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iPod Nano Accessory Review: iWatchz Timepiece Collection

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“Whoa, what kind of watch are you wearing?”
“Oh, it’s actually an iPod.”


This is the typical introduction to a conversation that I have been having with many friends, students, and strangers over the past week as I have been trying out the dark brown leather wristband from iWatchz. I must say that I have gotten even more glances, questions, and compliments with this band than any other watch I have worn (granted, I wasn’t wrapping Movados around my wrist). Still, it is worth noting that the iPod Nano watch accessory market is alive and active, and iWatchz has created several product lines to appeal to nearly anyone’s diverse tastes. Read on for more thoughts about a sample from their Timepiece Collection.

Where are the instructions?

Similar to the HEX Vision that I reviewed recently, the outer packaging was sleek and minimalist, keeping up with high tech trendy items. Other than a nice presentation box, there were no additional papers, instructions, or accessories included. I wouldn’t have minded an instruction guide as I had some difficulty configuring the band initially, though a quick trip to the manufacturer’s website provided the support I needed and answered all the questions that I had (sure enough in the F.A.Q. section).

Easier seen than done

As mentioned above, I had some trouble figuring out 1) how to open the band, 2) how to slide in the iPod Nano, and 3) how to adjust the size of the band. Again, some included instructions would have saved me a few minutes and a trip to the laptop, though I support making the eco-friendly decision of saving the paper. Without the instructions, I was able to unclasp the band and slide in the Nano. Once I learned how the clip was designed, I had no trouble sliding the music player in and out of the wristband. As I’ve noted before, it’s important for me to be able to clip and unclip with ease as I tend to take my Nano out for runs. When placed in the wristband, the Nano is extremely secure, and one can barely notice that it’s actually two pieces of hardware. To most, it will appear to be a single watch on one’s wrist.

Nice watch, man

Following up my first experience wearing an iPod as a watch, I was a bit more confident in how the look would be received by others. The iWatchz Timepiece Collection certainly did not disappoint. Numerous compliments and questions on where I got the watch came from those I knew along with complete strangers. The stitching, color, and clasp mechanism are all solidly constructed, and the clip in system is much different from the other watch band I reviewed, but just as well designed. iWatchz has a wide variety of styles ranging from a new metal band to leather straps to rugged nylon bands. The company provides the perfect range of designs to match those 18 (currently) clock faces and the unlimited number of personalities out there in the world.

The iWatchz Timepiece Collection leather band for iPod Nano Gen 6/7 comes in numerous shades of leather and is available direct from iWatchz for $89.95.

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