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Iraqi Inquiry Chief Chilcot Has Involvement With Wind Turbines

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Some readers may still be unaware of the ongoing Chilcot inquiry into the 2003 invasion of Iraq. This is the third such British inquiry into that invasion; some deemed the previous two probes “whitewash.”

The Chilcot investigation, named for a London Commission headed by Sir John Chilcot, specifically questions the role of Prime Minister Tony Blair as to the invasion of Iraq, and accuses that administration, as well as the Executive Branch of the United States government, of the use of “unlawful force on a scale amounting to a crime of aggression.”

Sir John ChilcotBlair says he believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and he believed that intelligence showed Saddam Hussein was a threat. If wrongdoing is indicated, it is further indicated that there now are five million Iraqi orphans, and that the United States and the United Kingdom are responsible.

We now report on some related or unrated incidents in the life and work of Sir John Chilcot. Chilcot, we find, is a director and 1.1% shareholder in North British Windpower, a company which seeks to erect an array of wind turbines, 48 in number, 410 feet tall, to generate power, and to generate revenue at the rate of 30 Million £ per year.

Chilcot’s company, North British Windpower, had endured opposition from the British Ministry of Defense, who claim the project will interfere with military radar in Brizlee Wood. They had indicated they would forbid the plan until North British Windpower provided a technical solution to the problem.

Sir Chilcot was called to chair the Iraq inquiry on June 15, 2009. Then on July 1, that same year, the Ministry of Defense dropped its opposition to the wind turbine construction. At that point Sir Chilcot became open to accusations of conflict of interest. It is reported that a public inquiry into the matter of the wind turbines and related matters will soon be ongoing.

The Chilcot inquiry seems never ending. At this point, the proceedings are on hold, waiting for results of the Commission's visit to the United States to confer with George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and other members of the Bush administration.

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