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iPhone App Review: Facebomb Now Available

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Iddiction, makers of the the popular free app-of-the-day service Appoday, recently launched Facebomb for iPhone and iPad. Available for iOS 5.0 or later, the new app utilizes Faceclone technology to automatically copy a face within an image and replace all of the other faces with the selected one. Hilarious and creepy.

Facebomb is easily operated and users need only open the app and allow it to access their Facebook profile. They can then select from any of their photos to clone and, well, “facebomb” their own photos or better yet, their friends’ photos. It’s actually quite hilarious and a lot of fun. Images from the user’s photo roll can be used as can images captured on the fly.

I thought the app would be kind of clunky, but the proprietary automatic face cloning algorithm they use works quite well. Simply select the image, pinch, zoom, scale, and rate the person’s face and it automagically works with spot-on accuracy. It’s kind of creepy too, as evidenced in the image included above.

Normally, the app is $1.99, but for a limited time, Iddiction is offering Facebomb for free through its Appoday service.

As of this review, there are almost 100 4.5-star reviews, showing that the Facebomb app is going to appeal to the prankster inside all of us and rightly so since it’s better than actually bombing a picture at an actual wedding or birthday party. Facebombing virtually is way easier and I’m sure will lead to many Internet memes.

Of course, if the user wants to take their pranking to the next level, they can check out Facebomb Swap!, which allows them to swap faces instead of just cloning. The app utilizes the same face recognition technology and offers one more layer of pranking awesomeness.

For those wanting to be a bit more creative with their friends’ photos, Facebomb is the perfect app and is a must-have for the prankster in all of us.

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