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Is Lady Gaga Getting Too Much Exposure?

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Ever noticed that Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson have a lot in common?  Yet one is currently on top of the world and her music is aired 24×7 all around the globe, and also topped the charts like no other, while Marilyn Manson is always being criticized because of his music and lyrics, image, and attitude.

So ever thought what could be THE THING that makes these artists so different in the public eye, yet at the end of the day there is so much in common between them? 

It is the genre of music they play and the promotion they get.  Lady Gaga writes and composes pop music, while Marilyn Manson composes and writes rock music, or better heavy/hardcore rock music.  Pop music has always been mainstream music, at least for the last three decades.  Though there is still something funny, since Lady Gaga does not exactly write pop music, doesn’t she?

As Mike Stock, Kylie Minogue’s song writer said, “I’ve always held out for decent pop, which to me is music that can be appreciated by all ages. The more racy stuff that you see going on nowadays is not something you could put two to ten-year-olds in front of, and you’re embarrassed if you sit there with your mum. I find that [style] almost anti-pop because it targets the 18-25 year-olds to the exclusion of everybody else.”

The Lyrics

Manson’s lyrics talk about about the harsh reality of today’s life.  Suicide, religion, social problems, drugs, and sometimes even about politics are all subjects that have been mentioned by Marilyn Manson.  Funnily enough, it seems such issues are still a taboo for today’s world to discuss, even though almost every human on earth is affected in some way or the other from any of these subjects.  Yet it seems parents do allow their very young kids to listen to Lady Gaga’s lyrics, which talk explicitly about sex, gay, and hardcore partying. 

Is it because Lady Gaga’s music is marketed as pop while Manson’s music is labeled as rock, hence it gets less exposure?  Is it possible the generic public is so blinded by what the media says?


Lady GagaOne can also easily notice that both Manson and Gaga share almost the same “dress code” and like to portray the same kind of image. 

What’s funny though is that there have been cases made that Marilyn Manson was crazy, extravagant, and provocative in his dress code and image.  As a matter of fact, on March 10, 1997, a show in South California was cancelled “in response to growing public pressure by religious, civic and political leaders who criticized the group’s image.”

Let’s face the truth.  Don’t you think that Lady Gaga is actually more provocative and inappropriate than Manson to the generic public?  Simply launch an image search on Google, where one is presented with a large number of pictures of topless Lady Gaga, or only with a piece of tape covering her nipples, i.e. bare breasted.  Ever seen the video of the song “Telephone,” where again she is featured naked?  What I just mentioned is just a hint of Gaga’s image, when considering what kind of “clothes” she wears in public.  Lately there was even a video of her in a fishnet on YouTube stage diving!


I am not trying to point fingers at Lady Gaga, and I’m not even saying that Manson is more righteous than Gaga or vice versa, or that people should listen to rock music instead of pop.  All I want to point out and also emphasize is that I think the money hungry label owners who control the music industry and who decide who makes it to the top or not should act more responsibly.

Obviously artists like Lady Gaga and Marilyn Manson should have their share of success, but I do not think such artists’ music and music videos should be marketed in the public as Lady Gaga’s music is now.  As we all know, artists and their music have a huge impact on everyone, especially on the younger generations.  Do you want your teen’s life only to evolve around sex, drugs, and parties?  Although I love music, I think there is much more to life than that, but it seems that is just what Gaga tries to portray!


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  • Jordan Richardson

    Lady Gaga’s lyrics, which talk explicitly about sex, gay, and hardcore partying.

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want kids to lyrics which talk explicitly about gay.

    This argument is as old as the hills and has come up around just about every meaningful artist in our time. Should kids be listening to _____? The answer is that there are no answers.

    In the case of Gaga, I’ve enjoyed her antics and her music from day one. I find it all very interesting and her examination of fame is something that shouldn’t be ignored, especially by those who think it’s “all about sex.”

    Gaga, I think a day or two ago or even more recently, has really been into her campaign to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Is that a great message to send kids? I think it is, but if you’re worried about explicit lyrics about “gay” instead, you’ll probably disagree.

    Now you really don’t make much of a case here and the article is kind of all over the map, which adds to the confusion. You say you want “record labels” to act more responsibly. How would that look? Less promotion of “the gay” and more promotion of….what, exactly?

    The more we can move the mainstream towards a more tolerant, less repressive society the better. If Gaga is doing that for even a handful of people, good for her.

    In terms of her sexuality, you have to remember that when she first came out she was immediately and needlessly subjected to rumours about her gender. Couldn’t it be that her flamboyant and ridiculously “sexy” choices stem from a need to overcompensate?

  • Tiana

    I think the difference is that Marilyn Manson sings a lot of hateful songs, including negative songs about drugs and suicide. Lady GaGa, on the other hand, never sings about hate, suicide, or anything related. In an interview once, she was asked if there is a song she would not sing, and her response was “Yes. I would not sing a song about hate.”

    I really love both of these artists, and after listening to so many of their songs I do think that this reason is why Lady GaGa triumphs.

  • Mark Marincello

    It seems that the article is not questioning Lady Gaga’s artistic abilities but more the way she is exposed to public.

    I personally agree that Lady Gaga should not be marketed as Pop. Her music and especially videos are suitable for 18+ people and definitely not for kids.

    Therefore music tv channels and radios should play her music during specific hours and in specific targeted programs, as happens with other music after all!

  • Jordan Richardson

    Lady Gaga makes pop music. She should be marketed as pop, whether the “kids” should be exposed to it or not.

    More to the point, “kids” are a lot more intelligent and thoughtful than we give them credit for. Perhaps if we talked to them every so often instead of letting the television networks do the job, we might actually learn something about how young minds work and not grow up to be so outdated farts trying to censor music videos and silence artists we dislike.

    Honestly, it sounds like a no-brainer to me.

  • Mark Marincello


    As regards your comments on Kids, I do agree that they are very intelligent. Maybe you can explain some things to a 12 – 14 year old (although at this age usually they don’t really care what parents say and they are influenced easily from the media), but try to explain Alejandro video to a 4 – 5 year old. If that is acceptable to see, at that age, then by 10 hardcore pornography is acceptable as well!

    Also, as many music writers and experts will tell you is music targetted to all audience, irrelevant of age, race or gender. Therefore I cannot see how Lady Gaga can be classified as Pop music. Also, it is not that people dislike Gaga, I am sure many people like her music and her artistic abilities. It is just unacceptable that her videos are played all day long, some of which, and please stop beating around the bush are almost of soft porn material!