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iPhone App Review: All-in Pedometer

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There are just about as many ways to count your steps as there are steps you take in a day. However, there are very few as intuitive, robust and dynamic as All-in Pedometer.

Walking is not very glamorous. Think about its counterpart: running. Now running has all sorts of sports it’s associated with such as basketball, soccer and many more.

Walking, on the other hand, gets less attention even though it’s an essential way of transportation from walking to the fridge to walking to the park. While it might be a boring action or something that we forget that we do until we actually say “let’s take a walk through the park,” it can still be part of your daily exercise routine.

All-in Pedometer is a very important and powerful tool to measure your steps, laps, goals, distance, time, pace, etc. It has several key features that will help you keep at your current body weight or reduce it to your desired weight. Or, you can simply use it to count steps.

After launching the app, you can dive right in and push the start button and immediately keep track of your footsteps. However, the app offers a plethora of options to customize your experience. There are five quick launch buttons to start the app, check your history, set a music playlist, set body sizes and weights.

To get the full experience and for those serious about attaining their fitness goals, I suggest clicking on the body tab to set your body sizes such as chest size, waist size, hip size as well as body weight. These settings ensure you stay on track and have a benchmark to measure against moving forward.

Next, set your desired sizes and body weight under the my profile section which can be found under the more tab on the lower right hand side. There, you can set age, height and gender. You can also manually set your step length or let the app do it for you automatically.

One of my favorite features of the app is the playlist function, which allows you to either select a pre-made playlist or add songs from your music library on your iDevice. Simply click on the music quick launch tab, followed by playlist and you’ll be presented with an add songs tab which takes you to your music library. From there, just click the add button and then done and you’re on your way.

Along with music playlist customization, you can also set goals based on distance, calories and minutes. This is a really useful tool that makes it easy to track your goals and help motivate you to the finish line. I personally use the distance goal.

If you’re of the sharing type, you can also share your goal via Twitter, Facebook and email. I’ve used this feature several times and the social motivation I get from friends is great and an added bonus.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to spice up your daily walks or kick start yourself into a walking champion, All-in Pedometer is a must have app that delivers on all aspects of tracking your walking adventures.

All-in Pedometer is rated 4+ on iTunes. The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $1.99.

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    well, good one app, Pedometer Ultimate GPS + worth it. best ever app for fitness and step counting