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Iraq’s Constitution: Good Luck

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Written by Cranky Liberal

Iraq finished its draft Constitution Sunday. I’m not sure why we are over there killing and dying to install a Constitution that opens the door for an Islamic theocracy to take hold, but I want to wish the people in Iraq all the best.

Months of debate and dialogue, conflict and compromise, blood and battle have boiled down to a document that, at it’s very heart, is built upon two sets of antithetical ideas:

1. No law can be passed that contradicts “the fixed principles of Islam”

2. Iraqis are equal before the law without discrimination.


1. The document guarantees a strong, united Iraq

2. It allows for the continuation (or creation) of autonomous regions (like the Kurds have in northern Iraq, and that the Shiites want in southern Iraq).

Hmm, it doesn’t take a political scientist (though that is my background) to see the problems here. Islam isn’t always known for being the most “democratic” and “non-discriminatory”of all religions. It’s really tough to be strong, united and autonomous and separate all at the same time. Does anyone remember that whole Yugoslavia thing?

Obviously this isn’t exactly what we hoped for. It is of course what we should have expected. When you have no plan you need to expect the worst.

Say hello to the worst.

Maybe the document passes the popular vote even though the Sunni’s are already working to thwart its passing.. Maybe the politicians in Iraq can do a far better job than we have lately in balancing the disparate demands of the secular and the soul. Maybe in the end a war we should have never started, fought by men and women who should have never died, for a government we should have never elected, will provide the freedom for the Iraqi people that we all wish for.


It’s an awfully big price to pay for such an awfully uninspiring word.

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  • ss

    I posted this one another thread, but it’s really a question I’m hoping someone can answer:

    I read a draft of the new constitution about a week ago and there were things I liked but I do have a question.

    The Supreme Federal Court will be made up of members nominated by the Supreme Judiciary Council…

    Who nominates/approves the members of the Supreme Judiciary Council?

    Maybe it was in there and I just missed it, but I didn’t see anything about the make up of the SJC in the constitution.