori

    …and as for u heather-don…ur really crazy. beating up a man…are u that desparate..wow.

  • viktori

    hhhmmmmm, I think u better all of u ladies should listen to Elsa. Why put up with that nonsense. U are all crazy. there are some good men out there who will really love you. I just ignored a dumb geminii with his superficial charm…who has time for that. Anyway, I deserve better, don’t u.

  • heather-don

    Im a Libra and my man is a freakin GEMINI and they do pissed u off..ALOT! We been together for 9months and then i left him alone for 4months cause I pop up at his house off guard and caught him with another BITCH! I beat his ass and then got locked up for it…. Shocking we got back together and thinks is going well now I guess cause he realize that Im not the one to fuck with now….he kisses my ass and everything that he never did with me before he does now lol… everytime he acts up now which is rare I dont pay him no mind I just ignore him cause thats what he use to do to me in the past everytime i was upset and when he realize that I dont pay attention to his petty shit it makes him calm down and start actin right again;) all im sayin is “expect the unexpected” from a Gemini! dont feed into there bullshit cause they love to get you upset cause thats what makes them feel secure with theirself cause at the end of the day when you get yourself mad they could careless most of the time so why should u care when they are upset….do what i say dont feed into shit and expect the unexpected and see how they start acting;) let me know in the future if my advise worked for u….

  • Sue

    I’ve been dating a Gemini for almost 6 months now and he never forgets to call and I see him almost every other day, sometimes I stay over his place for weeks on end and he doesn’t mind. Is is true he loves his space but after a day or two he’ll call and want to see me again. This is the trick, don’t try to hold a Gemini man down or demand anything from him and he will naturally want you around. I know my Gemini might leave me one day because he is in search of new things all the time but share his mindset- live for today only. Good luck girls.

  • Johnnie

    I’m a Gemini and I just got a new phone after mine was broken for more than 2 weeks. So it can happen.

  • Alicia

    I can imagine a Gemini not calling you for a whole week. I have been dating my Gemini for a year now (I’m a Scorpio). Sometimes you just have to give your gemini some space…And be patient. They always come back. My man gives me hell sometimes because he is just so hard to pin down…and is not very affectionate. It’s like dating a leaf blowing in the wind.

    I think you should keep trying to get in touch though. It could be just his gemini nature.

  • nina

    You do have to give them space but I have been with a gemini man for 6 months and it does not matter on the sign if a man wants you he will never leave if he doesnt want you nothing will make him stay…if he plays to many games then he is supposed to loose the girl and the relationship it is a 2 way street now adays if you sllep with someone else he can to if he cheats you can too, why suffer men make enough women suffer grow and move on when it is time, guard your heart getting it broken too many times your trust will never be the same or the next relationship. any man who loves you wont mind wearing a condom or calling you every week, any guy who says my phone does not work is full of baloney.

  • Tomal


  • monique

    I am in the same situation, i have a few Gemini friends, and yes i am a capricorn too and the guy i am dating a Gemini( he too is complicated) my guy is a flirt and when i met him he said he only did one night stands and i wasn’t having that, so i got under his skin and i am just with him after mend a semi broken heart.The Gemini’s i know have all cheated on their girlfriends and they are really good liars and charmers so getting a gal isn’t hard. If you want him that bad, trust me you have to work overtime, from going on holidays, going out with your friends and being more independent. The only way it can work is if you look at it as an open relationship and keep it honest.Tell him, if he flirts you do the same, sleeps with someone, you too. You dont have to do it but he doesn’t know that. N>B Gemini’s dont like clingy girls or arguments so you have to bite your tongue and keep pf the phone, if you miss him that much, ring another male friend and let him take you out. If you want a good relationship, go out with a Tauras man you can beat that xx monique

  • Liz

    the guy ive been talking too for a while is a gemini and me a capricorn
    he is a flirt and he even knows it
    well lets say he does
    he’s called a whore allot of times by several ppl and well he admitts to being used to it
    so yea i barley tarted talking to him and well at times hes such a tease he leads me on and at others he will be so cruel and somtimes he’ll make me feel like a princess
    when in a raltionship or trying to be serios with somone i manage to dominate and somehow gemini is complicated
    had 4 different characteristics.
    i dont know weather to
    leave him alone and not carre for him because i know if i get to close to him he can easiy trap me in his cvharm and i will be lost in it and i know that naytime he can spot another woman to charm his way with her and leave me hanging and hurt
    should i play hard to get?
    should i stop talking to him?
    i dont know what to do
    becasue i know as a capricorn and him a gemini
    i can get skin deep with anybody but hes so complicated he one of the most complicated people i have encountered hes my first time gemini
    i dont know what to do i need tips

    capricorn & gemini
    dont have much compatibility
    i know that
    but i honestly dont know what to do


    HELP ME!

  • elizabeth

    so theres this guy ive been tlaking to a while..hes a charmer and a gemini ive been readong thingss here and there about gemini
    that they lie and flirt allot
    yes flirt
    they do they really do
    and lie..well i wouldnt doubt it
    because he does im a capricorn i dont know weather to let him go or play hard to get
    at times we will talk and txt forever and in other times we wil g on for hours and wait for one another to kiss ass and give in a little message “i want you”
    what should i do?

  • nix

    Hi,i love my man loads hes great sometimes on his own mision.were dating for 3 months slow but beuteful, i love his culture and everything about him .