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Is 2012 the End Of The World? Yeah, Right…

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I’ve got a lot of Capricorn in my chart and consequently I was exposed to more than my share of “old men” when I was a “kid”. And these old men told me all kinds of things, all of which turned out to be correct as far as I can recall.

And what’s funny is a lot of them were drunk! Yeah. I worked in an old man’s bar when I was 19 so many of the old men I talked to were drunker than snot but they still turned out to be completely correct. They’d been around the block, see? That was all there was to it and by this time, I’ve been around the block myself. So I am in effect an old man and I am telling you the world is not going to end in 2012 and I’ll tell you how I know this.

elsa desertI know this because the world was going to end when I was a kid. Not once but several times. Four or five times the world was going to end but this one time it was really, really, for sure going to end and in case you had any doubt, you could read the warnings from the billboards on the highways in the town where I grew up because they were there. THE END OF THE WORLD, OKAY? IT’S COMING!

And being eight years old you might imagine I’d have been scared but I was not. Because by the time I was eight, I’d already seen way too much of life and I was more than willing to leave. I was willing to die, I would gladly die, so I looked on this as an opportunity to escape.

So the day came and as I recall, some people were going to be lifted up before the thing happened. Before the earth turned into a fireball or whatever. Not many… maybe three or four people… But I wanted to be one of them, if possible. For the adventure, see?

I mean, think about it. It’s the end of the world. Do you want to burn up or do you want to go flying into the sky? There is no question. So I got up early that day and I went outside… way outside into the open.

Now I grew up in the desert so it was all “open” but I didn’t know that. And I am Capricorn. I am innately cautious so I made sure the path from me to the sky was completely unobstructed. I didn’t sit under a tree for example. I had this figured out.

So I went outside and stood there and waited to be lifted and… nothing. Filled with faith, I waited some more and some more and some more and… nothing.

I started to feel sad but I kept myself standing there… nothing. Eventually, legs tired, I sat down in the dirt and still… nothing.

As the day progressed, my posture slumped. I wound up with my head in my hands, and by the end of the day I started to cry as reality began to dawn… I was not getting out of this life. God what a gyp!

I stayed outside the whole day with no water, the sun burning my skin. Would I want to be inside getting a drink of water when the sky shuttle arrived? Of course not.

Eventually I was called inside to make dinner for my family. I could not believe it. I was counting on this thing and I could not believe I’d been tricked. I swear it was one of the saddest days of my life, so you know what?

You all prepare for the end of the world if you wish, but me? Been there, done that.

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  • RJ

    Were you diagnosed with any mental illnesses as a youth?

  • Ha ha ha! Good point but er… no. 🙂

  • duane

    Heh. Yep, I fell for that too, when I was about 20. Something about the Soviet Union and Magog and Supper’s Ready by Genesis and getting credit card numbers laser-imprinted on our foreheads.

    And I don’t recall being diagnosed with any mental illnesses. I think I was diagnosed with chronic gullibility compounded by recurring silliness. I’m getting better.

  • duane – thanks for posting that. Sounds familiar and I’d forgotten the details. The credit card numbers, LOL.

  • JC Mosquito

    See that movie “The Rapture” that came out about 20 years ago. Your story reminded me of that – being out in the desert – waiting for the end of the world. But the movie’s real sad, so don’t watch it if you depress easily.

  • John Robert Einem

    Well I don’t believe in that End of the world Prophesy stuff myself either, but if wer’e not careful and we do something about Global Warming and
    Other such Threats, instead of Focusing on Warring all the Time… Global warming should Be #1 as the Top issue on everyones list, as much as I would like it a little warmer here I live far up north, I hate the cold Brrr! but I hate dieing so much more don’t you?? and if it was the end of the world because of our own doing dont expect some rapture to be ” Lifting anybody up” into heaven? outer space perhaps? Aint gonna happen… but there is one thing I know is: The Anasasii , an alien race that visited long ago , centuries ago,
    left a record in stone Via the mayans, that they WILL be comming back 2011 – 2012 there abouts , perhaps no later than 2013… time calculations between Mayan dates and our calendar may not be entirely accurate, and date and time of return can be altered, by matter of choice, but I am fairly certain the Anasasii are Quite determined to come within that time period, If you believe such things… The Anasasii were Quite freindly to the Mayans at the time, and were A Very advanced race at that time, and more than likely even more advanced today… and What do you think they would think of everything thats going on here today?? all this war, broken boundry lines , everything in chaos, some , or many GOOD things too, but far less then optimal, can’t we all just get along, and work together towards the REAL and MAJOR big goals and PEACE rather than all the negative stuff, war and killing etc… like al gore said in his movie, keep going the way things are… “poof” planet earth litterally burns and dries up, do we really want that, when it is within our power to prevent such a disaster, even reverse it as we have with the ozone hole problem?? and It shouldn’t have to cost several Terra Bucks or such, like the Mega Corps seem to think… tis simple, REDUCE Co2 Emmisions, PLant more trees, plants etc, offsetting the global warming effect, which is mostly caused by too MUCH co2 in the air,
    and STOP PUTTING CO2 INTO the AIR just so you can grow your plants, there is plenty enough in the air allready!!! we need to get rid of co2 in the air, not put more in!!! (I would geuss that it’s mostly pot growers who do this, in addition to using GROW LIGHTS which require the Burning of co2 to produce the VAST amounts of energy to “Light up” these are not very conciencous activities, in
    Light of the current global warming situation…
    Yes YOU and WE working together can SAVE PLANET EARTH… so do you want to be a hero??? do this…
    cut back co2 emisions and or plant more trees doing both would be just SUPER!! thanks for reading this and taking it to heart… remember, this is your world as well as mine… One world, for everyone and everything on it… let’s keep it’s cool wet healthy and alive!! thanks.

  • Nancy

    Ah – John, the Anasazi were a tribe of archaic Amerinds; not outer space aliens, at least as far as their physical remains attest.

  • So how will WE write it? How shall it read when we look back on December 21, 2012? We certainly have the elements in place to destroy ourselves. The planet has experienced cataclysmic events in its history – polar shifts, ice ages, etc. No one really knows. What the Mayan’s meant with their End-Count calendar will always be up for speculation. It fires the imagination, for sure. SOooo let’s write it like we want it. That is what Chris Fenwick did in the #1 Visionary Novel: “the 100th human.” You choose…

  • kurt

    I had the idea of selling T-shirts on Dec. 22, 2012 that say “I survived the end of the world, Dec. 21, 2012”

  • duane

    I think the Mayans forgot to include the leap years in their calculations. The end of the world might come a lot sooner than Dec. 21. What a surprise that will be! Everyone will be really pissed at the Mayans the next day.

  • Brian

    hahaha someone said sonething about Al Gores dumb ass movie, now pwoplw dont listen to Al Gore all this Global Warming and that dumb stuff. look into it people, when Mt St Helens erupted in the 80’s it poluted the Air world wide more than our combustion engines have in 100 years or could in 100 more. those energy saving light bulbs he was raving about, look into those look into what it takes to make just one, and then look into how long itt akes for one to break down in land fill as compared to regular light bulbs. people are obsessed with “going green” and i feel you we need to do something but lets look at what were doing and not just listen to some other brain washed american

  • u no wut? if the world does end ma be scared i mean alot!! and i dont think its gping to end n 2012 its to soon

  • We learn now from the Bible that the Rapture will be May 21th 2011 AD.
    Five month’s* after, the Ultimate Terror: Judgment Day Oktober 21th 2011 AD
    * And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man. (Revelation 9:5)

    The Bible is a Book that is absolutely true and trustworthy. It is the centerpiece, the keystone of this study.
    Website Time Has An End: A Biblical History of the World 11.013 BC – AD 2011 http://www.timehasanend.org/

  • Lately, I’ve been reading about 2012, and the world ending, and I’ve come to realize that there have been so many predictions, so many comits that were supposably going to crash into the world and end it, so many things that were going to ‘end the world’ happend, and here we are still here. Examples, [Y2K, & 06*06*06] and yet nothing has happend. I’m not a scientist, or a fortune teller, but I’m also not going to sit here and worry about it, actually I did freak out a lot when I first started reading about it, but honestly there is nothing we could do to stop it, when its time for the world to end, it will end like it or not. But what were all not really getting is, were not promised tomorrow, so why be in a frenzy over 2012? Hope you make it that long.

    Heath, Wealth, and Happiness.



  • Nancy

    Dammit! And that’s when I’m supposed to retire, too! I’m always too late for the bennies.

  • Well, let’s live it until it happens. It doesn’t we’ll keep living our lives, no questions asked, but if we die, we die. We cannot stop whatever is going to happen unless the world stops first. I mean, the past Maya must have for seen it or something or predicted it through their stupidity, you know?

  • karlos

    yes the world as you no it will end that date iv been researching the findings of the mayan calender and the writing of terrance makenna for years and i have concluded that on that date after a 3rd world war between western and middle eastern armys will destroy a large amount of the armed forces in the world and the people that are left will have no choice but a world wide shift in conciousness the remaing minds working as one to build a utopia out of the ashes of the soon to be dead novel capitalist society. we will be alive in our dreams to explore the universe and live as one in our waking state free from all the previous social standards

  • val yum

    i think the sky will rip open, the sun and moon will bleed into eachother and day and night will splash together to become one amazing thing to look at.
    but after that is pretty bleak. global disasters on a massive scale are a warning of the horrors that lie ahead.
    Incestuous, cannibalistic self mutilating mutants wearing straight jackets will run around killing people and force feeding some us bits of flesh.
    Every man for himself. You will know true hunger, pain misery and suffering. But you must fight for survival.

  • Robert

    NASA predicts that the Sun will also reverse its own magnetic poles during 2012 as result of reaching the end of the current 11-year sunspot cycle.

  • Duane,

    Let’s leave the Maya out of this for a sec. That is not a prophecy, but a method of organizing data. Biblical prophecy (I’ll leave the LSD infected writers of Revelation out of all this) is also just an organizing principle for data. If the data don’t match the prophecy, the prophecy is not yet taking place.

    Bottom line…

    NASA is talking about a pole reversal in or around 2012.

    You’re a better scientist than I. What does that mean in practical terms?

  • Bottom line…

    NASA is talking about a pole reversal in or around 2012.

    Yes, Ruvy… in the Sun, which reverses its polarity pretty regularly every 11 years and last did so in 2001.

    The Earth’s magnetic poles also reverse themselves over a vastly longer and more erratic timescale. They last reversed about three-quarters of a million years ago and there are indications that they may be preparing to pull another Romney*. However, even the most confident scientific predictions won’t commit to placing the event any more accurately than ‘Some time in the next few hundred years. Maybe.’

    When it does happen, it probably won’t have any major effect on human activities except that our compasses will now all point Stan’s way. Quelle tragedy.

    * Flip-flop.

  • BTW, Ruvy, I dunno if LSD was available back then, but St John the Divine certainly was chewing on some pretty good stuff.

  • Irene Wagner

    St. John and Zechariah may have been under the same Influence. Who’s to say except by faith or prejudice against it?

    Zechariah 12:10 ….I will pour upon the house of David and the city of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son…

    Zech 14:2-4 For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle…then shall the LORD go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. And his feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives, which is before Jerusalem on the east, and the mount of Olives shall cleave in the midst thereof toward the east and toward the west…

    Zech. 14:11,12 and there shall be no more utter destruction; but Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited. And this shall be the plague wherewith the LORD will smite all the people that have fought against Jerusalem; their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.

    I’ll probably not have a front row seat to these exciting events, either because I’m in a country whose inhabitants are doomed to get their eyes consumed in their sockets, or because I got run over by a truck 5000 years before the Apocalypse comes to pass.

    Today is all I know I have for sure, and I’ve wasted enough of it already.

  • val yum

    Some people will be driven mad. You will look out your window and see Rape, inscest, murder, necrophilia. Pain and hunger will drive people to resort to cannibalism. The person you once knew as your friendly next door neighbour may very well try and eat you!

  • tim

    ihope the world doesnt end on 12/21/12 because i was born on 12/22/91 whichs means that i would be turning 21and that would suck if i died before i was legal to drink.

  • n00bcake

    anasasii sounds a lot like anunaki, if theres any connection (if theyre lizards) we need to be very cautious.

  • val yum

    IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD, its just the end as we KNOW it.
    It will be bad though, all the time life will be really hard because of all the chaos lack of food. The Western world will look like a vast rockland with caves and huts for people to live in. Everyone will be rading shops. Raping and looting in the streets.
    You will probably see horrible things happening to your family and friends. It will be difficult to trust them because this kind of situation can drive ordinary people to to terrible things.

    But dont loose all hope just yet. Maybe if you stick together and fight hard every day to build up society so it is at least make it safe enough to leave your house alone for more than 5 mins. That can be done in about 8 years. By 20 years it should be a reasonably nice enviroment to live in. It wont be the same, but it will be better than all your friends and family living in utter misery and dispair every single day, which it probably will be for a while.

    Its so sad that this is the way it has to be. The best thing you can do is prepare. Get a survival group of people close to you that you can trust. Find a small and secure home. A hiding place for your food and supplies. Dry and Tinned food is best.

    Its also a good idea to buy a crossbow or something to defend your self with against attacks. Dont get into fights with them though. Its best to defend yourself as best you can, then put distance between you and them. Same goes if your home should be broken into and raided by people who have no suplies and need them.


  • duane

    Sounds like a combination of Resident Evil, I Am Legend, Mad Max, 28 Days Later, Water World, The Mist, and all the other movies set in post-Apocalyptia. You people … sheesh ….

    Everyone will be rading shops. Raping and looting in the streets.

    Oooh, my Viking genes are getting all tingly. I know I won’t be living in “dispair,” wherever that is.

    You will look out your window…

    You think you’ll have windows to look out of. Ha.

    …and see … inscest ….

    Better stock up on the bug spray.

    … necrophilia….

    Yeah, and …? Is that so wrong?

    Pain and hunger will drive people to resort to cannibalism. The person you once knew as your friendly next door neighbour may very well try and eat you!

    I don’t think so. The last time he tried that I complained to the manager, and my neighbor got a very stern warning … in writing!!! I don’t think he’ll be trying that little stunt again.

  • 2012 Disaster

    It sounds like really great fun. Cannabals, mutants, hacking eachother up. Mutants rioting the streets. Im really glad.#

    Especially at night where there is a strong chance your hut will be broken into and raided by starving escaped mental patients (their hospital was burned down and the staff killed in a violent bloodbath)

  • Yep its all theoretical

    Well, i don’t have all of the fancy science stuff to talk about but i do know this not only did the Mayans predict 2012 as the end of the world but another famous person also said that 2012 would be the end… Guess what.. it was Nostradamus, the lost book of Nostradamus was found recently in a library in Rome, the pages pictorally show many different events, cronologically, some of the events add up, like the Twin towers and Benedict 16th (Pope) however there are more predictions which have not yet come to pass, these prediction pertain to the future, according to many scholars they show the fall of the Catholic Church (Women will apparently turn away from the church in the years to come due to conflict with Benedictial beliefs) an Anti-Christ will appear out of the middle east and bring forth terror and evils that are greater than all of the evils which have ever happened before, there will be a religious war, possibly this is already happening (Christianity & Islam), Benedict 16th WILL die before 2012 and another Pope will ascend that will aid in the Anti-Christs plan (knowingly or not) the final act of the Human race is said to play out in 2012 when the sun aligns with the centre of the galaxy in the 13th star sign of Ophiuchus, then all at once the world is meant to end. whether this is Nuclear end or actual physical end of the planet, nobody knows.

    Well i suppose it could all just be a load of rubbish blotted on some old paper, handed down by monks to cardinals in the vatican library hundereds of years ago but if nostradamus predicted Hisler (Hitler) and WW1 and WW2 then maybe we should be looking at the wholse 2012 thing a bit more seriously.

    Oh yeah and another potin that i wish to touch on is the fact that man-made global warming is make believe, man-made global warming is just another government idea to create jobs, you look at how many people have gotten jobs in civillian and government meteorological institiutions and then tell me that it wasn’t done for economic pourposes. but there is a slight global warming going on, nothing to get worried about though just the natural warming and cooling of the seas, they are big so they need a long time to change temperature. historical records of temperatures throughout history show us that in the middle ages temnperatures in europe were 3-4 degrees hotter than they are today. see nothing to worry about although i do believe that we should look after the environment a little better after all according to scientists in the next 50 years we are going to need 3 earths to provide us with enough raw materials and agricultural land to satisfy out population growth that is without 3rd and second world countries Developing. isn’t that crazy! real strange as scientists also say that all 6 billion of us could fit quite comfortably on the isle of man (UK)

  • rajesh

    Nice site for posting ads…. May be the owner of this site wanted to make money this way.

  • annonymous

    ohh ok, you were told the world was gonna end before and believed it so that automatically makes 12/21/2012 a fake and we should all stay calm. Thanks for the amazing science behind your theory, i was so worried until i saw this [personal attack deleted] story on how she once thought the world was gonna end…ok, this bitch got duped once, so now despite the scientific facts and controversy surrounding 12/21/2012, since this person was once fooled into the end of the world, theres no way the world is gonna end in 2012….thank you [personal attack deleted]

  • Vanessa

    I am so sick of hearing the world is going to end!!!!! i really freaked out about this when i first heard about it!! but when i researched about 2012 i found about 20 or more different predictions on how it will end and to be honest no one can predict when the world will end….and the fact that people are judging this on the Mayan calander is just rediculous!!! i also read that since the world began there has been at least 50 million predictions of when the world will end!! i am sure the world will probably end some day but it might not!!! i remember last year hearing the world was going to end and just a few days ago i was told its gonna end on the 10th September 2008 but again no one can predict when the world is going to end, they don`t know which day, what time or which year it will end and in a few weeks every one will have forgotten about all this and then on the 22nd December we will probably still be here and every one will just laugh about all this!!!

  • chris

    ok think about it. everyone jumped to one conclusion with the 2012 thingy magig. oh since the mayans didnt go past 12/21/12 that means were all going to die. no. geniuses think.. do you see mayan people running around anymore and saying were going to die? no. theyre tribe died simple logical answer. they had to have died some time. so obviously they didnt get to complete the calendar. if we are suppose to die on 12/21/12 or w.e they would have actualy written that on the calendar but no they just ended it on that day. durrrrr theyre tribe died! or left or whatever the case may be. simple as that.

  • alyssa

    wow, the year i graduate im gonna die, and Obama was just elected presedent 3omin ago so im expecting death right about NOW -_-

  • Lee

    Wtf u guys r gettin me scared i am gonna b sixteen and i will die i really dont believe this stupid bul im just scared wtf its like 2 die i dont want 2 life a crappy life!!!!!!!AHHHHHHHHHH I DONT GET IT IS IT REALL OR FAKE PLS TELLL ME

  • Katie

    Thats the year i am supposed to graduate from high school! is this for real!? I am soooo flippin scared now i not gonna be able to sleep….All u ppl are saying that i am going to die….i am sooo flippin scared of death and what will happen to me afterwards…..
    I need to know the truth………..

  • Kimberly

    this is scarry bull shit i dont like it you people cant predict the future.
    i have alotto live for and dont want to die so get off of it already.
    god bless and protect us all.

  • “you people cant predict the future.”

    I knew you were going to say that

  • Steph

    Like you said the end happened lots of times and it always said this is actually true they now made a movie for it but you know what it’s probably not true and i don’t believe it but yea i’m still scared cuz unlike you i don’t wanna die especially not sometime soon but i don’t believe a word they say until it actually happeneds…

  • Brunelleschi

    I experienced the end of the world in 1988, or was it 1989?

    I forgot to pay attention.

    Where are we now?

  • The world actually did end in 1989, but H. sapiens is now such a sinful and debased species that when the Rapture happened nobody qualified.

  • Brunelleschi

    ..and we all got sent here on the Giant Space Ark….

  • The question is though…were you on the upper deck of the Ark or one of the lower decks…remember…nothing but grating for floors…

  • Brunelleschi



  • Guest

    Yeah, world going to end and such, nothing but a scam for economical purposes! Just for some bitch to sell books and discovery channel to make more videos about, yeah i was born in 1996 i experienced the end of the world in 1999, apparently that was just the end of the year!NO NEED TO WORRY, yeah NASA thinks theirs going to be a pole shift in 2012 BUT IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ALL AT ONCE LIKE THEY THINK, IT WILL HAPPEN SLOWLY OVER THE COURSE OF 1-1 MILLENNIUM “He shall give us wings and we will fly to heaven!” yeah that’s bull shit, God was just another iconic figure to look at for the selling of bibles and “pope” so if you guys want to prepare for “the end” you go ahead, I’m going to be like the legal age to drink and after 2012 12 21 I’m going to be selling T-shirts saying “I SURVIVED THE END OF THE WORLD” yeah i bet in 2014 its going to be the end of the world in 4/4/14, so you do what you want just don’t scare the kids.

  • STM

    “Pain and hunger will drive people to resort to cannibalism. The person you once knew as your friendly next door neighbour may very well try and eat you!”

    Nah, this place is full of kangaroos. Millions and millions of ’em. Plus, they reproduce like (big) rabbits.

    They make mighty good eating, too, especially with a nice BBQ sauce. Like beef, but leaner. Mmm.

    And crocodiles? They taste a bit like chicken … the only problem there is that if you’re not careful while you’re catching them, they get to eat you.

  • Don’t much like crocodile or kangaroo, Stan, although to be fair, I was in Cairns when I tried them. What else can’t those crazy Queenslanders cook?

    Emu, on the other hand, is fantastic. Like a very soft, moist, tender steak. Lovely.

  • STM

    Yuk, Doc, hate emu …

  • Kiko

    The NEWEST Pretrib Calendar

    Hal (serial polygamist) Lindsey and other pretrib-rapture-trafficking and Mayan-Calendar-hugging hucksters deserve the following message: “2012 may be YOUR latest date. It isn’t MAYAN!” Actually, if it weren’t for the 179-year-old, fringe-British-invented, American-merchandised pretribulation rapture bunco scheme, Hal might still be piloting a tugboat on the Mississippi. roly-poly Thomas Ice (Tim LaHaye’s No. 1 strong-arm enforcer) might still be in his tiny folding-chair church which shares its firewall with a Texas saloon, Jack Van Impe might still be a jazz band musician, Tim LaHaye might still be titillating California matrons with his “Christian” sex manual, Grant Jeffrey might still be taking care of figures up in Canada, Chuck Missler might still be in mysterious hush-hush stuff that rocket scientists don’t dare talk about, John Hagee might be making – and eating – world-record pizzas, and Jimmy (“Bye You” Rapture) Swaggart might still be flying on a Ferriday flatbed! To read more details about the eschatological British import that leading British scholarship never adopted – the import that’s created some American multi-millionaires – Google “Pretrib Rapture Diehards” (note LaHaye’s hypocrisy under “1992”), “Hal Lindsey’s Many Divorces,” “Thomas Ice (Bloopers)” and “Thomas Ice (Hired Gun),” “LaHaye’s Temperament,” “Wily Jeffrey,” “Chuck Missler – Copyist,” “Open Letter to Todd Strandberg” and “The Rapture Index (Mad Theology),” “X-Raying Margaret,” “Humbug Huebner,” “Thieves’ Marketing,” “Appendix F: Thou Shalt Not Steal,” “The Unoriginal John Darby,” “Pretrib Hypocrisy,” “The Real Manuel Lacunza,” “Roots of (Warlike) Christian Zionism,” “America’s Pretrib Rapture Traffickers,” “Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts,” “Dolcino? Duh!” and “Scholars Weigh My Research.” Most of the above is written by journalist/historian Dave MacPherson who has focused on long-hidden pretrib rapture history for 35+ years. No one else has focused on it for 35 months or even 35 weeks. MacPherson has been a frequent radio talk show guest and he states that all of his royalties have always gone to a nonprofit group and not to any individual. His No. 1 book on all this is “The Rapture Plot” (see Armageddon Books online, etc.). The amazing thing is how long it has taken the mainstream media to finally notice and expose this unbelievably groundless yet extremely lucrative theological hoax!

  • nima

    My opinion is YES, it’s going to more true. It’s like 50%/50%, cuase we’re not exactly on that time and happening, but every thing say it ganna happen.
    You people just search on Internet and you’ll see many things. But truth is truth you can’t change it by talk and others things.
    I believe that planet we are living at it, it doesn’t be for ever!!! We will destroy it or it going to change normally.
    I know that 2012 or End Of The World is not realy end of the world)))))))) It will just change!!!
    So we will die, but we have to think that world will change, because we do not use the this Planet the right way!!!!!!! That’s it!

  • This is Truth… we are listening to the same Gospel message via short wave and AM radio in South Africa.

    (Zep 3:9) For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent.

    Our LORD and Saviour is going to return on 21 May 2011 which is the beginning of Judgment Day and shall end 21 October 2011.

    johannes coetzee

    Family Radio listener (South Africa)

  • butch s

    does this mean the london olympics wont push through

  • scared sh*tless :)

    im scared man, ive been told the world isnt going to end over and over but ive got a very active imagination

  • As I recall, several prominent scientists predicted California would become a victim of a subduction quake in 1973 and the western half of it would slide into the sea killing millions of people.

    That explains a lot…

  • Was that real life or was it a movie, Jet?

    Here in California it’s hard to tell…

  • Reality, I’m afraid-in fact Time Magazine.
    This is from a website with a department of Energy seal on it, entitled ask a scientist…

    Question: One of my students would like to know if California could “fall off the map” because of the fault line, and if so would it sink or become an island. Please, Please, please write me so I can show him your answer.
    Thank you,
    sherri d gillum

    Answer 1:
    Tectonics is not my field, so take the following with a grain of salt.

    No. At least, not any time in the near future. The tectonic plate that bears western California is moving alongside the one that bears most of the rest of the western part of the United States. That is the cause of the relatively frequent earthquakes there. The plates are not likely to move apart, because that would leave a gap. Furthermore, the movements we are talking about are _very_ slow. If, over a few million years, western California did move away from the rest of North America, then it would much more likely end up as an island than sink into the ocean.

    Dr. John

    Answer 2:
    To add a comment to Dr. John’s response:

    Although many people have the concept that California may sink into the ocean as a result of earthquakes, actually the opposite is happening: earthquakes are causing the coastal areas of central and southern California to rise out of the ocean.

    Dr. John mentioned that western California is moving sideways with respect to the rest of California. It is true that this is the primary movement; however, there is also an element of compression. This compression causes mountains to be built–for example the Coast Ranges in central California and the Transverse Ranges that bound the Los Angeles basin. The compression is also pushing California’s coastline up out of the sea. As Dr. John pointed out, this process
    is very slow and it takes thousands of large earthquakes occurring over millions of years to build a mountain range.


  • Jake

    Back to the mayan calender, scientist dont know what will hapen on the 21st of december, but it is not the end o the world, mayan experts belive the callender wll go back to

  • Aimee

    I thought that 2012 would wipe out a lot of the population somehow (either by fire, ice or water) and then there is meant to be 1000 years of peace..but then you kind of think, what happens after that 1000 years?

  • adarsh svajrangi

    is it true that earth is going to end on dec 21 2012.then what is recent issue about the same

  • jason

    i want the world to end because life sucks

    im only 12 so who gives a f***

  • Victoria

    Am I the only one who thinks about Christmas (notice I’m only joking)and that most idiots whom believe in this “Theory”, or I shall say LIE, won’t get their kids anything, Because mostly, every single kid will whine. Then I will laugh because my friends didn’t get anything for Christmas and I got a 32′ Plasma TV and a new Laptop. Haha Note I’m only 11, most of my friends are so Dumb they can’t do 12 to the power of 15, which is 15,407,021,574,596,368.

    P.S. In 2012 if the world ends I’ll be happy, RAPTURE!!!!

  • John

    This world ending business makes me laugh guys.
    If the world is going to end… i will bang as many chicks, smoke as much weed and travel the world as much as i can.
    I’m going to Vancouver, California, Amsterdam, Thailand.
    I’m going to live my life to the extreme.
    Fuck you religious cunts pushing fear and anger into hearts of good people.
    I’m 14 and in 2012 i will be 17 so i am going to buy shirts saying that i survived the end of the world!

  • i belive only god knows when the world will end

  • Which is for all practical purposes the same as saying nobody knows.

    Like the hot dog sausage manufacturer Hebrew National, whose slogan is “We answer to a higher authority”.

    I’ve always thought that was a euphemistic way of saying “God knows what’s in our sausages”.


  • khushi

    it’ s soo cool

  • khushi

    i never wonna leave this web

  • khushi


  • khushi

    hello dr. dreadful

  • stk

    omg who even cares the word is not gonna freaking end. like the stupid myans died so they just guessed the end of the world and couldnt complete the calendar. ummm DUH! Stop scaring poor little kids and good people.

  • maggie

    lets just leave it to god>if the world ends then it ends but like alot of comments only god knows wat gna happen …..but in my opinion i think the world is not going to end i think it would end 4 other people b/cuz u never know wat can happen to u 2marrow u can have an accident n that will be the end of the world 4 u but that doesnt meen 4 every1 >>>>>>just dont belive it and……….let it be how is supposed to be………….and stopp scaring little kids………..

  • nun you bizzz

    This is all a bunch of shit all u are is trying to scare every body the world aint gona end this needs to stop

  • Patil

    Nothing will happen…..Just wait……and See……

    If anything will start hurting u…that day…just Chant ” Om Namaha Shivaayaaa”

  • Madhu

    Yes Patil Said Ritely….Nothing will happen…

    If anything Just Chant ” Om Namaha Shivaayaaa”

  • abcd

    whoever keeps predicting when the world is gonna end needs to get a life. Or just keep it to themselves, not the whole world for real.

  • Ignorance can fill millions of pages and it comes at a price.

    True scientific knowledge is short and simple. And it is FREE. From Website given.

    The 2012 article is only two pages and it includes a third page on the El Niño (ENSO) phenomenon. And it is conclusive. Its full title in the Site is ‘The Mayan Calendar and the 2012 doomsday’.

    Read also from the same Site
    1. Cosmogony clarified and
    2. The ‘Life’ project

    Jesus Demetris Zeus

  • I agree we will still be here the next day just like the y2k