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iPhone Application Review: Twitbook

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In today's fast-paced world full of social networking and online communications, it is tough to keep up with everything. Trying to do it all on your iPhone is even harder still, and much more complicated. Sure, Facebook has launched its own application, Myspace also has its own, and there are tons of Twitter applications, but there are very few that combine them all together. Take all three, toss them together, and you have, Twitbook, the new application from Imagination Research Labs.

Twitbook is an application that ties together your online life and attempts to place it all in one location. While you can still get individual applications for these areas of your life, Twitbook serves to unite them all under one roof. It is sort of a catch-all for your social networking needs.

One of the things that I really like about Twitbook is how simple the application was to set up. I turned it on, typed in a few passwords, and then I was up and running. With very little effort, and almost no thought, I was able to get this baby working perfectly – that is a major plus. Additionally, everything was quickly stored, and I never had any issues logging on again, which is also nice.

The price point of Twitbook is one of the best things that this application has going for it. While there are many other applications out there for these services, they each cost roughly the same as Twitbook. Why should I pay for three different applications when I can just buy one and have it do the same stuff? Simple math shows that Twitbook, at only $0.99, is the way to go here.

Another good thing about Twitbook is the fact that I am able to do everything on it – I can update my twitter status, read what my friends are thinking, and join facebook groups. Most things that I would do on the Web site itself I am able to do with this application. While I have found that some of the other applications that mimic one Web site’s features exactly, they don't have multi-site support like Twitbook does. To me, I am extremely glad that I only need to launch one application to update various sites in my online life. This makes my life easy, simple, and saves me a ton of time.

Though it is nice that Twitbook offers a 3-in-1 deal, this is also one of the problems with the application – it only offers a 3-in-1 deal. I don't use Mysapce, so to me Twitbook only offers me two applications. While I don’t ever need to use the Myspace portion, I don’t like that only 66% of the application is worthwhile to me. The fact that other sites – Linked In, Digg, Blogger/Wordpress, and others – are not listed or supported does harm the value. While the makers have considered adding other online networks, they are not planning on doing so until there is a demand for them. Well, I am demanding it, so I hope that they come soon.

Even though it is seriously lacking in social networks, Twitbook offers some major promise. I am hoping that it is expanded to include other sites soon, but it is decent without them. I like the fact that you get many applications built into only one, and that everything is fluid and seamless. Plus, at the $0.99 price tag, it is not that bad of a deal. I would suggest that you take a look at Twitbook today, and try it out.

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