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IRA Threatens to Burn Out the McCartney Sisters

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The IRA has chosen to celebrate the success of its Sinn Féin sock-puppets in the recent elections by threatening to burn down the houses of the sisters of one of the many victims of IRA murder. The women in question lacked the good sense to grin and bear it when their brother was killed on a busy street after a fracas in a crowded bar, without any witnesses present.
I suppose it’s a little bit rough on the children, but women are going to have to learn to keep their place sometime, aren’t they? Mark my words: if you start to let women complain in public when their family members are murdered, they’re going to want the vote next.

It’s past time for Gerry Adams to be treated as a pariah. (That doesn’t mean, of course, that Ian Paisley shouldn’t also be treated as a pariah. Both sides in a dispute can’t be entirely right, but both can be entirely evil.)

The European Union has made a good start by voting to spend money from its fund for the victims of terror to support the McCartney sisters. Of course the SF members voted “no.”

I’d like to hear from Bill Clinton about this. He has some hard-earned political capital in Northern Ireland and among Irish-Americans who care about the sufferings of Northern Irish Catholics. This would be a good time to spend some of that capital.

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  • It wasn’t the IRA. Check out this article:


    Quote:”Police have warned the family of Robert McCartney that “criminal elements” are planning to burn them out of their homes and to attack the business of one of his sisters.”

    There is no evidence that the IRA was behind the threats. In fact, if the IRA did want to attack the McCartney sisters then they probably would have already done so.

  • I doubt it was the IRA per se (or at least not officially sanctioned by the ‘Ra). Having said that I doubt that you’d have to travel far from their door to find the “criminal elements”.

  • I thought this story was pathetic, Mark, but even more pathetic is comment #1. Paisley and Adams deserve each other.

    I hope you don’t mind having a knuckle-dragger agree with you 100%.

  • Paisley and Adams deserve each other.

    Wrong. Adams represents the indigenous Irish population of the north of Ireland while Paisley represents the British colonists.

  • You are calling the leader of a murderous organized crime cartel the “representative of the indigenous population of Northern Ireland”. I would find that insulting. I hope your are speaking for yourself. Adams is elected, all right. But a dog, though elected, remains what he is.