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iOS Review: Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition

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Another World resurrects a 1991 classic with its re-release for iOS. Developed by DotEmu and distributed by BulkyPix, the iOS game arrives in celebration of its 20th anniversary. This review is not written by a fan of the acclaimed Out of this World (North America) and Outer World (Japan) games. However, it is posted after thoroughly playing Another World and browsing through commentary by those whom cherish childhood memories with this legacy.

Another World begins with protagonist Lester’s accidental teleportation to a desolate alien world. Alone and defenseless, the young physicist must navigate the strange planet fraught with small, deadly creatures and fast, gargoylesque monsters. He can feebly kick, jump, run, and walk, but does not acquire a weapon until later scenes.

The graphics retain its well-known cinematic flair, but smooth out rough pixellations from the archetypal success, lending a modernized, old school style appeal to Another World. Yet, in terms of gameplay, the average beginner will lose more than a few character lives trying to sort out what to do and where to go. More seasoned and familiar players will demonstrate better success rates as the scenes follow sequentially after its predecessor with few deviations.

The touch controls, while carefully crafted, are difficult to use on the iPhone. The screen is simply too small and the D-pad touchscreen setting is highly recommended to prevent one from throwing the game down in frustration within the first few minutes. A large screen, as available on the iPad, may be more suitable for this type of action adventure game. 

This game is stylized well and long anticipated, but Another World is recommended more for the avid, dedicated fan. The controls are lackluster and may possibly confuse and frustrate casual newcomers until software updates become available.

There is no ESRB rating available. Another World is available on iOS platforms. Purchase it on iTunes for $4.99.

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