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Is Child Pornography on the Internet a Problem?

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I am currently writing a series of articles about Internet Crime Against Children on the Internet. My articles on Child Pornography on the Internet are being met with some skeptism. A quick Google News search suprprised me. I used the search term child pornography and only those results from the last week are shown (I deleted the duplicates from multiple news sources and my own articles).

Former Navy physicist Sentenced for Child Pornography

Man sentenced for having child pornography

Former teacher pleads guilty in child pornography case

Man, woman expected to be charged for child pornography

Man enters guilty plea to child pornography

Former constable pleads guilty to child pornography charges

Stoner Sentenced To 37 Years For Child Pornography

Prison Guard Charged With Distributing Child Pornography

Indy man arrested on child pornography charges

Judge guilty over child pornography

Former counselor convicted of child pornography charges

Sycamore man gets 7 years plus on child pornography charges

Four quizzed in North child pornography probe

Former youth counselor convicted of child pornography charges

Child Pornography Case

Regina priest faces child pornography charges

OPP Charge West Virginia Man With Child Pornography

Man Sentenced In Child Pornography Bust

Elgin man convicted of child pornography

Two Men Plead Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

Dubuque Man Sentenced on Child Pornography Charges

Man arrested after child porn found on laptop

Court adds 102 child porn charges to drug, gun charges against …

Ex-Apple Valley teacher’s child-porn conviction is overturned

You can read about Crimes Against Children on the Internet at Watch Right Internet Crimes Against Children Weblog
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Robert T DeMarco is CEO of IP Group in Herndon VA. IP Group offers software communication tools for use on the Internet. These include: PowerTools, Watch Right, Always on Time and IM Frame. Mr. DeMarco is the author/editor of several Weblogs and is also a member of the High Tech Crimes Industry Association (HTCIA).

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  • As I’ve said, you’ve got a ‘boy who cried wolf’ problem. The most recent is Orrin [rhymes with Moron] Hatch and his “Induce Act”, which stands for “Inducement Devolves into Unlawful Child Exploitation Act.”

    The act overturns the Betamax decision that permits devices with substantial non-infringing uses even if they also have infringing uses. If I read it correctly, it could be used to prosecute xerox for the copy machine.

    So, no matter how important or urgent your cause it, it’s being sabotaged by your so-called friends in congress who are using it as a hammer against liberty and fair use.

    Stuff a sock in Orrin (R-Disney) or pay him enough that he doesn’t shill for RIAA money and then you may get some traction, but it’s hard not to be cynical about the standard excuse that Moralistic bought-and-oaid-for Senators who hate my freedom are using to erode them.

  • Doug Stead

    Pedos & Child Porn in the News
    Volume 3 – Issue 15
    June 18, 2004

    This report is compiled every 7 ~ 14 days. It is a compendium of current world wide media reports concerning pedophilia, child sexual abuse, child pornography, related legal issues, government initiatives and court rulings which impact children.

    This report is intended solely for the use of those involved in the fields of law enforcement, child; protection, education, safety, abuse prevention, treatment, counseling and last but not least those involved in legislation processes dealing with these issues.

    The material presented is complied from open source Internet content that is/was freely available on the Internet. As such the information provided are the thoughts and intellectual property of those who wrote it and or the respective web sites and or publications cited.

    The information collected and presented herein, is strictly for nonprofit research and educational use only. Within these limited purposes, reproduction of this text is encouraged. Copies may not be sold or used for any revenue producing purpose. Reference to this material should always cite the source and authorship.

    Please feel free to forward this report to those meeting the audience criteria and who may have an interest in reviewing this type of information. If you receive this report indirectly and wish to have your name added to the master distribution list, simply send your request together with your contact information including name, email, and organizational affiliation to .

    If you no longer wish to receive this email, please reply with “remove” as the subject line.

    Subscriber information provided is used solely for the purposes of distributing this e-letter. All information provided by you will not be used for any other purpose what-so-ever and is held in strict confidence.

    Doug Stead
    Entrepreneurs Against Pedophiles

    ***** Index with Abstracts *****

    1) Net-ing predators
    USA – The Orlando Sentinel, FL – June 7, 2004
    Kenny and Sharon Tipton, a mild-mannered Maitland couple, spend their free time policing the Internet for pornography and child predators. Kenny, an airline pilot, and Sharon, a homemaker, are “just common folks trying to make a difference,” Kenny says. But in the past two years, they have pressured Internet service providers to crack down on porn Web sites and porn spammers, and they have helped police bust men trolling the Internet for underage girls. “I thought I was in a kids’ chat room,” says Tipton, 37. “And the next thing you know, I saw porn link after porn link after porn link.” Men were trolling chat rooms, hoping to talk to young girls about sex. When “Hi Mark Here” said he wanted to meet Baby Blue Eyes, Kenny Tipton called Maitland Police Detective Jack Bulleit. As Tipton watched from a short distance away, police arrested Evans, who pleaded guilty to soliciting sex with a minor online. olice confiscated his computer, and Evans, who was placed on probation, must register as a sex offender. The other was charged with soliciting sex with a minor; after police examined his computer, they also planned to charge him with 35 counts of child pornography.

    2) Ontario doctor faces child pornography charges
    Canada – Globe & Mail – June 7, 2004
    A doctor at a Southwestern Ontario hospital faces child pornography charges after a police raid of a home. The hospital has taken steps to ensure the accused is not providing service to patients until the charges are dealt with, he said.

    3) Man gets 30 days for child pornography
    USA – Salem Statesman Journal, OR – June 7, 2004
    Clinton Hester, 20, was arrested after Job Corps officials gave police a compact disc containing sexually explicit photographs and video clips of young children. The images depicted 11 boys and more than two dozen girls, according to statements made in Douglas County court.

    4) Charges Shut Down Italian Child Porn Websites
    Italy – Agenzia Giornalistica Italia – June 7, 2004
    Siracusa – Nine Italian websites offering images of pedophilia have been shut down by the postal police on order of the Catania prosecutor’s office after charges were filed by the don Fortunato Di Noto association which for years had been committed to the protection of children.
    All the sites were hosted by a well known Italian server. On the index pages, the sites offered a series of photos of boys and girls from 3 to 10 viewable by purchase.
    On average, each site offered about 7,000 pictures and several hundred videos. One package available offered videos sent by either email or ordinary mail. Despite the fact that the sites were selling child pornography, they each had a warning for parents to download filters to prevent access by children.
    Don Di Noto, parish priest of Avola and Communications Ministry consultant, called for Italian servers to increase controls in order to protect children and their families”. Between May and the beginning of June there have been 15 sites shut down.

    5) Minister Suspended Over Child Porn Probe
    Scotland – The Scotsman – June 7, 2004
    The shocked congregation at Corstorphine Old Church was told yesterday their minister, Reverend Jim Bain, had been suspended from his duties pending the outcome of the police inquiry. The minister appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last week and his manse was searched by detectives as part of a series of co-ordinated raids by police forces across the country. A spokesman for Lothian and Borders Police said: “We have made a number of arrests under Operation Falcon during co-ordinated raids with other Scottish forces.” The minister is one of more than 100 people arrested as part of UK-wide Operation Falcon after names were supplied to UK detectives by the FBI.

    6) Stopping child porn now high-tech job
    USA – Scranton Times, PS – June 7, 2004
    Not so long ago, investigating and prosecuting people with a fondness for child pornography was much like any other possession crime — the suspect either has it or he doesn’t. And they’re finding child pornography — on floppy disks and hard drives and CD-ROMs — and in increasing numbers, according to Lackawanna County court statistics. When Trooper Fozard brings a confiscated computer into the Dunmore barracks, he said, the first thing he does is perform a careful physical exam for booby traps — traps that wouldn’t necessarily hurt an officer, he said, but could erase evidence. For example, he said, a computer could be rigged to overload its hard drive with electricity if someone opens the outer case.

    7) St Peter’s plea to ex-students
    Australia – The Courier-Mail – June 7, 2004
    ADELAIDE’S St Peter’s College last night issued a plea to any former students who may have been sexually abused by its disgraced former chaplain, the Reverend John Mountford, to contact police. Acting headmaster of the exclusive boys’ school the Rev Michael Whiting expressed “dismay and sorrow” at the news a third former student had complained of alleged abuse at the hands of Mountford. A witness in the inquiry said Mountford had told him Anglican Archbishop Dr Ian George advised him to flee the country. Democrats Social Justice spokeswoman Kate Reynolds said yesterday Archbishop George should not chair any discussions relating to the report.

    8) Indian priest charged with pedophilia
    USA – rEDIFF, iNDIA – jUNE 8, 2004
    As the 62-year-old priest Simon Palanthingal, charged with four counts of sexual assault on a 9-year-old boy over a decade ago, awaits an extradition hearing from New Jersey to Wisconsin, the American Catholic Church, devastated by hundreds of sexual abuse cases, faces yet another embarrassing revelation. Palanthingal, who earned a master’s degree in journalism from Marquette University, Wisconsin, allegedly assaulted the boy Nick Janovsky who was also being abused at the same time by another priest — Nick Janovsky’s uncle Dennis Pecore. If found guilty, Palanthingal who belongs to the Selesian Order of Don Bosco in India which known for its educational institutions for boys across the country including St. Bedes and Don Bosco in Chennai, faces maximum 20 years on each of the four counts he has been charged with.

    9) Web paedophile awaiting sentence
    United Kingdom – BBC News – June 8, 2004
    Evans was remanded in custody at Edinburgh’s High Court A paedophile molested a 13-year-old girl after meeting her in an internet chatroom, a court has heard. Evans was originally charged with abducting the schoolgirl and indecently assaulting her, but the Crown accepted his not guilty pleas to these offences.

    10) The mob of moms at Wilshire Park is too real for comfort
    USA – The Oregonian, OR – June 8, 2004
    Some waved protest signs warning of a pedophile at large. The scene sent shivers through Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood parents walking their kids to school through the park. The child-abduction alerts went out to Portland television and radio stations with no message attached.

    11) Parents create Internet bugbears
    United Kingdom – The Inquirer – June 8 2004,
    Parents obsessed that their children might meet murderers or paedophiles online, may be responsible for creating false and exaggerated fears about the internet. Not only might such fears breed a generation of Internet illiterate kids, it is already responsible for leading to confusion in children’s minds about real threats, the report continues.

    12) Schools urged to smash internet myths
    United Kingdom – Guardian Unlimited – June 7, 2004
    Children are confused about the dangers posed by using the internet with some believing it puts them at risk of catching HIV or being abducted by aliens, according to research published today. Scare stories about children meeting murderers and paedophiles online may lead parents to curtail internet access, which deprives children of its educational opportunities and prevents them from learning how to deal with common problems, such as false online advertising, said the IoE’s director, Andrew Burn. Ms Butterfield, who has advised UK education, law enforcement and children protection agencies, said children often did not report problems they encountered online due to fears that their parents would withdraw access to the technology.

    13) U.S. law targets child-sex tourists abroad
    USA – International Herald Tribune, France – June 8, 2004
    One suspect was a convicted pedophile from Baltimore accused of molesting boys in two Asian countries. Another was a doctor from the state of Georgia who, the Russian police said, drugged his young victims in a St. Petersburg hotel. A third was a retired army sergeant from Seattle who may have molested up to 50 children. The three men would once have almost certainly fallen outside the grasp of U.S. prosecutors. But with the long arm of American law growing ever longer, all three could face significant prison sentences in the United States because of a measure passed by Congress last year that gives federal officials much more power to prosecute people suspected of molesting children on foreign soil. Dozens of other investigations are under way from Sri Lanka to Costa Rica, officials said. U.S. officials hope that their investigations will help break what they believe are shadowy Internet networks used by pedophiles to share photographs of children and travel tips about countries with thriving child-sex industries. But that new power is also prompting debate in federal courts and in public policy circles over how far the United States can and should go to combat child exploitation abroad. Although the data is inexact, Americans who have sex with children abroad are thought to number in the thousands, with hardcore pedophiles, casual tourists, and businessmen taking advantage of lax enforcement, child-advocacy groups and American officials say. Some countries, including France and Australia, have begun to prosecute suspects on their return home from abroad, and others, like Cambodia, have begun deporting foreigners arrested on charges of having sex with minors.

    14) Teacher In Child Porn Probe
    Scotland – Aberdeen Evening Express, UK – June 8, 2004
    Portlethen Academy’s acting assistant head teacher William Fraser was removed from duties on Thursday after a nationwide police crackdown. Police in the US traced these credit card details to customers around the world and passed the information to police forces Today, a spokesman for Aberdeenshire council confirmed a teacher had been suspended. At least three people were detained in the North-east following the Grampian Police operation last week which saw officers swooped at several addresses.

    15) Airport Screeners Discover Child Porn In Baggage
    USA – KTVU.com San Francisco, CA – June 8, 2004
    A 44-year-old man has been arrested after security screeners at San Francisco International Airport found child pornography in his baggage, authorities said.

    16) Retired Judge Accused of Child Porn
    United Kingdom – The Scotsman – June 8, 2004
    The 69-year-old, who retired as resident judge of Portsmouth Crown Court last week on health grounds, has been charged with 12 counts of making indecent photos of a child in March and April of this year and one count of possessing an indecent photo of a child in April this year, a Hampshire police spokeswoman said.

    17) Child porn charges laid against T.O. man
    Canada – The Toronto Star, ON – June 7, 2004
    A Toronto man has been charged with possessing child pornography after a witness confronted a man watching a 10-year-old girl through her bedroom window. Phillip Thomas Forsythe, 38, faces charges of prowl by night and possession of child pornography.

    18) Pedophilia trial fiasco leaves France stunned
    France – International Herald Tribune, France – May 20, 2004
    After the main witness in a pedophilia case admitted that she made up much of the story that destroyed the lives of more than a dozen people, France is facing a painful deconstruction of how such a fraud could have been taken so seriously by so many people for so long. “The case proves that the legal system is on its last legs as we have now seen the total negation of any presumption of innocence,” Hubert Delarue, the attorney for one of the accused, told Agence France-Presse. “I’m sick, I’m a liar, I lied about everything,” she told a stunned courtroom, pointing out several of the accused who had endured three years of investigation and the humiliation of a nationally publicized trial. But Europe had already been outraged by extensive pedophile cases in Portugal and Belgium, both of which carried as yet unproven allegations of pedophile rings that reached into the upper echelons of society. The trial decimated the lives of 18 people, with one committing suicide and another losing custody of her children, while sending France into a paroxysm of soul-searching. As with the pedophile case, even the most serious French news media were quick to lend credence to accusations despite contradictions and the questionable character of the people making the claims.

    19) Police briefs: Nichols put on TBI’s 10 Most Wanted list
    USA – Cleveland Daily Banner, TN – June 1, 2004
    Nichols, former executive director of the Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland, has been on the run from law enforcement since mid-year 2002. According to Detective Dailey, information received by his office indicates that Nichols could be somewhere in Canada. Since the TBI Most-Wanted program was established, 129 criminals have been apprehended.

    20) Children At Risk, Warns Police Chief
    United Kingdom – The Bath Chronicle – June 1 2004
    Since the discovery that a Spanish child was abused while in the care of a Bath family in 1997, the Government and European leaders have been urged to introduce new regulations and legislation. But so far nothing has changed to prevent young people on a foreign exchange trip being exposed to the possibility of abuse during visits here and abroad. “Around six million people under 18 take part in European exchange programmes each year, staying with families, in hotels and hostels,” explained Chief Supt Gould. Families have to fill in a registration form but, while some CRB checks have been done in the past, host families are not subjected to rigorous checking now.

    21) Anglican Archbishop won’t resign despite damning report
    Australia – ABC News Online – June 1, 2004
    An independent report into the church’s handling of child abuse cases has found that victims were ignored and undermined. The report contains claims that Archbishop Ian George advised a chaplain from St Peter’s College to flee the country after he was accused of raping a student. Archbishop George says that is not true, although he concedes that when he met with the man, he did not advise him to stay in Australia. The inquiry considered more than 80 cases, many of which involve the church’s dismissal or rejection of complaints when victims came forward.

    22) Nordic police stage coordinated raids against suspected pedophiles
    Sweden – The Detroit News, USA – May 26, 2004
    Police in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland carried out coordinated raids Tuesday and charged more than 196 people suspected of obtaining and distributing child pornography. Norway’s National Criminal Investigation Service said it charged 153 people in the raids and that 105 of them acknowledged possessing child pornography. “We carried out a nationwide operation, including searches in more than 100 places in Sweden, with the purpose of questioning the persons who are suspected of owning child pornography,” Swedish police spokesman Per-Olof Forslund said, adding that more than 300 police conducted the raids.

    23) Portuguese TV star on child sex charges
    Portugal – The Guardian, UK – June 2, 2004
    Portugal’s most famous television personality is among eight people to have been indicted on paedophilia charges, according to court documents yesterday. Carlos Cruz, known in Portugal as “Mr TV” after presenting a series of popular programmes over the past two decades, will go on trial for allegedly participating in sex sessions with young boys from the state-run Casa Pia children’s homes. Public hysteria reached a peak at Christmas when a Portuguese newspaper reported that President Jorge Sampaio had been named in an anonymous letter to investigators. A former secretary of state for families, Teresa Costa Macedo, said Portugal’s former president, General Ramalho Eanes, was told by former Casa Pia boys some 20 years ago of abuse there.

    24) Pianist jailed for child sex bid
    United Kingdom – The Guardian – June 2, 2004
    World-renowned musician Brian Parnell, 66, became the first person to be convicted of “sex tourism” in a British court after an elaborate sting involving Scotland Yard’s paedophile squad. Just before setting off from the UK he placed an advert on the “Gay Teens of Sri Lanka” website asking for a “young, active” boy to contact him. The paedophile squad at Scotland Yard then established that, as a British citizen, Parnell could be prosecuted in the UK under the Sex Offences (incitement and conspiracy) Act 1996, even though his actions took place in Sri Lanka. Following a two-day trial in April this year he was found guilty at Wood Green Crown Court of “attempting to incite a male under the age of 16 to commit a serious sexual act” and “attempting to incite a male under the age of 16 to an act of gross indecency”.

    25) Castrated molester from YMCA camp may be freed
    USA – The Houston Chronicle, TX – June 2, 2004
    A former YMCA staffer sent to prison for molesting 40 children at day camp could be released after a hearing this week, a newspaper reported. “My children had their childhoods taken away,” said the mother of one of the original YMCA victims. He told police investigators after his 1991 arrest that he was sexually aroused by “whatever pleases me,” including men, women and boys. When pressed by attorneys in 1994 about that incident and other more serious assault allegations, he said he couldn’t remember writing the statement.

    26) Judge’s case highlights city’s sex trade woes
    Canada – canoe News – June 3, 2004
    Girls lured from impoverished reserves to the once lucrative hooker strolls of this logging city say it makes no difference if johns or judges rape them. She said everyone working in this dirty underground economy knew about former provincial court judge David Ramsay for years. Ramsay was sentenced Tuesday to seven years in jail in what’s believed to be the longest sentence ever pinned on a Canadian judge. With logging operations bleeding from international tariffs and big building projects like the local hospital finished, more prostitutes are left than well-paying customers.

    27) Revisiting The Patz Case
    USA – CBS News, NY – June 2, 2004
    “I believe this man stalked my son. I believe he lured him back to his apartment. I think he used him like toilet paper, and I think he threw him away.” Stan Patz, talking about Jose Ramos (CBS) May 25, 2004, marked 25 years since the day a six-year-old boy named Etan Patz vanished off the streets of New York City in broad daylight. His disappearance sparked a worldwide manhunt, and in the months and years that followed, he became the symbol for lost children all over America. Ramos has a long history as a convicted pedophile and has been locked up in the Pennsylvania state prison since 1990 on a 10-to-20-year child molestation charge unrelated to the Patz case. Stuart Grabois: “One of the things he did was to travel around the United States in a converted school bus, giving out Matchbox cars, and toys to young boys, to entice them onto the bus.

    28) LIES, LIES, LIES
    Australia – The Advertiser – June 3, 2004
    THE former principal of the Catholic school at which 36 students were sexually abused lied to police about conducting a background check on the convicted pedophile responsible. The revelation — of the first in a series of bungles in the tragic affair — is in a report commissioned by the Catholic Church into the activities of serial pedophile Brian Perkins at St Ann’s Special School. Major shortcomings identified in the report included the failure to carry out proper appointment processes, failing to keep proper files, the failure to inform and the failure of procedures for dealing with reports of sex abuse. Th report says in a second police interview on June 17, 2003, “the principal resiled from his assertion that he had carried out a police check in relation to Perkins before appointing him or that there was any general practice of making such police checks.

    29) ‘Don’t reach verdict’ Dutroux lawyer tells jury
    Belgium – Expatica – June 2 2004
    Speaking to jurors at the trial in the Belgian city of Arlon lawyer Xavier Magnee argued on Tuesday that the case presented to the jurors was not fit to be judged. He said Jacques Langlois, the investigating magistrate who brought the case against Dutroux and his three co-defendants, had not done his job properly.

    30) Dentist In Porn Ban
    Israel – Totally Jewish – June 2, 2004
    Alexander Emmanuel Mark Fleischmann, 49, of Station Road, Hayes, was suspended from practicing dentistry for a year after appearing before the general dental council’s professional conduct committee following a conviction for making indecent images of children. The dentist had told police he had been depressed because of two deaths in his family and the burdens of looking after his ill mother and mother-in-law, as well as financial problems he was experiencing.

    31) Govt to table motion establishing Curtin inquiry
    Irealand – Braking News – June 3, 2004
    Justice Minister Michael McDowell is expected to table a Dáil motion establishing a seven-member committee to investigate the judge’s actions. Yesterday, Mr McDowell tabled a separate motion accusing Judge Curtin of being unsuitable to remain in office due to his alleged possession of child pornography.

    32) Child porn suspects appear in court
    Holland – Expatica – June 2 2004
    A lawyer for the public prosecutor urged Arnhem Court on Wednesday to impose an eight-year jail term and TBS detention with compulsory psychiatric treatment on two men charged with being members of a child pornography network. V. is accused of acting as a guide for sex trips to Tunisia and the prosecution alleges that men picked out boys out of slum areas and paid them for sex.

    33) Man charged in Brookfield porn raid
    USA – Janesville Gazette, Wi – June 2, 2004
    Investigators tracing Internet dealings in child pornography via Florida and eastern Europe raided a suburban Milwaukee man’s home and charged him with 23 felony counts. Items police removed from the home include 38 firearms, an illegal switchblade knife, equipment for growing marijuana, nearly one-half pound of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and computer equipment containing pornography, police Capt. According to the search warrant filed in court, the task force identified Web sites containing images of children engaged in sexually explicit conduct.

    34) Ex-ALP official on sex charges
    Australia – The Australian – June 07, 2004
    Neville Francis Hilton answered “not guilty” 31 times as the lengthy indictment was read out today in the New South Wales District Court, sitting in Wollongong. Prosecutors allege he was legally responsible for the girls’ work at Southern Belles escorts, where the alleged offences occurred.

    35) Prosecutors to seek reduction of sentence for Pines woman in slavery case
    USA – Sun Sentinel, Fl – June 8 2004
    The plea bargain was struck in late April, a month after Pompee and her husband, Willy, were indicted by a federal grand jury in Fort Lauderdale. She claimed to have been beaten, raped, and forced to work as a maid and serve, since the age of 9, as a sex slave for the Pompees’ son, then 20. According to the indictment, the girl was smuggled from Haiti after her mother, who once worked there for the Pompees, died in 1996. The case came to light when the girl befriended three employees of a Fort Lauderdale modeling school after responding to a television ad for the school.

    36) Retired judge charged over child porn
    United Kingdom – This is London – June 8, 2004
    Former circuit judge David Selwood, 69, was charged with 12 counts of making indecent photos of a child and one count of possessing an indecent photo of a child. A spokesman for the Lord Chancellor’s Department said that Mr Selwood’s pension could not now be affected by any trial or its outcome.

    37) Priest In Kid Porn Inquiry
    United Kingdom – Daily Record – June 8 2004
    Father Stuart Campbell was asked to step down from his duties during the inquiry into a sickening website. Police, acting on information from the US, seized computer equipment from the Roman Catholic priest’s parish house on Thursday. Catholic Church spokesman Peter Kearney confirmed a priest in the Dumfries diocese had been interviewed by police.

    38) Paediatricians shy away from dealing with abuse as backlash from parents grows
    United Kingdom – The Guardian – June 7, 2004
    As a result much of the evidence of intimidation against paediatricians is anecdotal, few if any allegations have reached the ears of police officers and none has been heard in open court. What some paediatricians are going through is nothing compared with the life sentence of having a child taken away on the evidence of an expert in a secret family court hearing, they say. The crisis in trust between those representing parents and the professionals has reached a critical point following the court of appeal ruling in the Angela Cannings case. It follows a letter to the Guardian from a group of paediatricians saying the balance had swung too far in favour of those exploiting differences of opinion between doctors to claim there was overdiagnosis of abuse and neglect. Like most of his colleagues Dr Davis believes the massive publicity which the Southall hearing will attract will do little to restore faith, either of parents in the professionals or of paediatricians in a legal system which they believe should protect them from intimidation and harassment.

    39) Thailand deports Australian man
    Thailand – The Australian – June 08, 2004
    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tonight confirmed David Leonard Arthur, 48, was being deported, but would not comment further. Arthur was due to arrive in Brisbane tomorrow morning after a Thai court ordered his deportation, the ABC reported. He was arrested and charged with sheltering illegal immigrants in Chiang Mai in April after a tip off by the Australian Embassy that sex offences were being committed.

    40) Belgium’s Dutroux in Last Bid to Prove Conspiracy
    Belgium – Yahoo News, Australia – June 8, 2004
    Marc Dutroux, Belgium’s most hated man, will have a last chance on Wednesday to persuade a jury he was a pawn of some high-society paedophile ring rather than the sole leader of a small band of kidnappers, child rapists and murderers as prosecutors allege. Neither Dutroux, nor his co-defendants, nor the two surviving victims, nor more than 500 witnesses have produced any evidence in court proving the existence of a wider conspiracy. One of his lawyers went so far as to ask the jury to withhold judgment, arguing that prosecutors had not examined all the evidence that could prove the existence of a ring. Dutroux admits kidnapping and raping some of the girls but denies killing any of them, putting the blame on the other accused, including his ex-wife Michelle Martin.

    41) Loomis given 13 years in prison
    USA – La Crosse Tribune, Wi – June 8, 2004
    Loomis, 34, who ran unsuccessfully for La Crosse Common Council in 2003, was arrested in July after he chatted on the Internet with a state agent posing as a young boy. During Monday’s hearing, Loomis’ parents, sister, niece and several friends said the man who pleaded guilty last month to the two sex crimes was not the Craig Loomis they knew. While Loomis’ family and friends concentrated on his good accomplishments, District Attorney Scott Horne said he was troubled that no one spoke on how the crime will affect Loomis’ victim. During Monday’s sentencing, Loomis admitted his guilt and begged Pasell for another chance to prove he can be trusted.

    42) Norway to use ‘chemical castration’
    Norway – Thw Washington Times, DC – June 7, 2004
    Doctors said the men’s sex drive would return if the treatments are stopped, but the hormone treatments could continue after the men are released, if requested. While the hormone treatment of prisoners is a first for Norway, Denmark has conducted voluntary hormone treatments on 25 sex offenders since 1989 and none has committed a sexual assault after treatment.

    43) Girl, 9, rescued after sexual assault
    Canada – Globe and Mail ON – June 8, 2004
    A nine-year-old Brampton girl is recovering in hospital after she was abducted from a birthday party by a man who drove her to his house and then brutally beat and sexually assaulted her. While the girl sustained numerous injuries, and is expected to remain in hospital for at least a few days, police say her ordeal could have been much worse. An infrared scan of properties surrounding the house found a man crouching in a bush, and the police helicopter illuminated the area with a high-powered searchlight. Police have arrested 45-year-old Mikell Carol Case of Richmond Hill, a truck driver who travelled across Ontario and the United States and who used to live in Mississauga. In Toronto, police announced yesterday that a man caught watching a 10-year-old girl through her bedroom window now also faces charges of possessing child pornography.

    44) Doctor’s loss heightens staff shortage
    Canada – Canoe News – June 8, 2004
    A London doctor at the centre of a child pornography investigation who took his life Saturday adds to a shortage of anesthesiologists in the city, the London Health Sciences Centre says. “It is a very big loss,” said Bernadette MacDonald, vice-president of surgery at the hospital’s business unit. Before Rabgey’s death, the hospital was trying to recruit anesthesiologists to fill vacancies in the city, said to number about half a dozen. She said before Rabgey was hired, London Health Sciences Centre’s anesthesiology department was short by about 18 doctors.

    45) High risk offender warning
    Canada – CTV -TV News, AB – June 7, 2004
    Alan Norton was released Monday after serving six years in prison for sexual assault and possession of child pornography. Norton is described as 61 years old, 5’8″, 150 pounds with grey hair and blue eyes.

    46) Police bid to thwart paedophiles
    United Kingdom – The Guardian – June 9, 2004
    Police are to monitor conversations on internet chat rooms in a bid to prevent paedophiles from grooming victims on the web. The idea of monitoring chat rooms was brought up at a meeting of the Virtual Global Task Force in London, which was set up six months ago to make internet use safer for youngsters.

    47) Cyber-Cops Plan to Patrol Internet Chatrooms
    United Kingdom – Reuters – June 9, 2004 08:18 AM ET
    Police plan to patrol Internet chatrooms as part of a multinational crackdown on pedophile rings. Police from Britain, the United States, Canada and Australia are to form a global taskforce with the primary aim of stopping pedophiles luring children into offline encounters. “This should not be viewed as a Big Brother tactic — this is about police becoming more visible on the Internet,” Gamble told Reuters Wednesday.

    48) Dad abused internet girl, 13
    United Kingdom – ic Stirlingshire – June 9 2004
    PAEDOPHILE Guy Evans molested a 13-year-old girl after meeting her in an internet chatroom for teenagers, the High Court in Edinburgh heard yesterday (Tuesday). When police tracked him down they discovered the father-of-two had a hoard of child pornography on his computer, including images of babies being abused. Evans, formerly of Randolph Crescent, Bannockburn, admitted indecent behaviour towards the girl in February last year at a layby off the A1. He was originally charged with abducting the girl and indecently assaulting her but the Crown accepted his not guilty pleas to those offences. Advocate depute Alastair Brown said the girl had made it clear she was 13 when she got into an internet conversation with a user called Guy1, who said he was 34 and from the Stirling area.

    49) I Am Not A Murderer, I Was Just Wanting To Make A Sexual Assault
    France – The Daily Record, UK – June 9, 2004
    PAEDOPHILE Francisco Montes yesterday told a courtroom: I’m a sex attacker not a child murderer. The Spaniard admitted carrying out two depraved assaults on teenagers the night British schoolgirl Caroline Dickinson died. And he admitted ‘caressing’ the 13-year-old as he performed a sex act on himself in the youth hostel where she was sleeping. He could not explain how he came to be in Pleine-Fougieres, saying: ‘I think I probably wanted to commit another sexual assault. I didn’t feel well and I wanted to do what I had done at St Lunaire so I placed my hand over her mouth. I lifted up the covers and I wanted to stroke her. She told the court she woke up ‘confused and delirious’ after an assault in a Brittany hostel 30 miles from where Caroline was attacked.

    50) Net paedophiles may lose credit cards
    United Kingdom – This Is London – June 9 2004
    Paedophiles buying child pornography on the internet face having their credit cards withdrawn under radical new plans to crack down on child abuse. Officers from the national crime squad and the FBI are spearheading an international child protection force which will put pressure on credit card companies to ban internet paedophiles from holding cards in a bid to stop them paying to download images from websites. The plans were discussed at a meeting in London today of the Virtual Global Task Force which was set up six months ago to make the internet safer for young people. National Crime Squad assistant chief constable and chair of the VGTF Jim Gamble said: “We all need to keep thinking of new ways to tackle these types of offenders.”

    51) ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ doctor jailed
    United Kingdom – ic Wales – June 9 2004
    A POLICE doctor who used Angel Delight desserts to drug young girls before sexually attacking and filming them has been dubbed a “Dr Jekyll and Dr Hyde” character. Forensic medical examiner Robert Wells, from Cwmbran, Gwent – described in court as “a unique and inspirational doctor” – led a double life as a “serial paedophile”. The trial heard that Wells, formerly of Hangleton Road, Hove, and Priory Avenue, Southampton, worked as what is commonly known as a police surgeon in the Southampton and Winchester areas of Hampshire and also had a private practice in Brighton. After a trip to Marwell Zoo in Hampshire, he took them to his flat in Southampton where he drugged them both in Angel Delight desserts that he fed them before assaulting the elder child as she slept while filming the attack. At the Southampton address police found a piece of paper which the prosecution alleged was a timetable for the drugging of the two sisters and the abuse of the elder one.

    52) Paedophile held post as police surgeon
    United Kingdom – The Guardian – June 9, 2004
    A dangerous paedophile convicted yesterday of drugging, raping and filming girls got a job as a police doctor, despite previous accusations of sexually abusing children. Robert Wells, 52, was jailed for 15 years after being found guilty of nine of the 11 charges he faced, including raping an 11-year-old girl twice and sexually assaulting her three times. However, in October 2001 he was sub-contracted through Primecare medical staffing agency to work for Hampshire police, examining victims of crime, despite being known to the neighbouring Sussex force. They now have to run checks everywhere the prospective employee lived for the previous five years.

    53) Govt counselling for abuse victims
    Australia – The Australian – June 09, 2004
    ADULT survivors of child sexual abuse will get free counselling as part of South Australian government moves to encourage more victims tell their stories. Families and Communities Minister Jay Weatherill said a helpline would also be established to respond to the immediate needs of survivors and their families.

    54) How Did Rapist Doc Slip The Net?
    United Kingdom – The Mirror – June 9 2004
    A POLICE surgeon who filmed himself carrying out sex attacks on young girls was jailed for 15 years yesterday – as it was revealed he had faced similar charges before. And there was outrage last night that blunders in vetting procedures allowed Robert Wells to slip through the net and get the job – in a case that echoes Soham murderer Ian Huntley’s. Wells, 52, was convicted of raping and indecently assaulting a girl of 11, drugging and indecently assaulting a second 11-year-old and drugging a five-year-old – but was cleared of indecently assaulting her. Judge Keith Cutler branded him a “dangerous offender” whose crimes had “sent a shiver down the spine” of his patients.

    55) Police ‘Catching Up’ on Internet Paedophiles
    United Kingdom – The Scotsman – June 9, 2004
    The technology that drives the internet has developed at a phenomenal rate in the past 10 years, but as its popularity has boomed so has its use by predatory paedophiles and the purveyors of child pornography. Law enforcement agencies have faced a tough battle trying to keep pace with the increasingly sophisticated technology used by internet paedophiles to elude the authorities. “This is about saying ‘this is no longer a dark corner’ — we are shining a light.” However, Tink Palmer, policy advisor at the children’s charity Barnardo’s, said there was still a long way to go to before the authorities could claim to be effectively policing the internet. She said the number of pornographic images featuring children had exploded since the widespread availability of digital cameras and warned that more money was needed to crackdown on the activities of paedophiles.

    56) Prison Suicide Watch on Paedophile Doctor
    United kingdom – The Scotsman – June 9, 2004
    Paedophile police doctor Robert Wells, who filmed himself drugging and sexually abusing young girls, is on suicide watch in prison, it was revealed today. Wells, 52, was transferred to the 955-inmate Category B Bullingdon prison near Bicester, Oxfordshire, after he was jailed for 15 years at Winchester Crown Court yesterday for the offences on three girls aged between five and 11.

    57) New US law helps widen hunt for paedophiles
    USA – Straits Times, Singapore – June 10, 2004
    The US government’s expanded legal authority to pursue molesters abroad comes as part of a 2003 federal law known as the Protect Act, a package of child-protection measures best known for the creation of the Amber Alert for missing children. Some child-advocacy groups say as many as 25 per cent of all sex tourists abroad are from the US.

    58) Paedophile imprisoned for child porn game
    Australia – Townsville Bulletin – June 10, 2004
    A KNOWN paedophile who spent time in a US jail for attempting to procure children over the Internet spoke out about his “fascination” with child sex just months before moving to Magnetic Island and offending again. Two years ago convicted paedophile Glyn Harrod told an Alice Springs journalist he would never visit an Internet child pornography site again. Harrod also told the newspaper he believed children and teenage girls had the right to form sexual relationships with whoever they saw fit, regardless of the age difference. He was convicted in February 2000 on charges of conspiring to engage in sexual acts with children after US Customs officers caught and charged him in an Internet sting in May 1999. Officer Hale said Harrod expressed his desire to “have normal, oral and anal” sex with children and also had bought a digital camera to take pictures.

    59) Jailed for sex tourism
    United Kingdom – Hendon & Finchley Times – June 9, 2004
    A former music teacher at an Edgware school has become the first person in the UK to be jailed for sex tourism, after he was caught trying to groom young Sri Lankan boys over the internet. Shocked former pupils have described how Brian Parnell, 66, was popular when he taught during the 1970s and 80s at Orange Hill Junior School in Hamonde Close. One of its officers, posing as a 15-year-old boy, wrote back to Parnell, who replied within hours and sent a picture of himself involved in a sexual act. Parnell was sentenced to two years for attempting to incite a male under the age of 16 to commit a serious sexual act, and one year, to run concurrently, for attempting to incite a male under the age of 16 to an act of gross indecency.

    60) Sturgis Man Sentenced To Life For Sex Crimes
    USA – KELO-TV, SD – June 9, 2004
    He pleaded guilty to criminal pedophilia for his involvement with a 7-year-old girl two years ago.

    61) Logan Couple Face Charges In Child Porn Case
    USA – KSL-TV, Salt Lake City,UT – June 9, 2004
    A Logan couple is facing federal charges for producing pornographic pictures of their own children that went out over the internet. FBI officers spoke with both Terri and Keith Anderson last week. Keith Anderson admitted to investigators he had received and sent child pornography. When investigators asked him about a webcam that had been viewed on the internet, he also admitted to recording the activity between Terri and the minors.

    62) Ricky Martin heightens campaign to stop child abuse
    USA – Khaleej Times, United Arab Emirates – June 5 2004
    Ricky Martin’s People for Children campaign will gain new visibility thanks to three public service announcements that will start airing in the United States and Latin America this month. “The PSAs underscore the importance of the message,” says Martin, who unveiled the segments during a press conference May 27 in Puerto Rico. Martin launched People for Children last year as an initiative to raise awareness of and fight child pornography and child prostitution worldwide.

    63) Diary of cyber-sex virgin
    Taiwan – Taipei Times – June 6, 2004
    While there is no law against this, there is against prostitution, which is becoming increasinly popular online “Ted,” a well-dressed 34-year-old Taiwanese businessman, responded to a posting he found on an adult Web site by a young lady looking to meet Taiwanese men for discreet relationships. He chose a quiet tea shop for the first encounter, where he described how he meets women online for sex, saying if both parties are interested it doesn’t have to end with coffee, but if it takes a second date then he’s willing to wait. Described as the “world’s largest sex and swinger personnel site” on its homepage, AdultFriendFinder.com (AFF) boasts more than 10 million active members worldwide. According to Internet Crime Detective Chen Yong-shen of the Taipei City Police Criminal Investigation Division, there have been no reported cases of violence from parties involved in one-night stands arranged over the Internet in Taipei City this year. ECPAT (End Child Prostitution Association in Taiwan), conducted an additional survey the same year of 140 girls residing in a half-way house, asking them which method they used most frequently during their employment in the sex industry. According to Lee, most girls get involved in the sex industry because of economic problems, but a small number try enjo-kosai because they are curious.

    64) Cloutier to appeal verdict in teenage prostitution case
    Canada – The Montreal Gazette, QB – June 9, 2004
    Yvan Cloutier is appealing the guilty verdict delivered last May 7 in the Quebec City child prostitution case. Mr. Cloutier is to return before the tribunal on June 14 for his probation hearing, and on the 28th for his sentencing.

    65) Man allegedly taped wife having sex with her young sons
    USA – KTRK-TV13, TX, June 10, 2004
    A convicted sex offender allegedly recorded his wife engaging in sex acts with her two young sons and posted the images on the Internet, authorities said Wednesday. Keith and Terri Anderson were each charged Wednesday with sexual exploitation of a minor, said Melodie Rydalch, a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Paul Warner. If convicted, Keith Anderson faces up to 50 years in prison due to his previous conviction, Rydalch said.

    66) Many take cases to trial despite odds
    The News Tribune, WA – June 10, 2004
    When 12 jurors have to decide whether a Tacoma photographer raped and molested two children, they’ll have some unusual evidence to consider. The Pierce County jury will look at photos prosecutors say show Neil Grenning, his face visible, having sex with a 5-year-old boy. Jurors also will see photographs of a 7-year-old boy being raped, and will hear about an Internet chat prosecutors say is Grenning detailing how he committed the sex assault. Defense attorney Don Winskill said he knew few details about Grenning’s case, but said there generally are three reasons for a defense attorney to go to trial: If the client professes innocence, if the state will have trouble proving its case, or if the state has a solid case and isn’t offering a good enough plea bargain.

    67) EU ministers agree internet child porn drive
    Luxembourg – Breaking News, Ireland – June 10, 2004
    Between 2005 and 2008, the second ‘safer internet plan’ will receive almost twice the funding provided in the first programme, which concluded two years ago. In addition to improving hotlines where the public can report dangerous internet sites, the funding allows for technological measures that limit the amount of unwanted and harmful content that can be received.

    68) RCMP joins Net chat room patrols
    Canada – Canoe News – June 9, 2004
    Police in Britain, Australia, Canada and the United States are planning joint patrols of Internet chat rooms in search of pedophiles, a senior British officer said Wednesday. Speaking at the end of a three-day meeting involving the squad, the FBI, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Australian Federal Police, Gamble said officers in different countries would take turns to keep a round-the-clock watch on the Net. In December, police forces from several countries began a collaboration – the Virtual Global Task Force – to crack down on child abuse on the Internet. The initiative follows on an FBI-led operation which has tracked down thousands of people around the world suspected of accessing child pornography over the Internet.

    69) Stopping child porn a police and public effort
    USA – The Corning Leader, NY – June 10, 2004
    According to investigators, none of the cases are related, even though their methods for obtaining the illegal images are similar. The arrests have turned up tens of thousands of illegal images obtained through the Internet and seized by local state police. Local authorities have been quick to point out the arrests wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Internet servers like Yahoo and America Online and a federal nonprofit agency called the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Requests for the illicit material trigger servers to notify the national center, which then alerts local police agencies.

    70) FBI: Suspect kept log of neighborhood’s little girls
    USA – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – June 10, 2004
    An FBI agent testified yesterday that it was a plot to get little girls who played in the dollhouse near his parents’ Bethel Park house alone so he could rape one of them. The testimony was part of a federal detention hearing for Sherry, who is charged with arranging to have sex with the 2-year-old daughter of a Reading woman who sold the little girl to men for sex and peddled pornographic pictures of her. She said that in addition to keeping the notebook, visiting 111 child porn sites, collecting child pornography and buying soiled children’s underwear on the Internet, Sherry worked in the Baby Depot department of Burlington Coat Factory and had been seen walking the halls of the preschool where his mother, Carol, works. As it stands, Sherry is charged with possession and receipt of child pornography and “coercion and enticement,” an offense that covers both actual molestation and the attempt to molest a child. Fiterman testified that Sherry said his father caught him downloading child porn years before and told him to delete it, which he said he does as soon as he gets it. But Fiterman said an initial search by state police turned up many child porn images, and a forensic examination of Sherry’s computer and diskettes is under way.

    71) Man Admits To Driving Illegal Immigrants Around Southland For Prostitution
    USA – NBC4.TV, CA – June 9, 2004
    Valle, the alleged madam, faces charges of conspiracy, importing and transporting aliens for prostitution, and smuggling illegal immigrants. Authorities allege the immigrants –including a 14- and 15-year-old — were made to work as prostitutes for five to six months to work off their smuggling fees.

    72) Summertime: Kids & Pedophiles Favorite Season of the Year
    USA – emedia Wire – June 10, 2004
    School is out, kids have lots of free time to hang out and chat, and oh yes, the online pedophiles are experiencing their busiest season of the year! More kids are victimized during the summer than during any other time of the year. According to America Online, the average teenager has more than one hundred people on their buddy list, people they chat with online on a regular basis. Yet, most parents have no idea what their kids are doing online, who they are chatting with or what they are talking about, which leads to some potentially very dangerous situations. But, I have changed my mind because keeping our kids safe from these online dangers requires that we know WHO they are chatting with and WHAT they are chatting about.

    73) Paedophiles face credit card blacklist
    Ireland – The Register – June 10 2004
    “By using credit cards to perform an unlawful act they will have breached their card issuers’ terms and conditions. Gamble said police have “diligent procedures to double check information” so that paedophile allegations are not made on the basis of a credit card transaction alone. Plans for police across the world to co-ordinate the monitoring of Internet chat rooms in order to deter paedophiles from ‘grooming’ prospective victims on-line were discussed at the conference. The monitoring scheme is part of establishing a visible police presence on-line, separate from undercover investigations of paedophile activity on-line, which might still take place.

    74) Former Vicar paedophile’s jail sentence upheld
    Australia – ABC News Online – June 10, 2004
    In the Court of Criminal Appeal Garth Hawkins, 58, argued the sentencing judge had failed to give sufficient weight to the fact he had not committed any offences for more than 20 years.

    75) Dutroux insists he was pawn in Belgian paedophile ring
    Belgium – The New Zealand Herald – June 11, 2004
    Belgium’s most reviled criminal Marc Dutroux, on trial for the kidnap, rape and murder of young girls, insisted on Thursday that he was a reluctant accomplice in a wider paedophile ring. Dutroux and three co-defendants including his ex-wife, Michelle Martin, are charged with kidnapping and raping six girls and killing four of them. Dutroux said Martin knew the circumstances of the death of the youngest victims — Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo.

    76) Fear of family in paedophile’s old home
    United Kingdom – Evening Star – June 9, 2004
    A FAMILY has today told how they are living in fear after a convicted paedophile who used to own their house posted flyers saying he was back in town. The Ipswich family’s home used to belong to Anthony Lowery, a paedophile who has just completed a prison sentence after being convicted of indecently assaulting a young boy. “If what he did had happened to one of my children and I got one of those flyers I would want revenge and now I am scared that is what might happen. DS Stan Nicholls, of Ipswich police today said: “We can confirm that we have been contacted by a resident in Dillwyn Street West stating that they received a leaflet through their door.

    77) Chatroom user with child porn faces jail term
    United Kingdom – Bexley Mercury, ic South London – June – 10, 2004
    Detectives had spotted Stout viewing the illegal material while they patrolled the chatrooms and tracked him down through his computer’s IP number. On October 12 last year, officers visited his home, where he lives with his mother, and arrested him.

    78) Forgetful child-porn buff gets 9 months – Claimed memory loss regarding collection
    Canada – Winnipge Sun, MB – June 10, 2004
    A Portage la Prairie man who claimed memory loss after Mounties found him in possession of 1,000 pornographic images of children has been sentenced. Joseph Gerald David Hermary, 38, was given a nine-month prison sentence in a Portage la Prairie courtroom Monday after pleading guilty to possessing child pornography last December. “Overall, Mr. Hermary’s level of accountability can only be characterized as very poor,” said provincial court Judge Robert Cummings, reading from a pre-sentencing report.

    79) Minneapolis man arrested in child porn case
    USA – Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN – June 11, 2004
    Federal authorities continued to investigate allegations that he distributed those pictures across the Internet. Roque was accused Thursday of engaging in sexual acts with the boys, including one who is 9 years old and the other either 9 or 10 years old, during the past 12 months. “This is an example of that, and we’re going to prosecute this case aggressively.” The case began with federal agents investigating a tip about child pornography distribution that stretched from Arizona to a man in Eden Prairie.

    80) Man facing 400 child-porn offenses
    USA – The Delaware County Times, PA – June 11, 2004
    A federal investigation on child pornography sites led to the arrest of a borough man who waived a preliminary hearing for 400 offenses Thursday in district court. David Peifer, the supervisor of Operation Triad, a task force that directs its efforts to the Internet Crimes Against Children, comprised of federal, state and local law officers. Videtto, represented by his attorney Michael Malloy, entered a straight waiver on 200 counts of sexual abuse of children for possession of child pornography and 200 counts of criminal use of a computer.

    81) More child porn charges are filed against tutor
    USA – Chicago Tribune, IL – June 11, 2004
    Prosecutors have filed more child pornography charges against the owner of a Beverly tutoring center accused of secretly videotaping children performing sex acts in a bathroom of the facility.

    82) I was in pedophile ring: Dutroux
    Brussels – The Age, Australia – June 12, 2004
    Accused child murderer Marc Dutroux has insisted he was not a “lone predator” who kidnapped and raped young girls, but part of a pedophile ring. Dutroux, a convicted child rapist and drug dealer, is charged with three co-defendants, including his former wife, Michelle Martin, with kidnapping and raping six girls and killing four of them. Prosecutors accuse Dutroux, 47, of leading his own band of abductors rather than being the pawn of a well-connected crime ring whose existence has been widely rumoured but never proved. Dutroux portrayed himself as a victim, a “puppet in a show trial” who had to be jailed to “hide the truth” and serve the interests of “organised corruption”.

    83) Mounties will patrol Web to watch for pedophiles
    Canada – Calgary Herald, Ab – June 11, 2004
    The Mounties will soon be riding patrols in cyberspace, conspicuously flashing their famous colours in chat rooms to let pedophiles know they’re being watched. In a move that will bring a police pres

  • Doug Stead


    84) Bedfont paedophile caged for two years
    United Kingdom – Staines Guardian – June 11, 2004
    Jailed last year for two offences of indecent assault, and one of gross indecency with children, aged ten and under, Paul Marshall, 49, then living in Dennison Road, Feltham, was, unknown to police at the time, filming and photographing his abuse of the same children, and keeping the images on his computer. The result of that investigation brought him back before the court recently, where he admitted a further ten charges relating to three small children, whom he had befriended and groomed for the purpose, said Riel Karmy-Jones, prosecuting. Marshall, a divorced man, who now lives with his mother, in West View, Bedfont, was charged with 16 other offences – three of indecently assaulting a boy, aged four, and girls aged seven and ten; gross indecency with the seven-year-old; five of taking indecent photographs of the sexual acts; five of possessing those photographs; one of possessing 44 other indecent photographs and one charge of inciting a child to indecently assault another – between November 2001 and November 2002.

    85) Sex abuse programs fail children
    Australia – The Age – June 11, 2004 – 7:34PM
    Some child sexual abuse prevention programs could be making children more vulnerable to paedophiles, a Crime and Misconduct Commission study has found. CMC Research and Prevention director Paul Mazerolle said many of the programs had not been tested for their effectiveness and contained weaknesses that could be capitalised on by sexual predators. He said to be effective, programs needed to include appropriate sex education to arm children against manipulation by an offender and to make them realise that most offenders were friends or family members and not strangers as previously thought.

    86) Travelling into sinister territory
    Thialand and Australia – The Age – June 12, 2004
    Australian pedophiles are part of an organised crime ring preying on Thailand’s vulnerable children, writes Mark Baker. Sometimes Sarah’s “aunt” – a middle-aged woman who shepherds several of Chiang Mai’s young flower-sellers – takes her to visit foreign men in hotels and guest houses. It has become one of the latest frontiers for international pedophiles exploiting Thailand’s lax law enforcement, indulgent attitude to sexuality and easy access to desperately poor children. Local welfare agencies, police and concerned business leaders estimate that at least 20 Western pedophiles – about a third of them Australians – and other Japanese, Chinese and South-East Asian child abusers are living in and around Chiang Mai. A British pedophile “We have a big problem here with sexual abuse and trafficking of children and it’s a problem we cannot solve,” says Sompop Jantraka, director of the Development Education Centre for Daughters and Communities, a charity that helps rehabilitate victims of child abuse. Australians are prominent among a community of more than a dozen Western pedophiles who have built houses in the hill country north of Chiang Mai, far from the prying eyes of law enforcement agencies and close to the Burmese border villages where they recruit young boys and girls for sex. The Western businessman mentioned earlier, who has visited a number of the border villages where the pedophiles are based, says: “These poor, dirty little kids and their families are desperate for money.

    87) 10M Kids In Slave-Like Labor
    Geneva – CBS News, USA – June 10, 2004
    They cook, clean and take other youngsters to school “one of the saddest things,” said June Kane, author of the 112-page ILO study. The children, mostly girls, suffer at the hands of employers for whom having servants is often a sign of social status, according to a study by the International Labor Organization. They rarely are paid, sometimes suffer sexual abuse and even forget their own names after years of being called simply “girl” or “boy,” said June Kane, author of the 112-page ILO study. Of that number, nearly half are involved in what the U.N. labor agency calls the “worst forms of child labor,” including prostitution, mining and slave labor in different industries.

    88) Couple charged with using woman’s children to record child pornography
    USA – CourtTV.com – June 11, 2004
    A convicted sex offender allegedly recorded his wife engaging in sex acts with her two young sons and posted the images on the Internet, authorities said Wednesday. Keith and Terri Anderson were each charged Wednesday with sexual exploitation of a minor, said Melodie Rydalch, a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Paul Warner. If convicted, Keith Anderson faces up to 50 years in prison due to his previous conviction, Rydalch said.

    89) Debate On Prevention Of Sexual Abuse Proceeds
    Angola – Angola Press – June 12, 2004
    The theme on “Prevention of Exploration and Sexual Abuse” continues topping the ongoing debates of a seminar promoted for this purpose by the United Nations Children`s Funds (UNICEF) and with the participation of employees of different humanitarian organisations subdivided into groups.

    90) Penalties for child prostitution toughened
    Japan – Japan Today – June 11, 2004
    The Diet enacted legal amendments Friday to toughen punishments for buying sex from those under 18 and on people who mediate the trade while adding new bans on child pornography.

    91) Archbishop resigns over scandal
    Australia – The Courier-Mail – June 11, 2004
    Anglican Archbishop Ian George today announced his resignation in the wake of a child sex scandal engulfing the church. Archbishop George had resisted calls to resign since last week’s release of an independent report into the church’s handling of up to 200 cases of child sex abuse in past decades.

    92) Dewsbury man jailed for role in paedophile ring
    United kingdom -Dewsbury Toady – June 11, 2004
    A DEWSBURY man has been jailed for five years for his part in a paedophile ring which used a mobile chip van to attract young boys more than 20 years ago. Carlisle pleaded guilty to 14 counts of indecent assault and another serious sexual offence against eight boys aged between 12 and 16 during the early 1980s. Roadknight — a former member and former commander of the Northamptonshire Air Training Corps — pleaded not guilty to two counts of indecent assault against two boys but was convicted at his and Browning–Jones’ trial.

    93) Kids Learn How To Surf The Net Safely
    United Kingdom – ic Renfrewshire – Jun 11 2004
    The youngsters were told about the importance of not giving out their personal details in chat rooms, where they could attract unwanted attention from paedophiles. A spokesman for the event organisers said: “The idea is that the best way for youngsters to learn is by doing, so the different organisations involved provided various scenarios which could affect children’s safety and then they act out how to deal with those.

    94) Man Arrested In Child Porn Case
    USA – WCCO-TV4, NM – June 11, 2004 7
    Federal authorities continued to investigate allegations that he distributed those pictures across the Internet. Roque was accused Thursday of engaging in sexual acts with the boys, including one who is 9 years old and the other either 9 or 10 years old, during the past 12 months. The case began with federal agents investigating a tip about child pornography distribution that stretched from Arizona to a man in Eden Prairie.

    95) Judgment day has arrived for ex-bishop
    Australia – news.com.au – June 12, 2004
    As a 15-year-old schoolgirl boarding at an Anglican hostel in Forbes, central west NSW, she lost her innocence to her “padre”, Donald Norman Shearman, a priest who would go on to become bishop of Rockhampton and feature prominently in the scandal that destroyed Peter Hollingworth’s glittering career as governor-general. After all these years, the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane has convened a tribunal to hear misconduct charges against the Rev Shearman, now 77, and comfortably retired to a Brisbane bayside address. Witnesses have been offered indemnity up front against possible defamation action arising from the proceedings — a concern that reportedly deterred some from appearing before the board of inquiry which last year proved to be the final straw for Dr Hollingworth in his role as governor-general. There’s even provision in the quaintly-worded text for him to be sanctioned over behaviour which, if known publicly, would be “productive of scandal or evil report”.

    96) Woonsocket man faces Internet porn charges
    USA – The Providence Journal, RI – June 12, 2004
    A 22-year-old Woonsocket man, who was charged in December with molesting a 14-year-old boy, now stands accused of distributing child pornography over the Internet. The Woonsocket police arrested Cory D. Pero on Thursday, acting on information from a police detective in New Hampshire who said he met Pero in a Yahoo chat room called “Men for Boys” while posing as a 14-year-old boy. They said Pero met the 14-year-old while working carnival rides at Autumnfest, a festival held in Woonsocket each October, and molested the boy and bathed with him on numerous occasions.

    97) Internet Safety
    USA – Yahoo News – June 10, 2004
    Children can learn a lot by doing research for school reports, by sending and receiving email, and by playing educational games. But in an environment where a child old enough to punch in a few letters on her keyboard can literally access the world, parents need to be vigilant about monitoring what their children see and hear, who they meet, and what they share about themselves on the Web. The debate between those who defend the unrestricted right to free speech in the United States and those who want to ensure that children do not have access to pornographic materials or offensive speech is ongoing. Because people can communicate to each other alone or in a group, chat rooms are among the most popular destinations on the Web – especially for children and teens. The FBI (news – web sites), working in collaboration with NCMEC, warns that computer-based sex offenders may be any age or sex; child predators do not necessarily fit the stereotype of a dirty old man wearing a raincoat.

    98) Eugene man faces charges of child sexual abuse, porn
    USA – The Register-Guard, OR – June 11, 2004
    A Eugene graphic artist is in jail charged with 48 felony counts of child sexual abuse and pornography after authorities said he traded photos in an Internet child porn ring showing him having sex with an infant girl. He was arrested in December after detectives in Knoxville, Tenn., tipped the Oregon State Police that a Eugene-area man using the screen name “naughtygrampa” was offering explicit child pornography to a Yahoo user group with 37 subscribers on the Internet. In one instant message exchange with the detective, “naughtygrampa” wrote, “I’ve already taken a few naughty baby pics of her, but I probably won’t continue past the age where she might possibly tattle on me,” the court file says. Martin said she doesn’t know whether Smith, who has no previous record of sex charges, may have had other victims.

    99) Parents Deny Custody; Bethel Park Kid Sex Suspect Jailed
    USA – Yahoo News – June 11, 2004
    Bernie Sherry, 25, is accused of possessing child pornography and trying to have sex with a 2-year-old girl from eastern Pennsylvania. A judge ruled Wednesday that Sherry could leave Allegheny County Jail and live with his parents until trial, but prosecutors quickly appealed the decision, forcing Sherry to go back behind bars until another judge could rule on the matter.

    100) Bedfont paedophile caged for two years
    United Kingdom – Guardian – June 11, 2004
    Jailed last year for two offences of indecent assault, and one of gross indecency with children, aged ten and under, Paul Marshall, 49, then living in Dennison Road, Feltham, was, unknown to police at the time, filming and photographing his abuse of the same children, and keeping the images on his computer. The result of that investigation brought him back before the court recently, where he admitted a further ten charges relating to three small children, whom he had befriended and groomed for the purpose, said Riel Karmy-Jones, prosecuting. Marshall, a divorced man, who now lives with his mother, in West View, Bedfont, was charged with 16 other offences – three of indecently assaulting a boy, aged four, and girls aged seven and ten; gross indecency with the seven-year-old; five of taking indecent photographs of the sexual acts; five of possessing those photographs; one of possessing 44 other indecent photographs and one charge of inciting a child to indecently assault another – between November 2001 and November 2002.

    101) Australian placed on sex register
    United Kingdom – Guardian – June 12, 2004 2:48 PM
    A convicted paedophile from Australia has been placed on the sex offenders’ register in England and Wales after a landmark court order. West Midlands Police said new legislation under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 meant officers could now apply for those convicted of child sex crimes abroad to be placed on the register. From his early 20s he received a total of 18 convictions for sexual assaults on boys, including rape.

    102) Westchester Teacher Accused in Online Indecency Inquiry
    USA – New York Times, NY – June 5, 2004
    By Lisa W. Foderaro
    A 45-year-old Bronxville High School teacher has been charged as part of an Internet sex sting after he tried to arrange a meeting with an investigator posing as a 15-year-old girl, the Westchester district attorney’s office said on Friday. The girl told her parent about the online conversations, which had caused her “some discomfort,” according to District Attorney Jeanine F. Pirro. Pirro did say, however, that until last year Mr. Wicht had taught in the Byram Hills Central School District in North Castle, the town where the parent went to the police. School officials in Bronxville were “very surprised” by the charges, said Dr. Gemmill, who added that the superintendent of the Byram Hills district seemed “equally surprised” when they discussed the arrest.

    103) Therapist faces charges of child sexual abuse
    USA – The Buffalo News, NY – June 12, 2004
    Douglas Kennedy, 41, is accused of having sexual contact with the boy, 11, and showing the child pornography during therapy sessions, state police said. Kennedy, of Peru in Clinton County, was charged with second-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

    104) Pair admit boy sex offences
    United Kingdom – BBC News – June 11, 2004
    Judge Corinne Philpott told the pair they had escaped jail because the boy was a willing participant and there was no evidence of coercion. McGilton admitted two serious sexual offences and one charge of gross indecency, while Conway pleaded guilty to one serious sexual offence charge. When questioned, the defendants told police they did not know the boy was only 15.

    105) Belgian pedophile refuses to provide details
    Belgium – Taipei Times – June 12, 2004,
    Reading from a prepared text behind the dock’s bulletproof glass, Dutroux reiterated a claim maintained since the trial began on March 1 that he worked for a ring whose members included police and unnamed politicians. He said he reluctantly supplied the ring with girls out of fear for his life and that of his family. Dutroux accused his co-defendants of the murders, singling out Michel Nihoul as the link to the purported ring. He urged them to tell the truth about the death of the girls, whose bodies were dug up behind houses near Charleroi following the arrest of the suspects in 1996. In brief remarks to the court, Martin also expressed remorse while Nihoul denied having anything to do with Dutroux.

    106) A Lesson In Scandal
    USA – Star-Telegram, TX – June 13, 2004
    Since March 2003, five educators in the Livingston school district have been accused of sexual impropriety involving students, a chain of events that has stunned the community and experts in the field of educator misconduct. The school district’s longtime athletic trainer, a man who had helped his students obtain thousands of dollars in scholarships, confessed to drugging and fondling six of the boys in his program. He was ultimately convicted of molesting three boys and received a 30-year prison sentence. A coach committed suicide as police investigated the nature of his relationship with a female student. A month later, an assistant principal was charged with sexual assault based on allegations that he was involved with the same student. A teacher resigned after being confronted with allegations that she had a sexual relationship with a male student. Her husband, also a teacher, resigned after he was found to have sent e-mail containing sexually explicit photos to students. For a school district the size of Livingston, which has an enrollment of about 4,000, five cases of educator misconduct in little more than a year may be unprecedented. “The ratio of alleged violations to number of students is just astronomical,” said Jack Stamps, who spent eight years as an investigator for the State Board for Educator Certification and the Texas Education Agency. Bea Ellis believes that the situation got out of hand because “good ol’ boy” attitudes led the community to “ignore the obvious” in certain instances. More accusations The next episode unfolded in March, when several students gave statements to school officials indicating that a high school biology teacher, Lisa West, had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student during the 2002-03 school year.

    107) Children for sale
    USA – The Press-Enterprise, CA – June 12, 2004
    The trail that led investigators to former Riverside police Officer Adam James Brown is a maze of children’s stories with no happy endings. Some of the children who authorities say fell victim to a nationwide child-sex and pornography ring were still in diapers or learning their ABCs. So far, the investigation has led to at least 21 arrests in 10 states from California to Florida and uncovered at least 80 victims, officials say. More arrests are all but certain in the United States and abroad. This case is more than just about stolen innocence. It is also about technology and the way it has transformed loner pedophiles into a network of cyber predators. The suspects came from all walks of life – they lived in rural towns and big cities; they flew planes, sold cars and fought fires; they were married with children, single and divorced. But they all had one tool in common: a computer. The Internet has revolutionized the way child predators and child pornographers operate, detectives say. It has allowed them to produce material more cheaply and distribute it anonymously, fueling a child-exploitation industry that generates billions of dollars around the world each year. “The Internet has done a lot to empower these guys,” said Michael Johnson, a supervisory special agent in the FBI’s Innocent Images Task Force. When they see how many like-minded individuals there are on the Web, they think, “Hey, maybe I’m not so abnormal after all.” Some use the technology to peddle children to other pedophiles, forming a child-sex tourism industry that has more commonly been associated with countries such as the Philippines and Cambodia, not the United States. It is via computer that Brown hooked up with a Wisconsin man who supplied images of child porn over the Internet and boys to out-of-town visitors for sexual encounters, according to authorities and court documents. “Here, you’ve got a broker who’s pimping these children. Meanwhile, parents of children involved in the case struggle to cope. Stung by guilt, they wonder whether their children will grow up to live normal lives. Relatives, neighbors and friends of the accused struggle with this sobering question: If you can’t trust the people you know, whom can you trust? From October 1987 until May 1991, the couple were licensed foster parents, said Marjorie Newman, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

    108) Online interplay masks dark intentions
    USA – The Press-Enterprise, CA – June 12, 2004
    The anonymous man in the America Online chat room wasted little time. What the man didn’t know was that the girl was really Carol Liposky, an undercover detective in the Oakland County sheriff’s office in Pontiac, Mich. Liposky said she finds that child predators will operate differently depending on whether they’re talking to a boy or a girl. Not only are predators using computers to share pictures and to lure children, but they are also exchanging ideas on how to avoid getting caught, authorities say. Some individuals who run Web forums related to child pornography require prospective members to prove themselves by sending explicit live Web-cam images. Pedophiles know that there are investigators working undercover online, yet their sexual desires can overwhelm their rational thinking, Hamm said.

    109) More than 40% of child sex abusers have family ties with their victims
    USA – The Salt Lake Tribune, UT – June 13, 2004
    While “stranger danger” cases make headlines, children are most often sexually abused by those they know and trust. To the trauma of being molested, add betrayal by a loved one and the deep cultural and religious taboos surrounding incestuous sex, leading many families to try to cover up the abuse or handle it on their own. Prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys say sex crimes involving family members are among the most difficult for the justice system. A Salt Lake Tribune analysis of figures provided by the Department of Children and Family Services for the past five years shows perpetrators were classified as blood relatives, adoptive parents or stepparents 43 percent of the time. In contrast, police reports indicate strangers were perpetrators only 6.5 percent of the time, according to a Tribune analysis of state Bureau of Criminal Identification records from 2002. Last September, a 13-year-old girl whose father had repeatedly fondled her was the one pleading his case. The judge — noting the defendant was a repeat offender who had molested three other daughters two decades earlier — sent him to prison for a term of three years to life. A different judge at the 2002 sentencing of another father, ordered probation, treatment and a year in jail, even though he confessed performing sex acts on his daughter 265 times — from the time she was 8 years old until she was 16. Tough to prosecute: More child sex-abuse cases end up being dismissed or end in plea bargains than other crimes, prosecutors say. Helping children through the process: Child sex-abuse prosecutors say they could not function without in-house counselors, who establish trust with child victims, go to court with them and sometimes sit with them on the witness stand. First, the child is put at ease by asking them to describe something they are excited about, like a birthday, said Children’s Justice Center program manager Susanne Mitchell.

    110) Man pleads guilty to raping child, sentenced to life in prison
    USA – The Macon Telegraph, GA – June 12, 2004
    Trianthony Timothy Cannon, 36, pleaded guilty to rape, child molestation, aggravated stalking of a child, aggravated assault and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. The girl’s mother is in custody awaiting a trial date on charges of cruelty to children in the first degree, contributing to the deprivation of a minor and being party to a crime of rape.

    111) Envoy held over child porn
    Thailand – news.com.au – June 14, 2004
    FORMER Australian diplomat Robert Scoble, facing child pornography charges, has had a mild heart attack since his imprisonment in a Bangkok immigration centre, but says he is enjoying the detention because he is able to help his fellow detainees. Mr Scoble’s lawyer, Ratpratan Tulatorn, claims Australian authorities pressured the Thai Attorney-General after the Thai authorities had decided not to pursue the charges.

    112) After harrowing trial, Belgium’s ‘most hated man’ to learn his fate
    Belgium – Channel News Asia – June 13, 2004
    Marc Dutroux is set to learn his fate in the coming days after lengthy trial hearings into a series of murders, rapes and abductions of young girls that left Belgium in shock a decade ago. The trial has also revived an unflattering picture of police bungling that in the autumn of 1996 led more than 300,000 people to take to the streets of Brussels in a silent protest. The hearings revealed that police searched a house belonging to Dutroux three times without discovering a dank cellar where, by his own admission, he subjected his child victims to unimaginable sexual abuse.

    113) Teacher sex abuse downplayed, overlooked
    USA – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA – June 14, 2004
    As many as 10 percent of public school students are targets of unwanted sexual advances, and the perpetrators are often popular, award-winning teachers, a new report commissioned by the U.S. Department of Education states. “Educator sexual misconduct is woefully understudied,” concludes Charol Shakeshaft, the Hofstra University professor who conducted the study using student surveys. Instead of pursuing criminal charges against teachers who admit to sexual misconduct, school officials often allow those teacher to resign, sometimes offering recommendations that allow the teachers to find jobs in other schools, the report says. More than half of the 317 teacher discipline cases reported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education since 1993 involved sexual misconduct. The offenses of those 163 teachers ranged from downloading pornography on school computers to sexual molestation, according to state Department of Education records obtained by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. ‘ The state revoked the licenses of 116 teachers for sexual misconduct, the department states. The U.S. Department of Education has yet to respond to Shakeshaft’s report — or act on its call for a deeper examination of the prevalence of sex abuse by school employees. “You are not mandated to send your children to church, but you are mandated by law to send your children to school,” said Terri Miller, board president of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation (SESAME). A ‘classic pedophile’ In 1997, an Avonworth school board member watched as science teacher Joseph Doherty tucked his shirt into his pants after he had been alone with a student in the library.

    114) Abusers often lauded as teachers, report says
    USA – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA – June 14, 2004
    “It is common to find that educators who have been sexually abusing children are also the same educators who display on their walls a community ‘Excellence in Teaching’ award or a ‘Teacher of the Year’ certificate,” she wrote. “These teachers are smooth talkers, and otherwise, they’re perfectly law-abiding citizens,” said Daniel Barber, an Erie private investigator who has studied sexually abusive teachers. Chester Kent, with the Tri-State Area School Study Council at the University of Pittsburgh, said that in the high school years, the typical child abuser is a teacher who has access to children before and after school — often coaches, band directors or other music teachers. To fight the problem, he recommends routine training sessions for faculty, staff, parents and students on the warning signs and ramifications of sexual misconduct.

    115) Women, Children Trafficking-10,000 taken across border a year
    Bangladesh – News From Bangladesh – June 14 2004
    At least 7,000 to 10,000 women and children are trafficked from Bangladesh every year on average, advocate Salma Ali of Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association said citing a study of her organisation covering 300 villages. She said routes for trafficking are ever changing and a tripartite agreement among Bangladesh and India and Pakistan is crucially important in combating trafficking from Bangladesh. Women and Children Affairs Minister Khurshid Zahan Haque, however, differed on the number when she, referring to home ministry and district administration record, said a total of 708 women and children have been trafficked from Bangladesh since 2000 till April this year.

    116) Jury out in Dutroux murder trial
    Belgium – CNN – June 14, 2004
    The jury in the child rape and murder trial that has transfixed Belgium has retired to consider its verdict on Marc Dutroux. Jailed in the past for a series of violent rapes, including attacks on minors, Dutroux faces a maximum sentence of life imprisonment on his present charges. The authorities “at one point allowed Marc Dutroux to escape; additionally rival police investigations concealed evidence,” Rodgers said. “Lastly, and most troubling, is evidence from Dutroux and his accomplices that they are part of a larger network of European pedophiles which they allege goes into the higher echelons of the Belgian police and government.

    117) Lifelong Scars
    USA – The Press Enterprise, CA – June 14, 2004
    ‘Victims see themselves as damaged goods,’ says a therapist who has treated adults molested as children Mark Serrano suffers anxiety attacks when adults get too close to his children. All were robbed of their childhoods, innocence and self-esteem by people they trusted. All were sexually molested decades ago and struggle with the consequences. Not one told anyone what was happening, which experts say is typical and illustrates a larger problem: Child sexual abuse is drastically underreported and believed to be much more widespread than any statistics or studies can show. By conservative estimates, one in five girls and one in 10 boys will be sexually victimized before reaching adulthood, according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children in Virginia. The increasing popularity of the Internet has given predators a new way to reach potential victims: About one out of every five children online is approached in a sexual way, and of those, only 25 percent tell their parents, according to the center. Perpetrators include parents, teachers, coaches, clergy, even peace officers. A former Riverside police officer, Adam James Brown, has been charged with sexual abuse of boys in Riverside and Wisconsin. Brown, who remains in federal custody, is among 21 men arrested in connection with a large child-sex and Internet-pornography ring. He is accused of traveling to a rural town in Wisconsin to have sex with young boys. Authorities said another defendant was paid to organize the liaisons and sold Internet images of children engaged in sex acts. The impact of these kinds of crimes metastasizes, scarring victims for years and leaving their parents and siblings shrouded in guilt. “We just feel like we failed her in protecting her,” said the 33-year-old aunt of a Riverside girl who was molested and kidnapped by her father’s roommate. Therapists say this is common, that the scars of sexual abuse can be difficult to heal. “Basically, it affects every aspect of their adult lives – cognitively, emotionally, interpersonally, physically,” said Ann Pultz Kramer, a Moreno Valley marriage-and-family therapist who has treated victims of sexual abuse. “Psychologically, their self-esteem, self-image and identity are impaired. Suppressed trauma Serrano, 40, built his life around suppressing the trauma of sexual assaults he says were committed by his parish priest in a New Jersey rectory. “He invested a great deal of time in stripping me of my instincts,” said Serrano, a father of four who lives in northern Virginia. “He got me into one-on-one encounters where he methodically built my confidence and a bond of secrecy between us. He disabled my mind so I didn’t even debate with myself whether I should go call for help.” The priest had a robust personality, a wonderful sense of humor and easy access to children. “He made me feel like I was 10 feet tall, like I was a uniquely special child who was the center of his attention and affection.” Serrano said the priest first showed him pornographic magazines and videos under the pretext of educating the then-9-year-old boy about sex. He gradually built up to sexual abuse, which Serrano said continued until he was 16. He was literally an evil genius dressed in priest’s clothing.

    118) Pedophiles express regrets, defiance for actions
    USA – The Press Enterprise, CA – June 14, 2004
    When Wayne Bowers was arrested the second time, he was coaching a community baseball team and was editor and publisher of the local newspaper in a small town not far from Wichita, Kansas. On the outside, he was a friendly, well-adjusted man praised by parents who told him they appreciated the interest he took in their sons. Underneath the personable demeanor, Bowers was struggling with his demons. For two decades, Bowers said, his life was out of control. Over that period, he molested more than 50 boys, including players on his team. Bowers is a convicted pedophile, a man with a sexual attraction to children. Like most pedophiles, he targeted children he knew, slowly gaining their trust over time while the adults in their lives remained unaware. Experts say pedophiles are talented at hiding their true selves and often seek positions that allow access to children – teacher, scout leader or youth sports coach, for example. “You’re dealing with two faces of these people, the great youth worker or minister, the local dignitary you see in public, and then you have the offender,” said Keith Durkin, associate professor of sociology at Ohio Northern University. Sex offenders come from all walks of life, from different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, said James Barker, a psychologist and director of Inland Empire Sharper Future, whose clientele includes people convicted of sex offenses. ‘They loved me’ Dan Ostron, 54, served 5½ years in prison after he was convicted of several charges, including lewd and lascivious conduct with a minor. They do not believe that the contact is harmful to the child.

    119) Crummel has years of appeals
    USA – The Press-Enterprise, CA – June 14, 2004
    Twenty five years passed from the day 13-year-old Jamey Trotter was murdered until his killer was tried and convicted. At the rate death-penalty appeals are processed in California, it could take another 25 years to carry out the verdict reached last week in Riverside County Superior Court against James Lee Crummel. Brogli was willing to forgo the death penalty for Crummel and settle for life without parole if he revealed the whereabouts of his other victims, she said. Crummel has been linked to the 1995 disappearance of 9-year-old Jack Phillips from a Big Bear Lake picnic area. “Although he is the prime suspect, we don’t have sufficient evidence to file the case,” said Jim Hackleman, assistant district attorney for San Bernardino County. Before his murder trial started in April, Crummel already had been sentenced to life in prison for molesting a boy in Orange County in the mid 1990s and molesting two boys in Big Bear City in the late 1980s.

    120) Gigaba heads new bid to fight child porn
    South Africa – Sunday Times, SA – June 14, 2004
    Gigaba, in his maiden speech during the department’s budget vote in Parliament on Friday, said he had reactivated the task team on child pornography to make it more geographically and racially representative. Among the tasks delegated to him by new Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa Nqakula are converting the government printer into a state owned enterprise as well as overhauling the department’s information technology system, which includes the Home Affairs National Information Service.

    121) Dangerous paedophile may face life in prison
    New Zealand – The New Zealand Herald – June 14, 2004
    At the High Court in Auckland today 58-year-old Peter Douglas Liddell admitted sexually violating a 15-year-old boy during a fishing trip to Grahams Beach in 2002. Justice Geoffrey Venning ordered two psychiatric or psychological reports for the sentencing hearing in August. He said that the defence, represented by Jonathan Wiles, might also want to obtain its own psychiatric report.

    122) Four men charged in AG Internet sting
    USA – San Marcos Daily Record, TX – June 13, 2004
    The office of AG Gregg Abbott announced the Hays County arrests of four men this past week. A special education teacher in grades 6-12 in the Round Rock Independent School District, Cline reportedly was arrested June 8 at a fast food restaurant along IH-35, where he believed he would meet the child. His bond was set at $250,000, and the AG’s office said he has a prior arrest record with charges including theft and driving while intoxicated.

    123) Porn Cops In Raid On Kids’ Coach
    United Kingdom – Daily Record – Jun 14 2004
    Married father-of-two Hall, 64, recently gave up his long-serving role as a coach of junior athletes. Police swooped on Hall’s home near Aboyne, on Royal Deeside, where he is regarded as a pillar of the community. Simultaneous raids were carried out across Scotland as part of a major international purge on child porn code-named Operation Falcon. It’s believed 100 Scots, including a deputy head teacher, a Church of Scotland minister, a Catholic priest and a youth football coach have been netted.The operation began when the FBI targeted a Florida-based child porn website.

    124) Throw away key on paedophile – mother of abused boy
    New Zealand – Stuff – June 15 2004
    The mother of the boy most recently sexually abused by serial paedophile Peter Douglas Liddell says he should never get out of prison. “I hope they throw away the key,” the woman said outside the High Court in Auckland yesterday after Liddell admitted violating her son. “He is a professional, practised, smooth sexual offender who selects his targets and is very professional in what he does. “He has had lot of years to practise and perfect his approach.

    125) Chatline Paedophile Jailed for Two Years
    United Kingdom – The Scotsman – June 14, 2004
    A paedophile who targeted children by contacting lonely single mothers on a dating chatline and claiming he was a television cameraman was jailed for two years today. Frank Happer, 50, was grooming the children for sex and had a list of 12 children collected over three months, the Old Bailey was told. Police found the list containing children’s names, ages and telephone numbers after they searched Happer’s home in September, last year.

    126) Paedophile was smooth operator – Police
    New Zealand – NZCity – June 14 2004
    Convicted sex offender described as a ‘dedicated, practiced paedophile who endears himself to his victims’ A south Auckland youth who was 15 when Peter Liddell abused him is relieved the serial paedophile has spared him the indignity of a trial.

    127) Cop accused of raping teen victim
    Australia – news.com.au – June 15, 2004
    A POLICE officer has been accused of raping a teenage girl, the victim of an alleged pedophile now before court. The rape allegedly occurred more than a week ago when the officer was on duty and visited the girl, 16, on the pretext he was consoling her after a relative’s death. Three other teenage girls from the same town have told investigators the officer also had made sexual overtures towards them.

    128) Lanka takes positive action to curb child sex offences
    Sri Lanka – Columbo Daily News – June 15, 2004
    Sri Lanka, being mindful of the dangerous and damaging nature of crimes against children, has taken positive action in meeting the threat, posed by such offences and by perpetrators of these criminal acts. It is for this reason that the National Child Protection Authority, under the office of the President has been established, said Secretary of the Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order Tilak Ranaviraja at the twenty second meeting of Interpol Specialised Group on Crimes against Children. This Bureau has made several good detections and also by various Police Stations in the country, that includes the detection of foreign child sex offenders.

    129) Europe to fight child porn
    Europe – Computer Crime Research Center, Ukraine – June 14, 2004
    The program foresees creating a hotline for anyone who wants to report of offending websites and other network worries that hinder safe use of the Internet.

    130) Man avoids jail over child pornography images
    Ireland – RTE News – June 15 2004
    A 41-year-old unemployed philosophy graduate who downloaded 350 child pornography images from the Internet has walked free from court, having received a three-year suspended sentence. Adrian Savage from Millwood Terrace, Meath Road in Bray, pleaded guilty in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to having the images which showed adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 16.

    131) Repeat child porn offender arrested again
    Canada – CTV.ca News – June 15, 2004
    Police say that during a search of Evans’ home, they found that he used a portable data storage device to hide his collection of pornographic images. “These images were horrific in nature and typically involved children between the images of two and eight years old, many of them involved in violent sex acts,” Gillespie told a news conference Tuesday. Gillespie says that the frustration for investigators is that as perpetrators get more savvy in the use of the Internet and how to store data, it makes their job that much more difficult. Evans is charged with two counts each of: possession of child pornography; accessing child pornography; and making child pornography. The previous conviction stemmed from an arrest in 1996, in which Evans was picked up for downloading child porn onto his computer at work at the Department of National Defence in Ottawa.

    132) Playgroup pervert jailed for child porn
    United Kingdom – Suffolk Evening Star – June 15, 2004
    FORMER playgroup chairman David Avery was behind bars today after police found “disgusting and deplorable” child porn images on his home computer. The pornography was discovered by police investigating the theft of money from the Kirton and Falkenham Playgroup, of which Avery served as treasurer and chairman. Avery, 35, of The Walk, Walton, Felixstowe, admitted eight offences of theft, 16 offences of making indecent photographs of children and one offence of possessing images of child pornography. He was jailed for 18 months for the child pornography offences with nine months to run consecutively for the theft offences.

    133) Holden signs legislation on child porn, sexual abuse
    USA – Kansas City Star, MO – June 15, 2004
    Bob Holden on Monday signed legislation to extend the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse, strengthen penalties for child pornography and outlaw cross burnings. Dozens of state legislators and law enforcement officers joined Holden at a bill-signing ceremony at the Creve Coeur Government Center in this St. Louis suburb. The bills signed by Holden sharply increase penalties for possession of child pornography and other sex offenses involving minors. Another provision prohibits anyone convicted of incest, possession of child pornography or other sexual offenses involving minors from moving to within 1,000 feet of schools or child-care facilities.

    134) Man gets 10 years for viewing child porn
    USA – The News-Press, FL – June 15, 2004,
    A man who admitted viewing child pornography after failing a lie detector test was sentenced Monday to 10 years in prison. At his sentencing, Davison tried to defend his actions. Chief Assistant U.S. Attorney Douglas Molloy responded by saying there’s a difference between child pornography and films depicting murder. His probation officer notified the FBI, which began an investigation.

    135) N.H. officer helps in R.I. sex case
    USA – Woonsocketcall.com, RI – June 15, 2004
    Talk about impossible jobs: Detective James F. McLaughlin patrols the vast world of cyberspace for would-be pedophiles and people using the kid-friendly medium of the Internet to spread child-pornography. In the world of cyberspace, the victims are seldom ambushed by strangers who drag them away kicking and screaming. Whether it’s because of teenaged curiosity, adolescent rebellion or just plain old loneliness, youngsters who have access to a computer are often inclined to strike up conversations with seemingly sympathetic, interested strangers. The other person may sound trusting and concerned, but youngsters don’t realize they are being roped in. And for adolescents trying to establish some independence from parents, a private, online relationship may seem like the perfect place to strike out on one’s own. Don’t assume the only computer your child is using is located at home and pay attention to signs that someone outside the home may be manipulating your child — such as unexplained telephone charges, deleted computer files and hang-up phone calls.

    136) Jailed twice for child porn, former top-level defence physicist charged again
    Canada – National Post – June 15, 2004
    Blair Evans, 53, whose initial trial in 1999 captured the attention of the country’s capital where he worked on top-secret research for the Defence Department, was arrested at home Monday following several weeks of investigation. Police seized a small computer storage device with more than 1,000 images of child abuse, . Following his release and still on probation, he moved into his mother’s house in Toronto but was convicted and jailed again two years ago in a case the Crown described as ”soul-destroying.” That arrest came after he offered to take two non-existent stepdaughters to New Zealand to be used as sex objects there by a man who was in fact an undercover police officer. Det Gillespie said child pornographers seldom change their behaviour.

    137) Child porn tapes result in 17-year prison term
    USA – The Tennessean, TN – June 15, 2004
    Dorsey Gawayne Gann, 41, a self-described child porn addict, was arrested in 2002 after an investigation by local, state and federal law enforcement agents that centered on the videotapes he had been making of one of his relatives.

    138) Fox Lake man sentenced for having child porn
    USA – Chicago Daily Herald, IL – June 15, 2004
    Assistant State’s Attorney Patricia Fix said officials learned early this year Gibson was using a credit card to download child pornography from an Internet site.

    139) Child porn found on locally auctioned computer
    USA – La Crosse Tribune, WI – June 15, 2004
    When Tim Selbo bought a used computer tower at a La Crosse police auction last month, he thought he was getting a good deal on a second computer for his family. But when he hooked up the $25 unit at his Holmen home, he found some disturbing images — hundreds of child pornography photos — still stored on the computer. La Crosse Assistant Police Chief Tom Jacobs called the incident “troubling” and apologized for the error but said the computer wasn’t checked before being sold because it never wound up being used as evidence in Whistleman’s case. “This friend of mine who helps me with my computer warned me that just because I deleted the photos, they were still on my hard drive, so I had to reformat the computer,” Selbo said.

    140) Five Plead Guilty To Child Prostitution Charges
    USA – KDCO-TV5, OK – June 15, 2004
    Fourteen More Face Similar Charges In Connection With Prostitution Bust OKLAHOMA CITY — Five people pleaded guilty Monday in U.S. District Court on charges that they took girls ages 13-18 to other states for prostitution.

    141) U.S. Faults Allies for Failing to Crack Down on Sex Trafficking
    Japan – Bloomberg News – June 14, 2004
    U.S. allies including Japan and Mexico aren’t doing enough to stop sex slavery and forced labor and may become subject to sanctions if more effort isn’t applied, the State Department warned. “We fight trafficking in persons not just for the sake of the victims and potential victims of these crimes; we do it also for ourselves, because we can’t fully embrace our own dignity as human beings unless we champion the dignity of others,” Secretary of State Colin Powell said in Washington at the release of a report on human trafficking. Japan and Mexico are among 42 countries on a watch list in the report, those in danger of falling into the lowest tier of countries, which may face economic penalties. Unicef is aiding countries develop cross-border agreements to fight trafficking and return victims to their homes. Cambodia and Thailand are drafting their first agreement, Unicef said, and Ivory Coast and Mali already have an agreement.


    Report Reveals Progress, Setbacks in Fight Against Human Trafficking
    World – US State Department – 14 June 2004
    Some nations take strong action to stop modern slavery The U.S. State Department released its fourth annual Trafficking in Persons Report June 14, finding that as many as 800,000 victims might be coerced across international borders and forced to work against their will each year. The report surveys the counter-trafficking activities in 140 nations, 16 more than in 2003. “For example, 24 countries this past year have new, comprehensive anti-trafficking laws. There have been almost 8,000 prosecutions of traffickers worldwide and almost 3,000 convictions,” Miller said. “Major organized crime figures in trafficking in persons from the United Kingdom to Macedonia have been sent to jail.” Canada moved from a Tier 2 nation to a Tier 1 nation in this year’s report, Miller said. “They made impressive gains in prosecuting traffickers, officials speaking out, devoting more resources to border control. There’s a new Royal Canadian Mounted Police Anti-Trafficking in Person Task Force that has been created,” he said. Information on slavery is very inexact, but we believe that the majority of slave victims, in the neighborhood of 80 percent, are of the female gender, and that around 50 percent are children. So, again, they might not meet the definition of slave victims who have had their — who are doing work without pay or under threats, coercion, have lost their freedom to change jobs.

    143) 10-year plan for paedophiles supported by rehab worker
    New Zealand – The New Zealand Herald – June 15, 2004
    Reoffending by notorious paedophile Peter Liddell underlines the need for a 10-year compulsory supervision plan for “manipulative and clever” offenders, a counsellor said today. The director of Auckland-based sex offender treatment programme Safe, John McCarthy, said he supported a bill being considered by the Government which would allow paedophiles to be monitored for up to a decade after jail. That could be more important than telling communities a paedophile had moved in. “I have worked with child sex offenders for about 12 years and I lost my naivety about this a long time ago — there are clearly some people we are unable to treat. The 10-year monitoring plan could use electronic monitoring devices such as those used for home detention.

    144) Powell Relays Story of Trafficking Victim
    USA – Newsday – June 14, 2004
    She was taken to an embroidery factory in Thailand. “It’s called slavery,” Secretary of State Colin Powell said Monday in recounting Khan’s fate as he released the State Department’s annual report on human trafficking. In trying to encourage governments to confront trafficking problems, the State Department holds out the possibility of sanctions against those which fall short.

    145) India among seven nations in US human trafficking watchlist
    USA – Outlook India – June 15 2004
    Besides India, other Asian countries in the ‘Tier 2’ of the Watch List for 2003 by the US State Department are Japan, Laos, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Nations deemed to be complying with the US and international efforts to fight human trafficking are placed under ‘Tier 1’ while those making “significant efforts” are placed under ‘Tier 2’. Bangladesh is the only South Asian country to be put in the ‘Tier 3’ in the Department’s ‘Trafficking in Persons’ report released yeterday. Powell called on all nations to redouble their determination to prevent people from being lured into trafficking in the first place.

    146) Japan among seven Asian nations in US human trafficking watchlist
    USA – Yahoo News – June 15, 2004
    Japan is among seven Asian nations placed in a US “watch list” of countries involved in human trafficking, officials said. A key destination for women and children trafficked for forced labor and sexual exploitation, Japan was relegated to a so-called Tier 2 watch list by the US State Department in its 2003 “Trafficking in Persons” report released on Monday. In the previous report, Japan was on Tier 2 but was relegated to a special watch list with a warning that it could be downgraded further to Tier 3, of countries not making significant efforts to combat human trafficking. Hong Kong, South Korea (news – web sites) and Taiwan are on Tier 1 while Tier 3 consists of Myanmar, Bangladesh and North Korea (news – web sites). Japan’s trafficking problem is “large,” the report said, adding that organized crime groups that operate internationally, like the Yakuza, are involved.

    147) Over 600,000 Victims Trafficked Annually, Powell Reports
    USA – US State Department – June 14, 2004
    Today I presented the 2004 State Department Report on Trafficking in Persons to the President and the Congress, as mandated by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. It’s no secret that Congress sometimes requires Executive Branch agencies to do things they might not otherwise choose to do, but in this case we have an example of complete institutional mind-meld. “There’s a special evil in the abuse and exploitation of the most innocent and vulnerable,” the President said, and all the agencies represented on the Interagency TIP Task Force that I chair agree. We are genuinely “seized of the matter,” to use the standard diplomatic parlance, and the reason is obvious: The more you learn about how the most innocent and vulnerable among us are savaged by these crimes, the more impossible it becomes to look the other way. Southeast Asian traffickers took Khan, an 11-year-old girl living in the hills of Laos, to an embroidery factory in a large city. When Khan protested this, she was beaten. When she protested again, she was stuffed into a closet where the factory owner’s son fired a gun pellet into her cheek and poured industrial chemicals over her. Our TIP monitoring system has three tiers, and if a country’s practices land it in Tier 3, it faces significant sanctions. Several countries have cleaned up their acts to avoid Tier 3 status, and real people have been helped, real lives have been saved, as a result. As we know from the campaigns of the past against piracy and the African slave trade, new norms take root only when the power of enforcement stands behind them. Perhaps we cannot ever eradicate them entirely, but we can reduce and contain them. We fight not just for the victims, and potential victims, of human trafficking. We fight also for ourselves, because we cannot fully embrace our own dignity as human beings unless we champion the dignity of others.

    148) 4,000 Colombian women trafficked to Japan: ambassador
    USA – Japan Today – June 16, 2004
    Colombia’s Ambassador to Japan Francisco Sierra said Monday that 4,000 women from his country have been trafficked to Japan for sexual exploitation and other purposes, urging the Japanese government to tackle the problem.

    149) Japan Says Will Step Up Human Trafficking Measures
    Japan – Reuters – June 15, 2004
    In its annual report on human trafficking, the State Department said Japan was a destination for Asian, Latin American and Eastern European women and children trafficked for forced labor and sexual exploitation. It placed the nation on a “Tier 2 watch list” of countries that require “special scrutiny” and could fall into the lowest category.

    150) Pedophile attracted to babies released
    Canada – The Chronicle Herald, NS – June 15, 2004
    A Yarmouth sex offender who is attracted to infants will be released to a halfway house after serving more than two thirds of a three-year sentence. Weston William Clulee, now 31, pleaded guilty in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in 2000 to sexually assaulting a four-month-old boy. The assault, which involved oral sex, took place at a home in Yarmouth while the baby’s mother bathed. An earlier parole board decision noted that when Mr. Clulee underwent sexual offender treatment after the 1994 assault, he committed the second offence while in therapy. In a written decision last week, a parole board panel wrote that Mr. Clulee no longer meets the criteria for detention and will be released from prison. He participated in an intense sex offender program a second time and the most recent assessment indicated he was in more control of his sexual arousal patterns. One significant challenge that can never be understated is the infant pedophilia you exhibit. “Whether you are a predator who acts on impulse and/or specific circumstances is an important question,” said panel members.

    151) Ashcroft Proposes New Child Porn Measures
    USA – Newsday – June 14, 2004
    Attorney General John Ashcroft proposed tougher records inspections Monday for the pornography industry to ensure that no minors are being used in sexually explicit films, books, magazines and Web sites. “These changes will put teeth into our efforts to ensure that children are not being used as performers in the sexually explicit productions of the media,” Ashcroft said. Kat Sunlove, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, a trade association for the pornography industry, said the group supports efforts to protect children from sexual abuse.

    152) Jackson ‘settled child abuse lawsuit for $18m’
    USA – Breaking News, Ireland – June 16, 2004
    Embattled pop star Michael Jackson paid more than $18m to a boy who accused him of child sex abuse over a decade ago, according to legal papers made public today. Jackson first faced abuse allegations from a 13-year-old boy in 1993 but settled a lawsuit out of court. Until now the exact details of the settlement were never known. It added that Jackson “specifically disclaims any liability to, and denies any wrongful acts”.

    153) Child prostitution confirmed in confidential papers
    New Zealand – Stuff – June 16, 2004
    Confidential government papers given to The Press yesterday and obtained by National MP Katherine Rich under the Official Information Act reveal that: Child Youth and Family (CYF) knew of at least 14 children and youths involved in prostitution in May last year; two of the underage prostitutes were enrolled at Christchurch’s most elite schools — one a private school; a group of boys — some known to CYF — were “pimping” for girls; one 13-year-old girl tested positive for chlamydia; and one or two youths had mothers working as prostitutes. CYF confi

  • Doug Stead


    154) Cops patrol Internet for predators
    USA – North West Indiana Times, In – June 16, 2004
    By Adriana Mateus And Scott Wentworth
    Using the screen name “RangerGoat2,” authorities said the 40-year-old officer sent an instant message to someone whose online profile identified her as a 14-year-old girl. After asking the Illinois teenager if she wanted to exchange pictures, Clements sent her four images of people engaged in “sexually explicit conduct,” according to a federal criminal complaint. The 15-month undercover investigation culminated the next day when Clements was arrested as he walked into the restaurant where he had arranged to meet the girl, who was supposed to identify herself by wearing a Catholic school uniform. While law enforcement agencies frequently use undercover tactics to bring online sexual predators to justice, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement is working to increase these types of arrests. Last July, the bureau kicked off Operation Predator, a federal initiative to protect children from online predators, pornographers, human traffickers and child prostitution rings. “The Internet has afforded predators the capability to perpetrate (sexual abuse) much more readily than before,” said Terri Miller, president of Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct and Exploitation, an advocacy group for young victims of sexual abuse. Since Clements’ arrest in March, at least five other Chicago-area men have been arrested in connection with Operation Predator on charges of downloading child pornography.

    155) Couple accused of exploitation of minor to remain in federal custody
    USA – The Herald Journal, UT – June 16, 2004
    Keith Anderson, 46, and Terri Michele Anderson, 28, will undergo the evaluation to help determine whether they’ll be eligible for bail when they return to court July 12, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michele Christiansen said Monday. The Andersons each were charged with one count of sexual exploitation of a minor in federal court on June 9. The federal charges apply only to the purchase of the recording equipment out of state and the broadcast images on the Internet, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

    156) Japan blasted over human trafficking
    Japan – The Japan Times – June 16, 2004
    The United States said Monday that Japan is not doing enough to fight human trafficking, putting it on a special watch list of countries that are on the verge of falling into the worst category. In its annual report on human trafficking, the U.S. State Department urged Japan to employ all resources and boost efforts to combat the problem, including increasing investigations, prosecutions and convictions of trafficking crimes and providing better assistance to victims. The department put Japan, which was designated as a Tier 2 country in last year’s report, on the newly created Tier 2 Watch List, citing a lack of a comprehensive law against human trafficking and victim protection efforts. Colombian Ambassador to Japan Francisco Sierra, who also attended the news conference, said 4,000 women from his country have been trafficked to Japan for sexual exploitation and other purposes, urging the Japanese government to tackle the problem. The worst, Tier 3, represents a group of countries that do not fully comply with the act’s minimum standards and are making insignificant efforts to reach compliance. At the news conference, Miller, who visited Japan in February, also said Japan lacks efforts to protect victims of human trafficking.

    157) Child porn probe tracks church leaders and teachers
    United Kingdom – Ireland On-Line – June 16, 2004
    A church minister, a priest, and three teachers are among dozens of people being investigated in a child porn crackdown, British police said today. The operation originally began in the US after the FBI identified a website involved in the alleged distribution of pornographic images involving children. Officers from all eight Scottish forces searched a total of 119 premises, seizing 216 computers in the raids, which started on Thursday June 3. Today, police confirmed that a Church of Scotland minister, a Roman Catholic priest, and three school teachers — including a deputy head — were among those caught up in the operation.

    158) Minister and priest in porn swoop
    United Kingdom – BBC News – June 16, 2004
    Computers were seized in a series of raids across Scotland A Church of Scotland minister and a Catholic priest are among 92 people questioned by police in an operation against alleged internet paedophiles.

    159) Former judge admits porn charges
    United Kingdom – BBC News – June 16, 2004
    David Selwood, from Winchester in Hampshire, pleaded guilty to 13 counts of making and possessing indecent images of children. The court heard that the case had a “devastating and humiliating” effect on the judge and his family. Earlier this year, while still a judge, Selwood accepted a claim by a defendant who was a world authority on child abuse that he had downloaded child pornography for research purposes. The Crown Prosecution Service said there were currently no plans to review child pornography cases on which Selwood had presided as a judge. Selwood has been placed on the sex offenders register and was bailed to return to the court for sentencing.

    160) U.S. bishops endorse 2nd sex-abuse audit
    USA – The Baltimore Sun, MD – June 16, 2004
    Accused of backsliding in their commitment to protect children from pedophile priests, the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops voted overwhelmingly yesterday to begin a second round of audits to ensure that dioceses comply with provisions to prevent sexual abuse. It followed scathing criticism by the head of the church’s lay review board, who accused bishops of trying to return to “business as usual” after some tried to delay or derail a second audit. “The National Review Board is pleased with the decision to move forward with the audits and to begin further research into the causes and context of these crimes,” Burke said in a statement released by the bishops conference. “This vote indicates that the bishops are serious about continuing the important task of making sure that our Church is safe for everyone,” he said.

    161) Colin L. Powell: An action plan against a global evil
    USA – The International Herald Tribune – June 16, 2004
    Trafficking in human beings is high on the Bush administration’s priority list, as the president himself emphasized during his speech to the UN General Assembly last September. “There’s a special evil in the abuse and exploitation of the most innocent and vulnerable,” he declared before the delegates. Women and girls as young as six are being trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation; men are being trafficked into forced labor; children are being trafficked into war as soldiers. We estimate that 600,000-800,000 victims are taken across international frontiers. Under the president’s direction, we have drawn attention to the trafficking problem in the “State Department Report on Trafficking in Persons,” as mandated by the Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Our monitoring system has three tiers, and if a country’s practices land it in Tier 3, it faces significant sanctions. The State Department supports the Angel Coalition, which assists nongovernmental organizations in Russia and is building an international hot line to improve investigations of trafficking rings and to obtain more convictions in court.

    162) Twenty Four Children Rescued From Sex Slavery in the Dominican Republic, Five Perpetrators Jailed
    Dominican Republic – PRNewswire – June 15, 2004
    Yesterday officers from the Dominican Republic National Police led a raid that resulted in the rescue of 24 children who were being sold for commercial sexual exploitation. The youngest victim rescued is believed to be seven years old. Investigators in yesterday’s case reported that the perpetrators had been preying on orphaned children on the beach and other vulnerable children, offering them to tourists for sex. About International Justice Mission International Justice Mission is a human rights organization that rescues victims of violence, sexual exploitation, slavery and oppression.

    163) The War on Child Pornography­Who are the Victims?
    USA – Team Amber News – June 16, 2004
    Peter Banks, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children The dissemination of child pornography on the Internet is growing very fast. At the same time, internet crime against children is the fastest growing crime in America. FBI officials say, on their website, that the use of computers has become the most widely used technique by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships. Often, the victims are children, who are good students, drug-free, and have solid relationships with their parents. Detective Jose Guerra Department of Crimes Against Children, El Paso PoliceDepartment The following are examples of what is being done by law enforcement to combat this problem and show that the problem is large and growing. · Operation Candyman focused on a Yahoo!E-group, an online community, whose 7,000 members uploaded, downloaded or traded images of sexually exploited children.

    164) D’Arcy whistle blower gets justice
    Australia – The Australian – June 17, 2004
    While D’Arcy has long since resigned from state parliament in disgrace and been handed lengthy jail terms for child sex crimes, justice for the woman who started the ball rolling was only delivered today. The woman’s revelations in 1998 that D’Arcy had molested her when she was 10 at a small school on Brisbane’s southern outskirts started police digging into his devious past. One of the victims had been raped by D’Arcy when she was nine as she sat on his lap while he was at his desk in front of the class.

    165) Castrated molester back in jail
    USA – KVUE-TV News, TX – June 16, 2004
    A grand jury indicted him Wednesday on two child sex abuse charges. Jones was freed from prison earlier this month after he became eligible for mandatory release after serving nearly 13 years of a 15-year prison sentence.

    166) Lower jail terms for child sex abusers
    Holland – Expatica – June 16 2004
    The Arnhem Court sentenced five men on Wednesday to jail terms ranging from eight months to three years on charges of child sex abuse. The prosecution demanded two weeks ago that the men should be sentenced to jail terms ranging between six and eights, plus TBS psychiatric detention with compulsory treatment, news agency ANP reported. The prosecution alleged the seven men were members of criminal network that organised sex trips to Tunisia, where boys were picked up from slum neighbourhoods and paid for sex. The group was part of the Dutch Association for Sexual Reform (NVSH) and sex plans were forged during JON meetings.

    167) Laconia man sentenced in child sex abuse case
    USA – Laconia Citizens, NH – June 16, 2004
    By Gordon D. King,
    Richard Lagueux, 39, 266 South Main St., Laconia, pleaded guilty in Belknap County Superior Court to three counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault and two counts of felonious sexual assault. He was given two 10 to 20 years suspended sentences, and two three-and-a-half to seven years suspended sentences on the other charges.

    168) No child trafficking for sex in NZ, says commissioner
    New Zealand – The New Zealand Herald – June 17, 2004
    Cindy Kiro was responding to the United States state department’s annual Trafficking in Persons report which claims New Zealand has “a large problem” with children being trafficked inside the country for sex. The US report has been criticised for misinterpreting research statistics from the New Zealand non-governmental organisation End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, Child Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Children (Ecpat). The Government should look at the powers of the police and other agencies under the Prostitution Reform Act to visit brothels and places where sex was being sold, to find any underage New Zealand girls or underage illegal immigrants working there. A 2002 Justice Ministry report, based on anecdotal evidence, said police estimated there were over 500 Thai women in Auckland’s sex industry alone, but it was impossible to tell how many were under 18, and therefore able to be considered the victims of child trafficking. The Immigration Service said trafficking — often involving coercion, threats and kidnapping — was often confused with people smuggling — the voluntary movement of people into New Zealand to work illegally.

    169) US report ‘misleading’ about child sex trafficking – lobby group
    New Zealand – Stuff – June 17 2004
    A United States government report claiming New Zealand has “a large problem” with children being trafficked inside the country for sex is misleading, a child advocacy group says. The US State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons report has for the first time named New Zealand, saying it is a destination country for people trafficked from China. It also said New Zealand had 145 prostitutes under the age of 15 and “a large problem” with children being moved by traffickers by force, fraud or coercion, for sexual exploitation. But the child protection group End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, Child Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Children (Ecpat) said yesterday the report was inaccurate.

    170) Violence, abuse marks sex trade – Prostitution not a profession but a disease, outreach worker says
    Canada – The Edmonton Journal, AB – June 17, 2004
    Rachel Quinney inhabited a deadly world of drugs, violence, sexual abuse and predators before she was murdered and dumped in a grove of poplar trees outside the city. “The media says it’s a trade — a sex trade,” said Kourch Chan of the Crossroad Program. An estimated 400 women sell their bodies on the street, either full time or when they need money for rent, food or drugs, said JoAnne McCartney, a former police officer who works with the Crown prosecutor’s office. After an autopsy confirmed Quinney’s identity, police announced they had reason to believe that one person might be responsible for the deaths of two or more of the Edmonton prostitutes in recent years. If there’s anything good to come out of Quinney’s death it’s a new awareness among street prostitutes that people are thinking of them as real people, not as faceless statistics, Chan said. Those reports of “bad dates” didn’t indicate an upswing in violence aimed at prostitutes, McCartney said.

    171) National Center for Missing & Exploited Children Celebrates 20th Anniversary; Pays Tribute to President Ronald Reagan Who Opened Organization’s Doors in 1984
    USA – The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children – June 16, 2004
    Today NCMEC celebrates its 20 years of service with help from Sen. Members of Congress who cosponsored the Missing Children’s Assistance Act of 1984, which established NCMEC, will be honored along with a special tribute to President Reagan. “Twenty years ago, it was easier to find a stolen car than a stolen child,” stressed John Walsh, NCMEC co-founder and host of America’s Most Wanted. Adam, Etan, and other children were abducted at a time in which law enforcement could enter information about stolen cars, guns, and property into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer, but not abducted children. NCMEC was a grand experiment in public-private partnership, funded by Congress to serve as the nation’s resource center and clearinghouse on the issue of missing and exploited children.

    172) Dungeon Paedophile Rapist Found Guilty
    Belgium – The Mirror, UK – June 17 2004
    Paedophile Marc Dutroux has been found guilty of abduction, rape and murder in Belgium’s “Trial of the Century.” The 12-member jury today convicted Dutroux of killing two of the girls – teenagers An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks – and an accomplice. The jury in the town of Arlon was divided on the case of his co-accused Michel Nihoul, which means that the three-judge panel overseeing the trial will have to reach a verdict.

    173) Dutroux guilty
    Belgium – Expatica – June 17 2004
    The jury in the Dutroux trial said shortly after 2pm that the accused was guilty of murdering 17-year-old An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks, who was 19. The two girls died from starvation in a secret cell in one of Dutruox’s houses while the murderer was serving a jail sentence. Dutroux was also found guilty of kidnapping two other girls, 14 year old Laetitia Delhez and Sabine Dardenne, who was 12. The court and jury must still formally decide on the sentencen Dutroux will receive but the crimes he has been found guilty of mean he must go to prison for life. The Dutroux affair brought hundreds of thousands of Belgians out on the streets in the so called ‘White March’ of 1996 to protest alleged government incompetence in the case. It also led to the downfall of two cabinet ministers and the country’s police chief after the accused briefly escaped from a courthouse. Dutroux, who has already served jail terms for the abduction and rape of five girls, has been in custody since his arrest in 1996.

    174) Paedophile’s Victims Speak About Traumatic Ordeal
    United Kingdom – Banbury Guaridan – June 17, 2004
    Following the jailing of Alan Johnston for sexually abusing seven young boys, some of the victims and their families spoke to the Banbury Guardian about the ordeals that shattered their lives. “He said if I told my parents he would take an overdose and that he would come looking for me,” he said. I never thought in my life that I would want to kill anyone but that is how I feel about Johnston. “We don’t know if he’s going to be able to come back to Banbury and the sentence doesn’t give us any peace of mind whatsoever. The mother of one victim added: “Johnston built computers and he used this to draw our families in by offering to build machines for us.

    175) Archbishop wrote letters of support to accused paedophile
    Australia – ABC News online – June 17, 2004
    It has been revealed Adelaide’s former Anglican Archbishop Ian George wrote a letter of support to former St Peters College chaplain and accused paedophile John Mountford. One of the letters is dated the March 31 1993, the year after Mountford fled Australia over allegations he sexual molested a St Peters student.

    176) Disgraced judge freed child porn defendant
    United Kingdom – Portsmouth News – June 17, 2004
    Today there were growing calls for a review of Selwood’s sentencing record at Portsmouth Crown Court after he admitted having 75 internet pictures of boys. In another case, Selwood’s jail sentence on a man guilty of five charges of indecent assault and four of gross indecency was increased from three and a half years to four and a half years.

    177) COURT: Career in ruins after teacher guilty of child porn charges
    United Kingdom – The Evening Telegraph – June 17, 2004
    Matthew Curtis (34) was a teacher at Bourne Grammar School, in South Road, Bourne, when he accessed the Texas-based website Landslide Productions, and used his credit card to download the images. Yesterday, a jury at Northampton Crown Court convicted Curtis on two charges of making and possessing indecent images of children, between June 1999 and August 2002. The school has been very shocked to hear of Mr Curtis’s conviction.”

    178) SPECIAL REPORT: No hiding place for child porn perverts
    United Kingdom – The Evening Telegraph – January June 14, 2004
    ACCORDING to new national statistics, the number of people arrested for child porn offences has risen by a staggering 1,500 per cent over the last 15 years. IN the secrecy of their own homes, hundreds of paedophiles have indulged their perverted sexual desires by looking at sick images of children on the internet. The apparent anonymity of using a home computer and the ease with which child porn can be accessed on the worldwide web has led to a huge rise in offending. But police are determined to make sure the internet does not give offenders a place to hide. In Cambridgeshire, a specialist unit of officers has been established to crackdown on child porn users, and the number of people arrested for downloading pictures has risen from seven in 1999 to 78 last year — an increase of 1000 per cent. However, DCI Swain warned that people were committing an offence under UK law as soon as they looked at the pictures on their computer. He said that the National Crime Squad had worked with internet search engines to create banners which pop up on screen when perverts look for child porn, warning them they are committing an offence.

    179) Judge faces jail on child porn charges
    United Kingdom – Portsmouth News – June 17, 2004
    David Selwood, 69, who was resident judge at Portsmouth Crown Court until his retirement earlier this month, admitted 12 counts of making indecent images of children and one count of possessing 63 indecent photographs of children. In the meantime Selwood, 69, who was granted unconditional bail, was ordered to register as a sex offender at a local police station.

    180) Worker at Charleston Centre in porn trial
    United Kingdom – ic Renfrewshire – June 17 2004
    A SENIOR social worker with Renfrewshire Council went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court yesterday accused of accessing child porn. The court heard that 48-year-old Alexander Dowell worked at the Charleston Centre, in Neilston Road, Paisley. Mrs Walker, 32, said Dowell had married her mum in 1980 and told the court that, together with her husband and children, she would use the computer at her parents’ home in Balmoral Road, Elderslie. She also said that her mum would use the computer, which was kept in an upstairs bedroom, for internet shopping.

    181) OPP Charge West Virginia Man With Child Pornography
    Canada – Canada News Wire Ontario Service – June 15, 2004
    Members of the Ontario Provincial Police Child Pornography Section (Project P), in conjunction with the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency at the Port of Lansdowne, and the Leeds County OPP Detachment, have arrested and charged a 48 year old Weirton, West Virginia man following a child pornography investigation.

    182) Sycamore man gets 7 years plus on child pornography charges
    USA – Rockford Register Star, IL – June 15, 2004
    U.S. Justice Department officials said Eichelberger admitted that between Aug. 21 and Sept. 22 of 2001 he transported child pornography across state lines including 60 computer images of minors engaged in sexual acts.

    183) Ban on Paedophile Living in Own Home Ruled Lawful
    United Kingdom – The Scotsman – June 16, 2004
    A judge ruled that the interference with the convicted sex offender’s legal right of access to his home caused by the 18-month ban following his release from prison was “plainly not only proportionate but also entirely appropriate”. In what is believed to be the first case of its kind involving a paedophile, the judge rejected a bid by the angry 57-year-old to overturn the Home Secretary’s decision to impose a two-mile exclusion zone around the street where his ex-wife and now grown-up son still live, though in different properties. The ban was of a limited nature and gave his ex-wife and son — his daughter now lives in America — time to adjust to the fact of his release on licence from a three-year jail sentence.

    184) Church Leaders and Teachers Probed in Porn Crackdown
    Scotland – The Scotsman – June 16, 2004
    By Claire Walker, Scottish Press Association
    A church minister, a priest, and three teachers are among dozens of people being investigated in child porn crackdown, police said today. The operation originally began in the US after the FBI identified a website involved in the alleged distribution of pornographic images involving children. Officers from all eight Scottish forces searched a total of 119 premises, seizing 216 computers in the raids, which started on Thursday June 3. Today, police confirmed that a Church of Scotland minister, a Roman Catholic priest, and three school teachers — including a deputy head — were among those caught up in the operation.

    185) Waterford man had child porn images
    Ireland – UTV – June 16, 2004
    A Waterford man who pleaded guilty to having over 30,000 child and adult pornographic images in his computer has been given a two-year suspended prison sentence.

    186) Ex-CEO gets five years in child porn case
    USA – al.com, AL – June 16, 2004
    Koehler, former chief of the Alabama Quality Assurance Foundation, also must register as a sex offender under community notification laws, according to prosecutors. Some of the videotapes showed children as young as 10 engaging in sexual conduct with adults. At Koehler’s Monday sentencing hearing, Clemon found Koehler obstructed justice by attempting to destroy evidence on his home computer once he became aware of the criminal investigation.

    187) Priest to face court in child porn case
    USA – The Morning Call, PA – June 16, 2004
    By Chris Parker, 610-379-3224
    The Rev. Ronald J. Yarrosh, 56, waived his right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday before District Justice David Plachko of Port Carbon. Yarrosh was an assistant pastor at St. Ambrose Church in Schuylkill Haven and on the advisory board of the parish grade school, but the Allentown Diocese relieved him of his duties April 23, when he was charged.

    188) Teacher Viewed Child Porn On School Laptop
    United Kingdom – Spalding Today – June 17, 2004
    Christopher Lowis (54) quit his job of 34 years at Spalding’s St John the Baptist School and admitted looking at naked young girls after a message flashed up on the computer’s screen saying “You’re in big trouble”. Spalding magistrates heard on Tuesday how Mr Lowis, of Mayfair Drive, returned the laptop and his keys to the school in the middle of the night on March 12 this year, along with a letter of explanation and resignation. Mr Lowis admitted five counts of making indecent photographs of children and one of possessing 276 indecent images of children between March 6 and March 12 this year. Mr Danny Miller, mitigating, said his client was a “bit of a loner” who lived alone and had never been married. He said: “He was given the laptop in January 2003 and Internet access was added in October or November. “Initially he did access pornography but things spiralled downwards and he found himself looking at images of younger and younger children.

    189) Judge, 69, who downloaded child porn facing ‘catastrophic humiliation’
    United Kingdom – The Telegraph – June 17, 2004
    A leading judge who presided over cases of child abuse and pornography faced “catastrophic humiliation” last night after admitting that he downloaded indecent images of boys from the internet. David Selwood, the resident senior judge at Portsmouth Crown Court until he resigned this month, admitted accessing 75 pictures of naked and semi-clad boys, aged between eight and 14. It emerged last night that two sex cases dealt with by Selwood, the co-author of a book on sentencing, had been referred to the Court of Appeal by the Attorney General as “unduly lenient”. Selwood resigned from his £110,000-a-year post on June 2 but will still receive an annual judge’s pension of £33,000, on top of any pensions from his previous jobs, as well as a lump sum of about £75,000. Selwood, who lives in Winchester with his wife of 30 years, Barbara, who was in court, admitted a charge of possession of indecent images and 12 charges of “making” – downloading – indecent images in March and April.

    190) Accomack Co. judge’s ruling keeps pedophile behind bars
    USA – WVEC-TV3, VA – June 17, 2004
    has ruled that Jenkins is a sexually violent predator and has committed him under Virginia’s Sexually Violent Predators Act. That act allows for the civil commitment of offenders who are judged to be continuing threats to the community if released following the service of their criminal sentences.

    191) Jury Convicts Belgian Pedophile Dutroux
    Belgium – Tuscaloosa News, AL – June 17, 2004
    A sensational trial into a series of abductions, rapes and murders of young girls that rocked Belgium’s legal system ended Thursday with guilty verdicts against a convicted pedophile who was out on parole at the start of the spree. The jury convicted Marc Dutroux, a 47-year-old unemployed electrician, of abducting, imprisoning and raping six girls in 1995-96. He also was found guilty of murdering two of the girls, 17-year-old An Marchal and 19-year-old Eefje Lambrecks, and an accomplice, Bernard Weinstein. The jury found Dutroux guilty of involvement in the abduction of two 8-year-olds, Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo – the first to disappear – but his ex-wife and co-defendant, Michelle Martin, was convicted of imprisonment leading to their deaths. Dutroux, who was paroled after serving a prison sentence for raping young girls in the 1980s, admitted to abducting and sexually abusing Dardenne and Delhez. The 3 1/2-month trial stunned and outraged Belgium by uncovering inept police work following his arrest, prompting high-level law enforcement resignations and sweeping reforms. “He rocked this country to its foundation, made hundreds of thousands demonstrate in the streets of Brussels, caused government ministers to resign, shook the monarchy. The final co-defendant, Michel Nihoul, was convicted of being part of a gang that smuggled drugs and people into Belgium.

    192) Man Says He Stabbed Convicted Pedophile To Scare Him
    USA – WNNE-TV3, CT – June 16, 2004
    Lawrence Trant, 57, faces a charge of attempted murder for allegedly stabbing Lawrence Sheridan, a convicted pedophile. Trant testified that a sexual assault he suffered as a child launched his crusade against pedophiles.

    193) Paedophile Jailed For String Of Sex Attacks
    United Kingdom – Banbury Guardian – June 17, 2004
    Oxford Crown Court heard that Alan Johnston, 43, of Poolside Close, who has a previous conviction for indecent assault on a boy under 16, gained the trust of the families before starting a campaign of abuse against seven boys, who aged ten and 11 when their ordeal began in April 2000. They later criticised the sentenceand said they were terrified at the prospect of Johnston returning to Banbury when he is released. He asked for 38 other offences to be taken into consideration, but denied two further accusations of serious sexual offences, which will lie on file. He will be on the sex offender register for life.

    194) Holly Jones family to fight child porn
    Canada – CBC News, ON – June 17 2004
    Canada should take the lead in fighting child pornography, the family of Holly Jones said on Thursday. The family of the murdered 10-year-old Toronto girl made the appeal after the man who pleaded guilty to murdering their daughter admitted to habitually consuming child porn on the internet. “Canada must take the lead for the international community to wipe out [child pornography] on the internet and in Canada,” he said in a prepared statement from the family. On the night of May 12, Briere was looking at internet child porn. “I fully recognize and acknowledge that the crime which I am guilty of is simply the worst kind of crime a person can commit,” Briere said in court.

    195) Holly Jones – Timeline
    Canada – CBC News, ON – June 17 2004
    May 12, 2003 Ten-year-old Holly Jones disappears after walking her friend home in her Toronto neighbourhood. Within hours of her disappearance, police launch a massive search and issue an “Amber Alert,” a quick-response strategy used when a child’s kidnapping is suspected. May 2004 Briere waves his right to a preliminary hearing, sparking rumours that he would plead guilty to Holly Jones’ murder. June 17, 2004 Briere pleads guilty to first-degree murder in the death of Holly Jones, 13 months after she was killed and almost a year to the day after his arrest.

    196) Englewood Man Convicted of Child Porn, Molesting 6-year-old
    USA – Dayton Daily News, OH – June 17, 2004
    Englewood man convicted of child porn, molesting 6-year-old Judge to consider mental state in assault sentence eputies arrest concealed-carry permit holder Jury recommends life without parole Schools’ preliminary test scores on Web Common Pleas Judge Dennis J. Langer, who acquitted Brian Gillingham of seven pandering charges, ordered Gillingham taken into custody until sentencing July 23.

    197) Child Porn Judge Freed Child Porn Prof
    United Kingdom – The Mirror – June 17 2004
    Selwood, who retired this month, told police he was not a paedophile and visited porn websites only out of curiosity. Yet in April he refused to jail child-abuse expert Prof Christopher Bagley, 66 – ruling the former Southampton University academic had downloaded child porn for a research project. Selwood – accompanied by wife Barbara at Bow Street magistrates court, central London – yesterday admitted 13 charges of making and having lewd photos.

    198) Briere pleads guilty to Holly Jones’s murder
    Canada – Globe and Mail – June 17, 2004
    The man who pleaded guilty to murdering 10-year-old Holly Jones at a Toronto court Thursday morning fulfilled his “dark secret” when he abducted, sexually assaulted, and dismembered her shortly after viewing and becoming aroused by child pornography. Michael Briere, a software developer who lived only blocks away from Holly’s home in the west end of the city, received an automatic life sentence and won’t be eligible for parole for 25 years. Inside, Mr. Briere disrobed both himself and Holly, sexually assaulted her on his bed “I never actually completed the act” and then strangled her, all in about an hour, before dismembering her. He then frantically disposed of her remains over three days: the night of her murder, he carried her torso in a gym bag on the subway, panicking when some blood seeped onto the floor, and then dumped it into the Toronto harbour. On the third day after her murder, he stuffed more remains into garbage bags and put them on the curb outside his apartment for trash pickup, staying awake all night until they were gone. “Your crime profoundly shocked this community and city and it is a community that is no longer easily shocked by crimes of violence,” Judge Watt told Mr. Briere, “A random abduction on a quiet city street, a sexual assault, a murder, dismemberment, a young active life, like others full of promise, snuffed out.

    199) Borger man sentenced
    USA – The Amarillo Globe-News, TX – June 17, 2004
    A Borger man has been sentenced to more than three years in federal prison after he was snared in a child pornography sting. While he was online, the agent entered a chat room appealing to people interested in child pornography and sent out a message that he had images to trade.

  • THANK YOU for pointing out the growing problem with child sexual abuse, and child pornography. Groups such as NAMBLA and the Human Rights Campaign, are at the forefront of the battle to sexualize, seduce and abuse our children.

    The guy who said you were crying wolf is CLUELESS. All one need do is pick up a newspaper, google child porno or listen to the nightly news, to see how many pedophiles are filling our neighborhoods these days. Add to that the long list of countries where children are sold into sexual slavery.

    Yes, there are wrongful accusations. Yes, there are those who are branded as sexual offenders, when they shouldn’t be. However, I would venture to guess that they are few and far between the real scumbags who perversely find pleasure in sex with helpless children.

    PLEASE keep up the fight!

  • Writer

    Does anyone know or even understand that the word “pedophile” is rarely ever used in its correct context? A true pedophile is someone who loves children and would not harm them. On the other hand, a person who rapes or has non-consensual sex with a child, or forces them to do something is not a pedophile. They are child rapists and molestors.
    Whoever said about sexualising, seducing and abusing children needs to take a look at what’s actually going on. Groups such as Nambla et al. are not trying to achieve this at all.

    It is interesting to see the numbers of people who stand up for children’s rights. Yet the same people choose to dictate to children which rights they can and can’t have.

    People say that a child’s body is their own, but then go on to say that the child will NOT do anything sexual, even if they wish to. This makes a total mockery of the idea of children’s rights, and hypocrites out of the adults who enforce these arrangements.

    As for child pornography on the internet – how do we even know what it is or what it looks like when we haven’t even seen it?
    They keep talking about it, but never show it.
    Therefore, it is not possible to formulate any conclusions on such an issue until we know what we are dealing with.

    There are more child-love websites on the internet than just AMBLA (who are boy orientated).
    As an example, do a search on “girl love forum” and have a read about what TRUE child-lovers actually think and feel.

    Contrary to popular opinion they are not trying to seduce your children or have sex with them.

    Perhaps if you payed a little more attention to your children and treated them nicely, the child-lovers wouldn’t have a purpose.
    For, at the end of the day, all they are really doing is filling a need, where the majority of parents don’t make the grade.

    Children need and want love and attention. A true child-lover gives them just that.

    A little education never hurt anyone. When people start to understand that true child-lovers do not hurt children, then everyone stands to win.

    While society continues to have this distorted idea that “pedophiles” simply use and abuse children, there will never be a solution to the problem.

  • I do not want to my kids to get any adult information. Please infor me of any adult webside.

  • Hi

    i agree with Writer, insomuchas loving children is not the same as rape. I, as a seventeen year old, once had a relationship with a six year old girl. We kissed, hugged,and explored eachother’s bodies. She, believe it or not, was my first love. We fullfilled a need that we both had to be loved, and I find nothing wrong with that.

  • Infatil pornography is punishable, and that something very good that there are places like this that seek to promote anti-child pornography and like to think that helping people to do something either this type of reporting sites. Thanks for the article