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Is Hubby On Strike Also A Convicted Sex Offender?

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I wrote a story about the husband who went on strike because he was upset about his children sharing the marital bed. It seems he doesn’t want to share the bed with his three-month-old daughter and two-year-old son. His wife thinks he should suck it up and deal. Perhaps he should have.

James Wilson of Redford, Michigan has gained a lot of media attention using his website to air his bedroom problem in a public forum. Now, due to a hot tip in the comments of that post, it would seem that James has brought a little too much attention to his case, including his registration as a convicted sex offender.

I must post a disclaimer: The information I am posting came directly from various websites that provided corroborating evidence that the same person who owns, www.husbandonstrike.com and the person listed in this sex offender registry are one in the same. Oddly, www.husbandonstrike.com is no longer available – and this would have to be a recent development as this story hit the web on March 29, 2006.

Update This information is accurate and Mr. Wilson has admitted to his past criminal record — an incident that occurred over ten years ago — in an interview with Julie Hinds of the Detroit Free Press.

From Godaddy.com

World Wide Information Network
Redford, Michigan 48239
United States
Registered through: GoDaddy.com (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 03-Mar-06
Expires on: 04-Mar-07
Last Updated on: 03-Mar-06
Administrative Contact:
Wilson, James tpaper04@yahoo.com
World Wide Information Network
Redford, Michigan 48239
United States

I am reluctant to give Mr. Wilson’s address and phone number from the domain registry website, so I have removed that information. But a quick search using whois.com and godaddy.com will give you all the information you need to match up the addresses and names. The picture on the sex offender website is also remarkably similar. You will need to put in the first and last name to get search results.

Does this mean that they are the same person? My guess is yes.

Next I investigated his crime. A person has to be convicted of a pretty serious crime if they are required to register as a sex offender. According to the Michigan criminal code his offense is defined as something falling into the following description:

§750.520c. Second Degree CSC:
A person is guilty of criminal sexual conduct in the second degree if the person engages in sexual contact with another person and if any of the following circumstances exists:
That other person is under 13 years of age.
That other person is at least 13 but less than 16 years of age and any of the following:
The actor is a member of the same household as the victim.
The actor is related by blood or affinity to the fourth degree to the victim.
The actor is in a position of authority over the victim and the actor used this authority to coerce the victim to submit.
Sexual contact occurs under circumstances involving the commission of any other felony.
The actor is aided or abetted by 1 or more other persons and either of the following circumstances exists:
The actor knows or has reason to know that the victim is mentally incapable, mentally incapacitated, or physically helpless.
The actor uses force or coercion to accomplish the sexual contact. Force or coercion includes but is not limited to any of the circumstances listed in sections.

CJI2d 20.2 Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Second Degree
The defendant is charged with the crime of second degree criminal sexual conduct. To prove this charge, the prosecutor must prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:
First, that the defendant intentionally [touched ‘s/made touch (his/her)] [genital area/groin/inner thigh/buttock/(or) breast] or the clothing covering that area.
Second, that this was done for sexual purposes or could reasonably be construed as having been done for sexual purposes. Other Instructions supplement CJ12nd 20.2.

I am no legal expert, but none of those charges sound like the kind of things I want to be accused of committing – and not just accused, but convicted.

My real question is, why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up on this, or is it not relevant? To me it’s relevant, as I have a hard time sympathizing with a person’s case about not getting enough sexual intimacy with his spouse, when he apparently has had issues with sexual misconduct.

UpdateAt least one media outlet picked up on this and interviewed Mr. Wilson.

Mainstream media has gotten a little lazy of late. Doing a little background checking on those they foist into the media spotlight is a simple process. A great example of this was the case of the missing family in Oregon. The same parents who were lost in a snowstorm for weeks and miraculously found alive, were also wanted in Arizona on drug charges.

Seriously, has mainstream media lost its touch with these “heartwarming” stories by picking a bunch of n’er do wells to lavish attention on. I don’t like having my heartstrings pulled, only to later find out with a little bit of fact-checking that these “15 minutes of fame” benefactors were not the sympathetic figures they were portrayed to be.

And they call bloggers sloppy hacks.

Update: Mainstream media can be sloppy and quick to slap a story up without doing any real fact checking, but it didn’t take long for local reporters to investigate the tip left on Mr. Wilson’s website – which he verified has been taken down.

This opens up a broader question. Should he be judged today for crimes he committed more than ten years ago? A crime he admitted to and seems genuinely sorry for (and probably embarrassed about). On my way home to follow up on this story (I decided to pay the ten dollars to verify the data from the Michigan criminal history lookup site) I wondered if it was even the right thing to do.

How many of us have ugly secrets we’d just as soon forget about in our past?

And then I had to ask myself, is it even the media’s responsibility to expose his checkered past, or does foisting oneself in the spotlight also waive their right to privacy?

Or maybe I was just greedy for the scoop?

In any case, Mr. Wilson seems to have turned his life around and has as he says “changed his life, becoming a born-again Christian.” He claims he started his strike last week to help other husbands, but clearly got more than he bargained for.

He may have to wait a little while longer for those romantic nights.

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  • If tru, the mother should have thrown him out of the bed, the house, and the county.

    The media just saw a ‘man bites dog’ story and wagged their tail

  • Well Dawn, you nailed it — the Detroit Freep just got this story out this afternoon as well.

  • Dawn

    It’s funny, when I re-read the original story about his protest, he and his family seemed so likable, easy to relate to. I felt truly sorry for his wife and kids. That’s why I made a point of leaving their names out. But I knew that I found the information quite easily, so it was hardly any real noble effort on my part.

    I wonder who the anon tipper was and how and why they posted that info?

    In any case, it’s kind of sad. I am no fan of sex offenders by any means, but this guy really seems like a nice, normal, regular person.

  • exposethefool

    I guess I was (one of) the anonymous tipper, and posted that item on your blog; sort of a roadmap how to get to the real root of the issue. I don’t really know exactly who first found out about his Sex Offender Status, but it was made apparent a few times, and then seemingly dropped. After about five minutes of research, I deduced that there was a great possibility that this guy was not exactly the best person to be making a national (yes national) issue about lack of sex when he was also convicted of some obviously heinous stuff. If anything, please don’t call this situation sad.

    Here’s why:

    First of all, the argument that he has is incredibly selfish and self-serving. He is actually electing to spend time away from his children who probably appreciate his attention, to sulk; neglecting the simple fact that children need their parents (the first rule of parenthood and parental responsibility). I’ll bet it’s easier to sulk on his roof and be a media whore then to help out his wife around the house and do some dirty diapers when he get home from work. I guess the idea is “work is hard enough, why should I come home and help my wife… especially if I’m not getting any action.” His justification also completely devalues the simple fact that clinical research and numerous studies have shown that co-sleeping is very beneficial for the development and bonding aspects between mother and child, and for that matter, father and child. As long as we have the ability to separate sleeping from sex, we should be able to understand that in most other parts of the world, developed or not, this is a standard.

    Secondly, if someone is so hellbent on exposing themselves with such a ridiculous ploy, they should be prepared to reap the consequences, good or bad.

    His excuse? Would someone that tries to convince the public that he’s a born-again-christian actually publicize the fact that he is embarrasing his wife and family, putting sex before any other precepts of a healthy relationship with spouse and /or children? Not too Christian if you ask me, and I’m not even the religious type.

    When it all comes down to it, you can just look at it as a simple situation. I wonder what his victim thinks about this whole situation; his smiling, smug face receiving national media attention regarding his attempt to convince the world that he needs… well… more sex. In a nutshell, this whole situation seems sort of.. fucked.

    Oh yeah… most skeletons in closets don’t end you up as a registered sex offender. That kind of stance (skeletons in the closet stance) ends up putting an “ahhh, it’s ok, he’s over it kind of spin on things, and completely ignores the fact that there is a victim dealing with the offense for the rest of their life.

    This has seemingly spun his already dysfunctional situation even further out of control. Bummer. Maybe he should have thought of that before he put himself on national television.

  • Dawn

    Yes, exposethefool, you make some very valid points – which I can’t in good conscience disagree with. Especially as a mother who devotes a large portion of her day and night tending to her children, it is indeed selfish and short-sighted of this man to require and need more than he is currently given.

    My feelings of sadness are born of two things – a sense of responsibility in flagging someone’s screwups for all the world to read, and of course, I feel for his wife and kids. They are truly innocent of any wrong-doing – and I sure wouldn’t want my life to be under that kind of scrutiny because I married someone with a checkered past.

    I guess it’s complicated. The guy was 20 when this crime took place. I did some crazy shit when I was 20, I am not sure I would want to be reminded of it forever.

  • Eric Olsen

    Great job on he investigation and on the updates Dawn. I agree he pretty well invited his past to be investigated with this campaign in the first place, but also agree we should allow people to change. And he apparently has.

  • Ruvy from Jerusalem

    I’m real glad I didn’t have a computer when my kids were real young. I kept whatever complaints I may have had about less time with the wife had to myself.

    Plus it is a warning not to wash your dirty laundry in public. Someone might find some really smelly underwear in the hampers you open to public gaze.

  • frankly i don’t give a

    Ted Turner is right this women over the backyard clothes line gossip news is getting old

  • All sex offenders should be (insert maim verb here)

    That convicted pervert should NOT be living with children…EVER! He needs to be taken away from a potentially destructive, abusive situation. ALL sex offenders will reoffend, given half the chance, and if he can’t be jailed for the rest of his disgustingly natural life, he needs to be separated by FORCE from children, especially his own!!

  • Christian people are suposed to be able to forgive. Didnt Jesus say to the prostitute, “Go and sin no more”?

  • How would you like to be known for the rest of your life by the worst or the most stupid thing you ever did??? This man paid for his crime. The US Department of Justice reports that 3.5% of sex offenders commit a re-offence. Treatment works! If America doesn’t start learning facts before judging and stop reacting hysterically to vote seeking, lying politicians, we will not be much different from Nazi Germany

  • Dawn

    Look, I am the first person to get in line to shove a convicted child sex offender off a cliff, but I get the impression that this was not what happened in this case. This sounds like a whole different kind of thing.

    I posted a general explaination of what that criminal code was defined as.

    I really try to bear in mind that there can be some mitigating circumstances involved in someone being labeled a “sex offender”. Depending on the age of consent and the age of the offender, two teenagers having sex could end up putting someone in jail and labeled a sex offender.

    I am not sure what the stats are on this, but I would imagine there are some men who are certainly not repeat offenders, but were caught in the net of the law’s requirement.

  • Dawn, good job on tracing down some nasty loose ends on this story. Reading the list of what qualifies people to be a Sexual Offender in that state, was actually quite scary. It means that any teen age male who has sex with his girlfried when they are under sixteen could technically be a sex offender. Now obviously circumstances, you would hope, would come into play in those situations, and if it were consensual sex how would anybody find out to prosecute, but it is still on the books and scary. The potential is there is for misuse and abuse.

    At the same time, this guy sounds a little, how shall we put it, off…. I can’t picture any father who claims to be a decent parent doing whay he did. Who cares that he’s a supposed sex offender, I’d dump him because he’s a jerk and useless as a partner in a marriage.

    “I’m doing it for other husbands” Don’t do us any favours dung for brains and speak for yourself, some of us live in the twenty first century. I think the real mistake that the media made was not ripping the guy a new one when he first was given publicity.

    If instead of making these fools look like stars for their fifteen minutes, the media would poke holes in their inflated egos, we’d have a lot fewer of these types, male and female, polluting our air waves. It might even take a few of those talk shows off the air that make their living off these type of people.

    I’m sorry Dawn, I shouldn’t rant in your comments that’s just rude. I liked your post though and it just set me off…

    Richard Marcus

  • Dawn

    Rant on my friend, rant on!!!

    I agree with the whole assessment that a dad needs to support his wife, but I also get (loud and clear) that doesn’t mean neglect him entirely. I have had that discussion once or twice around my house for the last six years. The men need their ‘tang or they get cranky!

    Sheesh, settle down dudes, we’ll get to you in due time.

  • Wisdom

    I was disturbed by this story to begin with. I could not believe that this man was humiliating his wife by speaking openly about their marital bed. We all know what the bed is for but we do not need details of that nature to be broadcast far and wide to strangers. What sort of an idiot would open up to public opinion what is going on with his wife in their home or bed. Why you may ask? well some left of center perv may get ideas about what this wife “needs”. Marriiage is a lifelong lesson in perseverance, forgiveness, supporting and forbearing. It is dificult enough as it is without painting your spouse as the “enemy”. In a few statements he relagated her to servant and the needs of their children–whom he helped create, by the way–to insignifidcant disturbances. What an insult. Sex is a gift to marriage that bonds the couple and provides the hieght of the expression of loving through joyous pleasure and the comfort of intimacy through knowing. In marriage, it is both celebration and compassion. It is not something one is owed as a tax. There is no quota. My advice to this man is that what was is in the past and I can not know the whys or wherefors of your conviction as a sex offender. But I would advise you to come down from your lofty tower of condemnation of your spouse’s fault, for you have much explaining to do, as well as some major apologetic crawling. You could fall off the roof while crawling. Also she looked quite capable and fit to me. She could decide to extract the ladder. You would then be an open target for being pummeled by pots, pans and rolling pins with nowhere to hide. Jumping is an option with the riskof breaking your leg–but I would not recommend that. At least not if you have seen the movie MISERY. Repeat after me though: Sex in marrieage is a gift, not a requirement….Sex in marriage is a gift, not a requirement. An important gift, but not a subserveant requiremnet. Just because a hand grenade has all the essential parts does not mean we have to pull and throw them. To everything there is a time and a purpose under Heaven. And one more thing…”Dear Abby” always said “You need counseling, dear”.

    Thanks, Dawn, for your contribution to the truth being brought to light. God works in mysterious ways. Never regret being purposed for such a time as this. You rock!!!

  • A missed point?

    Just a thought, but wasn’t his whole point the fact that the Children are in the ADULT bed? Putting all the other important points aside for a moment, CHILDREN should not sleep with their parent(s). Yes there are the times they do need to I agree, nightmares, illness etc. BUT kids need to sleep in their own beds. Is Mom considered a prevert because she chooses to have her CHILDREN in her bed instead of her husband? Michael Jackson is.

    On the sex offender part, Yes two teens having consentual sex can end up badly. Have you seen teen girls these days? They easily look well beyond their years. If a mother/father gets mad that “little suzie” is no longer a virgin, bye bye young man and little suzie can’t say a word about it EVEN IF SHE WANTED TO SHE WOULDN’T GET TO. Young man is now a “Sex Offender”. This happens all the time.

    Just thoughts from reading this blog. Which Thank you Dawn, you were my first.

  • MJ argument is bogus- the kids that slept in his bed were not his own and their parents let it happen. To equate the two is gross insult….by your yard stick, gay parents by virtue of being men should not allow their kids to sleep in their beds as they are men??….your narrow minded sex obsessed attitude is plain weird.

    Most parents especially with small kids are so sleep deprived that they generally equate the bed with sleeping.

    There are other rooms where one can lock the doors and have sex in. Need not be the Adult bed.

    Use your imagination for heaven sake.

  • I seem to recall reading of cases where overzealous social services staff (the sss, lol) actually took children away from their own families for sleeping in the same bed. Or is that some weird urban legend?

  • A missed point?

    Hmm, “sex obsessed attitude is plain weird” perhaps but since this is the way that I was molested as a child along with 2 others perhaps you can see the correlation. However, narrow minded is NOT one of the things ever used to describe me. No, I have no opinion of gay parents (male or female) anyone can be terrific in the job of being a Mommy or Daddy regardless of sexual preference. My point was more of why would you choose a child over an adult? A relationship even without sexual relations needs ADULT time to grow. This woman seems to be eliminating the only time they would have together, to do whatever. I don’t see that the mother of a 2 year old should be so sleep deprived. Yes, I have four children of my own so I would understand the situation and since I happen to work in the relationship field, I hear a number of men that do feel negelected in a “family”. Now this will start some trouble I imagine, but if you are a stay at home Mother, why is it so many women cannot give their evenings/nights (when children should be sleeping) to their husbands? I don’t think what this man is doing is right, granted he is certainly going about it the wrong way in getting his wife to be more attentive, doing the dishes/helping her around the house in ANY WAY would get him a heck of alot further. Perhaps she doesn’t want to be with him at all and is using the children as an excuse?

  • Dawn

    A parent intent on molesting a child certainly wouldn’t need the added advantage of co-sleeping as an excuse. In fact, I am pretty sure the other parent would be aware of such deplorable and disgusting activities and they would intervene.

    I don’t buy that argument. But I am also not a child molestor.

    Also, it’s not unreasonable for a mother of small children to find that their needs supercede the needs of a grown adult. I am not trying to be a jerk, but that’s a big huge duh. Babies and small children require TONS AND TONS of time. Unless of course you just don’t give a shit about them. Which is entirely possible for some parents.

  • DD

    You are misunderstanding the statute surrounding his conviction. 2nd and 3rd degree CSC can be a 13 or 14 year old girl with an 17 or 18 year old male…I know sooooo many young men that are tricked or allowed to date younger girls and the state picks up the conviction and places them on the sex offender website. How he probably got caught was the girl became pregnant, or they could have even been living together, and the hospital reported it, now he has a child to pay for and can’t live or get a job some places because of his status. Please do not speak about something without looking at the whole picture. As far as you know Oprah’s producers looked that up, and came to an understanding that you obviously could not understand