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iOS Game Review: Tiny Token Empires

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Tiny Token Empires, designed by BiP Media and released by BulkyPix, begins with a familiar backstory: ancient civilizations’ ambitious leaders (Rome, Greece, Persia, Egypt, and Carthage) are at war with one another to gain land and wealth. However, this story takes a rapid twist when they decide to settle their imperialistic urges by playing a board game; winner takes all. At the heart of it, Tiny Token Empires is a turn-based topsy version of Risk with a dash of Age of Empires and puzzle allure a la Bejeweled.

In Tiny Token Empires, one acts as a leading hero following certain military campaigns. Heroes can choose planned world domination by completing set goals or freeplay their way to universal rule at a casual pace. In campaign mode, the player begins with an empire and a single territory with a capital. Each territory provides an allotment of funds to gather infantry, build a small army, and reinforce developing settlements. The empire earns more revenue, protection, and influence by defeating enemy territories, slaying monsters, and collecting magical items and useful artifacts along the way.

Puzzle Mode initiates when invading a territory. Each side then faces off against the other to quickly match colorful tokens into groups of three. Troop lifeline meters improve with each matched row, eventually accruing enough strength to engage the enemy in combat. However, troops can also die from being attacked, so strategy in selecting the best tokens (hint: go for the green and orange ones!) is essential. This part of the game is the most entertaining because the outcome determines the territory winner and continues or slows advancement across the map. The tutorial dialogue is also playful, creating a carefree attitude that diminishes the otherwise terse standoff between human will for power and AI brawn. Yet, there remains a slight learning curve, despite the humorous tutorial. For example, the map screen’s top menu contains a negligible symbol to save one’s progress, whereas auto-save is commonplace in most iOS games. Players should take their time and familiarize themselves with the screens and gameplay settings.

The campaigns also last awhile and encourage loyalty to the task at hand – conquering all the empires takes time and invested interest by the player. Eager heroes can purchase additional campaigns ($0.99 each) and iPad owners can buy the full version with all stages and possibilities unlocked for a slightly steeper price ($8.99). Tiny Token Empires will delight easygoing history buffs of all ages and is available in French, Spanish, and English.

There is no ESRB rating provided for Tiny Token Empires. This game is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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About chispeak

  • I absolutely HATED this game. One of the worst things I’ve attempted to play in years. Gave it a good hour and then deleted it off my hard drive. Too many instructions, too many things to remember. Gaming is supposed to be fun. This wasn’t 🙂

  • @sbw- I didn’t notice this in the game. Do you mean the introductions by that character? Were you able to find this option in the settings somewhere? If so, I would be very interested to know. Thanks for your feedback.

  • sbw

    I HATE that the hint flasher is on all the time within the game. Can it be discontinued? If not – this game is a waste of time.