iPod of Terror?

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From the blog Camera Anguish comes this strange tale from the war on terrorism. London’s Metro, a free print paper, is reporting the latest oddity in the war on terror in the UK. This one involves an iPod and some heavy rock music. One Harraj Mann had some problem on a flight because of the music he was listening to at the time.

A mobile phone salesman was hauled off a plane and questioned three hours as a terror suspect – because he listened to songs by the Clash and Led Zeppelin.

Daft much? Well Plant’s wail is a bit like a “Call to Prayer” but the Clash? I mean “Rockin the Casbah” is a favorite song coming from the tankers in the Gulf War!

Mr. Mann said he was “frog-marched off the plane in front of everyone, had my bags searched, and was asked every question you can think of.” He added: “It turned out the taxi driver alerted someone when I arrived at the airport and had spoken about my music. He didn’t like Led Zep or the Clash but there was no need to tell the police.”

There does seem to be the occasional odd occurrence in the quest to keep the West free from murderous Islamists. This does, however, seem to be the first one involving the popular Apple MP3 player. All because a taxi driver did not like his choice of music. Seems a tad silly to me.

As you all know I can have some pretty odd stuff on my iPod. I wonder what that taxi driver would have thought of my selection of review tunes.[ADBLOCKHERE]

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  • myself

    this article is sooo stupid …

  • Funny the editor who published it didn’t think so.

  • Sauron

    Dumbass cabbie. Mind your own fucking business.

  • not sure what’s more weird, the fact that a cabbie would infer “terrorist” from those tunes…or that the autorities would take him seriously.

  • jon

    Another example of power-hungry/freedom-hating United States propagandha.

  • Yeah that taxi driver is a bit meddling isn’t he? Wonder if they can get him for wasting police time or something.

  • Billy

    If I were that guy, I’d hunt down that cab. They’re all easily ID’d.

  • Ari

    Does any one notice that the taxi driver doesnt like the music? I dont know about every were else, but im from manhattan and if the taxi driver didnt like my music it would prbly be cuse “Allah” isn’t mentioned even once in the song

  • Dave Nalle

    So I guess I can assume that since I have The Stranglers “Bring on the Nubiles” on my iPod I’m going to be arrested as a pedophile at any moment.


  • no dave, ‘nubile’ will be mistaken for that virgins-in-the-afterlife thing…therefore, islamic terrorist!!!

  • Or worse ‘Burn in Hell’ by Twisted Sister or maybe ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC

  • oooh, this could get ugly. i’ll leave out the Cannibal Corpse songtitles.

  • Nylo

    Yes Jon. We hate freedom so much no one in the united states opposses this kind of stuff at all…

    Wonder if the cab driver slipped them some other kind of information; might have had it out for the guy for one reason or another.

  • Julian Taylor

    SO how would ‘Stairway To Heaven’ rate for the UK cops?

    Incidentally, the Koran says that you get 72 virgins or houris, each one of which will become ‘as though she were unsullied after giving of herself’ presumably straight after a damn good shagging by the latest 15 year old (male only) martyr. Now if that is so why do they need another SEVENTY ONE virgins?

  • ‘Run to the Hills’? ‘Fuck You’ Overkill? Or another Iron Maiden track ‘Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter…’

  • Dawn

    I actually thought this story was pretty interesting. Disturbing, but interesting.

    How about “Fuck You Like An Animal”?

    Of course in some Afghan villages that’s just good clean in the barnyard.

  • Lol…Slayer ‘South of Heaven’ would work rather well too. We decided that would be a good track to drive off the Jehova’s Witnesses that come to the door.

  • Dawn

    that should read “good clean fun” but yeah, a little Slayer never hurt.

  • Or a bit of Morbid Angel…my Norwegian death metal loving mate better make sure he is careful of how loud his iPod is when he travels. Satyricon especially.

  • Dawn

    Hey, I bought some of that Norwegian death metal stuff for my stepson. I think it was called Angry Troll or something. I got some funny looks from the Border’s Help Desk lady.

    Teens and their weird music