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Is Astral Projection Real?

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Many people ask me if astral projection is real. This is a very hard question to answer because it can only be real for people who believe that it is so. Most people only validate things that they can experience and with something like astral projection you can only experience it if you actually believe in it.

Astral projection is the technical term for when our spirit leaves our physical body; it is sometimes called an out-of-body experience. To believe that this is possible you must be willing to accept that our spirits are separate from our physical bodies and that the two can exist without each other. You must also believe that time and space do not exist the way we normally measure them and that there are other realms beyond the one we spend our days in.

If you can wrap your head around all of these things then it is possible that you will be able to experience astral projection as a real thing. It also helps to have faith in a higher power or a source of power, energy, or oneness.

Many people who enter into the world of astral projection do so to experience a connection to the source of life, to be removed from the dense physical energy that makes up our human bodies and be able to experience a lightness and freeness that is not as easily possible when encumbered by the physical limitations our bodies place on us. When freed from the dense energy of our bodies people often experience a great joy or sense of peace and calmness – a connection to something greater than themselves.

People who engage in astral projection generally have a belief in other entities that reside in other realms or planes of existence, such as guardian angels, ascended masters, or simply the spirits of animals or of their ancestors. Many find it helpful to call on these entities to assist them in the physical process of detaching their spirit from their physical body. Usually they offer up a request or envision the entity assisting them in some way. Additionally, people engage in astral travel to be able to easier converse with these entities. Many like to consult with their angels to ask for protection or guidance and other people astral travel to speak with the ascended masters to get answers to questions they have about their life, their work, or their passion – or simply just out of curiosity and to get a different perspective. 

Astral travel is real for many people and there are millions of stories from around the globe in all races and cultures from ordinary people who engage in astral travel, but the trick is that they all believed it was possible. It does not matter what process you follow; if you don’t believe in some of the basic principles we talked about here, it will be very hard for me to convince you that astral projection is indeed real.

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    I can tell you that I never believed that strap projection was a real thing!!! BUT…. I started experimenting with it out of pure curiosity and I was able to do within a few days of trying!! I cannot explain what it’s like but I remember every thing I do, where I go and every sense that I use!! Granted I have not been able to travel very far (only around my home) but every time I do it, I get a little bit further!! So this is coming from a non believer who has become a do-er and a believer!!! I would tell anyone to try it but u have to let go of yourself and let go of your mind in order for you to achieve a higher conciousness