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iPad3 Coming Soon, Fast and Furious

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Everyone in the world of Apple is talking about the new iPad 3 that is coming out with more power than and iPad user thought possible. In fact, one of the rumors suggest that the iPad3 is not even going to be called iPad3, but rather iPad HD to reflect the lightening fast hard drive speed and the apparent focus on video and media handling.

With the large focus on AppleTV in the recent years, it only makes sense. Apple is looking for stake in the growing video market as our online habits transcend from casual Internet surfing to more video geared Internet use. Online video has had a great impact on casual Internet usage, as well as informational and educational online pursuits. AppleTV has it’s own set of rumors, including a streaming service coming out this year, as well as connection with iTunes. Undoubtedly the two developments will cross one another.

The biggest question weighing on everyone’s mind is when will the iPad3 be available. Talking about it is great, but we want to see it and feel it in our hands. Thanks to 9to5Mac, after several calls to local Apple Stores, intel was extracted from a store location indicating that a large Apple event is taking place on Friday, March 16th when the iPad3 is rumored to be officially announced, and that several stores are gearing up for an event on that same day. Speculation leads to the conclusion that this event must be celebrating the release of the widely received iPad3.

Another interesting rumor can be indicative of a future plan involving iPads. Apparently, Apple has been buying volume of 7.1 inch screens from the same supplier that produces iPad screens. Can a mini-iPad be in the works? Between AppleTV taking a prominent role in Apple’s marketing and production, along with the new technology being integrated that offer speed and higher screen resolution, it is certain that any Mini iPad will be a sought after product. Only time will tell!

The Retina Display is one of the more popular iPad3 rumors as well. This feature offers a substantially higher screen resolution with the same screen size as the previous iPads. This is a new technology in the family of iPads making this release even more interesting.

There is no denying that Apple fanatics are ready for a new gadget to explore. With the upcoming event apparently taking place at Apple retail outlets, more information will unveil to make the details of the new iPad material and tangible. Stay tuned for more information, which will be detailed as it becomes available.

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