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Iron Maiden Lands Top 10 Album At iTunes Music Store; Lil Wayne Has #1 Single While Behind Bars

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Iron Maiden, back in the Top 10.  What the #@&* happened to this world?  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – I’m indifferent on the subject – but it something I never dreamed I’d see.  The idea of new music from Iron Maiden was crazy enough but seeing it hit the Top 10 on the iTunes Albums Chart?  Priceless.  Crazy.  Unexpected.

I know it’s bad writing form to begin an article in the middle but I couldn’t think of any other way to start this look at the top selling albums and singles at the iTunes Music Store than with Iron Maiden’s improbably Top 10 debut.  So now that we’re all on the same page regards to what we’re discussing here, let’s take a look at the rest of the charts.

It’s nothing new for dead musicians to have posthumous success.  It’s also become modestly common place for incarcerated artists to have chart success.  Jailed rapper Lil Wayne has the #1 single at iTunes this week, edging out Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”  Eminem had been #1 on both the singles and albums charts the past few weeks but his “Love The Way You Lie” drops to the #4 single but maintains his hold as #1 album.

Falling behind Eminem’s Recovery is the latest from Ray LaMontagne God Willin’ & The Creek Don’t Rise and the iTunes live session from country-pop stars Lady Antebellum.  The momentum of their iTunes session also helped their Need You Now album to return to the Top 10.  Arcade Fire, Maroon 5, and David Gray also placed in the album charts.

Iron Maiden.  Back in the charts.  I can still be surprised.

iTunes’ top 10 selling singles of the week ending Aug. 23, 2010:

  1. “Right Above It (feat. Drake)” – Lil Wayne
  2. “Teenage Dream” – Katy Perry
  3. “Dynamite” – Taio Cruz
  4. “Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem
  5. “I Like It” – Enrique Iglesias
  6. “Just the Way You Are” – Bruno Mars
  7. “Just a Dream” – Nelly
  8. “DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love” – Usher
  9. “Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo)” – B.o.B
  10. “Cooler Than Me” – Mike Posner

iTunes’ top 10 selling albums of the week ending Aug. 23, 2010:

  1. Recovery – Eminem
  2. God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise – Ray LaMontagne
  3. iTunes Session – Lady Antebellum
  4. The Suburbs – Arcade Fire
  5. Foundling – David Gray
  6. Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons
  7. Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
  8. Hands All Over – Maroon 5
  9. Intimacy – Kem
  10. The Final Frontier – Iron Maiden
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About Josh Hathaway

  • Dude,
    Don’t talk about Iron Maiden if you haven’t done your research.

  • Tom Clezza

    How on earth is it surprising to see Iron Maiden “BACK” in the top ten, when 13 out of their 15 studio albums have been in the top ten with the last 3 albums hitting 2, 4 and 1 respectively. The last time Iron Maiden were out of the top 10 was 1998, and before that, in 1981. WHOSE BEHIND THE TIMES NOW? The only reason they’re not in the charts every month of every year is because they only make albums every 3 years now (because they’re doing dvds and global tours bigger than any other band)and when they do its so mindblowingly fantastic that it blows everyone else out of the water. As a reviewer you need to get your head out of Katy Perrys’ anus and get yourself to an Iron Maiden show – real music for real people! Up the Irons!!!

  • Thomas

    mate, how can you be surprised to see new maiden music, they never stopeed releasing and average a new record every 2 years. Also maiden has one of the biggest fanbases in the world, so dont be shocked, to be honest im surprised its not higher

  • zodiac

    I didn’t realize that Iron Maiden had a “vast majority of peers”. They’ve always been one of a kind in my book. The reason that they aren’t “dead and gone” is because they are much smarter and have way more integrity than any of those possible “peers”. AND…their fan base has come full circle now with teens and twenty-somethings comprising much of it. The only people that can possibly be surprised by this new album charting are those that are so brainwashed by what the AMERICAN media is shoving down their throats. Open your eyes and your minds fellow americans…music still is a relevant form of art in the rest of the world, not just a platform for corporate America to condition you to their liking…learn to think for yourselves. That’s my sermon for the day!!

  • zingzing

    worls conquerers, you author moron! what contrie you from thier?

  • s_usa

    The author is moron. Iron Maiden conquers the worls. The final frontier tops the charts in 21 contries. Again some americans live in thier narrow world.

  • zingzing

    you miss my meaning. “live fast, die young?” “better to burn out than fade away?” the vast majority of their peers are either dead or disbanded. their longevity, as well as their continuing relevance, is surprising.

  • Tom Johnson

    Ridiculous comment, zing, and you know it. Not only that, the reaction to the new Maiden has been incredibly positive, unlike any other album of theirs that I’ve seen since the 80s. Check the “reception” section on the album’s Wikipedia page if you don’t believe me. Reactions there include “incredible,” “remarkable,” and “brilliant,” to name a few, and coming from the BBC, Mojo, Popmatters, and many others.

  • zingzing

    “doesn’t every old band with new music chart?”

    certainly not.

    “Why is seeing a new Iron Maiden album “crazy”?”

    because they should be dead and gone or just gone.

  • Tom Johnson

    Yeah, Maiden with a hit album out of the gates isn’t really a surprise. We fans are rabid and rush out to buy at least one version of the album the it’s out. That this is probably the best thing they’ve done in the better part of two decades helps, too. It’ll likely slide down the charts pretty quickly after this.

  • Dr. Jimmy

    Why is seeing a new Iron Maiden album “crazy”?

  • Bill

    Actually Iron Maiden have made the U.S. top ten with their last 3 albums, not sure why a classic rock band having a top ten is such big news, doesn’t every old band with new music chart? Now as to music from the incarcerated, well, lots of blues, country are in the form of prison songs, real or imagined.

  • Frontier Rider

    Do your homework before acting so shocked… Do some research about Maiden over the last 10 years… maybe your “shock” may dissipate and you may realize that you are the one behind the times…

  • Scream for me, Internet. Nice to see