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Iraqi People – Patience of Job

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Thirty killed in car bombings. Today’s news? Yesterday’s? A month ago. Iraq? Algeria? Spain? Israel? I’m trying to figure out why the constant carnage in Iraq has not resulted in some kind of massive response. If the daily bombings were happening in any of the other countries listed above, or in let’s say, any US city, the response would after a few days would be substantial. After a few weeks, if the government had not taken action, the people would. To either send the government packing, or take up their own arms.

I’m trying to figure out why the difference in Iraq. So far I have the following list.

1. The insurgents have no cause, other than to be anti something. There is nothing to unite against.
2. Even though there are religious and ethnic divisions in Iraq, the bombings don’t appear to be specifically targeting any of those groups.

3. The Iraqi people are used to death. Twenty citizens and policemen here, 30 there is not as big a deal as it would be in other places.
4. The Muslim faith is more accepting of death. It is not as tragic as it is for Christians.
5. There is a very deep wellspring of hope that if they keep going forward, there will be a completely new way of doing things and the insurgency will fade away.
6. The people think it is just part of the war, not aimed at them as people.

It is also of no little amusement that the left and the liberal media seem far more upset about the loss of Iraqi lives than they do. If they are willing to keep moving forward in this great experiment, why wouldn’t we be willing to keep giving a bit of our blood and our cash to help them get there?

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  • ok Randy, let’s have a look…

    1)uniting against folks that blow up your cops should be sufficient, not to mention the holy places and innocents killed..

    2)but there have been both secular and “sectarian” bombings in the last year…take a look at the lists of targets
    not to mention how many elected officials have been killed

    3)a very tough call…and it shoudl be for th eIraqi’s themselves to speak on this one..i do not have anywhere near enough Information…i doubt anyoen outside of a citizen in Iraq does..

    4)not buying that for a second…from what do you base this one on?

    5)again, only those that live there can say for certain, but i would bet that quite a few do feel this way…obviously some do not

    6)ummm..the “people” fo Iraq are the ones at war…on both sides of this..on one side, the US is helping the legally elected government…on the other, outside agencies seem to be aiding some factions of the Insurgents…either way, it is still Iraqi’s dying and Iraqi buildings being blown up, etc…

    if over 300 billion dollars and 1700 lives lost…not to mention the thousands of wounded, or the Iraqi casualties are nothing more than *a bit of our blood and our cash* to you, then you have other problems that i don’t think i can help you with

    “we” did it, “we” are Responsible…so i say do it Right, not the current half ass bullshit on the cheap

    but in the End..it is the Iraqi’s fight for the future of their Nation

    me?..i’m still wondering where bin Laden is…i’m fairly certani he ain’t in Iraq

    nuff said?


  • Are you drinking tonight Gonzo. That was the worst post I’ve ever seen you write. Typos, notwithstanding, I couldn’t even follow your usually impeccable, though sometimes misguided logic.

  • i don’t drink, as for typos..i am dyslexic and never edit..that being a nod to “gonzo” stylings

    if you look again, you will see my numerical statements are in direct response to yours in the original Posting

    line them up, one at a time , as if in a Conversation..it may help you to follow along

    hope that sheds some Light on it all…and thanks for the “value judgement” semi-insult on how misguided i am..i appreciate your empathy and compassionate Insight

    /end twaddle


  • Maybe I’m at fault. Since my politics are known, some might think this was an effort to be political. It was actually an attempt to understand how folks in Iraq are able to deal. I wasn’t so much offering my list as my understanding of the way things are. Rather I was putting them forth as postulates, and hoping for others to add to, contemplate, help develop a theory.

  • so i gathered, which is why i answered and gave my thoughts ot them..one by one

    just trying to help out there…and i don’t “know” your politics..just where you stand on a few issues, i won’t speak for any of the others

    if those aren’t your Opinions…then what are they? as in what are yours, and where did you get these?

    just curious…


  • There the best I could do. You know, the germ of an idea. Over the last week I just can’t get over how they are not doing what the Israeli’s would do in similar circumstances. Even when Israel would go a few weeks without retaliating, we would think they were being patient.

  • just for starters…EVERY Israeli has served in their military..and most citizens are armed…now have a look at their history and culture for the last 50 years

    compare that to the same period for the Iraqi’s

    apples and oranges, eh?


  • I think those are good insites. Are you and I the only ones still awake tonight?

  • possibly..i am only at this because it is 90 degrees here and i can’t sleep if i am sweating

    give me a blizzard over hot and muggy any day

    i’m in Maine and sweltering…just how far north do i have to move to be comfortable and still have 4 seasons?



  • Hate to say that is was 70 degrees with a nice breeze here in So Cal. Have to go for a one hour drive to see the other seasons though. What a pain.

  • Nancy

    Gonzo, I’m very familiar with Maine. Aren’t the wings of the mosquitos & horseflies creating enough of a breeze to cool you off?

  • i wuz in maine last week. over on the shore there were lovely breezes and temps hovering somewhere in the mid 70’s.

    then on saturday, somebody turned the heat waaaaay up….it pissed off the mosquitos and the black flies.

    i left the state.

  • Nancy

    People up in Maine & pts. north take their predatory insects VERY seriously. They even have their own runways.

  • runways…bah

    mocking the maine state bird, are ya?



  • Nancy

    Noooo…I spent much of my misspent youth at Biddeford Pool & Alfred, and have first-hand knowledge of the critters that engenders DEEP respect…especially since they have so much of my blood that they’re relatives by now.

  • biddeford pool eh?

    spent my first 6 years up here living on hills beach road…now am out in casco, by sebago lake

    at least these skeeters don’t carry switchblades like the ones in jersey do

    but i digress…


  • Shark

    Captain Kirk, reading you ‘thinking out loud’ about Iraqi politics is like watching a blind man fingerpaint.

    You’re a great addition to Blogcritics — since it’s lots of fun to watch someone answer the wrong questions with the wrong answers.

  • Shark

    BTW: Using your biblical analogy, if the people of Iraq are Job, then is George W. Bush the nasty vindictive God — or would that role be given the terrorists?

    Thanks in advance,
    Biblically Baffled

  • Gosh Shark. That was so useful and deep. Try again if you like.

    The ability of the Iragi people to maintain through this insurgency will determine whether they can move on to something better. The insurgents hope they can create civil unrest and undo civilization. Getting a hold on why the Iraqi’s are able to abide thus far might help us to know what to expect and how to back them up.

    P.S. very interesting about the bugs in Maine.

  • HW Saxton

    Randy, I ‘ll have to admit that I find you post to nonsensical. If it was meant to be as such understandable,if it
    was not…. Hmmmmm.

    1)The insurgents have no cause? I guess that they don’t, except for wanting to have a complete state of fundamentalist moslem ruled Anarchy in which they can go about terrorizing those who do not agree with them and conduct criminal enterprises that will help finance the furthering of such.

    2)Tell this to all of those Shia who’ve
    been massacred at weddings,at funerals, at prayer services,on pilgrimages,etc just because they WERE Shi’ittes.

    3) The callousness inherent in this statement is just so MF’in bass ackwards
    that it does not deserve to dignified with an answer. Ya gotta be kidding eh?

    4)All of the weeping and wailing over the lost family members,relatives and friends on a daily basis on the news would seem to prove otherwise Randy.But who gives a fuck they’re only a bunch of illiterate goat farmers anyway. They can’t really be all that hurt.

    5 & 6) And your proof of the truth of these two statements is based upon just what exactly???????????????????????????
    No,I don’t think that there could be anything stateside that billions of dollars would not be better spent on. It’s a much better idea to pour money into Iraq while our countries libraries are going broke,arts programs and the
    extracurricular activities are being eliminated kids are sharing outdated schoolbooks because the schools don’t have enough to give a kid his own math book and on and on. Better the Iraqis have cable access and wi fi. Right? Man I just hope you were bullshittin’ here RK.That’s all.

  • Nothing I said was intended to in any way slight the Iraqi people.

    Folks become desensitized, even to death.

    That is the only one that hasn’t been discussed in other public places. Maybe this just isn’t important to anyone else.

    I can move on.