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Is Mark Sanchez Doomed as the New York Jets Starting QB?

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If you’ve been watching the crazy events surrounding the last week and a half in the NFL, you’ve witnessed one of the more memorable moments in NFL history. Last week got off to a crazy start with Peyton Manning’s decision to join the Denver Broncos and then the handing out of Bountygate penalties by the NFL to the New Orleans Saints. Then we heard the news that Tim Tebow had been traded by the Broncos to the New York Jets.

With Tebowmania moving to NY/NJ, here’s the question that must be asked: Is Mark Sanchez doomed? More importantly, will Sanchez be the Jets quarterback (QB) at next season’s end? The answer to the first question is yes, he’s doomed.

Tim Tebow is now breathing down his back. For a guy like Sanchez, who was the 23rd rated QB in the 2011-2012 season, he suffers with his confidence and crumbles under pressure. The guy is a terrible QB and more importantly, he’s not a leader. Tebow is in town to take what Sanchez believes is his.

I don’t think Sanchez has what it takes. A true leader would have been more vocal of the trade (among other things). He would have been more forceful about his confidence and leadership abilities by proclaiming to Jets Nation that he won’t let anyone take his job away from him

A group of anonymous New York Jets players have questioned Sanchez’s leadership. While the team is now backtracking and Jets management wants their fans to think everything is fine, it’s evident that Sanchez’s coaches, management and ownership want an insurance policy. That insurance policy comes in the form of Tebow.

As for my second question, the answer is a resounding, no. I don’t believe he will last more than the first eight games next season. I also believe that coach Tony Sparano (who brought the Wildcat offense to the NFL) and head coach Rex Ryan are putting in a system that will suit Tebow. It will do so and won’t force him into many passing opportunities. It will also confuse defenses, as the schemes won’t make it obvious what Tebow and his offense are up to.

Sanchez has stated that he’s not a fan of Wildcat offensive plays. It’s obvious to me that the Jets want a running game and the Wildcat will provide them with that opportunity. With a QB like Sanchez, who isn’t progressing like the team wants and doesn’t want to be part of that type offense, it looks like Tebow will be the man to run it eventually.

I think the team is waiting for Sanchez to falter and once he does, and the fans holler for Tebow to be inserted, they will. At that time, Tebow will inherit an offense that he’s comfortable with and one that was designed specifically for him.

The one thing we know about Tebow is that he’s a leader and he knows how to win, even when it’s not pretty. Who cares about pretty? As the late Al Davis said: “Just Win Baby.” That’s what Tebow does.

The funny thing is that Tebow’s passing statistics are even worse than Sanchez’s. That’s why the Jets are going to the Wildcat option. It protects them from both quarterbacks’ weakness in that area. By default, Tim Tebow is the guy (because he rushes for yards better than Sanchez).

Tebow is also a fan favorite around the NFL. Sanchez isn’t even liked by Jets fans. That is another reason that Mark Sanchez is doomed as the Jets’ starting QB. He better find a nice cushion to soften the blow when he rides the bench next season.

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  • I have been working on a piece about this, Sport, but you got it right. Prospects for Sanchez are about as good as for the Titanic right after it hit that iceberg. Tebow, by the way, is Sanchez’s iceberg.

  • Vic, sorry to steal your thunder. I know you write about Gang Green but hadn’t seen anything. I like your Titanic reference.

  • Kyle Hunter

    My local sports talk AM radio is now painting Tebow as the biggest football legend of all time because he is so clean cut and “Christian”

    Excuse me?

    Joe Namath was the biggest football legend and still is in my book. Even legendary Steeler Terry Bradshaw makes Tebow look like an asshole.

  • When you say the biggest legend, do you mean NY legend?

  • Zingzing

    As if there was any other type?

  • Well I wouldn’t classify Namath as anyhting close to the biggest football legend.