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iOS review: Crazy Escape

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In Crazy Escape, an iOS game developed by KoolFing and released by BulkyPix, Cutlet and Mishmash are penguins on a mission to save wolf-knapped sheep from becoming dinner. Hilariously, these goofy, desperate birds have a 4×4 to help gather their pals away from the wolves faster, but they need a gamer’s help to plan their getaway path.

The HD graphics are sharp, fun, brightly colored, and eye-catching on a modest iPhone or iPod Touch screen, but is set to impress iPad users. The controls are precise and not diminished when using a smaller iOS-compatible device, but a stylus is recommended. Best of all, Crazy Escape‘s instructions are quickly deduced, making this a simple game for young gamers to pick up and dive into with little preparation or confusion.

The gameplay requires strategy though; one must trace the penguins’ route across 90 levels and several terrains, dodging wolves, skirting around trees, and treading carefully across mud puddles while collecting keys, stars, and sheep all the while. Travel too slowly and the wolf pack alpha will gobble the penguins up; travel too fast and the 4×4 will skid and result in an untimely barbecue feast.

Upbeat and catchy, Crazy Escape entertainingly twists the idea of counting sheep. Don’t play this one to fall asleep! It’s a perfect app for easily amused gamers of all ages.

There is no ESRB rating available. Crazy Escape is available on iOS platforms. Buy it from iTunes for $0.99.

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