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iPhone Game Review: 16bit Trader

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In 16bit Trader, the main character’s father is murdered by villains. He becomes enraged and goes out looking for revenge on the killers (revenge he will gain by becoming the biggest and baddest trader around).  Moving from one town to another, buying items low and selling them high the player fulfills this goal. On this journey, the trader sometimes encounters quests which do things like asking them to speak to a character in another town and report back. I’m sure there has to be other types of quests, but to be honest it took so long to get to the quests I didn’t have the patience to get to another one. The game moves very slowly.

On the plus side, the graphics are nicely hand drawn and really give the app an old school feel. However, as this app is running on an iPhone so I’m not so sure users are looking for the old school feel. Those that like the nostalgic Oregon Trail type of graphics will probably enjoy the this game as long as they are patient.

To say it again, it just moves way too slowly! The simple act of moving from one town to the next buying items and then selling them for a profit is not enough to keep me interested for very long. The random encounters with things like bears, storms, or other evil things are few and far between. It moves at turtle-like speed and the encounters are not frequent enough to keep the rest interesting.

16bit Trader is a nice idea, and if players are patient they may enjoy it. For most, it will need a good shot of espresso to kick it up a notch or two.  It is not recommended.

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