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iOS Review: Age of Monsters

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When it comes to rock, paper, scissors, there’s not much that can be added to make it any more exciting.

Or so you’d think.

Age of Monsters takes the ever old game of rock, paper, scissors and smothers it with some impressive visuals. The creator of AoM, is Jeff Matsuda, the award-winning creator of the cartoon series The Batman.

Taking the same simple gameplay, you choose three moves that consist of (you guessed it) rock, paper, or scissors, but Age of Monsters provides a nice framework to carry out some epic, real-world RPS battles.

You can play with friends asynchronously online, which is a nice bonus, but the game also offers a solo training mode to get you ready for battle plus Game Center integration. Two extra monsters are offered up via in-app purchase, and I presume we’ll see more in the future.

For a free app, Age of Monsters is a fun and visually impressive offering, that whilst it may not be the greatest in terms of longevity, it certainly is a unique twist on an age old formula.

Age of Monsters is currently available on iOS.


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