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Is Iran Unstoppable? Part III

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In the first two parts of this article I looked at ways of stopping Iran from enriching uranium, concluding that military action may well be the only way to do so. I then looked at various scenarios for military action and possible consequences of each and asked if, given the possible consequences…

Wouldn't it be better to allow Iran to continue enriching, and instead apply the current amount of pressure on them to allow IAEA inspectors to roam freely around Iran, to make sure no enriched uranium is diverted to a covert weapons program?

My answer is yes, because…

The worst case scenario of that course of action would be the inspectors missing something and Iran enriching uranium to weapons grade, possibly even diverting some and making a few warheads. Now, if you listen to Israeli military advisers, ex-generals, think tanks, lobbyists, and you get the idea, if Iran got nuclear weapons, in a fit of unbridled, religion-induced madness, Ahmadinejad would make good on his calls for Israel to be wiped off the map. You have to ask the question, what would Iran gain from wiping Israel off the map?

Below I will briefly cover the possible consequences of several nuclear attack scenarios. The Physicians for Social Responsibility [PDF Chapter 5 p77] paint a more complete picture.

Some people may think Iran would attempt to wipe Israel off the map to give the Palestinians independence.

The only thing it would give the Palestinians is a slow and painful death from the radiation sickness spread by the toxic dust cloud engulfing everything. In the miracle that some of the Palestinians and/or Israelis survived the attack and by some miracle didn't get radiation sickness, the land would be infertile and anything that did grow would be full of radiation. They would also stand a much higher chance of developing leukaemia and other cancers. It wouldn't be a gamble whether any children born would be deformed, only on the degree of the deformity. That is assuming the Iranian weapons are close to the yield of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the Pacific leg of WWII, which is highly unlikely.

A more likely scenario is Iran attacks Israel with whatever they have thrown together as nuclear missiles; thousands of people die and the above consequences are inflicted, but only on a minute fraction of the scale of Israel's retaliation. The Israeli reaction to such an attack would leave Iran in total devastation, hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, killed by the original attack alone, and the aftermath as I detailed above would leave hardly anyone in Iran alive. Again, with radiation in the ground, the crops, and the water system, they couldn't survive. A new book Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer, by Helen Caldicott suggests that such an attack could contaminate the whole region. Any miraculous survivors of the blasts and their immediate aftermath would have to be airlifted straight into quarantine to be monitored. Iran as we know it would cease to exist.

Even if the Iranian weapon is on a par with Hiroshima and Nagasaki or better and Israel was wiped off the map, Iran would still cease to exist after the U.S retaliated on Israel's behalf. Either way Iran would be no more and the world would hang in the balance of a Russian and Chinese decision.

If anything comes through from Ahmadinejad's supercharged speeches, apart from strong religious beliefs and utter commitment to continue enrichment, it is unrelenting patriotism. The very patriotism that gives such fervour to his continued defiance, in his determination that the state he is so proud to be a part of, enjoys the right it is entitled to under International Law.

It strikes me as slightly hypocritical that the biggest nuclear proliferators in the world should be telling Iran that their signature to the Non-Proliferation Treaty isn't worth the paper it is written on and they are guilty until proven innocent of breaking it. You can't blame Ahmadinejad and other patriotic Iranians for their reaction. Ahmadinejad's patriotism would also surely prevent him from doing anything to risk the total obliteration of his country, including attacking any other country with nuclear weapons, especially Israel.

Unfortunately it looks like Israel will attack Iran, either themselves or using their U.S lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), widely thought to be the most powerful lobby in America, to convince Bush Iran needs to be stopped.

The forecasts I have made in this article could well mean the end of the world and yet I am not running out to build a fallout shelter. Though it may not seem like it from my writing I am ever the optimist. I have written this article in the hope that the U.S will elect as President the candidate they feel is the least likely to be influenced by the Neocons, AIPAC and Israel. In other words, not Bush, who could well wipe out the whole map trying to keep Israel on it.

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  • james

    It comes as a surprise to me that you even care about humans like those in Iran and alike.

    All my life I have seen supporters of humanity nothing but weak and cheap entities.

    Many teach humans to stay away from their own souls as no such things exist, sometimes this is taught when the same people exercise the power of their souls on other spirits and humans.

    It is not only the government of Iran we hate, it’s the people. It seems but it is not mostly words that change the face of the earth, it is actions and powers unknown to you.

    Humans are worthless entities that are doomed to death anyways, we only make sure they choose the path in which these void beings die. The continuity of life is almost guaranteed and so is it’s death. Worthless beings, like me and you bring other worthless entities to life, but it is not me nor you who choose the when and how of their and our death.

    It is the pleasure that is taken in the death of these worthless entities that forces the exercise of such powers on these and many other worthless entities.

    Death will not end the power of destruction nor the pleasure of forcing life where it belongs.

    Our desire and struggle to live not only will not give us the power to fight the power of those who choose the when’s and how’s of our deaths, but will make us look weak and actually remain weak and desperate forever.

  • Amin

    ^ James, it seems like you have a Nietzchean view of things. That philosophy didn’t end well for the country that adopted it.

    Morality is a part of this world for a reason. It is not an ephemeral illusion that has no basis in reality. The Nazis ignored that and it did not end well for them.

    Regarding the main article, I agree with it 100%. There is no possibility that Iran would make a direct attack on Israel. This is simply Israeli propaganda to try to scare American politicians and policy makers into taking a harder line on Iran. The fact is Israel enjoys the power advantage it has over all other middle eastern nations and it will do everything it can to maintain it, through its many American lobbies, though this seems to have reached its limit with Iran. A nation of 7 million can only remain the most powerful one in a region like the middle east for so longer, no matter how strong its lobbyists and supporters in the US.

  • Cyrus the Great

    I strongly advice you to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. You need a psychoanalysis. Have u been abused? You have a mind set of a serial killer!! Politics is not for you.

  • Cyrus the Great,

    What are you trying to suggest me?! You know I am right, is that what makes you so weak?

    Yes I have been abused, abused by their existence and their existence alone. They are so worthless so cheap that their existence is a shame to my being on this earth as a so called human being.

    It wouldn’t be a surprise to find that you are an Iranian hated by all nations in this world.


    Imagine I believe that I can develop a site that promotes free speech, I try so and I fail, does it mean anyone else who believes &/or tries will fail.

    Knowing how worthless humans are does not bring failure to the holder of the knowledge but might bring loss to whom practices the force of annihilation on mankind through his/her own system.

    I did not define a system in my comment, but pointed that mankind is doomed to death, it is the desire to take hand in the process of one’s (or a group’s) death and evanescence that forces one to practice the art of destruction on other worthless entities.

    From your name I suppose you are an Iranian, and so probably a shita muslim. If you believe in your religion then take note that of the entities that practice such forces of destruction on such cheap beings like iranians are; God, angels and devils. If you do not believe in God then why would you care about other entities, but the drive of fear pushes you to continually try and gain their support.

    Struggle hard my friend, thrive to live and secure your life, pay to get educated, work your ass off in your country and try to save for your future, …, you just might be one of the lucky ones to not be hit on the wrong side.

  • defender

    james i strongly disagree with you , you sound like an athiest, there aspects of life which you apparently don’t understand so let me just clarify that the contents of your comment number one is offensive and miserable. it is not that hard to undertstand me, all i’m simply saying is ” if you want to be respected, you respect other people and their point of views and blieves. if you want to recieve the respect you expect to recieve you have to try it on yourself first. you get what you give”. iranians are not hated by any nations in this world, but losers like you surely are. don’t you ever turn on the tv and listen to the news? just a week ago washington announced thaat they are not planning to invade iran on the contrary they admire and respect the people of iran. you can look it up in yahoo news, its good to think before you talk you asshole. i advise you to learn how to be nice, gentle and talk proper and polite and reduce your temper before you rush a comment on. politics are not good for you with that speech.i highly recommend you to seek a psychologic and use counsouling, you got some serious issues which can effect your entire life in future and yo’ll never know how to have respect for others. its not good to be so selfish.