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iPad Misadventures

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How hard could it be?

I waited for the hopped up 64GB WiFi 3G version that is about 150 bucks more than the same version without 3G. What can I say? I am a techno junkie. I like gadgets.

Those misguided souls — I include myself in this group — who waited, impatiently, for the release of the 3G version. To insure that FedEx dropped the bouncing baby iPad off without a problem, I even downloaded the nifty signature release, printed it, and taped it to my front door.

Lo and behold, like the Tooth Fairy or Santa, when I finally managed to get around to going to my front door, the new baby was resting comfortably on the front step. I was not going to be impatient, so I even plugged it in to charge while I worked on my book that is now overdue by a week.

I could stand it no longer. I finally fired up the little guy. I found the adorable cherub to be bright, inquisitive, and very eager to please its new mommy. We were bonding. I began to dream about shopping trips, vacations, even trips to the beauty shop while I was getting a color (you think my hair color is naturally occurring). The sound in head was not my chronic tinnitus but Romeo and Juliet.


Everything was perfect until I tried activating my 3G service with AT&T.

Umm… well… my address was rejected by AT&T. I tried again and again and again. I checked the tech forums on Apple's website and made a startling discovery. AT&T has this very strange mindset that refuses to allow someone to purchase cell service if their credit card does not have their home address on it. I use a post office box.

I called AT&T. Maybe that was my second mistake, my first being chucking out an extra 150 bucks for the 3G version. Why, they did not have a problem… I do. No one else had complained.

No one else had complained, yet the hit count on that specific question on the Apple tech forum was pushing a few thousand. Several people had come up with the bright idea of changing their mailing address on their credit cards. I logged into my Capital One account and made the change in less than a minute.

No luck.

I called Apple. The tech support guy had heard nothing about the problem. I hung up and tried resetting the iPad. No luck. I called Apple again. The second tech guy was aware of the problem, but had no fix. Had I called AT&T?

We’re pushing two hours. When you have a book overdue, two hours is an eternity. I was really ticked. I went back to work on the blasted book for awhile, but couldn’t stand it. I tried setting the 3G up once again. No luck. I called Apple. It was now pushing 2PM Mountain Time. The tech guy I spoke to was well aware of the problem. He could not say that AT&T was being a jerk — but he did transfer me to their complaint department and suggested I give them an earful. After 15 minutes on hold I was disconnected. I called AT&T again, spent another 15 minutes on hold and was disconnected. After 15 additional minutes on hold I finally spoke to a customer service “specialist.”

No one else was having problems. She suggested I call Capital One and see if my credit card was any good. I called Capital One. My card was and is perfect. I managed to get hold of the nicest tech support guy. He went in and changed every address on my account to reflect the Google map address of where I live. Did I like the iPad? Should he get one?

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  • Kt

    This sounds more like misadventures with AT&T’s well-known limited coverage, as you say. Good luck with the iPad.

  • Phillip Winn

    AT&T is absolutely terrible.