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Is Arabian Berlin Wall Falling?

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Is The Arabian Berlin Wall Falling?

That is from a headline from a French publication, rue89. Protests are under way of varying power in Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Algeria. Israel is evacuating its diplomats from Egypt.

It might be one of the greatest ironies of history if all the king’s horses and and all the king’s men, I am referring to the U.S. and its allies and Russia, could not control Islamic fanatics but democracy-hungry Arabs did it themselves?

Certainly Washington’s theory since 9/11 has been that democracy would be the most effective way to stop terrorism. It would seem Arab tyrants have learned as little from history as Obama, Bush, Blair, Sarkozy, and Israel. Brutally attacking your people will teach them how to fight back. It is simple evolution.

As for the possibility that it will result in Muslim fanatics running countries that certainly is a possibility. But religious tyrants are not invulnerable, either.

What follows comes from the Islam Times:

“Islam Times reports that anti-government protests in Egypt were able to exceed the number of 50,000 in the Al-Tahrir Square. This is the fifth day of protests in Egypt; a day where enters a new stage. The people of Egypt defied martial law and protested last night. They rejected the promises of Hosni Mubarak to change the government. They are demanding a total resignation of the political system in Egypt; they are demanding the resignation of Hosni Mubarak.

“The protests are reaching such heights that supporters of the government cannot remain silent. America has asked Mubarak to refrain from being violent with the protesters and to reform Egypt’s political system. The European Union issued a statement demanding the violence to stop.

The Egyptian television announced that martial law will continue. The martial law was not respected last night; we will see what happens tonight.”

It is clear that the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, Google and Wikileaks are playing a role. The wiki community was caught by surprise in Tunisia. Not this time. Websites have gone up giving information on how to get around Egypt’s firewall. Methods include using old-fashioned things faxes and dialups. Traditional journalists at Al Jazeera have earned their pay, and elevated their standing while much of the Western mainstream media sat mute.

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  • According to this article, the Egyptian military has said it will not use force against the protesters and that it considers their demands legitimate.


  • Ruvy

    Now the íkhwan muslimía is back in the picture….check this out. The bullshit about destroying Israel is back in the picture. It’s like a cue line – Wahhabi trash opening their mouths = destroy Israel!

  • I was able to find the missing link referenced in my Comment #7.

    Again, I have no idea whether it is bs or has some substantive basis.


  • Here is a link to a gringo blogger here in Panamá. Among other things, he says that

    “Not A Religious Uprising in Egypt: Would it be ironic to say “Thank God for that” ? The uprising in Egypt is one of the people – the truest form of democracy at a very fundamental level. These demonstrations are not being spurred on by massive waves of Islamic fundamentalists whom we should fear. But rather, these are just people who are fed up with corruption, poverty, and the abuses of a dictatorial form of government. There have been reports of Christians defending the backs of Muslims as they prayed in the Mosques on Friday, and then the Muslims returning the favor later. These people and what they long for are exactly what the United States of America – our Statue of Liberty – stands for. They want freedom and democracy. We want freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Our desires are aligned. We should throw our unfettered support behind this movement.”

    I saw another article on the current experiences of some Israeli tourists in Egypt; they had been treated with kindness by the protesters and were in no hurry to leave. Sorry, I haven’t been able to find the link again.

    I have no basis for an opinion. Does anyone? Based on something beyond ideology?


  • Ruvy

    Unless some agitprop scum from the MB is fanning the flames, no, they don’t, Robert. That is what the last few days demonstrated in the “Mein Kampf” capital of the world.

  • Robert Weller

    Ruvy: Israel, the ship attacks and the settlements plays no role in fostering the violence in the Middle East? The Arabs don’t give a damn about Israel?

  • Ruvy

    I believe I was unclear above.

    You are very unclear, Robert. The Israeli gov’t hasn’t a clue as to what is going on in Egypt, just like it didn’t have a clue as to what went on in Tunis. And this is NOT about Israel. Nobody has shouted “death to the Jews!” or “death to Israel” or unveiled the Arab four-color of Apartheid, the Palestine flag. The Arabs don’t give a damn about Israel – but the Israeli gov’t is worried about the Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt. They cannot see the golden opportunity it presents them, they are so stupid in Jerusalem.

    And Americans seem equally oblivious to what is going on.

    Unfortunately, the Arabs cannot understand democracy, and you will not see it arise in Muslim societies. They think they understand it, but they don’t. They get the part about mob rule – they don’t get the part about protecting minority rights

  • Robert Weller

    I believe i was unclear above. Democracy certainly is a real issue for Arabs, for Burma, Zimbabwe, for China, North Korea and others.

  • Robert Weller

    Like it or not, Israel is playing a role in this. Until that issue is resolved, and our dependence on oil ended, it will be hell on earth. As far as the democracy goes that was never more than an excuse.

  • Now, this article I like, especially the part when you say,

    Certainly Washington’s theory since 9/11 has been that democracy would be the most effective way to stop terrorism. It would seem Arab tyrants have learned as little from history as Obama, Bush, Blair, Sarkozy, and Israel. Brutally attacking your people will teach them how to fight back. It is simple evolution.

    I’m not sure though about your thinking on so-called “Islamic threat,” unless you subscribe of course to what’s been referred elsewhere as “clash of civilizations.” My take on the issue is simple: take US imperialism in the Middle East and elsewhere out of the picture, and you’ll have effectively reduced, if not entirely eliminated all potential threat to the West.

    It’s so simple yet so hard to understand. The world is rejecting our brand of solutions to everybody’s problems.