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Is Israel still God’s chosen nation?

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One can not reject the fact that Israel was once God’s dearest nation among nations, according to the stories of the old testament, in the Holy Bible. God’s love for the Israelites was so strong that he called his servant Moses to go to Egypt to liberate the Israelites from the hands of Pharoah. But what about this modern times? Is Israel still God’s nation?

The fact that God loves Israel, in religious aspects, is now a concept to the Israelites that they are superior to any nation on earth. But the almighty God, dislikes this concept of pride, since the same scriptures says “God created man in his own image” – thus all men are equal. To take away this pride and bring understanding among all men, God sent his only son Jesus Christ.

John 3:17, says For God did not send his son to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. The scripture didn’t say that God sent his son to save the Israelites, but the whole world. In this case everybody is important in the sight of God. The Jews refused Jesus and his message, calling him even a devil, because they want to cling to that pride as God’s chosen nation.

Please Israel not this time – God loves everyone – take away that pride and respect the blood of every human being.

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  • Mike in AL

    @Dana Huff – being against the current crop of Judaism is NOT anti-Semitism; most of the Isrealites of today are not of Semitic descent, but Ashkanazi – the Semitic basis is based on LANGUAGE, for instance, the ancient Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic (just a few examples), whereas the Ashkanazi are from Eastern European descent, i.e., no blood in common with the descendents of Abram/Abraham except through religion alone (i.e., there is no such thing as the Jewish race). Also, your statements regarding Jews as the most accepting, open-minded people in the world is simply misleading, as you have obviously no idea what the Talmud (more properly known as the Babylonian Talmud) is, but if you did, you would recognize it as about the most hate-filled set of “laws” ever taught, especially what they teach about how they treated and killed your Messiah. However, ignorance of these things is simply that, ignorance, and can be forgiven since you know not of what you write…I know, since I’ve been to Temple/Synagogue many times and have gone to Hebrew classes, even though I was raised Christian. In addition, read your Old Testament and really understand what it teaches the Hebrews about the other races/religions/nations, that they will serve the Jews or be crushed…that does NOT speak of accepting, open-mindedness, but of a close-minded people that set themselves above every other people on Earth.

    @Al Barger – the destruction of the Tabernacle, to this day, prevents the current crop of Hebrews to be able to properly atone for their sins, at least according to the Bible, i.e., they have fallen out of favor, particularly those that follow the teachings of Sanhedrin, Pharisees, Sadducees

    @bhw – once again, you, like Dana Huff, are misrepresenting the term anti-Semite/anti-Semitism and should learn to use it properly; those that hate Jews (I am NOT amongst those people) are NOT anti-Semitic, they are anti-Judaism, and there is a HUGE MOUNTAIN of difference

    @Steve – you are 100% correct

    @Richard – pretty close 🙂

    @Len Arnold – you are probably more correct than you know, and more correct than most are willing to even believe – Jesus/Yeshua, who was also called Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Galilean, and other such things, well, let’s see – Galilee comes from Gelil hag-goyim, which means “land of the Heathens” or “land of the Gentiles,” so it is unlikely Yeshua was actually a Jew, although he was raised in a Hebrew household; also, it was asked in the Bible if a prophet ever did come from Galilee (phrased in a derogatory manner) as Galileans were treated almost as poorly as Samaritans

    @Dr Dreadful – Joseph was a Jew, and as the head of the household it would be customary for the father to raise the children in his religion (although, according to Hebrew laws, the religion is inherited from the mother), but just because one practices certain rites does NOT mean one is of that rite/religion (for instance, supposed Christians who only attend Church/Temple on holidays, but profess their Christianity when in fact they are spiritually and morally bankrupt); in addition, Mary may or may not have been Hebrew, but because your Savior was from the seed of God, putting any set religion on Him is degrading, confining, limiting – and there is no limit to the Most High, and the Most High doesn’t suffer from the dogma of ANY religion

  • Let’s see. According to the Gospels, Jesus:
    – was born to Jewish parents
    – was circumcised according to Jewish rite
    – was presented in the temple as an infant, again according to Jewish law
    – was raised as a Jew
    – attended synagogue with his parents
    – preached in synagogue
    – stressed the integrity of the Jewish scriptures
    – was hailed as the Jewish Messiah
    – was convicted of heresy by a Jewish court
    – was buried according to Jewish rite

    …So how was he not a Jew again?


    THE isrealis of old are not the people that stole land where isreal is now and JESUS WAS NOT A JEW like some people think the zionist jews that control the u.s. and isreal government is out for total control once you research this you’ll see the total truth

  • Richard

    Abraham was the father of Isaac and Issac the father of Jacob. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel. Where is the confusion coming from? Let me break it down even further, for example we have John’s name changed to Thomas (by God)..Thomas became the father of the Thomaslites….do you get it? Israel became the father of the Israelites…this does not mean the the nation/country Israel are God’s chosen people. Remember Jesus/Yahshua said it himself, the Jews today are nothing but a synagogue of satan…Please people, do not be misled or confused.

  • Steve

    The scripture is very clear. Romans 2:28-29, which states, “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: but he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit.” The inheritance of a people, therefore, is clearly not based upon nationality, but upon a Spiritual measure. Galatians 3:6 and 3:29 tells us, “Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham.” And we are also taught, “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise”

    Nothing anti-semitic about this at all. The Jews are no longer God’s chosen since ethnicity is no longer an issue. The seed of Abraham are those who have the faith of Abraham, not blood lineage.

  • oel savage

    Hello Dana, I have carefully read your interesting and educative comments about this article. Out of comments one learns a lot. Thank you very much. Joel

  • Eric Olsen

    And in addition, for the sake of clarity, Joel is an African living in Belgium, he is not an American

  • Eric Olsen

    leftist anti-Semitism is particularly prevalent in Europe, where it is at least semi socially acceptable, as it is not here

  • bhw

    I read what the dude said, Al. He used his Christian interpretation of the bible to reinforce a stereotype of Jews/Israel. He’s certainly not the first Christian I’ve heard do that. [They killed Jesus, remember!] In fact, the support you say Christians give Israel often has nothing to do with Israel’s right to sovereignty and/or self-defense — it’s all about the second coming. Anything that brings that about is good by those folks. Israel is just a means to an ends — otherwise, there’s nothing particularly special about that nation to them.

    The Jews refused Jesus and his message, calling him even a devil, because they want to cling to that pride as God’s chosen nation.

    Them there’s Joel’s words, not the words of an atheist or leftist. Those on the left who criticize Israel do so over the country’s actions, not some biblical interpretation of their place in god’s eyes or some collective “trait” Jews have.

    In fact, many on the left who criticize Israel are themselves Jewish, so I don’t give much credence to your sweeping generalization of leftist anti-Semitism.

  • Yes, BHW, but it is a noteworthy pattern that the author who would come up with these anti-semitic slurs also is a pretty hardcore leftist. Read Joel. In America today, most major anti-Israeli talk comes from leftists, so that doesn’t surprise me.

    This is not to besmirch all people whose beliefs fall to the left, but that is generally where they mostly hang out.

    Whereas Israel relies on the goodwill of American Christians. Other than their own guts, the main root of such international support as Israel has is the American fundamentalist Christian community. So, I’ll not hold Joel against Christians generally.

  • bhw

    Some dimwitted [supposed] Christian starts in with the thinly veiled anti-Semitism, and Al takes the opportunity to blame the post on the mysterious, nefarious, “careful twisting of a left-wing atheist.” Typical.

    Try blaming the ignorance of the post on the person who wrote it, someone who obviously skims the bible to cherry pick passages that, out of context, allegedly support his existing dislike of Jews and Israel.

  • You are incorrect, Joel. Jews do NOT believe everyone on earth is a sinner. That is a Christian philosophy. I ought to know. I’m a Christian. Jews believe that you must do your best to do good works and please God. They wholeheartedly believe that everyone comes short of the glory of God, and they don’t put themselves over others. You really need to spend a few hours at the website I gave you. You really, honestly have your facts completely wrong. I agree with Al.

  • joel savage

    Hello Dana, it’s nice to hear your comments too. I have to let you understand that I don’t hate a jew. I wrote this article because to the jews, everyone is a sinner, and they are the most righteous people on earth. The scriptures says “We all come short the glory of God”, so then everyone could sin. Thanks.

  • Eric Olsen

    I would have to disagree with this interpretation of religion, history, and the current state of affairs as well

  • Joel, I’m struggling not to use Dick Cheney language in response to this utterly asinine quote, Please Israel not this time, God loves every one, take away that pride and begin to respect the blood of every human being.

    You really need to have the taste slapped out of your mouth for this ridiculous and dishonest statement. What kind of morally perverted universe do you live in to make Israel out to be the bad guys?

    They try very hard to avoid killing innocents, even as Palestinians are daily purposely trying to murder as many Jewish women and children as possible. They’ve absorbed far more pure senseless violence than anyone could reasonably expect.

    Israel would be well justified in being FAR harsher than they have been. What, you expect them to just sit there and let these bastards murder them? Would you?

    Also, are you in fact a Christian? I find it difficult to imagine someone who actually believes in the Bible coming to these conclusions. This perversion of Biblical teachings sounds more like the careful twisting of a left-wing atheist than anything an actual Christian would come up with.

  • Ooops. Maybe I should proofread, too. It should read “upon what are you basing” and not “upon what are basing.”

  • First of all, and since I’m rather new to Blogcritics, I might be wrong, but I don’t think this is a proper forum for proselytizing. Second, upon what are basing the accusation that Israel has fallen out of favor with God because of their pride? This is a very anti-Semitic post, shockingly so. You know very little about Jews. Actually, Jews are among the most accepting and open-minded people in the world. Their religion teaches them that every person, as a descendant of Noah, has a place in the afterlife, and one does NOT have to be a Jew. You ought to educate yourself: this site, Jew FAQ, is a good start. I don’t normally like to stir up anything, but I could not let this go. I’m not a nasty person, generally, but frankly, you are wrong on many points here. Oh, and you might want to proofread, as well.