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iPhone Application Review: Music Aurora PRO

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Are your playlists lacking in creativity? Tired of hearing the same songs in the same order? Just want to try out a new system of creating playlists for your iPod Touch or iPhone? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Music Aurora PRO (MAP) is perfect for you.

Usually people use iTunes to sync with their iPods and iPhones, but there are other options available. iTunes, however, is by far the easiest. Though it is easier, that doesn’t mean that it is flawless and that great. iTunes is lacking in the ability that many other music handlers have – the ability to create good on-the-go playlists. Sure, you can create your own list, but iTunes has no good algorithm to help you out in making them. This is where MAP steps up to the plate.

MAP is an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that creates playlists from your music. It starts by identifying each song as a type (say laid back, easy listening, heavy metal, etc.) and then assigns it a color. You can then manually pick songs based on type, popularity, etc., or you can have the Feelink system automatically recommend songs for you to enter into your playlist. Say you are listening to "Low Rider" and want similar songs; simply click Feelink and you get a nice list of songs for a potential playlist.

Personally, I really like the playlist feature. Unlike Apple, which seems to think that "Like a Virgin" is in the same genre as "Walk the Line" (yes, I have a wide selection of musical tastes), the Feelink actually works as it is supposed to. I have over 3000 songs on my iPhone and seven days' worth on my computer, but I am sick of hearing the same songs. Feelink actually orders them in a way that is useful and really enjoyable.

I also enjoy the Super Music Database (SMDB) that is built into the application. Though it is only usable over WiFi or your iPhone's signal, the database is full and complete. With a listing of almost every song, as well as all songs in your iTunes Library, you are able to find anything you want. There does seem to be integration where Feelink will also search the SMDB for new songs, but I have not fully experimented in that regard.

Yet another thing that I like about MAP is the trending and color coding. Identifying your music by six factors (Mood, Popularity, Enthusiasms, Trendiness, Vintage, and Music Originality), the application will give you graphs and usability statistics. This helps to create playlists for certain moods and times, as it allows you to customize to your own personality. I really like this ability, as it allows a more personal touch than anything else I have seen.

Not all is good, however. While the graphs and colors, along with the total graphical user interface, are nice and well adapted to the iPhone, the controls gave me a bit of an issue. Though movement is supposed to be quick and flicking-easy, I found the screen to lag a bit and be jerky when moving. Same goes for pinching and pulling, as the zooming in and out did not appear smooth at all. This is a setback, as almost everything else in the GUI is amazingly well done and implemented. Though this might have been caused by my iPhone, I hope this is something they fix shortly.

Overall, I believe that Music Aurora PRO is a pretty worthwhile application for your iPod Touch or iPhone. The application is small, doesn’t require much memory to run, and is quite well done. I believe that you will enjoy being able to customize your music playlists to mood and times, as well as several other factors. I believe that you will find the $.99 investment a good move and purchase Music Aurora PRO today.

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