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iPhone App Review: Poo Log

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Apple has 85,000 apps for just about anything, including poo!

Based on the amusing and educational book What’s My Poo Telling Me? by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth, M.D., AvatarLabs launched the Poo Log app for iPhone and Android.

For those concierges of poo, Poo Log offers the user the opportunity to record and study each snowflake of a bowel movement. The features of the Poo Log include the same great useful medical information combined with the hilarious bathroom humor of What’s My Poo Telling Me? but in a interactive form with a poo timer, poo log, graph for your poos, quizzes, mind-expanding illustrations, and dookie descriptions.

Poo Log critiques your poo in three areas: delivery, size/shape and number of particles. Yesterday, my poo lasted 10 seconds. It was a two on delivery: “couple of pushes, no grunts”, a three on shape/size: “Monster Poo; stool breaks water surface” and a three on number of particles: “One and done, baby!” with a total score of eight.

Because pooping should be a pleasurable experience, the Poo Log lets the user focus on the action at hand and not life’s many worries while using the potty. It was ridiculously fun and completely worth my time with trivia to boot!  Well worth the $1.99 price tag.

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