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iPad Apps vs iPhone Apps

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Before you invest in new iPad apps you might want to take a look at your existing iPhone apps by running them on the iPad. Several seem to work better on X2 (a button on the right side of the machine) on the iPad than as a native iPad application.

A particular interesting version of this problem, that costs $2.99, is the Facebook app for iPad. This version is clunky and not terribly useful. Then again I should have been warned since it gets all of one star on iTunes. The iPhone version is far more user friendly and is easier to type on. Oh yes, and one more thing — the Facebook app for the iPhone is free. It's a bit nonsensical that the paid version is less useful than the free one, but that seems to be the case.

Considering the lack of access to the iPad for most developers, it's not surprising there are some minor problems with new apps. We can assume there are going to be a rush of updates in the next few days for all the apps. I am sure people are finding all sorts of problems not envisioned originally. Needless to say, it's impressive that there are so many available at launch and it's probably very helpful that most iPhone/iPod Touch apps will run on the iPad in some form or another.

A few other apps have their problems — like not working at all — most notably the WordPress app for the iPad. I am slowly working through my apps to see which ones work better, the iPhone or the iPad edition.

I am sure that many apps will be improved over the next weeks and months. It will be interesting to see how they evolve over the next six months to meet the needs of the users.

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  • Tom Johnson

    This Facebook app you’re talking about isn’t an official Facebook app. It’s just an app made by a developer. Why Facebook didn’t update their own to work on the Ipad correctly is beyond me, but I don’t know why anyone would need to use the app anyway – just use Safari. Same goes with any website-specific apps, from what I’ve experienced so far.

    As for using Iphone-specific apps at 2X size, they look like ass. I tried a bunch of them and they’re terrible looking. Deleted immediately. Unless it’s something I absolutely must have, I won’t be using any Iphone apps on my Ipad, and if I have to use it, it will be grudgingly and at 1X – and I’ll be searching for a replacement in the meantime!

  • I care less about how they look and more about how they work. I am surprised there are not a rash of updates to apps today. There are quite a few I have found (iPad) native with serious bugs including Need for Speed Shift.

  • I am surprised we have not seen more articles on the lack of support for Adobe Flash for both iPhone and iPad. So many websites use flash to engage users and improve their experience (including my own), I really do not understand why they will not support it?

  • I thought it was because Flash has some security issues Apple is not happy with. They plan to add support when they are sorted out.

  • Marty, I’ve only had my iphone for a few weeks now and it’s the most amazing piece of kit I’ve every owned.

    I use it for all sorts of tasks: everything from creating mindmaps to commenting on my blog.

    Hell, I’ve even used it to make calls. The Iphone is an attractive item that I want to take care of.

    The ipad looks like a cumbersome lump of plastic. It’s too big for my pockets and does do half of what my laptop can do. Shame it doesn’t fold in the middle.

    I don’t really believe that the pad will outsell or get even close to the now iconic iphone.

  • Mr Brian Mitchell

    I have a IPhone4 but have recently brought a IPad 16gb and is what I would like to know is, I have nearly 100 game on IPhone,can I tranfer all of them on to IPad….Brian

  • ms gagetgirl

    I am upgrading to iphone4. looking at the ipad. can I use it as I would my computer to update itunes to update my phone? Is this a wierd questions?

  • Kate

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