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iPhone App Review: VOX Clock

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“Good evening, it’s 8:33” says VOX Clock as I launch it on my iPhone. There’s a fine line between just another clock app and one that is actually useful. Luckily, VOX Clock is on the right side of the line. It’s simplistic, customizable and stylish. But the best part is that it’s useful.

After you’re greeted with the time upon launching the app, you’re then presented with a large time display with three icons on the lower part of the screen. The display is clean. The icons are unobtrusive. It’s like grandpa’s timepiece. VOX Clock was built with one thing in mind, keeping track of time and it does that very well. Fortunately, it has a few other bells and whistles.

On the lower left hand side, there is a bell displayed to activate the alarm clock function. Tap it and you’re presented with on, off and the time of the alarm. One thing to note, if the app is active when the alarm goes off, the alarm will sound regardless of your ringer setting. If it is running in the background, the alarm will only sound if your ringer is on.

When you turn your alarm on, the icon glows a light yellow signifying that it’s active. If turned off, it’s a lighter gray. Changing the time is very easy and is done by tapping the time tab once you’ve tapped the bell. A very simple menu pops up where you can again turn the alarm on or off, select the time of the alarm and select whether you want the alarm to play a chime or music from your iTunes library. Note that the VOX Clock has to be active to play your selected song or it will otherwise play the chime. Save to exit back to the main screen.

The clock also features a timer that you can set to never, every 15, 30 or 60 minutes. To set it, tap the analog clock tab next to the alarm tab and a pop up menu appears and you then select times from it. Once selected, the analog clock displays a pie style display depending on the amount of time selected.

More custom functions can be manipulated after tapping the settings tab in the lower right hand side. Within that menu, you can select a normal voice or a softer whispering voice that can speak in English, French, Mandarin Chinese or Japanese. You can select the alarm functions from here too.

There are several stylish clock designs such as a floral design called Marrakesh as well as the simple (and my favorite) Oslo design which displays a black background with white numbers. Finally, under the keep visible tab, you can select from always, when plugged in and until auto-lock to ensure proper clock management.

In conclusion, the VOX Clock app is a definite buy for those wanting a more customized and stylish alarm experience. It’s design customization combined with the ability to select a chime or specific song from your iTunes library also makes it an ideal alarm clock companion.

The VOX Clock iPhone alarm clock is rated 4+ by iTunes. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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