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Iron Maiden Dances

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Iron Maiden
Earls Court, London

12 December 2003

Reviewing Maiden gigs is always rather hard, you see; it’s hard to find new words for what they do so well. Iron Maiden is the quintessential British metal band. They are 100% of Albion and do not try to be Americans from abroad. Their set, this time, was filled with loads of Union Jacks a flyin’, especially during their classic song, ‘The Trooper’. Needless to say it was a standing room only crowd for this treat of metal madness. Bruce and Co, were on fine form, with the three guitar attack providing some of the fullest sound the band has ever produced. Bruce, despite his age, raced around the stage like a madman. Maiden still put many more modern and younger acts to shame with their live show. There was a smattering of new tracks but Maiden know that their fans are there for the classics, and they delivered them with aplomb. The encores were stunning version of ‘Run to the Hills’ and ‘Number of the Beast’. In short, it was exactly what one expects and demands from the band. A night of 100% NWOBHM glory. Damn near perfection.

Rating: 5/5

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About Marty Dodge

  • I was at the gig… first Maiden gig I’d been to since 95 following a fall out with metal in general.

    It was a corker!