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iPhone App Review: It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!

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The iPhone is a great tool for many things from playing games and taking notes to depositing checks and getting things done with the many task managers. Another thing it does very well is provide book publishers with another format to publish their content on. Companies such as Oceanhouse Media have definitely taken advantage of this platform.

Oceanhouse Media’s latest release is called It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex!, a book that starts out in a peaceful prehistoric scene with birds chirping, insects hanging out and a Hypsilophodon drinking some water.

Unfortunately for this group, it’s about to get a little less peaceful. As the app starts out, “A thunderous sound of stomping steps gets louder and closer. It’s a Tyrannosaurus rex!” Bigger than most of the trees, T-Rex is looking for dinner.

The app goes on to feature nicely done graphics of a Quetzalcoatlus, a flying oddly shaped bird, a Triceratops and many more prehistoric creatures that are trying not to be T-Rex’s lunch. The app is very educational in that every time T-Rex meets up with a new creature, the illustrations and text explain different aspects of the creature that make it an unappetizing meal. It’s a virtual tour through a prehistoric jungle.

Beyond the fascinating story is a full-featured app that includes three reading options. Read to me enables the app to narrate out load via the iPhone’s speaker and allows the reader to turn or swipe the pages keeping the pace up to the reader. Read it myself allows the reader to do their own narration and manually turn the pages and auto play does it all for you. Auto play is quite handy if you child isn’t able to turn the pages yet.

From the main screen, you can tap the lower right hand info tab to get all the details on how to work the app. For instance, you swipe the screen left or right to turn the pages, tap a paragraph to hear it read aloud and tap on pictures to learn words like the above mentioned Quetzalcoatlus or Hypsilophodon.

You can also turn sound on or off and learn more about the copyright holder or Oceanhouse Media. Simply tap the return button in the lower left hand side to return to the main screen and start your prehistoric adventure.

If your child is a dinosaur fan, and whose kid isn’t, then you’ll want to purchase this app. Its ease of use, auto play functions and entertaining narration make it a good buy.

The It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex! app is rated 4+ by iTunes and can be download from the Apple App Store for $0.99.

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