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Is Google Android Market Adopting Victorian Values?

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Assuming you are a consenting adult, you’re free to express yourself in any way you see fit, as long as in doing so you harm no others, right? Wrong, at least if you’re a smartphone owner.

Pornography is the highest grossing monetary area of internet business. The fact is, sex sells, period! One area of cyberspace that doesn’t appear to give a hoot about this fact, however, and would like to keep its content family friendly – thank you very much – is secure App stores.

Still waters are being rippled to tidal wave proportions over this very issue, as a fierce war rages between smartphone giants, Apple Appstore and Google Android Market. There is a king to be crowned, in the smartphone app arena, and the aforementioned parties are willing to fight to the death to secure the title. If they need to practice matronly manners in their endeavour then so be it!

Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, amongst other things:

“We do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. Folks who want porn can buy an android phone”.

His inadvertant promotion of Android is sure to prompt an infinite hungry queue of converted Androidians, their carnal frustrations to be sated as they hastily swap chaste iPhone’s for Android debauchery.

So what are the facts? Is Google’s Android Market a den of iniquity, as Steve Jobs would have you believe; is this where testosterone fuelled males should be heading to get their sexual kicks installed, to watch on their daily commute to work?

Google Displays Prudish Behaviour.

The truth is, red-blooded men (and women) who own android phones are finding themselves ‘virtually’ castrated as Google strives to strip… strippers out of Android Market. Victorian values now appear, increasingly, to govern the behaviour and choices of the discerning Android app connoisseur browsing Google’s Android Apps.

If we’re to believe all that we read, Parents Television Council is the leading force behind the crusade to cleanse smartphones of anything remotely titillating. The Parents Television Council have had a pivotal role in ensuring the Apple Appstore is as innocent as the name implies, and has set its sights on similarily making Google’s Market fit for all ages. Although Parents Television Council reiterated that they were not trying to stamp out porn, they merely wished procedures be put in place, to regulate apps and ensure children’s prying eyes could not feast on unsuitable content.

Of course, there are thousands of apps on Google Market masquerading as ‘porn’. Don’t be fooled, you won’t find even a hint of bare breasts here, at least not in a visual sense; just a tasteful bikini top to save your blushes.

Is Apple so Innocent?

A closer peek at Apple’s Appstore discloses an identical stance as to what is acceptable, in the sex genre, as Android Market. The word to search for is ‘erotic’, which is apparently much more acceptable than ‘porn’.

If you’re an avid reader, rather than a voyeur, you may be able to get closer to XXX-rated porn than you think. Words are seemingly not shocking as film and photographs, if Google and Apple’s choice of ‘allowed’ apps are anything to go by. You can browse and install erotic books covering subjects such as incest, orgies, fetish or even non-human sex, if that takes your fancy.

It seems that Apple, as pure as it would like you to think it is, may have been picked from the garden of Eden.


So there you have it, porn is apparently the target in the battle of smartphone apps. There is a race being run, to be seen as the purest, most innocent App shop. Porn is a topic forcing Google to question its virtues.

Porn. Such a tiny four-letter word. A small word capable of provoking thoughts, images and feelings of monumental proportions; outrage, anger, jealousy or excitement maybe? Whatever feeling this rather puny word arouses in you, it’s sure to be strong.

Nobody would deny that porn has a lot to answer to. It is the mitigating factor behind innumerable divorce petitions. Peodophiles/child abusers are, society would like to think, deviants who fill their face from an infinite feast of pornography. Rape, murder or any heinous crime involving sex are all actions that exist in porn’s murky hall of blame.

As Apple’s Appstore locks its doors on what it chooses to see as porn, and throws away the key, developers are still managing to squeeze their XXX-rated apps through the crack – pardon the pun – in Google’s Android Market. Unlike Apple, who sees itself as the pillar of internet society as it looks down on others from its moralistic high ground, Google prides itself on free, open content. Freedom of choice is the very essence of Google’s philosophy, or so we are led to believe.

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  • heavenly

    Well, we already have Mikandi adult appstore. Thing that is a little worrying with Mikandi, is the fact that they cannot verify that apps are safe/free from viruses or spyware. Plenty of other porn apps floating around the web independently too. Thanks for the complement Dan!

  • Travis

    Ya I agree with Dan… they will just figure out ways to monetize their industry even if they can’t have apps. Whether it be thru the web browser or a “legit” app that has an in-app purchase or whatever… they will find ways to make money.

  • The market will drive these companies to either open up their app stores or lose their control over these powerful portals.

    Porn isn’t going to go away, it will just be someone else to who profits over it. Great commentary btw