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iOS Review: Squids

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Before you even get to playing the game, one of the initial things that hits you about Squids, are its vibrant colours.  Although the graphics look simplistic, the inclusion of this color scheme makes it look extremely pretty.

Squids sees you controlling a team of, you guessed it, squids, all ready to save the oceans from the ooze that is infecting the waters and its creatures with pollution and evil.  You control the Squids by slinging them, like a rubbery slingshot, with each individual squid bringing their own set of movement, armor, and strength attributes to the field. These can be upgraded over time with XP in the form of pearls, with armor-enhancing hats to be found throughout each level, as well as hidden stars. As such, squids perform basic attacks by being shot at their enemies, and it’s both simple and rewarding, with the various type of squids on hand, it makes for a tactical experience as well as being enjoyable.

The levels are fun and well designed. They bring a sense of strategy to the rounds, with some levels focusing on exploration, finding hidden treasure and secret passage ways, whilst others dive tentacles first into combat, using the strengths of each squid on the team to the best advantage. Gameplay is a lot deeper than it seems, with the option to take on enemies with different strategies, for example; you can take them head on, or hit them from another angle and knock them into a current, which will then slam the creature into a sea urchin across the screen.

The creators of Squids, The Game Bakers, have brought a fantastic and thoughtful gem to the iOS App Store, and one I recommend checking out.


Squids is currently available for iOS


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