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Iraqis Are Not Dying For Us

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This is a sad day. Not only because top White House official Irving Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby has been indicted on five counts of illegalities, but our 2010th soldier has been killed in Iraq and frankly it is time for Americans to scream….ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! The time has come for all Americans to show our true support of our troops by doing everything we can to see that they are brought home safely and alive. In addition to the 2010 that have been killed, tens of thousands of our soldiers (our sons and daughters) have been maimed, crippled and had their lives destroyed. Not only have their futures been ruined but so have their families’. It’s pathetic. And for what? This message is not to discuss why we are there. This message is to make one very simple, clear point. We DO care and support our troops which is why WE WANT THEM HOME!

EVERYONE who is in agreement needs to participate in a national letter writing campaign to your congresspeople and senators. They must hear from us all that we feel enough is enough. Also, conservative talk radio is misinforming their listeners by stating that more Americans want our troops to stay in Iraq. We need to call these programs (I know you hate to have to sit there and listen to their ‘stuck-on-stupid talk’) and let them know how we truly feel – that we want our troops home – shows like Michael Medved, Laura Ingram, Dennis Prater, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Hugh Hewitt and the others. It’s time to get vocal. Certain organizations like Peace Action and others are starting to raise the volume on this issue. Get connected with some of these peace organizations. IT”S SCREAMING TIME! TIME TO SAVE OUR TROOPS! There is no reason for more of our sons and daughters to be killed in Iraq. The Iraqis are not dying for us….the time has come to stop dying for them. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS – bring them home.

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  • tommyd

    The United States has supported dictators in various nations for decades. Chile, Panama, Iraq, Honduras, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc. These nations all saw massive repression and/or mass slaughters of dissidents or political opponents, but they served US interests and were therefore tolerated….at least until the US had no more need for them, like Saddam Hussein and Mauel Noreiga. Don’t think for ONE SECOND that IRAQIS don’t know the history of AMERICA’s CONDITIONAL SUPPORT for DICTATORS! Why aren’t Iraqis dying for US???

    The US military are pawns for the Masters of War, just like Bob Dylan sang and sometimes the chickens come home to roost. It’s beyond sad what’s happened to the dead and wounded.

    I support the immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, war crimes trials for US politicians responsible for crimes against humanity, and reparations to the people of Iraq. Anything less would be uncivilized.

  • Bet the western press wouldn’t include “Christian” in the headline