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Is it Time to End All US Military Aid to Israel?

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Perhaps it is now time to end United States military aid to Israel.

Was the  attack in international waters on a boat carrying humanitarian aid, and the deaths and arrests of the passengers, the final straw? How much longer can we, as United States citizens, idly stand by as our own government finances the Israeli military to the tune of $3 Billion each year?

In response to international outrage over the attack, the United Nations has been asked to "punish" Israel for the killings. If the UN chooses to do anything, its response can amount to no more than a slap on the wrist. In contrast, having the United States immediately and completely end its $3 Billion annual military aid package would send a real message to Israel that its behavior will not be tolerated.

There are also many other reasons to end all military aid to Israel …

1. In spite of international opposition, Israel has continued to build more "settlements" further into East Jerusalem and Palestine.

2. Israel has, so far, gone unpunished for forging British and French passports and using those forged documents in their calculated murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in January.

3. Continued United States' military aid to Israel eliminates any possibility of allowing the United States to be a truly impartial agent for peace in the Middle East. This is not only a matter of how the United States is perceived by Israel's neighbors, but a matter of reality – we cannot be fair and impartial as long as we supply arms to Israel.

4. Continued US aid to Israel endangers American lives both at home and abroad. Military aid to Israel is interpreted by many people around the world as both the symbol and the reality of American support for Israel's outrageous actions on the high seas, in Palestine, in East Jerusalem, and in Gaza. The anger triggered by that support places American lives at risk in foreign lands and to terrorist attacks on American soil.

5. Three billion dollars per year is a lot of money that could be used productively. The United States is in a severe recession, and we have our own economic troubles. $3 Billion would support the creation of over fifty thousand American jobs. Alternatively, $3 Billion could be used to feed millions of hungry people in Palestine, Gaza, Haiti, or Africa.

We Americans need to re-evaluate our emotional ties and sympathies toward Israel. There are three primary reasons why many Americans have developed a strong bias toward Israel, and all three deserve to be re-examined …

1. The Jewish people were devastated by the mass murders of the Holocaust, and Americans have a tradition of coming to the aid of the weak and downtrodden. However, in 1948 Israel was carved, not out of the lands of Germany, but the land of the Palestinians. Further, and far more relevant today, Israel, far from being weak and downtrodden, is the most powerful country in its region. Israel holds an arsenal of atomic weapons. Israel holds its foot on the neck of Palestine.

2. Americans have tended to view Israel as a buffer against a perceived threat from Arab countries. It is time to ask whether America's strong bias toward Israel is not a major and justifiable cause of Arab anger toward America.

3. Christian Americans have tended to view Israel as a good caretaker for the city of Jerusalem — sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Ask again whether this view of good caretaker is still justified.

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  • John Wilson

    Baronius’ kneejerk criticism of Carter is misdirected: “6 – Baronius That little picture of Carter is driving me up a wall.”

    Carter forged the only lasting peace in the mideast between Israel and Egypt. Nobody else has come close.

  • Cannon, I’m not valorizing Arab states and their despots. Whatever gave you that idea? The only reason I’m focusing on Israel is that they are the ones who make the headlines, aside from Ruvy’s impassioned defense of the Israeli policy. Another reason: the Israelis claim a higher ground.

    But the larger point is – the turmoil in the Middle East is by design. It serves US interests; if it didn’t, it would be stopped on a dot.

    It’s convenient to have a whipping boy – Israel in the present instance – to divert the people’s attention from the Arab rulers. Not doing so might result in popular uprisings and confiscation and nationalizing of the oil fields – which is what happened in Venezuela.

    Thus, the people are kept under the thumb, blaming Israel for all their troubles, and the powers that be get their way.

    In short, it’s all a part of a horrendous plan.

  • Cannonshop

    #14 Roger, apply your standard evenly. It’s ILLEGAL on PAIN OF DEATH for a Jordanian to sell a JEW (not Israeli, JEW) land, like, say, a house or something. Similar laws exist throughout the “Victimized” Arab world.

    insofar as I’m aware, it’s not illegal for an Israeli to sell to a muslim. This goes right to a question of WHICH ‘apartheid’ you’re willing to support-arabic/wahhabi discrimination against Jews, or the existence of the nation of Israel.

    Considering there isn’t a single Arab state that WASN’T draw out on a map by the European powers at the end of the Ottoman Empire, the legitimacy of the ENTIRE arab world is just as questionable as that of Israel, with the added note that the Arab World provided men and support to the Third Reich, and later acted as proxies for the Soviet Union-because they hate Jews. Hated them BEFORE 1948, and still hate them.

  • The state of Israel doesn’t need any help. It smeared itself throughout its checkered history.

    So who again are the people who need to hear “the truth”? Aside from Cannon and the “Informed Spectator,” whoever he or she may be, it’d seem you’re running out of audience.

    But then again, why should you care? Such is the fate of all voices in the wilderness, and you have certainly assumed that role with the least of difficulty; in fact, you cherish it.

    And so, I’ll stand by my statement on this or another thread – you’re merely whoring for acclaim.

  • Useful idiots who believe the Wahhabi bullshit line will never listen to the truth. They are not worth even addressing. But others reading this article are. Someone has to bring the truth to light given the lies of the fools and idiots who persist in smearing the State of Israel with their trash.

  • Then why the long comment?

  • US continues in its role as a major obstacle, justifying the policy of apartheid. That has got to change.

    Let’s talk about apartheid, gentlemen.

    In Jordan, it is against the law to sell land to a Jew. The penalty? Death. So in Jordan, there is an apartheid state.

    The same is true for the territories under control of the “Palestinian Authority”. One of the reasons the Arab who sold the “Peace House to Jews was so adamant in trying to weasel out of the contract was fear for his life. He thought he would be killed for selling the house.

    But it gets even nastier. The mere stink of Jewish blood not only today, but from generations past brings about Arab discrimination. Most of the Arab families who had been here before 1948, and those who lived in the (illegally) Jordanian-occupied West Bank after 1948 were originally Jews or Samaritans forced to convert to Islam. That is the real reason Lebanon and Syria have refused “Palestinians” citizenship. That is the real reason that the Egyptians did not want “Palestinians” mixing with other Arabs. They hate the “mistarvin”, Jews forced to convert to Islam by the Turks.

    So, not only are Jews discriminated against in all of these countries, but even people whose ancestors were Jews are discriminated against. If that is not apartheid of the most vicious sort, surpassing that even of the South Africans, nothing is.

    The fools who post here, whining about “Israeli apartheid” do not realize that thousands of Arabs have moved into Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem to escape the tyranny of the Palestinian Authority thugs. Not all of these Arabs wanted to keep the homes they bought. I was offered an apartment in Armon haNetziv that was offered for sale by an Arab. Where he wanted to move, I do not know. Maybe he got a green card, and wanted to flee to America. This happens too.

    But, bottom line. The Arab states surrounding Israel are the “apartheid states” – and Israel is not.

    However, useful idiots who believe the Wahhabi bullshit line will never listen to the truth. They are not worth even addressing.

  • You’re missing the point, Cannon. I wasn’t alluding to any active military participation on the part of US in any Israeli future conflicts. (We know of course they’ve been supplying Israel with arms.)

    The point rather was that public opinion against Israel is surely on the rise; and US continues in its role as a major obstacle, justifying the policy of apartheid. That has got to change.

  • Very nice.

    Someone talking intelligently for a change. The informed Spectator backs up what I have stated all along. American “aid” is a merely a form of stranglehold on the Israeli defense effort – otherwise known as imperial control. And that is the simple reason why cutting off American aid, along with us ending cooperation with the American intelligence services, is the best thing the government of Israel could do to protect the Jewish People.

    And it is precisely why the bought out traitor under control of the Rockefeller Foundation, Netanyahu, and the bought out traitor under control of the Clintons, Barak, do not want this to happen and why they will cooperate in dragging this nation in the mud.

  • An informed Spectator

    Now think about US aid to Israel and the 500K+ jobs that depend on it in the US

  • An informed spectator

    Is it time to end US aid to Israel? I do not know. Let’s check

    First of all, US aid to Israel is a 2 way street. Sources say that US intelligence agencies are furious as it turns out that 3 of the piss activists were on their wanted list…

    second, Israel shares its intel with the US something no other western agency gets and trust me they want it.

    third, what is the nature of US aid to Israel, and consequence? I’m glad you asked.

    US aid to Israel is given in the form of GUARANTEES which means that Israel repays the money it borrowed from the world bank at a favorable rate because of US Guarantee (that as opposed to other countries which simply get grants from the US like Eypt or Saudi Arabia and Kuwait), Those LOAN funds must be used to purchase American weapons and not others (think US jobs)

    Second, US guarantees allow US to control Israeli arms industry. Thus for example if Israel wins a contract to upgrade tanks or planes over an American company, the administration steps in, explains why it hurts US interests, and then an American cmpany takes the contract with the original Israeli winner being demoted to a subcontractor (again jobs)

    Ever heard of the F35, that failing plane the US bought a few samples of but eventually bought the F22? Well in order to keep US jobs, they tried to sell it to governments who refused to take it. Now it is pushed down Israel’s throat so they can later say the best Air Force in the world bought it, why won’t you? Of course many n Israel object to buying a 200M$ plane which it does not need with LOAN money, but hey, what the hack, US is giving aid so they have to shut up

  • Cannonshop,

    I think that Roger must have gotten mad, opened up some bourbon, belted down a few rounds, and started shouting “HEP! HEP!” (Hierusalyma est perdita – Jerusalem is lost), which is what the Polish peasants would shout before going on a pogrom. Now he thinks we’re a nest of cockroaches to be stepped on by the “righteous Wahhabi” trash out of the slums of the stinking Arab ghettos in the Middle East. NU? What else is new?

    You are right in your analysis. It has always looked as if the “Muslims” would massacre us. It looked that way in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and is still true in the wet dreams of those who scream “Hamas! Hamas!, Jews to the gas!” – and of those who think we are a nest of cockroaches to be stepped on. History has proven these fools wrong at least five times and will do so again. The more powerful these blood-thirsty Arab leeches seem, the farther they have to fall to a humiliating defeat. And they are going to go down again – along with their Persian running dogs.

    As for Mr. Huie, the author of this er “article”, his suggestion of cutting off military aid is sound – but he deludes himself to think America really means anything to us anymore. Only its bought off dogs, like Netanyahu and Barak, care what the slobs in Washington think.

  • Cannonshop

    Roger, I’m just saying that the last fifty years or so, the U.S. hasn’t been a very good ally of…well, anyone. I have my own suspicions as to why that is, but I base my hypothesis on end-state conditions, rather than on good intentions.

    Fact is, our vacillating in matters of state have left more allies in a screwed position, than allies in a position to thrive. (FOr instance, I suspect the North Koreans now feel confident that they can win-perhaps confident enough to actually re-start the war fairly soon-as a direct outcome of U.S. policies and ineffectual ‘sternly worded notes’, likewise for Iran…)

    Ruvy might be right. Israel might actually wind up better off without having to cater to the vacillating tastes of Washington D.C. and the pseudo-intellectuals that live there.

  • Cannon, you’re ignoring the rise of the Muslim. You’re thinking statically, not in terms of the present.

    Thirty years ago or so, the sentiment against Israel was nowhere near what it is today – not only on the part of the European community but Muslims as large. Back then, all they had to contend with it was Egypt and few other Arab states. Today, anti-Israel sentiment is widespread, and it’s growing like a wildfire.

    There is no way the Israelis could duplicate the successes of Moshe Dayan during the sixties blitzkrieg. They can’t win a ground war. Their only chance is to launch a couple of nukes, but once the dust settles after that sorry affair, say goodbye to the state of Israel. It will be overrun like a nest of cockroaches.

    Not a very wise strategy, IMHO.

  • Baronius

    That little picture of Carter is driving me up a wall. I want to make some intelligent comment on the subject, but all I can do is get angry at Carter. Then again, maybe getting angry at Carter is the most appropriate response to any discussion of the Middle East crisis.

  • Cannonshop

    Just considering for a moment that the Israelis WON three wars without U.S. aid, and only pulled a draw in the wars WITH United States “assistance”, and so far our score of U.S. assistance resulting in a win being…well, zero since 1945. (Korea: a Draw, Vietnam: Loss, Kosovo:a Draw, and Georgia was a loss…Iran’s been taken over and then, there’s Nicaragua…)
    It may well be that Israel could fight more effectively without American “help”.

    Of course that’s only one possible outcome. The other, is that the U.S. departs and Israel is exterminated by thier neighbours.

  • Arkan farkan

    Why dont all the muslims who emmigrate to western countrys, whether through their own choice or because they are ‘refugees’ go to Palestine. Make it great. Let the great Muslim countrys make it great like theirs.
    It wont cost much money…the roads dont need to be built, save half the cost of everything by not educating the women, no welfare expenses, no state funded hospitals, have open sewers in the middle of the main streets, allow garbage to be disposed of in the street and ensure you have high rates of malnutrition, infant death, lower life expectancy to reduce further costs on the public purse.
    Also try and engage in a war with your neighbours to save on building infrastructure costs and as a bonus, this can be used to keep the population low.
    Unfortunatly Israel is full of Jews and nuclear weapons so they win, Iran and Saudi Arabia have oil, Palestine has nothing, except suicide bombers but they still lose.

  • Ruvy

    While I agree with the author’s recommendation, his article emanates from that fork in the road where stupidity and bigotry meet to create lies and obfuscation – at trait I see more and more at Blogcritics Magazine, unfortunately.

  • Ruvy

    I agree with the author entirely.

    It is time to end American military aid to Israel. Additionally, it is time to cut all cooperation with the Americans, and expel all of their soldiers and allow them only a skeleton staff at their embassy here. It is time to close down their consulate in Jerusalem. Additionally, it is time to expel all American personnel here who are not directly attached to serving customers at the American embassy, it is time to expel Americans from their base in the Negev, and to confiscate the weaponry there – all of it. It is time to close down the American VOA spy station here, and kick the bastards out, it is time to expel most o the American so-called “foreign correspondents” and close down their watering hole in East Jerusalem.

    It is time to generally cut ties to the United States, which is nothing more than a sinking ship going down as the orchestra plays.

    Good riddance to bad garbage!

    Additionally, Cannonshop’s point, that the thesis of the author is dead in the water, is spot on.

  • Cannonshop

    Considering that it wasn’t “Unprovoked” and that the Israelis weren’t doing anything the U.S. Coast Guard doesn’t do in “International” waters (Via the drug war)…the only real difference being that the contraband they were looking for were weapons and explosives, rather than cocaine, the root of your thesis is dead wrong.